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BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Melee Extreme: /watch?v=FcOkhiVQliA

"Come on, bring it!" Double roared as he ran on top one of the worms. One of its buddies seem to think he was an easy target as it lunged at him. Double jumped over it, causing it to bite into the other worm instead as he sank his claws into the worm's side, sliding down to the ground, splitting its skin wide open in a shower of blood. "You can do better than that can't you, Monster?"

The worm roared at him again as it snapped at him, but Double quickly jumped straight up into the air, causing it to get its head stuck in the ground, allowing Double to press the Fang Memory's horn again three times causing it to roar and the mouth to close shut.


A blade similar to the Arm Fang extended from Double's ankle as his leg was bathed in a blue flame as he jumped up into the air


Just as the worm managed to pull its head from the ground and turn to the Rider, Double began spinning rapidly as he tore through the Worm's body like it was made out of paper before landing on the ground perfectly.

"Weak! Or perhaps we are just too strong?"

"Where the heck did that come from?" Suzaku asked.

"Fang Memory, the memory of Beasts," Lelouch recited. "I guess it's affecting us a bit...let's switch before I go completely crazy."


As Double pulled out the Fang and Joker Memories, Lelouch's body reappeared as the Xtreme Memory returned and opened up the silver curtain, allowing Suzaku to step through

"You mind if I lay down before we do this?" Lelouch asked as he tossed the Joker Memory to Suzaku while holding up the Cyclone Memory.

"Do it fast," Suzaku said as the worms began to regain their bearings.





"Well then," Double said as Xtreme picked up Lelouch's body. "Ready for round two?"

Several of the smaller worms dropped down onto the street, quickly morphing a pair of legs under their bodies as they roared at Double's face. Double simply laughed as motioned them to come at him with two fingers.

The worms let out another roar as they charged toward him, only for a windy kick from the right leg to send the first one into a nearby building, following it up with a windy punch, sending the second one straight down into the pavement.

Double then hopped over toward the worms' tails as he grabbed them with both hands.

"Oi, Suzaku...what are you planning?" Lelouch asked.

"I saw it in a game once," Suzaku replied. "Hold on to your eyes!"

"How? My mind's in your body! Suzaku!"

Double then slowly began to spin, dragging the two worms across the ground with him as he slowly began picking up speed. Eventually the two worms were lifted up from the ground in a green tornado before Double released them, sending them flying into the rest of their group in a loud crash.

Double then pulled the Joker Memory out of the Double Driver and inserted it into the slot at his side as the wind picked up around him, lifting him up from the ground.



The two-in-one Rider then positioned his body into a drop kick as it split into two before crashing into the pile of worms, causing them to erupt into a massive explosion.


Another wave of worms flew down and landed in front of him. But rather than charge at him, they remained at a distance as black flame formed in their mouths. One after another, they began shooting black fireballs at the Rider, forcing him to jump and roll constantly to avoid being burned.

"This is getting even more interesting," Suzaku said as he kicked one fireball that got too close to dodge. "I was fast and strong before, but it's just unbelievable."

"Brawn alone isn't going to win this fight though. Time to switch, Suzaku," Lelouch said as Double's right arm ejected the Cyclone Memory and held up the Luna Memory.



The Black-Yellow Rider began swinging his right arm like a whip, the elongated appendage knocking the fireballs aside as the worms stopped for a moment in apparent surprise.

Double took this chance to stretch his arm forward even more, wrapping around one of the worms' necks and putting on the pressure, causing the body to snap in two. The other worms realized the danger and began shooting again as Double inserted the Joker Memory into the Maximum Drive slot again.


Double's body split in half while the Luna half shot out four copies of itself as all five halves stretched their arms out to swat away the fireballs and whip the worms before the Joker half shot forward with his hand glowing yellow.


The Joker half stopped in front of the group of worms and slashed the entire group with his hand twice, causing them all to explode as the two halves reunited again...just in time for anotherr group to drop down. This time they seemed to be slightly more armored and had a humanoid shape.

Double launched his arm toward the creature, only for it to grab it out of the air and swing him into a nearby lamp post, causing it to twist and bend before he fell to the ground.

"Okay...that kind of hurt..." Suzaku groaned as Double pulled himself up to his feet.

"Tch, they're adapting," Lelouch said as he clicked his tongue. "Time for Heat then."



As the yellow half of the armor turned red, the two worms surrounded Double.

Double quickly kicked the first one away with his left leg then turned around while throwing a flaming jump kick to the one behind him with the right leg before turning back to the first one and kicking him in the face with his right leg as well.

The worm behind him threw a punch at his back but Double dropped to the ground, sweeping his left leg at the creature's legs, tripping it up as it landed with a crash onto the street, before standing back up and blocking the first worm's punch while sending two burning punches into its chest before sending a final punch into its head causing it to stumble backward.

Double then ran forward and hopped over the last one before kicking it into the other one as he prepared for another Maximum Drive.


Double's hands began glowing their respective colors as he was launched upward before flipping towards the two worms.


The two halves then punched each worm twice, one after the other before flipping back and reuniting as the two worms exploded like the rest.

"Okay...time out..." Suzaku panted as Double hunched over with his hands on his knees. "My body can only take splitting in half so many times..."

"Then we better switch it up," Lelouch said as a giant armored creature crashed through the building to their side, ramming into the Rider, and plowing him through several more buildings before tossing him aside. It was walking on four legs, and had three horns like a triceratops. It was armored like a tank and was looking at the Rider like he was prey. "Like right now!"

Double pulled the Joker Memory out with his left hand as he held up the Metal Memory.

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Metal Branding: /watch?v=uwRDkZ6vWKw



The Black Joker half turned into the Silver Metal half as the Metal Shaft appeared on Double's back. He quickly drew it out as the creature charged him again. Holding the staff in front of himself defensively, Double managed to lock it between several of the creature's horns as he was slowly pushed back by the sheer size and force of the creature.

Keeping his left hand on the staff, Double held his right hand up as it burst into flame. He then started pummeling the creature in an effort to get it to stop or at least slow down. It seemed to work as the creature roared in pain and threw him up into the air.

"Time to finish you off," Double said as he inserted the Metal Memory into the slot on the Metal Shaft.


One of the ends of the Metal Shaft caught flame as Double shot down toward the creature.


Double gripped the staff with both hands as he swung the burning tip at the creature's body. The staff stopped for a moment when it hit the creature's armor, only for the flames to burn right through it in an instant as the staff slammed into the ground, causing the creature to burst into flames and die.

"Looks like we're not done yet," Double sighed as another of the creatures landed in front of him with another roar.

Double pulled out the Heat Memory and reinserted the Cyclone Memory instead.


As the creature charged at him, Double spun his staff upward, striking the creature in the chin, knocking it up slightly and stopping it from moving. Double continued his attack, striking the creaute using the Cyclone Memory's abilities to enhance his speed.

The creature let out a roar of pain as it was unable to move under Double's relentless assault before being thrown up into the air by one powerful blow.



Double proceeded to spin the Metal Shaft vertically in a circle, juggling the massive creature in the air without regards to the laws of gravity before giving one final blow, shooting the creature into the air where it exploded in a ball of flame.

"'d think the other Riders would be able to pull just a bit more of these guys off us..." Double sighed as yet another armored creature landed behind him. "Oh come on..."

"Suzaku...let's not waste any time with this one..." Lelouch said.

"Indeed," Suzaku nodded as Double pulled out the Cyclone Memory and inserted the Luna Memory instead.

The creature then roared as balls of fire shot out from its horns toward the Rider who simply swung his staff in front of his face, causing it to extend out like a whip and swat the fireballs out of the sky. He then ran forward and jumped onto the the top of the creature and flung the whip around the creature's mouth like a reign.

"Thought of this from a game too?" Lelouch asked.

"Yep," Suzaku replied as he pulled the on the Metal Shaft, causing the creature to rear back on its hind legs before it charged forward through another building. "I hope they were serious when damage done inside a barrier doesn't affect the real world!"

"From the stories of what happened last Christmas, I'd say that it's probably correct," Lelouch replied. "Else our fair city would probably be a smoldering wreck by now. Oh, there's Accel."

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Accel Dash: /watch?v=en3cxoL9Lu8

Sure enough, the red motorcycle Rider was fighting a swarm of the humanoid worms alone and doing a very good job of it.

He slashed the one directly in front of him as he started spinning around on his feet, as if they were on wheels, horizontally, slashing several more across the chest, before spinning around in the opposite direction, slashing them all again, causing them all to fly backwards and exploding.

Two more armored ones rushed him as he slashed them as well, knocking one away as he pulled out his Engine Memory and popped it into the Engine Blade and pulled the trigger.


He then turn to the one closest to him and slashed it three times, creating a red letter "A" over its body before popping the Engine Memory out of the blade and putting it on his Accel Driver instead.


He then pulled the belt off his waist, causing his visor to light up before running forward with the handlebar belt held in front of him. Jumping back in a somersault the Accel armor changed into a flaming motorcycle as he ran the final worm through, spinning to a stop and reverting back to normal.

"It seems that you have found only despair at your goal," Accel said as the two worms exploded. He then turned around when he heard to stomping of the creature that Double was riding and dived out of the way as the two-in-one Rider jumped off, sending the creature into a wall.


As soon as Double landed on his feet, he began spinning the Metal Shaft around creating six spinning yellow discs around him, launching the discs at the same time as he created the sixth one.


The discs all shot forward, tearing through the creature one by one before they all slammed into it at the same time, causing it to explode as well. Satisfied with himself, Double gave a small laugh as he turned to Accel who promptly gave him a soft jab to his faceplate.


"That was for almost running me over you idiots," he said before looking up at the sky. "Aw hell...more of them!"

Several of the flying worms were swarming in over them. But instead of dropping down, they decided to remain in the air as they fired fireballs down on them, forcing the two of them to deflect the attacks using the Metal Shaft and Jet Engine Blade.

"Damn it!" Double cursed. "How many of these guys are there...huh?"

The two riders blinked as they saw the Xtreme Memory fly down towards them, opening up a silver curtain as they did, allowing two similarly armored people to walk out. Both were wearing colored bodysuits with a silver breastplate, spikes on the shoulder pads, the helmet with yellow eyes and horns. The main difference between the two was that the slightly taller one's main color scheme was blue with red gloves and boots while the shorter one was red with blue gloves and boots.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded before gathering energy in their hands and shooting it upward toward the swarm of worms, tearing two large holes in the group.

"Allies?" Accel asked.

"Who are you two?" Lelouch asked. "Ultraman?"

"Just a passing through K-" the blue one said before the red one smacked him on the back of his head, causing him to lean forward in pain. "Ow..."

"We are not doing that!" the red one said, revealing themselves to be female. She then turned to the other two and placed her hand on her chest in a quick and short bow. "Kamen Rider Rayonix Red and Blue, at your service, Double, Accel."

"We're really not supposed to be here but so long as we're here, we'll help you out," Rayonix Blue said. "Leave this place to us."

"Got it," Accel nodded as he turned to Double. "Let's go you two!"

Accel held out his belt again as he flipped around, transforming once again into bike form.

" want us to get on you?" Lelouch asked.

"It's the fastest way. I'm worried about those kids."

"Got it," Suzaku said as Double nodded his head.

"Oi, don't you two find anything awkward about this?"


"Not really."

"Hah...guess I'm just being self conscious..."

"Haha...real men ride each other."

"God damn it Naoto!"

Double then hopped onto Accel as the Bike Rider revved his engine, allowing them to speed down the street toward the Yagami Household.

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - High Speed Battle: /watch?v=MoiGOJgy0S8

However, several of the smaller worms managed to get through the barrage of energy blasts the Rayonix Riders were shooting and started chasing after them.

"Heads up!" Suzaku shouted as he tugged on the handlebar on Accel's back, causing the Bike Rider to swerve out of the way of oncoming fireballs.

"No front seat driving!" Accel shouted back. "And my head isn't moving anywhere! You guys take care of them!"

"Got it!" Double nodded as he pulled out the Trigger Memory.



The silver section of the Double armor changed into blue as the Metal Shaft turned into the Trigger Magnum. He then held the gun up toward the swarm and firing several yellow orbs at their fireballs, destroying them before they could get near them.

"We'll need more firepower than this!" Lelouch said.

"On it!" Suzaku replied as Double pulled the Trigger Memory out and inserted into the Trigger Magnum and flipped around on Accel's back with his feet under the handlebars so he could hang on while having both hands on the Trigger Magnum.


"Accel, turn this next corner here!" Double called out.

"You sure?" Accel called back. "That's going the opposite way of the kid's house!"

"Trust me!"

As Accel drifted around the corner Double sat up and aimed towards the Swarm.


The tip of the gun began glowing yellow as Double pulled on the trigger. Countless yellow orbs shot out from the gun, crashing through the oncoming fireballs while the others weaved their way around them to strike at the worms instead, causing them to fall out of the air and splatter against the ground before exploding.

"Why do they always explode?" Double asked.

"Don't ask me!" Accel shouted back. "Better than risk having worm guts all over the city once the barrier falls!"

The tires screeched across the ground leaving skid marks as the bike sped through the street once more, with the worms still following them.

"If they're going to explode anyway, then let's try to make it more volatile!" Double said as he held up the Heat Memory again.



Flipping himself back forward so that he was actually holding onto Accel's handlebars, Double kept one hand on them to steady himself as he fired a stream of shots into the swarm, burning several of them before a larger worm appeared, knocking aside the smaller ones

"Big one coming in!" Accel said as they headed toward a nearby alley to try and get it to stop chasing them, only for it to plow right through the buildings. "Yeah...don't know why I thought that would work..."

"I thought you said you couldn't see what's behind you?" Double asked.

"Just shut up and shoot it!"




A large stream of fire shot out of the Trigger Magnum like a beam, burning through the worm as well as a large office building that was beside it.

"I REALLY hope that the damage goes away once the barrier falls...and that there was no body in that building..." Double said quietly as Accel turned a few more corners to get them back on the path towards their destination...only for the largest worm yet to start chasing after them.

"That's big!" Lelouch shouted.

"Ride Naoto! Ride!" Suzaku shouted as well.

"Stop front seat driving damn it!" Accel shouted back as he revved the belt's handlebar, causing the bike's boosters to erupt, allowing the bike to shoot down the street, leaving a burning trail in its path as Double switched the Heat Memory with the Cyclone Memory.



He then started shooting multiple bursts of green wind bullets towards the worm but all it did was cause it to roar in annoyance as a stream of black flames lit up the sky above them.

"Was this city always this big?" Accel shouted as he weaved back and forth to avoid the flames. "Oh shit, building!"

"What?" Double asked as he turned forward. "Oh no...! Turn! Turn!"

"Not at this speed! We're going up!"

"What?" Lelouch shrieked as Accel leaped up into the air, planting his wheels on the side of the building and started driving on the windows and walls themselves. "Where the hell did the laws of physics go today?"

"Pissed drunk in a dark alleyway somewhere!" Accel replied. "Now then, let's shake it up!"

While the two Riders were scaling the building, the worm decided to try and attack them by ramming its body into the building then weaving in and out of it, forcing the duo to pay attention to where the worm was coming from.

Finally, the reached the top of the building, and soared into the air as the worm burst out of the rooftop as well.

"Now!" Accel shouted as they spun around in mid air, allowing Double to get a clear view of the creature. "Go for his eye!"

Double pulled out the Cyclone Memory from his belt and inserted into the Trigger Magnum as he aimed for the large red eye of the worm familiar.



Taking Accel's advice Double took aim at the creature's eye and fired a single green bolt that exploded through the air at supersonic speed, crashing into the worm's eye and splattering it before causing the entire front end of the worm to explode as the building collapsed with it.

"Again...really hope the damage is reversed..." Lelouch said as Accel gave a small boost from his thrusters, allowing them to land on another building as a red and light blue blur stopped in front of them with a cry of "Clock Over!"

"There you are!" Kabuto shouted as she and another Zecter Rider with a dragonfly perched on their gun turned to them. "I've been looking all over for you!"

"What happened?" Accel asked as he returned to normal.

"Those girls are getting killed," the other Rider said, revealing themselves to be female. Her armor was similar to the other Zecter Riders in that it was plated over a black bodysuit with a bug motif, in this case, a dragonfly. Her helmet had the desigin of an upside down purple dragonfly with its blue wings making up her visor. On her chest and back was another set of wings pointing out the right side of her body. "You two need to go with Kabuto here while I take over for you."

"Got it Drake," Double nodded. "Accel, you head out first. We'll be right behind you."

"Understood," Accel nodded as he held up a strange device that looked like a stopwatch of some sort. "Let's shake off everything!"


Accel folded the top part of the stopwatch as he pulled out the Accel Memory from his belt and inserted the device into the slot instead, showing something that resembled a traffic light on the edge of the folded device as he revved the belt's handlebars.


The traffic lights lit up one by one with a beeping noise following each light as Accel's armor turned yellow after the second beep. Then, as soon as the third beep sounded, most of his access armor was purged, leaving him in a slimmer blue armor that looked similar to the regular Accel armor except it had an orange visor instead of a blue one.

"Should I have said, 'Cast off?'" Accel joked.

"Heh, just try to keep up," Kabuto laughed as she leaped off the roof and started running down the side of the building. Accel gave a small chuckle himself as he quickly followed her.

"Better get going boys," Drake said to Double as she turned toward another oncoming swarm. "Wait too long and someone might get killed."

"Understood, good luck," Double nodded as the Xtreme Memory flew down towards them and opened a silver curtain for them to walk through.

"Haha...little Lelouch certainly knows how to plan them..." Drake muttered to herself as she pulled back the wings of the dragonfly and aimed toward one of the larger worms barreling down toward her. "Rider Shooting!"

"Rider Shooting!"

Using the back of the Drake Zecter as a scope, the gun began charging up a ball of blue electricity before she pulled the trigger, sending it right into the worm, causing it to explode.

"This is Drake to command. End Game has begun."

"Understood. All Zecters, prepare to divert all remaining familiars toward Gatack and the unknowns and fall back."

BGM - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST - Agmen clientum: /watch?v=PCutahmlXdc


Opehlia roared as she stabbed her lance down At Signum and Vita, forcing both knights to jump back from the Witch.

"Get a hold of yourself Kyouko!" Vita shouted as she fired an iron ball towards her, only for it to be slashed in two by the spear.

"I...CAN'T!" Ophelia screamed as she spun her spear around in her hands and pulled on the reigns of her steed. "STAY AWAY!"

"Ophelia," Dark Decade began as he held up the red Soul Gem."Illusion. Surround them and strike. Remain silent. Authorization Approved."

Ophelia let out another roar before falling silent as several copies of herself appeared, surrounding the two knights, with all of them pointing their spears at them.

"Kyouko! Damn it!" Vita swore as the two of them took off to the sky to avoid being turning into a pincushion.

"What's wrong?" Dark Decade asked as the red Soul Gem flew out of his hand while the blue one took its place. "You're not getting anywhere if you just keep running like that...Oktavia, raise your blade forty-five degrees higher."

Oktavia, who had been holding her blades in an "X" formation in front of Dark Decade like a pair of shields complied just as a pink beam crashed into them.

"LET GO OF ME!" Oktavia screamed as her arms struggled to try and swing the blades down on him but some invisible force was holding them in place instead. "NANOHA! BLAST THIS GUY ALREADY! IF YOU HAVE TO, SHOOT ME FIRST!"

"But...Sayaka-san!" Nanoha began only to be cut off.

"DO IT!"

"Oi oi are you serious?" Dark Decade asked as the young mage prepared her device. "You really are serious...very well. Oktavia. Twenty Wheels of Fate. Authorization-"

He was then cut off as a yellow energy blade narrowly missed his head as he quickly jerked it back to dodge it. Fate then grabbed Bardiche with both hands and swung down vertically but missed as he side stepped it. She swung again but stopped as Dark Decade held up the blue Soul Gem in front of the blade.

"Hahaha, naïve!" he said as he kicked her away as the yellow Soul Gem replaced the blue one in his hand. "Candeloro, Bind."

"FATE-CHAN! RUN!" Candeloro screamed as it dug its arms into the ground causing ribbons to shoot out from the ground around the younger blonde.

"Chain Bind!" Arf shouted as an orange circle appeared under Fate, locking themselves around the ribbons. "Get out now!"

"Thank you, Arf!" Fate said as she escaped the ribbons just as they crushed the chain bind.

"Oi! Not that I particularly care or anything...but why didn't you do the same thing to Madoka or Homura?" Arf asked Dark Decade.

"Because I am not stupid enough to attempt to create something that I am not one hundred percent certain I can control," Dark Decade explained before noticing something behind him, causing him to turn around. "Damn...Forgot about the other brats!"

"Now, Ou-sama!" Hayate said as she and Material-D held their devices in front of them.

"Don't order Us around!" Material-D shouted.

"Claiomh Solais!"


Two beams fired from the girls' devices, white and black respectively, as they met in the center, forming a single, spiraling black and white beam that shot straight towards the Dark Rider,

"Oktavia, defend!" he shouted as the Mermaid Witch moved in front and took the hit, causing her to fly backwards into the trees.


"Wait! Shit!" Dark Decade swore again as he turned up just in time to see Nanoha shoot her own beam at him.

"Divine Buster! Shoot!"

"Tch! Candeloro! Shield!"

A stream of yellow ribbons extended from the ground and wrapped the Dark Rider in a golden cocoon just as the beam hit. As the dust cleared, the cocoon was still standing as it slowly unraveled, revealing the unharmed Dark Rider

"Huh...looks like I underestimated your resolve to so readily fight against your allies," Dark Decade said as all three Soul Gems floated in front of him again. "Candeloro, Maximum Bind. Ophelia, Chain Barrier. Oktavia, Wheels of Fate. All authorization approved."

The three Puella turned Witches aligned in front of Dark Decade as Candeloro inserted her arms into the ground again, causing several hundred tiny strings to shoot out around the entire battlefield holding the girls in place as well as bring down any fliers down to the ground while thousands of tiny red crystals encased them within a single area, allowing the wheels to have a free kill zone as they hung above the group, awaiting the final order.

"Now then...enjoy your hell!" Dark Decade said as he pointed his thumb downward, allowing the wheels to fall down on them.



There was a bright flash of light as the wheels were suddenly shot out of the sky in a blink of an eye as the strings and crystals were destroyed as well.

Standing in the middle of the group was Homura and Madoka. Blood was running down Homura's right arm which was also hanging loosely by her side as she had her left arm on Madoka's shoulder, who had a newly created bow in her hand.

"Madoka-san? Homura-san?" Hayate asked as the others slowly got up.

"What did you guys do?" Vita asked.

"You..." Dark Decade growled. "You broke your own arm to escape the binds and used Hope's Original to shoot down the attack and confinements?"

"I let you drag anyone with you to hell!" Homura said as she clutched her arm.

"Then just try to stop me!" Dark Decade said as he pulled out three cards. "Oktavia! Ophelia! Candeloro! Final Attack Ride!"


But before the ends of the Dark Decadriver could be pushed in, another mechanical voice resounded in the air.

"Clock Over!"



A red and blue blur stopped in front of Dark Decade as they both kicked the Rider square in the chest, causing him to fly backward, losing his hold of the Soul Gems as he did. The three Soul Gems soared through the air before landing in the hands of the Riders who quickly tossed it toward the Witches, allowing them to return to normal and collapse to the ground.

With the loss of their Witch forms, the strings and chains disappeared as well.

"Mami-san! Kyouko-chan! Sayaka-chan!" Madoka shouted as the group quickly ran toward their friends. "Are you okay?"

"Kabuto! And is that Accel?" Zafira asked.

"At your service," Accel said.

"Even when moving close to the speed of light...we barely made it," Kabuto said with a sigh.

"You bastards!" Dark Decade roared as he picked himself off the ground and held up the Lost Driver in his hand along with the Eternal Memory. "I will crush you all!"


As the Eternal Armor replaced the Dark Decade armor, the Rider charged forward as he threw off the cape only to stop as another Memory was called out from the air.



BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Double Mecha: /watch?v=K1jeaU0ytMQ

Up above, the Xtreme Memory could be seen flying through the air just as Double came flying out of the silver curtain it had just created.

Eternal took a step back as Double landed in front of him and tried to jab him with the Metal Shaft which he easily sidestepped and grabbed with his left hand. However, Double took a step forward, causing the two to end up back to back as he locked Eternal's hands in place with the Metal Shaft allowing him to switch the Cyclone Memory out.


Double then pulled the Metal Shaft out of Eternal's grasp as he kicked him back and swung the staff around like a whip which Eternal avoided by jumping and then ducking the second attack but the third attack struck him across the chest.


With Eternal still dazed, Double leaped forward with the burning staff and struck Eternal in the chest, knocking him backwards again before switching his Memory out once more.


Double leaped forward to get into melee range with Eternal and punched him in the chest followed by kicking him in the head, both which was blocked but due to the Heat Memory, Eternal was still damaged by the flames.

"Annoying pest!" he cursed as he took to the air, only to realize it was a mistake when Double switched Memories again.


"We're just getting started!" Double said as he stretched his arm forward, grabbing Eternal by the leg and slamming him down to the ground.

"Holy crap..." Vita said as they watched Double switch Memories yet again.


"How are they doing that when they only left for a single night?" Shamal asked as Double leaped into the air and fired a burst of bullets at Eternal who could only shield himself with his arms before the bullets struck him. "How much stress does that put on their minds and bodies?"


As Double landed back on the ground, he started shooting supersonic shots at Eternal who growled as he pulled out his dagger and started charging the two-in-one Rider, deflecting the shots as he did so.

When he reached him, he swung his dagger at Double's neck following it with a roundhouse kick when he missed due to Double stepping back and then ducking under the kick. He spun his dagger back around, only for Double to block it with the Trigger Magnum and then jumping up to avoid the sweep Eternal did towards his legs allowing him time to switch Memories yet again.


Eternal tried to take the chance to attack Double at the spot where he landed, only to find himself staring down the barrel of the Magnum and get hit by a burning fireball back into the forest.

"How do you like that?" Double asked as he lowered his gun.

" all!" Eternal shot back as he shoved the tree he used as a hold to get back on his feet. "In fact...I hated it so much...I'm through holding back!"

BGM - Kamen Rider Decade OST - Hell World: /watch?v=UU2C-bQPTsA

To everyone's surprised, Eternal pulled the Lost Driver off his body, causing the armor to revert back to Dark Decade, and pull out a small device, similar to one the original Decade had as he inserted a card into it and began sliding his finger down on the touch screen

"Stern! Walpurgis! Homulilly! Levi! Dearche! Oktavia! Ophelia! Candeloro! Gretchen!"

"That's...!" Signum began. "Decade's Ultimate...!"


As Dark Decade pulled open the Decadriver, his armor shattered, except for the belt buckle and Ride Booker as he held the Dark K-Touch in front of him where it then began to hover in midair. The broken Pieces of the armor began converging around it. The new armor was similar to Decade's Complete form down to the color scheme except it was much bulkier and more armored.

Instead of the black bodysuit found on most Riders, this new Rider was completely armored except for around the joints, offering it maximum protection. The Nine Cards were also present on its chest except instead of faces, it only showed symbols of the powers it contained upon golden cards.

A star. An upside-down Geass sigil. A set of rotating gears. A lightning bolt. A tome. A cog wheel. A burning candle. A ribbon. And lastly an arrow. On its crown was one final card, depicting Decade's logo.

Also attached to the right side of its waist was another belt buckle of the Decade System.

"Welcome to life...Eternal Decade," Material-O said as the armor turned toward him and knelt down at his feet as he handed the armor the Ride Booker.

"Orders?" the armor asked as it stood up. Material-O simply pointed his finger at the group and uttered a single word.



The armor stood up and turned to the group as it pulled out a single card and inserted it into the buckle before pressing the core.


Several holograms shot out of the Decadriver, creating the forms of what could only be Witches based on the name of the Attack...but they were nothing like the ones that have been fought before.

Four of the holograms could easily be identified right off the bat, after all they were simply copies of the other Materials, although their colors were a bit off.

Material-S stood at the far left, wearing a barrier jacker the color of rust and yellow instead of the normal dark purple and red.

Then there was a girl wearing a long flowing navy blue dress that matched the color of her hair, sitting on a pair rotating of rotating gears. Her hair shout out from the top of her head to mimic horns as she was letting out a shrill laugh.

Next was a girl sitting down on the ground dressed in a long black robe with a large hat covering her face. Her white hair hanging down her front tied in several braids as she clutched a small pink ribbon in her hands as if in prayer.

To its right was a copy of Material-L with bright lime green hair and trimmings on her barrier jacket instead of the blue the original had.

Next to her was a copy of Material-D, wearing a black and blue barrier jacket with silver trimmings rather than the black and purple one with gold trimmings that the real one was wearing.

Behind them all stood a girl towering above the others, wielding blades as long as a human was tall. The lower half of her body was a fish's tail while the top half was human with a cape the color of rust with a large heart like crown behind her head.

The seventh was a girl whose hair was more or less a roaring flame as she sat on a checkered pattern steed with a fiery mane as well. She had long skeletal claws for hands that were clutching her spear carefully and was wearing a flower pattern Kimono.

And the eighth a girl with gold colored hair that seemed to stare sadly at the others. She was wearing a short light blue dress with the imprint of a cat on it with sleeves that were far too long for her arms, and a large bonnet on her head. She also had white and yellow striped stockings on her legs.

And the final one was more or less an exact copy of Material-H's final form that they had defeated just hours earlier.

"W-what the hell?" Sayaka asked.

"T-That's..." Mami gasped. "Impossible..."

"O...what have you done?" Material-D asked as she stared at the first four copies in horror.

"Exactly what it looks like," Material-O said as he leaned against the Decade armor. "I've replaced you all with constructs that will obey my every order. Even Hope who was already destroyed after having reached the peak of her power can easily be recreated! From the very beginning, you all were replaceable."

Material-O then held his hands in front of his eyes again as the symbols burned on the backs of his hands began glowing again.

"First is destruction," he began as red lines began etching themselves on his face. "I bring forth nothing...I bless nothing...I save nothing...I simply erase...completely and utterly."

The black and red flaming wings once again sprouted from his back as he turned towards Kabuto, Accel and Double.

"Meddlers should step aside."

A black wave pulsated from the Material, hitting the Riders and sending them flying away from the others as a shadow began stretching out from below Eternal Decade as it shot out towards all of them at blinding speeds.

"Everyone, don't let that hit you!" Reinforce called out.

"Eh? Ahhh!" Madoka screamed as the shadow wrapped around her legs and enveloped her in a black sphere.

"Madoka!" Homura and Sayaka screamed as they ran towards her only for the shadow to stretch out from the sphere and attach to them too.

"Sayaka!" Kyouko called out but was stopped by Mami. "What the hell are you doing, Mami?"

"If you go up, you'll only get caught too!" Mami shouted with tears in her eyes. "We need to fall back!"

"And where will you go?" Material-O asked as the shadow began stretching from the very edges of the world around them. "This is my world now, you have nowhere to hide!"

And with that, each and every one of them became enveloped within the black spheres.

"Now then...enjoy your eternal Hell!"

"No!" Double shouted as he got back up to his feet and charged toward Material-O who merely huffed as he placed his hand on Eternal Decade's armor.



"Attack Ride! Dark Riders!"

Four copies of Eternal Decade appeared in the air before landing down in front of him, each of them holding a different item and wearing a different belt.

"Henshin!" the copies said as their belts activated.

The first had several golden lines extend from the belt across and over its body, the second three dark shadows crash into him, the third created yellow hexagonal panels across its body, while the fourth let out a small hallowing wail.

"Kamen Ride! Orga! Ryuga! Dark Kabuto! Dark Kiva!

Orga was a Rider with black armor with golden trimmings. On his chest in the center of the omega symbol was a red crystal and his helmet also had a large red sphere with a crown over it, also creating another omega symbol. He had a short cape extending from his shoulders as well as cloth leggings that draped down from his waist.

Ryuga was a rider with pitch black armor with a strange dragon shaped gauntlet on his left arm. Overall the design of the armor was plain and simple save for the curved net visor he had.

Dark Kabuto looked the same as Kabuto herself except that instead of a blue visor and solid red armor, they had a golden visor with a red and black armor in a tron line pattern.

Dark Kiva looked similar to Kivaara except instead of a white and purple armor, theirs was a blood red and black color with a green visor.

"Dark Kabuto?" Kabuto asked as she and Accel ran forward to line up with Double.

"You all have always held the advantage in numbers..." Material-O said with a sneer. "Let's see how well you fare when the scales are tipped in my favor? Strike!"

The four Dark Riders bcharged toward Kabuto, Double and Accel and pushed them back, allowing Material-O to walk forward and pick up something off the ground.

The Tome of the Night Sky.

"At last...I'm the one with the power to do as I wish now," he said as the pages flew opened followed by the sound of Reinforce screaming in pain before he placed his hand on Eternal Decade's back. "Huahahahahaha! Now then, lets let them dream of an Eternal Nightmare!"

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Kamen Rider Eternal: /watch?v=KwJs16c42Nc

"Where is this?" Nanoha asked as she turned around while floating amidst the darkness. "Fate-chan? Hayate-chan? Mami-san?"

"You are a very horrible girl you know," came Material-O's voice, causing the girl to freeze.


"You are so afraid of being abandoned that you reach out and latch onto people that you wanted to call friends...but are they truly your friends?"

The silhouettes of Alisa and Suzuka appeared in front of her, causing her to frown.

"What are you talking about?" Nanoha asked. "Of course they're my friends!"

"Really? Are you sure that they're only following you because they're afraid of you?" Material-O's voice asked. "After all, little Suzuka was bullied by Alisa wasn't she? It was the perfect opportunity for you to play the heroine and save her wasn't it? Show the haughty girl who was boss and make her your 'friend,' then the other rich girl would have no choice but to fall in line."

"No! I don't think like that!"

"And let's not get started on Fate and Hayate...ahh, those poor girls...poor Fate, who's never really understood love...and then she found you, someone who tried to help her in her time of need...she's completely attached to you now isn't she? She has no choice, after all, what would she be without you? Just another lonely girl."

"No...stop it!"

"And Hayate! That girl is in hot water with the TSAB isn't she? Without a good word from you, who the TSAB owes so many favors now, where would she and her little family be? Locked up somewhere I assume. After all, those knights of hers went around draining linker cores from their mages, leaving them where they were drained. How many of them were found? How many of them can still walk? You think everyone will just up and forgive her? Of course not. That's why you stick around her. You are close to an admiral and have your own power could protect her, and she knows it. That's why she hangs around you...your friends...your bonds...they are nothing! You are just a lonely little girl with power to throw around..."

" it...stop it!"

"This is..." Sigum muttered as she and the other Wolkenritter looked around before a voice reached their ears.

"Pathetic," the voice sneered. "The Wolkenritter of the fabled Book of Darkness, reduced to a mere child's playthings. To think I once shared a home with you four..."

"Material-O?" Zafira asked as the four of them stood back to back, looking around for any sign of the Material.

"Where are you, you bastard?" Vita called out. "Show yourself?"

"I am the Darkness of the Book. I exist wherever the book exists. So naturally, I exist within yourselves, don't I?"

The four of them let out a gasp of pain as a black smog flowed out of their bodies, rising up in the air form a shapeless shadow with red eyes.

"We are beings who have existed for centuries, falling from one master to the other, from one battlefield to the next...and yet you reduce yourselves to playing house with a prepubescent child?"

"Shut up! What gives you the right to insult Hayate like that?"

"Because that girl will die, just like all the other masters. She is but a speck of insignificance before us. Her life will expire before the end of the century and we will move on, as we always have. You all know this...and yet you insist on continuing this farce with that little brat?"

"Don't you dare call that!" Vita shouted as she took a swing at the shadow with her hammer, only for it to harmlessly pass through it.

"Knight of the Iron Hammer, of all the Wolkenritter should understand...we are ageless. If you continue like this, you all will remain the same while your precious master grows old and weak. Humans are never constant, they are ever changing. That so called love she has for you will not last. She will come to hate you as she grows older. Why would she have to grow old and die while the four of you live on, young and healthy?"

"That's wrong!" Shamal shouted. "Hayate-chan would never..."

"The girl is still but a child, Lady of the Lake, Shamal! She doesn't know of things yet. It has happened before hasn't it? A master that became jealous of your unaging bodies. Not even the master but the people around them. Humans are greedy. They can never remain pure forever. Sooner or later, that girl will use the power of the book for her own desires. And the constant wars that we've lived through shall begin once again as you four slaughter in the name of your master! This so called familial bond of yours is nothing more than an illusion that will fade within the darkness!"

A shrill laugh echoed in the area as the girl sitting on the gears appeared above them, just before a burst of red flame forced them all apart.

" the ends of the universe...garbage of the Book of Darkness."

"You could say this is all your fault you know?" Material-O's voice asked. "Everything that has happened is the result of your meddling."

"Shut...up..." Homura growled as she fired several bullets at the shadow.

"Death is the end of all life, and you couldn't accept use a wish that cheats death...a wish that breaks all the laws of the universe, creating thousands of parallel worlds...a single powerful wish...and you couldn't have simply used it to revive the two girls with enough power to defeat Walpurgisnacht again. No, you didn't care about Mami at all, you only wanted Madoka."

"Shut up..."

"That selfishness of yours is the cause of all this despair. What awaits that kindhearted girl at the end of the road is to become the Witch that destroys this world...and you have no one to blame but yourself. She is what you made her after all..."

"Shut up!"

"Did you think of yourself as God? Someone that could change the flow of Fate? That naivete allowed you to begin that pointless journey of yours. Starting out trying to save everyone but your personality made it impossible for you to understand anyone else. You couldn't express your feelings and thoughts to others, rendering everything for naught countless of times!"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"

"Why do you keep on struggling? Why do you keep on fighting? Your sins transcend even the greatest of war criminals. Killing innocent girls based on the probability that they would attempt to kill Madoka should they happen to contract! What you did is no different from them! Your sins darken your soul and you dare not tell Madoka! Why? Because you know she would never accept that! She will abandon you! You will become that pathetic girl that can't even make a single friend once again!"


"Hahhahahahaha! That's it! Wallow in your despair as the Queen of Witches descends upon you once more!"

As the shadow vanished, another figure took its place. The girl with the long black robe with braided white hair.

"Our existences are similar, yours and mine," Material-O said to Fate as she clutched her head as if in pain. "An unnatural existence created and thrown away by our mothers. No matter where we go, we are always unwanted."

"That's not true..." Fate shook her head. "Nanoha..."

"Is only your friend in your mind only. You tried to kill her, for the sake of your mother. What makes you think she's kind enough to forgive and forget that?"

"Because we are..."

"Friends? No human is that kind. I have lived through centuries child. I've seen every last bit of the horrors and evils humanity commit for the sake of committing it. What makes that girl any different? Because she is young? Because she is still pure? How long will it be before she doesn't need you as a friend anymore?"

"She won't..."

"If she is your friend, then why isn't she saving you? Why should she save you? You aren't human to begin with. She would be saving Hayate first wouldn't she? After all, humans save other humans first don't they? After all, I released her half an hour ago and she still hasn't saved you."

"That's a're lying!"

"So what if I am? The truth of the matter is that she still hasn't saved you! That means she doesn't care enough about you! You who are nothing more than a copy cast away by your creator! And as a copy you can always be replaced. Again and again. Your life has no meaning to anyone else!"

"You really are the fool aren't you?" the shadow asked as it was cleaved in two by Sayaka's blade before simply reappearing behind her. "First thinking your life is a pathetic little love story, that by spending time with that boy would eventually make him like you...but you failed to take that final leap forward even when your friend gave you a head start."

"Don't think about it..." Sayaka muttered to herself as she sliced the shadow again. "Don't think about anything at all. Just focus on cutting this bastard down. Don't let him get into your head..."

"Oh, I am much much deeper inside you than you think. For I am that darkness you carry in that little gem of yours..."

Several shadows shot up from the ground towards Sayaka, who moved her arm in front of her stomach as the shadows pierced through her body and lifted her up from the ground and flung her aside. She broke into a roll as she landed and got right back up onto her feet as her wounds in her arms and legs began healing.

"Not even a grunt?My my, how very unlike a human. Even I'd grunt in pain if something like that were to hit my real body."

Sayaka frowned as she flicked the blood off her arm and ran forward at the shadow again, only for it to simply vanish before she even lifted her blade up.

"Such a failure of a Magical Girl. Though, I suppose that's to be expected. After all, even before today, you became a Witch, didn't you?"

"Lelouch was the one who did that not..."

"But why you? You were the newest and most inexperienced Puella Magi in the entire group. Why would he use you for such a risky and dangerous attempt? Perhaps it was because you were the newest and inexperienced one that it wouldn't have affected his plans in the long run if it failed and you died. But no, he told you the reason didn't he? You have the affinity for it. You are the closest of your lot to become a Witch. In fact...had the Riders not have come...had your precious Suzaku not have would have been the only one of your friends to become a Witch..."

Sayaka's body shook as the voices felt like they were coming from all around her. She couldn't deny it. She had been fully intending on letting her Soul Gem be fully corrupted that night. She had wanted to die that night.

"And yet you're still alive...well then...let's fix that shall we?"

The sound of scales slithering across the ground reached her ears as she looked up into the blue haired Mermaid Witch's face which was looking back down at her with the expression that could only be described as hatred.

And laughed. The same laugh she had uttered in that barrier so long ago.

"You're getting sloppy and slower aren't you?" the shadow asked as Kyouko jumped backwards into the air as she swung her spear around at the other "Magical Girl's" spear in front of her. "But that's what happens when one relies on partners, right?"

"Says you!" Kyouko shot back as she spun her spear around and dived down toward her opponent, who simply smirked and smashed her to the side with her own spear like sword. "Argh...damn it!"

"What's wrong? Weren't you trying to prove me wrong? Weren't you just saying that you'd beat the crap out of me and save the others? Well then, hurry up. Hurry up or you'll end up alone again. Wondering the streets, smashing ATMs for cash, using your powers to steal food. You know...the good old self-sufficient days."

Kyouko growled as she shot the spearhead wide, cutting through the shadow before bringing it around to her opponent who ducked under the spearhead and rushed forward, sliding to a stop in front of Kyouko while swinging her blade around again.

Kyouko just barely managed to jump out of the way, getting slashed across her stomach as her spearhead came back, piercing through the back of her opponent's head along with its mount.

"Well now...that makes seven. Good work. Care to try again?" the shadow asked as the "Magical Girl" stood back up with a shadowy flame surrounding her head that flickered out to reveal not a single wound on her face.

"You're a damn cheater..." Kyouko panted as she wiped the blood off her hands.

"My world. My rules, thief. But really, is it really so hard? You've killed dozens of Witches alone before. Why not just admit that your friends have made you weak. That you were stronger when you were alone? That you were stronger when you used your powers of manipulation against others!"

"Who the hell wants to be alone again?" she screamed as she rushed toward the "Magical Girl" again, starting the fight again, only to be knocked back as her opponent created several copies of itself and had them all point their spears at her.

"What choice do you have? After all, you just tried to kill them moments earlier, didn't you...Witch?" the Shadow asked, causing her to pause. "Dear old Dad was right after all wasn't he? You Magical Girls are nothing more than Witches in training. After all, your true power is the influencing of other people's minds right? Even my Original had that power and he outwardly calls himself a demon and his friend calls herself a Witch. It's perfect for you isn't it? You who drove your family to death with that cursed power of yours?"

Mami jumped back from the thing in front of her as she formed to muskets in her hand and fired at it but the thing simply deflected her shots by waving her long sleeves in front of her. The sleeves then turned flat and sharp like blades as she began spinning around like a top after the yellow Puella.

"I wonder how the others are doing," the shadow sneered as the yellow Witch stopped. "That's what you're thinking right now isn't it?After all, if they die, you'd have no one to blame but yourself. You dragged them into the world of Magical Girls after all."

"They chose it for themselves and I've done nothing but help them!" Mami countered.

"You know what the life of a Magical Girl is like. You know the dangers, you've seen others die and yet you did nothing more than simply tell them to think carefully. Had the Riders not appeared, you would have drove Miki Sayaka and Kaname Madoka to become Witches. And for what? Because you were lonely? You have done nothing more than gather a little mob of lonely girls pretending to save the world so that they could destroy it themselves."

"No...that's not..."

"Homura and my Original even warned them that becoming a Magical Girl was a road of hardship and tried to keep them from making the contracts, but you just offered words and let it happen. And then when you learned the truth, you had the gall to try and kill everyone! Death follows you, Tomoe Mami! First you parents! And then nearly all your friends...even poor little Charlotte! You left her to die in front of me. A doll that stood no chance against a god. You as good as killed everyone! And now you will die here! Alone in the darkness as it should have been so long ago!"

"Everyone, where are you?" Hayate called out as she looked around but saw only darkness. "Nanoha-chan? Fate-chan? Mami-san? Vita? Reinforce? Lelouch-san? Anybody?"

"They can't here you," came Dark Decade's voice as a shadow rose up from the ground. "This is my world. And here, I make the rules."

"Why...why are you doing this?"

"Why? Because I despise you? Because I was abandoned? Because I am me? Because I can? Plenty of reasons why. Which ones are correct? A, B, C, D, or all the above? Who knows? I know."

As the shadow spoke, three more of them appeared and surrounded Hayate.

"We were cast aside because of you. Because Mother wished to remain with you, she cast us aside. We tried to ignore it, make our own family, but in the end those bonds were fake, serving no other purpose but to drive me to despair. So I will break apart your bonds, one by about we start with that so called Hero of Original."


"You do realize that the man is a terrorist don't you? That he detonated a bomb under a ship of fleeing Japanese soldiers, that he buried hundreds of people under a landslide just to get to the enemy commander, that he killed both his brother and sister and even his parents? You can spin pretty words all you like, that he was fighting for justice and for the sake of the people, but what about the soldiers that were simply doing their duty? What about the families of those he killed? Where is their justice?"

"Lelouch-san isn't like that!"

"Oh really? Did you know what he did when he first ordered the deaths of countless soldiers? He smiled. The very same smile I had when I attacked you. That man is nothing more than a demon in human skin and even he acknowledges it. And yet..."

"He is nothing like you! Lelouch-san said he hated the fact that he had to kill his sister!"

"Of course he would say that. He's talking to a child who adored him. He'll stay in your good graces and never let you see his bad side. He has many secrets you know. Secrets that I know...because like how Dearche is you and you are her; I am him, and he is me. Would you believe that that wasn't the first time he came to this world? That it was actually his second time?"

"What? Why would he come..."

"Because the first time he simply watched as you died that day on Christmas Eve. He didn't care that you and the Wolkenritter were in trouble. He even sat and watched as you became a Witch after contracting with Kyubey. He watched as you used your wish to become a Puella and proceed to kill Nanoha and Fate...and after that, he proceeded to kill you for becoming a Witch."

"No...I don't believe you! I would never..."

"Never kill Nanoha and Fate? Are you really denying that? I was there remember? I was there when you called upon the darkness. That was why I acted as I did. Why I sought out those two and took your precious hero within the Book as I prepared to destroy this accursed world that left you alone! And all cast me aside!"

" that why you took on Lelouch-san's form?" Hayate asked. "Because you wanted to be a part of us again?"

And for the first time that night, Material-O paused.

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Yaten no Aruji: /watch?v=d46ZQ3hVzvc

"Excuse me?"

"I'm right aren't I?" Hayate asked as she stepped toward the shadow, only to widen her eyes in surprise as it seemed to move away from her. "You must have been lonely like Reinforce right? That's why you created Lord Dearche and the other Materials right? Because you hated how Reinforce and the Knights found a family when you didn't. That's why you hated her right? Why you hated me..."


"But it's not too late! From what Dearche said, Material-H had found a way to recreate the other two completely. Not like the copies you made, but the actual"

She then extended her hand out to the shadow, which simply stared at hit before it assumed the form of Material-O in his normal white jacket and hat. The Material took a few steps towards Hayate as he looked from her face to her hand before reaching his hand toward hers.

"You really are not an ordinary know that?"

"So the others have told me."

"I'll are just so naï naïve...that's disgusting..."

Material-O's hand shot past Hayate's and wrapped itself around her throat as he lifted her up into the air again.

"Have you learned nothing by now?" he asked as Hayate began gasping for air as she clawed at his hand. "I don't need you or your so called Reinforce anymore. You offer of 'family' is nothing more than an insult against everything I have worked for. I was going to continue breaking your mind but frankly, I have had enough out of all of you."


"Call whoever you living being can escape or enter my hell!"

"Then we won't try to escape!"

"But come for you instead!"

A large pink arrow followed by a black beam streaked across the darkness, crashing into the Material and knocking him aside.

" are you not affected by this hell?" he asked as his form vanished and returned to its shadowy wisp.

"I guess the Riders did something for me," Madoka said as she stood in front of Hayate while Material-D helped her Original up to her feet. "All I found was a big empty space with no one around when a white light appeared off in the distance..."

"You call this hell?" Material-D asked. "These past few days have been hell! This is nothing! Not even those fakes you created could stop Us!"

After she was sure Hayate could stand up with her own power Material-D stepped toward the shadow with determination in her eyes.

"You are the one behind this. O is creating his own hell because of you. If We...if I destroy you then I will be able to stop it!"

A burst of energy erupted from her wings as the Tome of the Purple Sky appeared in front of her, opened up, and began ruffling through its pages before stopping somewhere in the middle.

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Shiden Rekka. Shippuu Jinrai : /watch?v=0HQzbJcPrqU

"Here I come...Darkness of the Book of Darkness. First is salvation, I bring forth the darkness to bless this humble soul and save our future..."

"As if I'll let you!" The shadow screamed as it charged toward her from all directions, only for hundreds of pink arrows to appear around the trio and shoot at each and everyone of the shadows, driving them back.

"Break through the Darkness with even greater Darkness! The peak of Our might! Set loose the binds that hold us in this world!"

A large magic triangle appeared in front of her as it shined in the darkness.

"You fool! This is one story that won't have a happy end! Only hell awaits you!"

"The only one hell is waiting for is you! Darkness of the Book of Darkness, prepare yourself! The Light of Hope! EXCALIBUR!"

A large white beam fired from the circle, cutting through all the shadows as well as the main one as it let out a cry of pain before the beam enveloped it and smashed a hole in the dark scenery.

"Move it or lose it!" Material-D shouted as she flew toward the hole with Hayate and Madoka hot on her tail as the shadow roared behind them.


"Gi! Gigigigigigigig?"



Nanoha looked up from her hands to see the shadow jerking and twitching before fizzing out of existence while the copy of Material-S appeared in its place, clutching its head in pain. At the same time, the background behind it cracked and shattered, revealing Fate and a copy of Material-L, who was also holding its head in pain.



The two of them flew toward each other before placing their backs against each other as the copies struggled to remain upright.

"Hey...Nanoha?" Fate asked. "We're friends...right?"

"Fate-chan?" Nanoha asked as she turned her head toward her.

"We're friends, right? We'll always be friends right?"

"...Yes. We'll always be friends. No matter what anyone says!"

"I see...thank you, Nanoha."

"No problem. Now let's get Hayate-chan and the others and get out of here!"


"Raising Heart!"


"Divine Buster! Extension!"

"Plasma Smasher!"


Pink and Yellow beams shot across the darkness, enveloping the two copies before they could react. When the beams dispersed, the copies seemed to be frozen in the space as they slowly broke into countless square blocks and drifted toward the space above them which then shattered as a beam of white light cut through the space.

"Let's go, Fate-chan!"

"Right, Nanoha!"

"What in the world?" Mami wondered as the sky above her and the copy of her Witch shattered as a white beam cut through the darkness before something pink shot out from it and flew towards the Witch. The lights impacted the copy and forced it back "That was..."

"Mami-san!" Madoka called out as she landed beside her. "Mami-san, are you okay?"

"Madoka-san..." Mami began before she turned away. "I'm sorry..."

"What for?"

"For dragging you and Sayaka-san into all of this. If I had just turned you away at the start..."

"...Sayaka-chan would have never met Suzaku-san and I would still feel like I was a useless girl," Madoka finished for her, causing Mami to turn toward her in shock and confusion. "We don't blame you, Mami-san. We all look up to you after all."

"Madoka-san...thank you..." Mami said as she started crying while Madoka simply hugged her.

"Let's go, Mami-san," Madoka said as she extended her arm to the blonde. "We need to get back to the others."

"Yes, Madoka-san."

Mami took Madoka's hand as the two of them flew up toward the light, before Madoka turned toward Mami again.

"I'll leave Kyouko-chan and Sayaka-chan to you. I need to find Homura-chan."

"Understood. Good luck."

And with that Mami released Madoka's hand as the darkness cracked behind her, allowing her to fall through without a problem.


"What's the matter?" Kyouko asked as she used her spear as a crutch. "Trying to eat all of us at once finally giving you indigestion?"

The copies that had surrounded her had all started to fizzle like an old television screen as they reeled around in pain while the shadow itself was screeching something incomprehensible.

Suddenly, she heard a loud crashing noise, like the sound of glass being shattered as dozens of yellow lights rained down around her.

"Mami?" Kyouko asked as she looked up, just in time to take a step back as several muskets fell around her before Mami landed down herself.

"Are you okay, Kyouko-san?" Mami asked only to blink as Kyouko pointed her spear at her.

"How do I know you're the real Mami?"

Mami looked around for a moment before an idea came to her.

"Material-O said that only things that he knows everything Lelouch-san knew when he was with us, correct?" Mami asked as Kyouko nodded. "That means he doesn't know anything after New Years. So if I were to tell you about that photo of..."

"W-w-w-what?" Kyouko shouted, causing Mami to step back with a smile. "Ah crap..."

"Believe me now?"

"A-all right, I believe you are Mami...not that I actually have anything under there of course."

"Don't worry, I won't say anything," Mami replied. "But Kyouko-san, are you still not using all your magic?"

"I don't need it," she replied immediately. "I can beat anyone without it."

"Indeed, you certainly seemed like you had everything under control."

"Fine, I can and did beat you without it."

"Sorry...that wasn't fair of me...but the point remains...I don't want to. Just like how Lelouch didn't want to use his Geass."

"On us," Mami said. "Lelouch-san only said that he didn't want to use it on us. I doubt he never used it at all. Even though the power caused him so much sadness, he still used it to get things done..."

"For Nunnalluy's sake, huh?" Kyouko asked. "So what are you trying to say?"

"If you don't want to use it for yourself, then how about using it for others? Like Hayate-chan and the others instead?"

"You think it's really that easy?"

"I think Lelouch would think that you wouldn't be able to do it."

Kyouko threw a glare at Mami just as the Ophelia copy let out a strangled scream and several more illusions appear around them, only for the copies to all be pulled off their mounts at the same time by a yellow and red spear before the spearhead skewered them, revealing several identical red headed girls who were all looking exhausted.

"Looks like it was a success," Mami said with a smile.

"Just shut up and help me," Kyouko said as she placed a hand on Mami's shoulder to rest. "I am sick of this place..."

"Of course," Mami said as she pulled her ribbon off her collar and formed a pathway toward the opening in the sky. "Now let's get Sayaka-san and get out of here.

"Hah...hah...hah...damn it...why aren't you slowing down?" Sayaka panted as she struggled to her feet, blood dripping to the ground. The Witch Girl she was talking to simply let out a dark laugh, seemingly unfettered by the countless blades embedded into its body, only for it to suddenly stop as it dropped its blades and let out a pained scream. "What the...?"

The area above her shattered wide open as a white beam came blasting through along with several smaller lights following it before the red one broke off and landed on top of the Witch Girl, bring it down on its back.

"Jeez, how many times do I need to save your butt anyway?"


Kyouko gave her a two fingered salute as she hopped off the Witch Girl...just as a large spear came barreling down on it.

"How ya feeling?" Kyouko asked as she pulled Sayaka up to her feet.

"I've been better..." Sayaka replied as she started healing herself. "Thanks..."

"You just don't have anything big in the fire power department. Everyone knows that if you fight against something that just heals constantly, you gotta blast it away in one shot!"

"I'll keep that in mind...though it looks like your attack wasn't all that big either."


Kyouko turned around just as the Witch Girl stood back up, pulling the spear out of its body as it glared at Kyouko.

"It's just like me back then..." Sayaka explained. "And like Dark Decade and Material-O. It will just eat the damage and keep going."

"You...are you still worried about back then?" Kyouko asked.

"No, I've gotten over that once Suzaku punched me. I'm just disgusted seeing it from an outsider's point of view. I guess...I'm sorry I had you see that."

"Psh, you better be. Even Decade and Vita were shaking their heads at you. You ready to get out of here then?"

"Once we get past this weak and ugly thing."

The Witch Girl let out a roar as it fizzled out, being replaced by the wispy shadow again.


"Go down!" Homura screamed as hundreds of RPGs flew toward Witch Girl causing it to explode...only for a flash of blue to blind her eyes. When the light died down, she found herself standing in front of the Witch Girl, completely unharmed and all of her spent magic returned to her.

"Again..." she muttered. "Again...what are you trying to prove?"

"Exactly...what are you trying to prove?" the shadow asked, as it was flickering like a dying light bulb. Even its voice was pitching as if it was trying its hardest to even speak, "Do you not see the parallels between this and your struggles? No matter what the copy does, you will kill it so it has no choice but to reset everything. Pointless. Fruitless. Worthless."

The shadows extended itself out toward her as if trying to pull her into it. Homura's legs gave out as her body arched in pain, causing her to crumble to the floor.

"Everything was pointless. You failed to achieve anything. A worthless and pointless existence."

The shadow was on top of her now, wrapping itself around her like a blanket as the Soul Gem on her hand became pitch black.

"So...why not just die?"

"I won't let that happen!"

In an instant, Homura felt the shadow and pain vanish in a gargling scream as a warm light wrapped itself around her, purifying her Soul Gem.

"Madoka?" she asked looking around as the pink haired girl appeared in front of her, holding her hand out to her.

"Homura-chan, you are not worthless," Madoka said as she pulled her to her feet "Everything you did lead up to this point. It's thanks to you that Lelouch-san managed to get so far."

" know?" Homura asked.

"Bits and pieces," she replied. "I'm not quite sure what you did, but I know that you were constantly doing it and you had been unsuccessful and alone for a very long time...even more than Mami-san."


"It's fine. You don't have to tell me now. Whenever you are ready, we can talk. But for now..."

The sky above them exploded as a white beam streaked across the sky

"We should go."

"What the heck?"

The Wolkenritter looked up at the Witch Girl of Walpurgisnacht started to fizzle out before it turned around and was enveloped by a white light that seemed to shatter the background. Several smaller balls of light sped by alongside it except for one that broke off and flew toward them instead.

"Ah, I've found you!" Hayate said as she stopped in front of them.

"Hayate-chan?" Shamal asked, in completely shock.

"How...?" Zafira asked as he looked up toward the light.

"Material-D and Madoka-san did it," she explained. "We managed to get almost everyone out already. It's just you, my knights, and Homura-san left."

"Hayate...we..." Vita began but Hayate simply placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Vita, this world is similar to the dream world of the Tome. But instead of trapping the person inside a happy dream, making them unwilling to leave, it traps them within their despair. But you can't let that stop you. If you have worries we can sort them out outside. That is what friends and family are for. At least...that's what I think Lelouch-san would say in this position..."

She added on in the end as she twirled her fingers nervously.

"I don't think he's someone you should emulate too much..." Vita replied instantly.

"But you are right," Signum nodded. "A knight's place is with their lord and to follow them with loyalty. However, it is also their duty to make sure their lord never strays from their path. Forgive us for making you worry."

"Stray from the..." Hayate repeated. "Did your worries have me going evil or something?"

"It can't be completely unfounded if you're emulating someone who openly called himself a Demon King," Zafira pointed out, causing Hayate to puff her cheeks at him.

"W-well enough jokes," Hayate said with a little cough. Let's get out of here and bring an end to Material-O and Material-D's suffering."

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Extreme Memory: /watch?v=Epyo246sLeg

"Error! Error!" Eternal Decade declared as sparks shot out from his armor, forcing Material-O to remove his hand from it as it fell to its knees, the golden cards depicting the tome and the arrow burning into nothingness. At the same time the shadows holding onto the Mages and Puella were destroyed, releasing the captives, allowing them to fall to the ground. "Power fluctuations detected! Attempting to compensate."

"Damn you..." Material-O snarled as he glared at the three that had remained standing. "Damn you...Material Darkness! Kaname Madoka! Yagami Hayate!"

He held his hand up and fired a black and red beam toward her, only for the Xtreme Memory to fly down and take the hit without problem, catching everyone's attention. It then slammed into Material-O, causing the Tome of the Night Sky to fly out of his hands and back toward Hayate, before flying between the two groups and creating another silver curtain.

"Huahahahaha, looks like all conditions are cleared," a voice said with a dark laugh. "You've been outplayed, Material."


"That voice...!" Hayate began as someone was walking out from the curtain. From the person's figure she could tell it was a man before the cape he was wearing draped down over his shoulders and blocked it from view with the Xtreme Memory covering his head. But even then, she could recognize that voice anywhere.

"Oi...Lelouch!" Suzaku began as Double and the other Riders got up to their feet.

"This is...confusing..." Lelouch said as the curtain disappeared. "And overly dramatic..."

"You bastard..." Material-O growled as he his hand was bathed in black flame. "I killed you!"

"You should know by now that this combo is a very efficient combo...after all, you showed me how to use it to great effect, remember?," the man asked as he held up two cards that read "Illusion" and "Invisible," before pulling out a card depicting a pink helmet with a green visor. " But then, you got careless once you saw the Dark Decade card lying in the flames...throwing away your own card like that where...anyone could pick it up really..."


"Certainly, they are little more than a band of lonely girls," the man continued as he walked forward with the cape wrapping around his body. "However, regardless of their reasons, their beginnings, their pasts...they are here now, together as friends!"

The man threw one arm outward, causing one half of the cape to open up.

"As comrades!"

He threw his other arm out, spreading the cape fully outward as it fluttered in the wind.

"A lonely person surrounded by other lonely people. They understand one another. They help each other. They are there for each other, for the others' sakes as well as their own! A bond forged from the steel to face countless battles...the flames of determination...and the will to survive. All boiling down to this one last confrontation."

"We're...all friends...?" Nanoha asked.

"That's right," Madoka nodded. "No matter what happens. We will all always be friends."

"You bastard...who the hell do you think you are?"

"I believe to be and am many things. The Rider Emperor. The Destroyer and Creator of Worlds. The man of miracles! But above all else...I am just a passing through Kamen Rider! Henshin!"

"Kamen Ride! Decade!"

BGM - Kamen Rider Decade OST - Just a Passing Through Kamen Rider: /watch?v=nHRD_IwcMpI

The man inserted the card into his belt and slammed the ends together causing nine holographic images to shoot outward before slamming into him, creating the form of the true, Kamen Rider Decade.

"DECADE!" Material-O roared as a burst of energy exploded from his body as his hands and face became etched with red lines.

"And I will destroy your world!" Decade said as he held up his own K-Touch just as four more people walked out of the curtain behind him.

"Ah, it's those kids!" Double said as he spotted Vivio and Einhalt standing on the opposite sides of Decade with another two other white Riders next to them.

"Kivaara and..." Kyouko began.

"Rising Ixa..." Sayaka finished as she slowly stood up. However the two Riders made no motion in being recognized as they stood vigilantly at the ends of the line in preparation for Decade's next move.

"Nanoha! Signum! Homura! Fate! Vita! Sayaka! Kyouko! Mami! Madoka!"


"You bastard..." Material-O cursed as Decade transformed into his complete form. "You think you can win with just that?"

"Hardly," Decade replied, holding up another card. "The scales are still too even."

He slid the card into the Decade system buckle on his right hip as nine digital cards appeared over the girls' heads.

"Blaster! Burning! Devil! Sonic! Armed! Valkyrie! Lancer! Gunslinger! Ultimate!"

The cards fell down in front of the girls and moved through them changing their looks, weapons, and above all else, their power.


With their final forms granted, the girls' wounds began to heal as their energy returned to them, allowing them to stand up and line up alongside the newcomers as the other Riders joined in as well.

"Hey...Suzaku?" Sayaka asked as she turned toward Rising Ixa but the Rider simply shook his head. "I guess not huh..."

"Sorry..." the Rider said, his voice filtered with the helmet. "But I'm not the one you're looking for. A different Ixa. But I will fight alongside you if you wish."

"I see...that's good enough then."

"So I guess you're not C.C. then?" Kyouko asked Kivaara.

"What do you think?" Kivaara asked back.

"I think you're technically not her."

"Smart girl. So how should we split this up?"

"We Riders will take out the Dark Riders," Decade answered. "Everyone else should strike Material-O directly!"


"Charge!" Kiva-la called out as the two sides clashed.

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST – Silent Bible Arrange: /watch?v=Nw4z7SErqsc

Pink and red orbs flew across the sky as Nanoha chased after the fake Material-S.

"She's as fast as the real Material-S," Nanoha noted, recalling having the same chase with the Material a few days back. "But that means right now...she's also slower than me!"

With a wave of her hand, Nanoha sent the blaster bits forward as they positioned themselves in the copy's path and fired several beams at her. The copy rolled to the side to dodged the first one, stopped just short of the second one, which had been fired from above, and flew straight upward before the third one was anywhere near her.

When she reached a good height, the copy spun around and began charging her spell, shooting out several spent cartridges as she did while Nanoha continued to charge her.

"Shoot!" Nanoha called out as her final two bits appeared behind the copy and fired at her, breaking her concentration and send her flying down to the ground within Nanoha's scope. "I'm sorry. When you wake up again, perhaps we can be friends? Blaster 3! Divine...Buster!"

Six separate beams fired toward the copy as they could do nothing but raise their hands in front of their face as the beams hit them, causing it to shatter into hundreds of blocks.

Down below as the two Decades fought each other, Eternal Decade suddenly clutched its chest as the Star card burned away.

"Warning! Power fluctuating! Attempting to compensate," the armor said as it tried to stand again only to be slashed by Decade.

"It's working!" Decade shouted as he kicked the Armor back. "Keep it up!"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud clash as yellow and green lightning streaked across the air above them before they spiraled up towards the sky, stopping only when they reached the zenith of the barrier where five crackling orbs of green lightning appeared behind the copy of Material-L as several spent cartridges ejected from her device.

Each of the balls of lightning condensed themselves into a single small blade few towards Fate, but the girl quickly swung her two golden blades in front of her, destroying them before zooming straight towards the copy, who attempted to pull back, only to be locked in place by several chains.

"Gotcha!" Arf shouted. "Go for it Fate!"

"I'm sorry," Fate said. "But you need to sleep for now before you can return."

She then combined her two blades into a larger one as two cartridges shot out of Bardiche as she moved the device behind her back.


Lightning crackled through the blade as she brought it down upon the copy, slicing it clean in two before it exploded, causing Eternal Decade to have another surge as Decade punched it across the helmet with a right hook, followed by a left one and ending it with an uppercut.

The armor stumbled backward but remained standing as Decade leaped at him with his arm reared back only kicked out of the sky by a dark red blur.

"Damn it!" Decade cursed as he picked himself up. "Kabuto!"

"I'm trying!" Kabuto shouted back as she chased after Dark Kabuto. "I'm not exactly used to fighting something that's as fast as me you know! Clock up!"

"Clock Up!"

"Kabuto!" Accel shouted as the blue blur attempted to enter the chase only for Orga to step in front of him and slash him across the chest with his blade. Accel rolled back to his feet as he held his Engine Blade out in front of him and chased after Orga, who back tracked toward the house. "Damn it! Get back here!"

"Gang way!"

"Move it or lose it!"

Kyouko and Vita sped past between the two, causing both of them to follow them with their eyes before turning towards the direction they came from only to immediately dive out of the way as a stampede of Ophelias to charge pass them as well.

"Must diagnose friend-or-foe identification on Witch," Eternal Decade said as it stood up again.

"With Kyouko as the'll have to look pretty far..." Decade sighed before the two of them glanced at each other and locked blades again.

"Can't you do that too?" Vita shouted as they turned into the woods, hoping the trees would slow the illusions down, only for it to be for naught as the Witch simply cackled and slashed the trees away with her spear.

"Give me a minute!" Kyouko shouted back. "I haven't done this in over a year!"

"You just did five seconds ago!" the smaller red head said, pointing to the Witch Girl that was getting closer and closer as they argued.

"That not me damn it!" Kyouko replied, pointing toward it as well, just as it was on top of them with a roar, only to be met with several diamond chains locking them all into place.

"Just get the hell outta our town!" the two of them shouted in unison as their weapons grew to enormous sizes, causing the Witch Girl to screech in pain as the Scorpion Spear and the monstrous device skewered and crushed them without a second thought.

"Hey Vita?" Kyouko began as their weapons returned to normal size. "If we could do that in the first place, why didn't we?"

"Because we wanted to screw with Decade?" the Iron Knight replied.

"Meh, works for me...wheel!"

The two of them ducked just as a wooden cartwheel bounced over their heads and smashed itself into a tree which slowly started falling toward them, forcing them to dive out of the way.

"Guess we know how Sayaka's doing..." Kyouko mumbled as she rubbed her head while Vita was trying to pull her hat out from under the tree.

"Doesn't she know we're over here damn it?" Vita asked.

BGM – Kamen Rider Kiva OST – Fight For Justice: /watch?v=3q7ikCh44IM

Over at the battle between Oktavia and Sayaka, a similar conversation was taking place.

"I think Vita and Kyouko were over in that direction," Ixa said as he turned to look at the forest where Sayaka had knocked several of Oktavia's wheels.

"They'll be fine," Sayaka insisted. "How about we focus on the thing that's trying to kill us!"

"Whatever you say," Ixa sighed as he switched his Ixacalibur to gun mode and took aim with it along with his Ixa Riser and started mowing down the incoming wheels while several small blades flew out form Sayaka's shoulder plates and cut downt he ones he missed as the two of them stood back to back to each other. "I'll cover you so break your chains."


"Uwaa..." Vivio gapsed as she looked on at the two of them. "Mama and Papa fighting together is so cool! I can't believe I get to see this! I wonder why Mama always prefers to stay in the clinic..."

"Oi!" Sayaka shouted toward her, causing her to jump. "If you're not doing anything then help out!"

"Y-yes Mama!" Vivio called back only to clasp her hand against her mouth, causing Sayaka to stumble for a second before turning back to Vivio.

"Wait, what was that?" Sayaka asked as Ixa pressed his palm against his helmet.

"'am?" she tried.

"Okay, I thought I heard something else for a second there..." Sayaka muttered as Ixa sighed in relief before turning toward Vivio again, who held up a hand in apology. "Now let's kick its butt!"


The three of them ran towards Oktavia as it flung several more wheels at them, only for them to be destroyed by Ixa's attacks before they could get anywhere near the trio. Small boosters had opened up at the base of feet as well as his elbows, causing him to fly forward toward the front right into the middle of all the wheels.

Placing a foot sideways in front of himself. Ixa began to spin around rapidly as shots flew off in every direction upward, knocking the wheels aside or destroying them entirely.

"How the heck? Ouch, sorry..." Sayaka asked as she stopped so abruptly that Vivio ran into her. When Ixa finally stopped spinning he held a hand to his helmet. "When the hell did you get boosters?"

"I'm wondering that myself..." Ixa replied while muttering under his breath. "Damn it Lloyd...when did you take the Knuckle without me noticing? So dizzy..."

"They're new?" Vivio asked as she tilted her head. "Ah, behind you!"

Ixa spun around, switching the Ixacalibur into sword form as he did, allowing him to block the Witch Girl's blades.

Vivio took the opening to rush forward only for the copy to swing its other blade at her. Throwing a quick shield in front of her, Vivio blocked the attack but it forced her to slide back into Ixa, knocking him off his feet but allowed her to remain upright.

She then rushed forward again and threw a punch right into its stomach. She followed it up with two quick jabs before kicking it up into the air.

"Here we go!" Vivio said as an orb of rainbow light appeared in front of her. Seeing what she was trying to do, Ixa quickly stood up and inserted the Rising Fuestle into the Ixa Driver, causing a smallr charge from the sun on his chest to send electricity to his helmet and Ixariser. "SACRED BLAZER!"

A stream of rainbow energy flew from the rainbow orb as Vivio punched it while a burst of fiery orange flew from the Ixariser, causing the boosters on his elbows and feet to flare up again to keep him from flying backwards.

The two beams flew toward into the Witch Girl causing it to scream in pain and destroying its blades, leaving it completely open.

"Now, Sayaka!" Ixa shouted as he looked up to where Sayaka was already falling toward her copy.

"Toorryaaaaa!" she roared as she brought her blade down and through the Witch, cleaving it in two and destroying it in a massive explosion.

"Behold!" she declared. "This is my resolve!"

"The ally of justice's..."Ixa added.

"Completely victory!" Vivio ended.

"What the heck was that...?"

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Prism Sword: /watch?v=KwIHEXsyusE

Just outside of the forest a small inferno was burning around three fighters. Double, Ryuga and Zafira were dueling in a small ring of black and red flames as Double, in his Heat-Joker form, was trading flaming punches with Ryuga while Zafira managed to flank the Dark Rider and deliver a sharp kick into his side.

"Strike Vent!"

The Dark Rider rolled to his feet as a strange dragon shaped claw appeared on his arm which then proceeded to breathe black flame across the sky toward them like a flamethrower.

"Watch out!" Zafira shouted as he got in front of the Rider and deployed a shield between them and the flames, allowing it to spread around them harmlessly.

"That was close, thanks," Double said.

"Like I thought...Kamen Riders are really powerful," Zafira said as he lowered his shield.

"I have an idea," Lelouch said as Double's right eye flashed. "Can you buy us a minute?"

"Of course," Zafira nodded. "Come Dark Rider! Let this Guardian Beast Zafira be your opponent!"

"What are you planning, Lelouch?" Suzaku asked.

"We're going to use Xtreme."

"Xtreme? You think it will work?"

"If it can work with Naoto and me, then it will definitely work! Let's go, partner!"

"Right, partner!"



"Our bodies! Our souls! Watch as they become one!"

The center line between the two Double halves began to shine a rainbow light as the Xtreme Memory soared above them. The Joker and Cyclone Memories shot up a purple and green beam of light respectively as the Xtreme Memory used it as guiding rails before landing onto the Double Driver, allowing Double to pull his halves apart, creating a silver third part in between them.

"Double has a third part?" Zafira wondered as he and Ryuga both turned to look at the Rider's new form before Ryuga knocked him aside and charged the new Rider.

"Sword Vent!"

A sword materialized in Ryuga's hand just as he swung it down on Double, only for his silver center to flash as the Prism Bricker appeared and blocked the attack.


Double then took out the Prism Memory and inserted it into the end of the Prism Sword, and slashed Ryuga down the chest before turning the blade sideways and pressing a red button on the blade's hilt with his thumb.


Ryuga growled as he held his arm with the Dragon Claw in front of him shooting a ball of flame at Double. Double easily blocked it with his shield as he ran forward and slashed Ryuga again, throwing him into a nearby tree. As the Dark Rider groaned in pain Double began pulling his other Gaia Memories out and insert them into the Prism Breaker.





"Bricker! Final Illusion!" Double called out as a beam of rainbow lights fired from the Prism Bricker and blasted the Dark Rider into nothingness. "This is...Double's true power!"

BGM – Code Geass OST – 0: /watch?v=yHNMlmBg3VI

"Get back here you bastard!" Kabuto roared as she chased after Dark Kabuto. The Dark Rider finally stopped running as he turned around and threw a high kick at Kabuto's head, nearly clothes-lining her as she managed to slide under it, holding her arm out to trip Dark Kabuto instead. "Hah, how do you like that?"

Dark Kabuto flipped to his feet at the same time as Kabuto did as she threw a kick at him. Dark Kabuto easily knocked it aside before ducking below Kabuto's high kick and knocking aside another one of her punches before countering by kicking at her twice, once at each side, which were blocked easily.

He then did another roundhouse kick, this time impacting the female Rider in the chest spinning her around as she drew out her Kabuto Kunai Gun in Kunai mode, which allowed a large red and yellow blade to extend out of the back of the gun, forcing Dark Kabuto to do the same.

The Dark Rider stepped forward, swinging his blade at her, only for her to duck under it and slash him across the chest instead. She slashed at him again, but Dark Kabuto rolled underneath the attack and slashed upward, knocking her back in a shower of sparks.

He then ran towards her in an attempt to cut her again but she dodged it and kicked him in his side when he turned to look back at her. She countered by making a slashing motion with her entire body, spinning around on her feet, missing the first attack, but the spin allowed her to make a second attack, which was blocked by Dark Kabuto but left him open for her to kick him in the side, knocking him onto the ground and disarming him.

She followed after him, tossing her weapon to the side as well as the two began fighting with their fists once more.

A right punch from Dark Kabuto was knocked aside by Kabuto's right with Dark Kabuto using the momentum to spin around and attempt to back hand her but she blocked that as well. She then quickly lowered her head as he threw a punch at it with his left.

The two of them then raised their right hands and punched each other at the same time, causing both of them to stumble backwards as they started pressing the buttons on their Zecters. and folded the single horn to the left side.


"Rider Kick!"

"Rider Kick!"


The two of them called out in unison alongside the Zecters as they pulled the horns back to the right and jumped up into the air.

The two Kicks collided between them, knocking both of them back onto the ground.

"Damn, he's good," Kabuto muttered as she stood up. "How the heck did he think I was going to beat him easily? Something about the future helping...out?"

A silver curtain appeared behind her as something shot out of it in a ball of green lightning with a very familiar and somewhat irritating airy voice.



"Not quite, this is just a recording I made predicting what you are going to say before you say it."



"You sure?"

"Please don't test it. You have a fight to get back to don't you? This is the Hyper Zecter. Simply attatch it to your belt and push down the horn to Hyper Cast Off!"

"If you say so..." Kabuto shrugged as she snatched the Hyper Zecter out of the air and did what she was told. "Hyper Cast Off!"


Blue lightning surged through Kabuto's armor as steel gray plates extended from the black body suit as well as from the red armor itself. Compared to the Rider Form, the Hyper form was much more armoed and the horn on Kabuto's head was much larger now with the two pointed edges on each side.

"Hyper...Form?" Hyper Kabuto asked as she looked herself over.

"Admire the handiwork later. Catch the sword flying out from behind you."


Hyper Kabuto quickly spun around and snatched a golden blade that was flying toward her hilt first, snatching it out of the air before it could hit her head.

"Nice catch! Come, my precious little Zecters!"

Hyper Kabuto and Dark Kabuto looked around as they noticed the TheBee, Drake, and Sasword Zecters converge on the sword. The Drake and Sasword Zecters rested themselves on the sides of the blade while the TheBee Zecter planted itself at the tip, on the same side as the Drake Zecter as red, purple and blue lightning surged throughout the blade.

"Now press the buttons in order! Red, yellow, blue, and purple and watch the fireworks!"




"Clock Up!"

Dark Kabuto activated his Clock Up system and rushed toward Hyper Kabuto who activated her own Hyper Clock Up System.

"Hyper Clock Up!"


Hyper Kabuto's breastplate, back, shoulder plates, gauntlets, and greaves opened up to reveal several yellow wings as a strange green energy extended from the Rider.

The result was that Dark Kabuto became little more than a target moving in super slow motion to the Rider's eyes as she gripped the blade with both hands and pulled the trigger, causing the blade to extend a red energy blade from it.



She cleaved through the Dark Rider with ease, destroying it in a flash.

"Hoho...a Clock Up faster than any other Clock Up?"

"I's amazing isn't it?"

"With this, I can finally beat Suzaku! Ahahahaha!"

"Right...of course..."

BGM - Kamen Rider Kiva OST - Supernova: /watch?v=4u_7gxcvni8

In another fight between Riders, Dark Kiva was currently fighting both Kivaara and Signum at once.

The Dark Rider created a large green and black energy bat symbol below his feet and slid it towards Kivaara who became trapped by its pull.

The Dark Rider then made a pulling motion with his hand, yanking the other Bat Rider towards him as if she was tied by an invisible rope before kicking her back towards the symbol.

"Ouchie! Uuchi! Achichi!" Kiva-la cried while the Rider herself was silent.

"Kivaara!" Signum shouted as she swung her device at Dark Kiva, who held up a hand and a golden blade appeared in it, deflecting the blow and knocking the knight aside. " no ordinary copy..."

"Kamen Rider Dark Kiva...and..." Kivaara began as she stood up and brushed herself off. She then took a step back as Accel came soaring through the air and land right in front of her with a dull thud with Orga landing beside Dark Kiva. "Kamen Rider Orga. Two Kamen Riders with the power of Kings."

" what does that mean?" Accel asked, getting up as Signum regrouped with the two of them.

"It means I need an upgrade," Kivaara said as she turned toward the place where the Decades were still fighting. "Oi, Decade!"

"A little busy here!" Decade shouted back as he ducked under a swing from Eternal Decade's sword.

"I need a Final Form Ride!"

"Give me a moment!"

Decade managed to push down Eternal Decade's blade with his own with only one hand as he used his free hand to punch it across the helmet, staggering it, and giving him enough time to pull a card out of the Ride Booker.

"Final Form Ride! Ki-Ki-Ki-Kivaara!"

"Tension Fortissimo!" Kivala shouted. "Henshin!"

Two silver wings grew from her shoulders as it shot out small silver bats out before they returned to her. Silver gauntlets and greaves formed around Kivaara's forearms and legs as a silver moon appeared over her visor before the silver wings faded into a long purple cape down her back.

"All right," Kivaara said as she pulled her blade from the ground and held it in front of her face. "Let's try for round two."

"What are you planning, Kivaara?" Signum asked, only to take a step back as a purple and white bat symbol, similar to the one Dark Kiva used on her, appeared under her feet and shot toward Dark Kiva as Orga jumped out of the way. "That's..."

"Help me out here, Signum, Accel!" Kivaara said as she did the same hand motion Dark Kiva did, pulling the Dark Rider toward them.

The trio then kicked the Dark Rider in the chest, sending him back into the symbol, before she pulled him again allowing them to punch him into the symbol. Pulling him one last time the three of them held their blades up and slashed him, sending him back through the symbol and shattering it.

Accel then sped forward and swung his blade down on the unsuspecting Orga, knocking him over. He then popped open his blade and inserted the Engine Memory into it as he pressed a button on the Trial Memory causing the timer on it to start.


Orga quickly got onto his feet as a large golden energy blade extended from his sword. He swung the sword down at Accel, destroying the area where Accel was standing, but the speedy blue Rider was already behind him.

Accel kicked Orga up into the air and started slashing him repeatedly, creating a blue "T" symbol with every slash. Finally, Accel stopped as he turned around and pressed the timer again.


"You have found despair at your goal," he said as Orga was bathed in a blue light before he exploded.

"Now, Signum!"


"Schlangeform!" The device called out as it shot out an empty cartridge causing the blade to split into a bladed chain whip. Signum swung the whip to the side, slashing Dark Kiva across the face twice before she thrust the whip forward, stabbing through the Dark Rider, causing it to call out in pain.

"Disappear!" Signum roared as she flung the Dark Rider into the sky. "Now, Kivaara!"

"Okay! Wake up Fever!" Kiva-la called out as purple wings sprouted from Kivaara's sword.

"This is the finishing blow!" Kivaara called out as she flew upward and stabbed Dark Kiva through the chest with the wings constantly stabbing and slashing him as well before she pulled the blade out and landed on the ground and with a flick of her sword, the Dark Rider exploded. "Not so tough now are you, fake?"

BGM - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST - Numquam vincar: /watch?v=JPCEqgJy3PM

"This one really is persistent," Mami thought as she fired another volley at her copy, only for it to put another shield in front of it and deflect the shots.

"Tomoe-san, allow me to assist you," Einhalt said as she landed beside her.

"You are...?"

"My name is Einhalt Stratos," she replied.

"Of course. Do you know anyway to get pass that shield of hers?"

Einhalt turned toward the Witch Girl as her fist began glowing with a silvery green light.

"Kuha Dan!" she chanted as she fired the green bolt toward the copy, causing it to form its ribbons into a shield again, allowing Einhalt to examine it. The shield appears to be a small physical type, about the size of my fist. The speed it was created appears to be instant so it may be an unconscious reaction more than a conscious one. However, it can be a conscious actions due to the fact that she was ordered to make one earlier. It's also unusually thick for such a low level shooting spell such as that."

"Excuse me?" Mami asked as she was lost in the middle of Einhalt's examinations.

"Tomoe-san, I'm going to go around it and attack it from behind. Can you shoot it once at the same time I shoot it?"


Einhalt then sped over to the opposite side as the copy turned to follow her with her head. She then fired another green bolt at the copy, causing it to put up another barrier. Mami saw the cue and fired her own shot.

To her surprise, the shield stretched itself around the Witch Girl to the other side where it blocked the shot from hitting her.

"Tomoe-san! The shield is nowhere near as thick as it was when I fired a single bolt from that side! The shield uses a set amount of mass that makes every inch of it use an equal amount at all times. The smaller the shield, the more mass is allocated to each section. But the larger it is..."

"The thinner the shield is correct?"

As soon as she finished speaking, several muskets appeared around her before growing to the size of large cannons. They then proceeded to fire toward the Witch Girl, one at a time.

The first hit shook the earth below Einhalt's feet, but it also caused a loud scream to come from inside the shield. It seems that even though the blow was blocked, the heat of the shot still affected the copy, forcing it to extend the shield out even wider to keep the heat and shots at a distance.

That was all Einhalt needed.

She rushed straight up to the back of the shield.

" 覇王 Hao!" she shouted as she braced her feet against the ground, causing a spiraling wind to blow up toward her and collect around her fist. "断 Dan! 空 Ku! 拳 Ken!"

She brought her fist toward the shield, causing it to shatter as the wind burst through the shield, blowing the copy up into the air into Mami's sights.

"Tiro Finale Special!" Mami shouted as one large cannon fired alongside a dozen muskets at the copy, destroying it completely. She then turned to Einhalt as the last remnants of the ribbon shield faded away. "That was amazing. Where did you learn to fight like that and analyze an enemy?"

" father taught me..." Einhalt replied sheepishly. "The analyze part. My skills are self taught."

"I see. He must be a very good father then."

"I...suppose..." Einhalt nodded. " it feels like everything he's done for me was simply for this."

"Homura-chan, let's take these two out together!" Madoka said as she held her hand out to Homura.

"Yes...Madoka," Homrura said as they turned toward the Witch Girl forms of Walpurgisnacht and...herself. A a reality that had happened in a parallel world some where in the realm of endless possibilities. Where she probably just gave up.

How much longer could she have done what she had been doing? A hundred more times? Ten more times? One more time?

But that didn't matter now. That future was one that would never come to pass.

Lelouch had saved them.

That's what everything always boiled down to. That they were saved by a prince from a faraway land like something out of a fairy tail.

Even now he was still saving them.

"Time Accel...Priority: Contact."

Placing her hand on Madoka's shoulder, the world around them stopped as Madoka pulled back on her bow and fired several arrows toward the two Witch Girls...stopping just in front of them due to the current nature of the World.

"Homura-chan!" Madoka shouted as Homura's copy suddenly regained her color and the strange object she was holding began spinning.

"Time Stagnate...Priority: Witch."

The Witch Girl became a monochrome color again as the world around them returned to normal. The Walpurgisnacht attempted to flee but the arrows were already right in front of them.

With Hoomura's Witch being locked by Homura Devil Form's powers, it was impossible for her to reset the short loop, causing both of them to be destroyed under a rain of pink light.

"It's done," Homura sighed as she released Madoka's shoulder.

"Good job, Homura-chan!" Madoka said as she hugged her.

"Thank you."

It was time she took hold of her future with her own two hands.

BGM – Code Geass OST – O2: /watch?v=WldQycDskKs

"It seems that it's just the two of us left," Decade said as he flicked his Ride Booker out in blade form.

"Power fluctuations throughout all sectors...unable to compensate for all..." the armor reported as it struggled to stand up.

"It's fine," Decade sighed as he pulled out a card. "There's no need to stand when you are simply going to fall down anyway. Let's go, Eternal Decade! Kamen Rider Decade commands die!"


Nine holographic cards shot forward from the K-Touch in front of Decade, stopping just in front of Eternal Decade, allowing Decade to rush through them and slash across Eternal Decade with his blade as the cards followed and stacked themselves in front of Decade and behind Eternal Decade's back, allowing him to slash the armor five times in the shape of a star before slashing it again another four times in the shape of a square.

With each slash, the card in front of him moved to the side around him, positioning themselves like the numbers of a clock. Finally, he then gave it one final slash upward, knocking the armor into the air as he folded the Ride Booker into gun form and inserted another card into the Decade Buckle.


The cards turned so that their ends were pointed toward the gun like a mass of digital petals as he took aim at the soaring Dark Rider. With a pull of the trigger, a large pink beam shot out from the Ride Booker, carrying the cards with it as it slammed into Eternal Decade, the cards seemingly locking him in place.

"And now the finale!"


With a great leap, Decade soared even higher than the armor as the cards broke its hold on Eternal Decade before aligning themselves in a line between the two Decades as Decade soared through them in a kicking motion before smashing against Eternal Decade chest, causing the armor to release a horrible noise somewhere between television static and a microphone feedback as it exploded into countless fragments around Decade who landed perfectly with outstretched hands, catching the Eternal Memory and Lost Driver before they hit the ground.

"To the victor goes the spoils," he muttered as he looked up into the air where Material-O, Material-D, Hayate, and Shamal were still fighting.

"Impossible..." Material-O snarled. "Everything ruined in an instant! Damn you...DECADE!"

"That's enough, O!" Material-D called out to him as she dodged another burst of black-red orbs fired from his wings. "There's nothing left for you to do!"

"Silence! I will not be denied! Not when I am so close!"

"Material-O, you can still stop this!" Hayate called out.

"Still you insist on that? There IS no other way for this to end!" Material-O roared as his left wing transformed into a giant burning claw and took a swipe at Hayate, only for a green panel to appear and block the attack long enough for Hayate to get out of the way. "Knight Program!"

"I won't let you harm Hayate-chan!" Shamal said as she shot several bursts of green wind flew toward him, only for them to be nullified in an instant by his black and red flames.

"Annoying pests! Ngh?"

"Jet Zanber!" Fate called out, swinging the lightning blade down upon the Material, who held his arms out in front of himself to shield the blow. The blow forced him back down toward the Earth, creating a large crater upon impact.

"I've got you!" Vita called out as she aligned herself to be parallel to the Rider.


Material-O turned around just in time to see Graf Eisen barreling down towards him with its drill end, forcing him to leap to his feet and move out of the way as it smashed into the dirt.

"Coming at ya!" Kyouko shouted as she jumped towards the Rider.

"Then don't tell me that!" Material-O snapped as he moved his body sideways and swung his blade at Kyouko's neck, only for it to pass right through her. "Illusion?"

"Behind ya!" came another voice and he turned, swinging his sword as he did, only to cut through another fake Kyouko.



Again he swung at the Kyouko's and again they were fakes,

"One more time!" Kyouko called out as she stood on a giant spear which lunged itself at the Rider like a snake. The Rider managed to touch his foot on the spear at just the right moment to flip over it, only to come face to face with Kyouko's spear, forcing him to block with his arm as she smacked him to the side. "How was that? My Rosso Fantasma?"

Then he felt it, he felt his world stopping for the smallest fraction of a second and spun his body around, only to come face to face with thousands upon thousands of rockets.

"Rrrraaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!" he roared as his wings opened up, sending several rings of flame at the rockets as he opened fired with his gun as well, destroying the majority of the ones in front of him as the ones he missed smashed into him, sending him flying a different direction. Towards a a wide open space like before.

"Chain Bind!" Arf shouted.

"Howl! Hagane no Kubiki!" Zafira roared as several white blades and orange chains formed from the plains and attempted to skewer and or bind him before he even hit the ground. Material-O twisted and weaved as he stretched his wings out to avoid the blades.

"You accursed mutts!" Material-O growled as he formed a large flaming blade from his hand and swept it across the ground at his landing zone, clearing it of obstructions. Only to find himself be targeted by Nanoha, Mami, Signum and Madoka. "Wait...I fell for it again?"

"So it seems," Mami replied. "Tiro Finale!"

"Laevatein!" Signum ordered and her Device called out "Strumfalken!"

"Blaster Three! Divine...Buster!" Nanoha called out.

"Umm...umm...Hikari no Ya!" Madoka said quickly as she released the arrow from her grip.

Once again, several beams, bullets and arrows rained down on the Rider and he had no way to defend it besides moving his wing in front of him to defend.

He felt his world erupt in pain once again as he was forced down into another platform. Holding his head as he slowly stood up, he spotted several figures standing around him, the Kamen Riders along with Sayaka, Einhalt and Vivio.

Decade let out a small laugh as he pulled out a card and inserted it into the Decadriver.


"Hey Double, come here for a minute," Decade said as he stepped behind him.

"What are you doing?" Double asked as the Xtreme Memory flew off. "Huh?"

"Hey don't look over here," Decade said irritably as he smacked Double's shoulder so that he was facing forward. He then stuck his hands in the small silver line that separated the two halves and slowly began to push them apart, causing electricity to surge between the two halves.

When Decade's hands were pushed out fully, two new halves began to form on the split halves, creating two full Doubles in their place.


"W-what the hell?" Kamen Rider Cyclone asked as he looked down at his hands. "Suzaku?"


"Lelouch?" Kamen Rider Joker asked as well.

"D-D-D-Did you just split Suzaku's body in two...and form two more halves for them...?" Sayaka asked as she pointed at the new Kamen Riders.

"Amazing..." Einhalt gasped. "That's a new Final Form Ride..."

"Is...he going to be okay?" Vivio asked Decade, who simply shurgged.


"Probably?" Ixa asked as he turned toward his friend incredulously.

"Probably," Decade repeated before turning toward Material-O. "Now then...I believe we have to finish you off now, don't we?"

They then charged at him as the Materail stood up straight, his eyes narrowing and his fists clenching in rage.

Decade was the first one to reach him, only to be knocked to the side with a single punch before the rest of them got caught up. Sayaka rushed to the front and swung her blade down at Material-O, who side stepped it and kicked her in the chest, knocking her back.

Vivio and Einhalt got around him and both of them threw a punch at his back, but he didn't even flinch as his arms shot outward, smacking them in their faces before spinning around and kicking Einhalt in the side toward Vivio, sprawling them across the ground.

Kivaara, Kabuto and Accel took the opening and ran up to him, slashing him across the chest in a rain of blood.

Material-O held his wound and stumbled backwards before two black orbs fired from his hands into the two Riders, blowing them away and kicking up a patch of smoke as well.

From that smoke, Ixa and Joker came spinning through it, delivering a kick to his face, causing him to flip backwards and land onto the ground, only to be picked up by a green whirlwind from Cyclone and hauled up into the air and threw him aside where he landed with a dull thud.

Material-O growled as he pushed himself up, only to blink as he looked down at something he saw something lying in front of him.

The Dark Decadriver, the Ride Booker...and for some strange reason...the broken remains of Material-H's Grief Seed.

"How the hell...?" he wondered before looking up at the others to see that they were just as confused as he was. "I destiny really is on my side! Here we go...the final Henshin!"

He placed the belt buckle over his waist and inserted the Dark Decade card inside and slammed the ends together, creating the armor of Kamen Rider Dark Decade around him as he turned toward his enemies while they could only watch.

"Behold!" Dark Decade said as he held up one more card. "This is my Resolve! This is my Sin! This is my Destiny! AND FINALLY...BEHOLD MY DESPAIR!"


"I see...this is where you were all Hope."

BGM - Kamen Rider Decade OST – Happening World: /watch?v=fFlrScdPiQM

"O!" Material-D screamed as the Dark Rider burst into black flames that continued to grow, pushing the Riders, Mages, and Puella away from its base.

The flames grew to the size of a large mountain as the new monstrous form of Dark Decade cast a shadow over the world.

At a glance, it looked like a spider's body with a humanoid torso extending from the front. It stood on six thick and armored legs with two elongated arms wielding a blade bathed in blue flames in each hand. Across its chest were several panels, similar to Deacde's complete form, but they held no cards, only more flames. On its waist, where the belt should have been were a set of several spinning bronze gears, keeping the large creature moving.

"Kamen Rider the form of the Defense Program?" Reinforce gasped in horror as the creature let out a strangled roar that seemed to shake the entire world.

"It's like he's become a Witch himself..." Madoka said.

"That's it!" Decade shouted. "All forces target those gears! Create an opening to reach towards the center to destroy this monster once and for all...are you okay with that?" he added as he turned around toward Material-D, who picked up the discarded Ride Booker.

"Yes..." she nodded. "At the very least...I can save him from himself."

"Then everyone! Attack!"

Several beams and colored lights flew toward the spinning gears as everyone desperately shot or threw anything and everything they could at it. Blades, spears, bullets, rockets, magic. Eventually, the gears began to fall away, but the opening was slowly closing however, managed to fly up toward the opening and create several shields around it.

"Now! Material Darkness!" he shouted.

"Uwaaaaaaaaaa!" Material-D screamed as she flew through the opening, just as it forced Decade out, causing him to fly away and crash into the forest.

"Decade!" Mami shouted, making a move to get to the rider but Kivaara stopped her.

"He'll be fine!" the Rider shouted. "Worry about this thing for now!"


"Clear your head, Tomoe Mami! Worry about what's in front of you!"

Mami gave one last look towards the forest before nodding her head as she turned back towards the creature and began providing cover fire once more.

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST – Namida No Imi: /watch?v=3i4JwB7gGbU


Material-D looked around her and noticed she was standing at the doorway of a pristine white house. The house itself was empty with no furniture or signs of life, save for a pair of shoes lying in front of the steps to the house and the sound of someone playing a piano in the back somewhere.

"Is this the house in that dream?" she wondered as she took a step forward toward the music. When she did, she could hear voices.

"What...just happened?" a male voice asked. " am I alive?"

"O?" she asked turnning around, looking for the source of the voice. "O is that you?"

"Hahaha...I'm alive? I'm alive! I'm free! The darkness has disappeared! The shadows are silent! The bonds are broken! I am free...and I'm alone..."

The wall beside her began to shift. Instead of the blank white wall from before, it showed a scene of a white haired man wearing nothing but a skin tight bodysuit that covered his body up to his shoulders, neck, and knees, standing on a shoreline, looking up into the night sky.

"I am alive...but what for? There is nothing waiting for me out here. They all tried to kill me. How can I go back?"

The man took a step forward toward the water, allowing the waves to brush against his feet.

"Freedom in solitude...or companions in darkness...what kind of choice is this...?"

"O...? Is this...what happened back then?" Material-D asked as she placed her hand on the wall, causing it to ripple as if she had disturbed a small pool of water.

The man in the image suddenly bent over as he picked something up from the waves. A small metal gem swirling with black fog.

"This is...a Grief Seed? A component of the too...are trapped within your binds?"

The Grief Seed began to pulse as if answering him.

"I are just like me...locked away for your danger...coming out ever few decades...only to destroy and be destroyed. Why? Why must we suffer like this? What have we done to deserve such cruel fate? Why can't we just live?"

The Grief Seed pulsed again as he held it up to his chest and spread his arms out wide, allowing it to float in front of him.

"I agree. Let us break and alter our fate. We will show the cruel gods that we are not toys for their amusement. Our fates, our lives, our souls...are our own. And with this...we give hope."

The Grief Seed began to glow in a bright light, enveloping the man before it rescinded, revealing a young woman with jet black hair floating above him before falling into his arms.

"Good morning...Hope of Witches," The man said as the woman looked up at him.

"Good morning...Origin of Materials."

"That' it happened?" Material-D asked as the image disappeared. "But why? Why are you showing this to me now, O? What is the point? You are..."

" you think it's lonely with just the two of us in here?" Material-H's voice asked.

"You think so?" Material-O asked back. "I think it's perfect just the way it is. Just the two of us with no one around to bother us."

Material-D looked around but there wasn't an image this time. Just voices. With nothing holding her back, she continued to walk forward.

"I know but...hear me out. Remember all those people at the park? Didn't you see how happy they were with those smaller humans around them? Children, I think?"

"You mean those little monsters that run around, screaming at the top of their lungs and screech endlessly when they eventually hurt themselves? What sane person would ever subject themselves to such a thing willingly?"

"Why don't we find out?"


Material-D made a strangled noise inside her throat as she covered her ears with her hands. She did not need to hear this. She did not WANT to hear it.

"You know it won't work like that with us...after all, we're..."

"No could try it right? All those fragments of yours that scattered around the city that we collected to keep ourselves hidden. Don't you think we could use those to create one? How about using this one? Ah, it looks kind of like a star doesn't it?"

"Hah...very well...if you want it so badly. Though I'm going to make it older. I am not going to be cleaning up after it."

"You say that now but I wonder how long it will last."

"Just give me the stupid fragment."

"A star...was that how S came about?" Material-D wondered.

The piano music was getting louder now as she continued down the hall.

"How in the world did we end up with three of them?" Material-O asked.

"Well...that's because Stern-chan didn't show much personality and you felt like you could do better," Material-H said with a small laugh. "Then came Dearche..."

Material-D froze in spot as she listened to the voices again.

"Too much personality if you ask me. Demanding to be treated like a queen all the time. I knew it was a bad idea to base it on the old Mistress's image."

"You know you're having fun with her. Even more than Levi, and that girl is just a little bundle of energy that only stops when she's asleep."

"Whatever you say...though food is a lot harder to get now...since we have to feed five people."

"So we'll just leave more for the three of them. It will be tough, but it's worth it isn't it?"

"Heh...I suppose you're right. To our little family."

"May we always be one."

"Family...our family..." Material-D repeated as tears welled up in her eyes. "O...we'll get it back! We'll get everything back! Just wait for me!"

As she ran down, the piano music became louder and darker as the voices grew softer.

BGM – Code Geass OST – Desperation: /watch?v=J3NwqiNXrqw

"What's going on? Why is this happening?" Material-H asked as her voice was cracking. "Why did you all suddenly..."

"It's back..." Material-O began. "It's back. would be more accurate to say that it's awake. It never left in the first place. It was never gone. It was only waiting...biding its time."

"What's...going to happen now?"

"We...the girls and myself...will seek out the Administrative Program and attempt to destroy it. The shadows demand it. It is our curse. We will continue to seek it until we die..."

"Is there no way to stop it...?"

Material-D stopped as the wall in front of her began to change. She recognized the place it was showing. It was the little abandoned construction site that the Materials called home. It seemed like years since she had last been there when it has barely been a day.

Material-H and Material-O were talking to each other again with the Origin clutching a hand over his chest where red lines were slowly stretching out from over his heart before rescinding in sync to his heartbeats while Material-H was wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"I...don't know..." Material-O said as he held his hands in front of his face as they shook. "I don't know. I didn't think this would ever happen...I was not prepared..."

"Would you like to know of a way?" a third voice that Material-D did not recognize asked, causing the other two Materials to jump up and point their weapons at the source of the voice.

"Who are you?" Material-O demanded as he placed his finger on the trigger of the Ride Booker. "How did you find us?"

"You can't hide from me, Fragments of the Darkness of the Book of Darkness," the voice said as the source stepped out from the shadows. It was a man...or at least, Material-D assumed it was a man...draped in a black cloak with a black mask around his head that contained only one large purple visor with a strange crest adorned underneath it. "I offer you a chance to save those three sleeping soundly in the other room."

"And what's the catch?"

"You will not be able to save yourselves. For those three to live past the next month, you two need to sacrifice yourselves for it. It is the only way to remove the darkness within them."

"How do we know you are telling the truth?" Material-H asked.

"You don't. But you do know that if you do nothing...they will die anyway. I offer an alternative."

"If that is true...can't you save Hope as well?" Material-O asked.


"I cannot. Do not misunderstand me. I am not offering this for your benefit alone. Regardless of what you wish, the World does not accept beings like the one who calls herself Material-H. If you do not take my offer, I will be forced to destroy her right here and now. But if you do, then her sacrifice will pave a way toward the future for those three."

"As if I'll...!"

"I understand..."


Material-O looked at Material-H in shock as the woman merely smiled back.

"It is how it is. In the end, we can't escape our destiny," she said sadly. "But...that doesn't mean we should drag those three down with us. We can get them a better life than this...can't we..."

"But...will they want that? A life without either of us?"

"We already know the answer to that...right?"

Material-O bit his lip, drawing a small drop of blood as he lowered his gun.

"What...what do you need us to do?" he asked as Material-H closed her hand around his.

"In a month's time...a distortion will take place. During that time, you will be forced to attack the Administrative Program and the Originals regardless of your wishes. You will need to make them think that it is the only way they'll survive. In doing so, the darkness inside them will grow. After that, it needs to be harvested."

"You want me to kill them?"

"Of course not. They'll be killed in battle. I'm telling you to let it happen."

A shot rang out in the air as the wall beside the cloaked figure cracked and fell.

"Careful," the figure said, undaunted at the fact that he was just shot at. "You'll wake them up."

"Omega-kun..." Material-H said as she forced him to lower his hand before turning back to the figure. "If you say it like that...then there is a way to return them back, correct?"

"Of course. It's hidden within the Tome of the Purple Sky. And it will only be revealed if the Darkness is purged from its wielder. You don't have to kill them per se. You could just beat them to the inch of their life. The darkness is self-preserving and will seek a stronger host. You."

The figure extended out his hand and pointed toward Material-O.

"Me?" he asked.

"Indeed. As its origin, it will naturally gravitate toward you. That or the Tome of the Purple Sky itself. That is where the Witch comes in. her Grief Seed has the power to absorb that taint. She'll need to use it to cleanse the book and when she dies, that darkness will be released..."

"And I'll need to take it...correct?" Material-O asked.

"Indeed. The consequence of taking in all that darkness and grief at can imagine what it will do to your psyche correct? You will hunger for power, you will see yourself above all others. You may even try to kill anything and everything anyways."


"But I have a plan in place to prevent that. All you need to do from then, is to just leave it to them. They'll handle the rest once you absorb everything. In the meantime...I suggest you spend your last month together as you see fit. And don't even think about running away. We'll find you. Farewell."

And with that, a silver curtain appeared behind the figure as he took a step backwards through it, disappearing from sight.

"Omega-kun...he said that we need the Tome of the Purple Sky..." Material-H said softly.

"Yeah..." Material-O nodded. "That means...Darkness is in for a painful future...I suppose I'll be lucky. I'll be too insane to see the consequences of it...she'll have to go through that last part of the plan alone...she's going to have to..."

"I know..." Material-H said as she hugged him from behind. "Don't worry...I'll make sure she does it."

"I'm sorry..."

"I'm not. These last two months were more than I could ever hope for in the last hundred years. Besides, it has to be me."

Material-O blinked in confusion as he turned to Material-H who was smiling.

"If our positions were reversed, you would never have the guts."

"O...H...for us you..." Material-D whispered as she realized that tears had filled her eyes. Wiping them off with her sleeves, she continued down the corridor until she reached a door and opened it.

Inside was a small white room with nothing but a black piano and a man dressed in white playing it.

As she drew closer to it, the man and the piano started to shimmer in and out of existence along with the music until she was right in front of it where the room and everything inside disappeared completely, replacing it with what appeared to be a cavern made of flesh and blood.

She found herself standing in front of one of the flesh walls, where a man was embedded inside it with veins extending from the wall that were digging into his body.

"O...?" she asked as the man slowly opened his eyes.

"Yo...Darkness..." he said slowly. "Is your nightmare almost over?"

"Yes," she replied as she pulled the Ride Booker off her waist. "As soon as I get you out of here."

Material-O however simply shook his head.

"Darkness...I'm not leaving."

"Don't say that! There is a way to save you too! I know there is! I just haven't found it yet! So don't...!"

"'s already too late...there is nothing left of this body but what you see in front of you."

"Why then...why did you show me all of that?"

"Because you wanted to know. You wouldn't be able to pull the trigger if you didn't know...right?"

"How am I supposed to do it now? Now that I know that both of you ended up like that because...because of us...You...stupid fools...what's the point if we can't be with you and Hikari...?"

"Hahaha...don't worry...there will be another little one to join you soon enough..." he said with a bloody cough before looking straight at her face. "Come now...don't make that face. You're just seconds away from defeating the great evil Lord of Darkness that's even more evil than should be happy..."

"You fool...! I'm the one and only Lord around here..."

"Hahaha...I think...that I made such...a more't you?" He asked with a smile. "Do it...please..."

Material-D nodded as she forced the tears from her eyes and placed the tip of the Ride Booker's nozzle on Material-O's chest.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered.

"I'm not..." Material-D replied, causing him to open his eyes and look at her in confusion. "It had to be me...if our positions were wouldn't have had the guts..."

Material-O blinked and stared at her for a moment. Then, he let out a small laugh.

"Haha...hahahaha...huahahaha...ahhh...don't make me laugh so hard...damn it..." he pleaded, a small smile breaking on his face as he tilted his head up as if looking at something else. "I guess...I need not worry...about them...any...more..."

Material-D followed his gaze but saw nothing in that direction. Shaking her head she turned back to her creator and brother.

"I guess not...Material Origin."


BGM - Kamen Rider Decade and W Movie OST – Movie Wars: /watch?v=9ssyMFdlp10

"Something's happening!" Vivio shouted as the creature began to roar in pain as explosions can be seen rippling throughout its entire body.

"Did she do it?" Vita asked. "Did she really do it?"

"But, she's still inside that thing isn't she?" Hayate asked. "Can she make it out in time?"

Inside the creature as the walls of flesh burst and burned a black light was speeding through at high speed, screaming in anger and anguish.

"I'm not gonna die!" Material-D shouted. As she shot several beams at the walls, carving a path through the monster. "I've come too far...lost too much to die in the stomach of a monster like this! So get the hell out of my way!"

But the wounds were healing almost as quickly as they were created. Each window of escape was closing as the creature seemed desperate to take the one that killed it down with it.

"Don't underestimate me!" she roared as the Tome of the Purple Sky flipped open and the Ancient Belkan magic triangle appeared underneath her. "Come forth, Stars and Lightning! Alongside the power of Our Darkness!"

Five large circles appeared in front of her as dark energy formed in the middle of them before shooting them outward at the walls around her.

"This is the Hope that We have embraced! The power of the King! Break these chains that bind us to our Origin! Juggernaut!"

The beams scattered across the walls, burning and destroying the walls constantly to keep them from regenerating, allowing her to pass through.

"It's finally here, isn't it?" a voice asked, causing Material-D to turn around as she continued.

"Yes," another replied. "The bonds are broken. They are free. Free with a new"

""For all of us.""

A ball of flame followed Material-D as she burst out of the creature as it roared its last breath before crumbling into the darkness; dead and defeated.

"H...O..." Material-D cried. "Hikari...Zero...farewell..."

Back in the center of the creature, the body of Material-O remained, with the Ride Booker lying still at in front of him. For a dead man, he seemed to be at peace. A smile on his face and a small smudge of red on his cheek where the blood had been wiped away.

Were it not for the hole in his heart, one would have thought he was just sleeping.

Finally, as the chamber began to explode and crumble away...the body vanished in a flash of green light. Never to be seen again.

BGM - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST - Taenia memoriae: /watch?v=Q8uO0-ihVzI

Material-D hung up in the air for a moment before her strength gave away and she started falling toward the earth, only to be snatched out of the air by something green.

"Are you hurt?" Cyclone asked as he used the wind to keep them suspended in the air.

Material-D looked at the Rider and shook her head before burying it in his chest and started shaking.

"No...I'm not hurt..." she cried. "And don't tel me it will be all won't ever be all right..."

"I understand...hmm? Hey, what's that?"


Material-D turned her head to look as well, and the two of them saw a small light floating down toward them. She quickly reached out toward it with both her hands as it landed softly in her palm.

"A...fragment?" she asked. "Ah! Is that what he meant?"

"What is it?" Cyclone asked.

"I'm not sure...but...I think...things will be looking up after won't be perfect...but it will be close."

With that said, she clutched the fragment against her chest as Cyclone lowered the two of them back down to the ground where they were swarmed by the others

BGM – Code Geass OST – Boy From Britannia: /watch?v=UtxNw8Rs8Ds

"Are you okay Brother?" Nunnally asked with worry as she watched Lelouch be supported by Suzaku and Kallen as they led him to the sofa so he could lay down. They were currently back in the Hikari Studio, their unofficial headquarters.

"I've felt better..." Lelouch replied as he put his arms over his eyes. "But I won't die at the very least and everything worked out in the end."

"You're not used to getting beat around, are you, Your Majesty?" Monica asked. "That last blast looked like it hurt."

"It did," Lelouch replied as he sat up. "Now then...before I wallow in my pain any longer, we need to settle a few things."

At that, everyone turned toward Vivio and Einhalt, who shrunk back a bit at the sudden attention.

"Y-yes?" Vivio asked.

"Do you know anyway to get back home?" Suzaku asked.

"No...we were hoping you would," she replied as she turned toward Lelouch who blinked in confusion.

"Me? Why would I have any idea when I don't even understand how you two ended up here in the first place?" he asked.

"Please leave that to me," an unknown voice said, causing several people to jump and look around before they focused onto the Hyper Zecter..

"You can talk normally?" Kallen asked.

"No, this is also a recording using a voice modulator," the Zecter replied dully.

"This tone of voice..." Suzaku muttered.

"Ahh..." Lelouch mumbled.

"In any case," the Zecter continued. "This unit is equipped with an experimental dimensional transfer system designed to travel through time and space. The fact that this unit has successfully cross the barriers, then it means the test was a success and this unit is fully operational."

"Who sent you here in the first place?" Einhalt asked.

"The General of course."

"Of course..."

"Einhalt-san?" Vivio asked as her friend's expression turned dark.

"Your father again?" Lelouch asked as she nodded. "Sounds like he's keeping a lot of things from you. Nevertheless, his information was key in solving this incident...but he really should have told you about this instead of just letting it happen."

"Um...about that..." Vivio said as Einhalt turned her head away. "About her father I mean...actually..."

"Shall I return them back to our present now, General?" The Hyper Zecter asked as it flew in front of Lelouch, causing everyone to fall silent again. Lelouch blinked for a moment before turning to look behind him, hoping that it wasn't talking to him. "General? Can this unit return Mistresses Kururugi and Lamperouge to our present now?"

"" Suzaku asked slowly as he turned toward Vivio who smiled and waved. "Wait...and you called Sayaka-san, 'Mama' earlier...then..."

"Well congratulations, Boy," C.C. said with a smirk as Suzaku collapsed into a chair with a hand to his head. "She actually managed to tie you down."


"You actually got married and had a kid, Kururugi?" Monica asked. "I never knew you had it in you."

"Excuse me for a moment..." Lelouch said as he pinched the bridge of his nose and walked back out of the room. "I need to scream."

Everyone waited in silence for a few moments before a loud scream reached their ears.


A few seconds later, Lelouch came back in looking very exhausted. He sat down on a chair in front of the girls before looking at them.

"Alright then," Lelouch said with a sigh. "Why don't you two introduce yourselves again...with your full names this time."


"Einhalt Stratos Lamperouge."

"Wait a minute..." Gino said as he looked carefully at Einhalt as if it was his first time seeing her. "If she's your kid...and she has green hair...does that mean?"

"What?" C.C. asked as they all turned to look at her.

"No...I was adopted," Einhalt said quickly.

"Is that right?" Nonette asked. "Too bad. I was hoping to use that to tease C.C. about it."

"You'll never have that chance."

"I see..." Lelouch said with a sigh. "Things are making so much more sense then...Hyper Zecter."

"Yes sir."

"Send them back. They've been here long enough."

"By your order."

The Zecter then flew over toward the two girls.

"Wait...before you go," Lelouch said as he stood up. "Einhalt, I understand that you are no doubt unhappy with me. But unless you say something about it, nothing will change. Even if it's thirteen years into the future, I don't think I would have changed so much as that I wouldn't listen."

"I understand..." Einhalt nodded as their was a flash of light, causing the two of them to disappear.

"Well that was a unique experience wasn't it?" C.C. asked.

"I think I can do without anymore unique experiences..." Lelouch sighed.

"Then should I leave?"

"Kyuubey?" Suzaku asked as they spotted the white Incubator standing in the doorway. "How did you get in here?"

"I noticed Lelouch Lamperouge there screaming when I just saw him returning to his house," Kyuubey replied. "So I thought something was up. As I thought, you really are an interesting person."

"So I've been told," Lelouch said.

"Indeed. You tell her that she should make herself heard when she has already told you that you were not doing a good job as her father. But since she has already told you, you made no effort to change yourself. She still sees you as someone distant to her. Which means you have either lied to her...or you simply chose to be distant to her for the sake of creating a stable time loop."

"From what I've seen, that's probably the case," Lelouch sighed. "I know that sometime in the next thirteen years, I will adopt that girl and that girl will somehow be sent into this time. That is why I will give her information about this incident so that the me in the past will be able to use it."

"Confusing," Anaya chipped up.

"Everything he does is confusing," Kallen sighed. "Even somehow playing a prank on his past self by having the Hyper Zecter fly in front of him."

"It was a pretty good one, wasn't it?" C.C. asked. "You've learned well, Boy."

"But...why are you here, Kyuubey?" Lelouch asked. "Work?"

"Indeed," the Incubator nodded as he turned toward Nunnally. "Your sister there has the potential, but if you do not want me to then I'll leave right away."

"Of course I do not want you to-"

"Wait, Brother," Nunnally said as she had Sayaka wheel her toward Kyuubey.


"Kyuubey, is it? How strong of a wish can I make?"

"Your brother was the cause of countless events for your sake. If you choose to manifest that power, I'd say it would allow you to grant quite a powerful wish. Nowhere near as close as to Kaname Madoka, who has gathered the cause and effect of countless worlds thanks to the interference of Akemi Homura, but still powerful nonetheless."

"Then...what would happen if I were to wish for the power to return the souls of Magical Girls back to their bodies?"

BGM - Puella Magi Madoka Magica OST - Sis Puella Magica!: /watch?v=5U4z9hs-dcQ

"What?" Lelouch and Kyuubey asked in unison.

"From what you told me, Brother...the main cause of despair for the girls is the fact that their souls have been removed without their knowledge," Nunnally continued. "If I had the power to return their souls back, they wouldn't need to be fighting Witches anymore and they would not need to constantly use magic to animate and preserve their bodies, correct? They would fully and completely be alive again would they not?"

"Nunnally..." Suzaku began. "But what if that isn't possible? What if all that happens is that you remove their soul from the Soul Gem and that's it? You'd simply be killing them completely."

"Would such a wish even work in the first place?" Jeremiah asked.

" not sure," Kyuubey replied. "For some reason...I have never even thought of that before. And quite frankly...neither did anyone else I've scouted for contrats. Really...the most complicated of problems always seem to have the simplest solutions don't they?"

"But you are not sure if it will work..." Lelouch said.

"Do you think such a plan would work, Lelouch Lamperouge?"


"Then it should work, provided Kaname Madoka's wish is still in effect," Kyuubey said simply.

"If it's like that, I want to make a wish too," Anya said as she stepped forward. "I want to wish for Lady Nunnally's legs to be healed."

"Anya?" Nunnally asked.

"A simple wish. A great change of pace. Well...Lelouch Lamperouge. May I proceed?"

As every eye in the room turned toward him Lelouch clenched his fist.

"Do it..."

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST - Tantei to wa: /watch?v=IE1EoEMF-a4

"It's been about a week since that day. After that fight, the city returned to normal without any trace of the Materials' attack. Well, except for the fact that the bank money was still 'missing' and the fact that two schools have been more or less been blown off the face of the earth. However, I had to give credit to the Board. They move fast."

"The students of Seihou Elementary and Umihara Middle School were simply transferred to nearby schools to continue their education, undaunted...much to the chagrin of one Sakura Kyouko. Though I have to admit, it was a bit unfair to have them go back to school when there was only one week left anyway. But they all needed to take the end of the year tests and she and Tomoe Mami were graduating after all."

"Speaking of the girls...something strange happened a few days afterward. It seems that somehow, within the few days after the battle, their memories have been altered. Everyone except for Reinforce, Akemi Homura, and myself seem to think that the events that happened during December involved Kamen Riders Double and Accel instead of Decade, Kivala and Ixa."

"This means that Suzaku and Miki Sayaka have been spending time together like they had been friends for awhile rather than two people who just met a week ago. The other two seem to have an idea of what happened but they won't tell me what. It bothers me but I understand the reasoning. Miki Sayaka had an...attachment of sort to the Kururugi Suzaku that was Kamen Rider Ixa, and relied on that to keep herself sane. Without it...well...I'll chalk that up as a sacrifice he has to make."

"On the other hand, I have to deal with the affections of Tomoe Mami and Yagami Hayate. The latter of which believed it was I who got his arm broken when I saved her at the hospital and the former thinking I was the one who saved her from a Witch using FangJoker. I don't really have a problem with it...but its weird being liked like that from people around your sister's age."

"And speaking of younger sisters...I seem to have somehow gotten four mogkopwsjhgaf"

BGM - Kamen Rider W OST – Half Boiled: /watch?v=Xsc5kqiizTE

"Hey Lelouch! Whatcha doing?"

Lelouch was broken from his concentration when someone dived at him, knocking his arm across his typewriter, running his writing.

"I was trying to write my memoirs about last week...Levi..." Lelouch replied as he pulled the sheet of paper out and sighed.

"Oh, like a diary?" the blue haired Material asked as she took a look.

"A 'memoir.'"

"Right. A diary."

"Levi, you shouldn't bother him when he's working like that," Fate said as placed her hand on her clone's shoulder.

"But I'm bored! Hey, make sure you say that I fought greatly and coolly and..." the girl went on before Lelouch interrupted her.

"And got beat by Fate with one shot."

"That's why you need to make it sound cooler than that!"

"Well, putting aside the embellishment of my memoirs...what the heck are all of you doing here?"

Lelouch stood up and slammed his hands on his desk as he addressed the other occupants in the room.

All the Mages and Puella were currently sitting inside the Lamperouge Detective Agency, doing various things from eating to just lounging around.

"Well, school's out for the year so we thought we'd spend the first day of break with you," Kyouko said as she and Mami were enjoying tea and cake on the high table in front of him.

Lelouch could only sigh as he looked around his normally peaceful office.

Signum and Shamal were glancing through the old case files that were stored on the shelves next to his desk.

Stern and Nanoha were sitting on the bed in the corner as Nanoha fiddled with her clone's hair while the other girl just sat there and read a book.

Naoto and Suzaku were at the pool table playing a game while Vita and Sayaka watched them.

Homura and Madoka were sitting on the floor beside the bed as Homura was going over some test questions with a distraught Madoka who looked like she wanted to pull her hair out.

And lastly, Reinforce, Hayate and Dearche were sitting near the front with Nunnally and a girl that looked very similar to the younger Lamperouge, folding origami cranes.

"I've told you all a thousand times! The agency is not a place for you to hang out!"

"But we haven't had a case in three days," Suzaku said, causing Lelouch to throw him a look of betrayal. "Why not take a break?"

"Where is your sense of professionalism?" Lelouch asked before turning to Naoto. "And you! Don't you have your own job?"

"I'm on patrol duty," Naoto said with a shrug as he knocked hit the eight ball into the corner pocket. "And that's game, Suzaku. Pay up."

"What, already?" Sayaka asked as Suzaku handed a small bill to Naoto.

"You suck at this, Suzaku," Vita said. "I bet I can win at this, easy."

"Big words for..." Naoto began.

"You finish that sentence and I will END you."

"...For someone who was asking how to use a pool cue ten minutes ago?"

"Nice save..." Suzaku laughed as he handed Vita the pool cue...only to realize that she could barely see over the table.

"You want a stool little-ow!" Naoto began only to be kicked in the shin by Vita before she started smacking him with the pool cue. "Ow! Ow! Ow, stop damn it!"

"Vita, don't break Lelouch-san's things," Hayate said as she folded the colored paper. "Like this?"

" gotta do it like this right?" Dearche asked as she turned to Nunnally. "I'm right, right?"

"Either way would work," Nunnally said with a smile before turning toward her "twin." "Wow are you done already, Yuri?"

"Yes," "Yuri" nodded as she held up the completed crane to Nunnally

"Either way would work," Nunnally said with a smile before turning toward her "twin." "Wow, are you done already, Yuri?"

"Yes," said "Yuri" as she showed the completed crane to Nunnally.

Lelouch could only sigh as he ran his hand down his face and stood up from his desk.

"I'm going to get a drink," he said as he headed toward the door.

"Sorry for imposing on you like this," Reinforce said with a small bow ashe walked past her.

"It's fine," he said as he waved it away. "Just don't make it a habit. This place isn't all that big, as you can plainly see."

Reinforce simply nodded as Lelouch stepped out and walked a little ways down the street to a nearby vending machine as he continued his memoirs in his head.

"Somehow it seems I have acquired four more younger sisters. Material-D...or rather, Dearche, managed to recover her sisters from the fragments stored within her Tome of the Purple Sky. Along with the final fragment that Material-O left behind, she was able to pull another girl from the Book of that looked like Nunnally."

"She called herself Yuri Eberwein, and was once a human before she was absorbed into and corrupted the Book of Darkness. It seems that she created Material-O in order to free herself from the book and live in the world again."

"Needless to say, she succeeded. And with the corruption, greif, and darkness of the Book destroyed along with Material-O, she will be able to live a normal life with us."

"Of course...we still need work on hiding those flaming wings of hers..."

"Sometimes I wish the Riders didn't just disappear after that night. I still have so many questions I want to ask them..."

"Good afternoon, Lelouch Lamperouge."

Lelouch blinked as he turned his head toward the voice. There, sitting just around the corner was Kyuubey, looking like he always did.

"So this is where have you gone off to," he said as he walked over to the Incubator. "The girls were worried about you."

"I know. But I had someone to meet with."

"Really...would this someone be the one who gave you that collar?"

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at the blue cat collar wrapped around Kyuubey's neck as it nodded its head before tugging on it slightly to make it more comfortable.

"Indeed," it replied. "This body seems to have been adopted by a certain group of people. They wish to speak to you for a moment."

"Just me?" Lelouch asked. "Why?"

"You'll see if you follow me."

BGM – Code Geass OST – Lack of Power for Wisdom: /watch?v=2pDcodacY_g

Lelouch followed the alien toward the park where he first met Madoka and the others that had been stalking Nunnally at the time. There, he spotted only two other people standing around.

One was wearing a pitch black suit with a matching tie and pair shoes.

The other was wearing a white jacket over a pink shirt along with white slacks.

Both men looked up when he came near, causing him to freeze in place.

"What in the world...?" he asked.

"See, that was my reaction too," the man in white said.

"I know, I know," the man in black replied. "It's not everyday you see two other versions of yourself after all."

"Kyuubey...what the hell is this?" Lelouch asked as he turned toward the alien, who had trotted over to the man in white and jumped onto his shoulders.

"Come now, certainly you don't need to think too hard about it, Lelouch," the man in black said.

"Parallel...worlds again?"

"Of course," The man in white replied. "What else could it be?"

"How amusing this is," Kyuubey said. "A Lelouch who has fully embraced the name of Lelouch vi Britannia. A Lelouch who goes by the name of vi Britannia in one world, but Lamperouge in another. And finally, a Lelouch who has only ever gone by the name, Lamperouge. Such a conversation this will be. I wonder if anyone can keep up with it."

"Quiet Incubator," the three of them said in unison as they looked at each other.

"That was weird."

"Okay stop it."

"I'm serious."

"How are we supposed to get anywhere like this..."

"Kyuubey! You pick someone to start!"

"I was correct," Kyuubey noted. "This is amusing. In this case...wouldn't it be best if you were to start first? Everything that happened, happened because of you didn't it?"

Kyuubey was looking toward the Lelouch wearing black as the man sighed.

"Right, I suppose that would be the best," Black Lelouch said. "From the start, I am the Rider who first came to this world and the one who saved these girls from their fate."

"So you were the original Decade then?" Detective Lelouch asked.

"Indeed. However, after we finished, I returned the Decade card back to its original owner and received the Dark Decade card instead. Now for the complicated part. The reason I orchestrated the recent events is because due to a set of circumstances, I would not be able to save them from the Materials' wrath. I am unable to keep my form without a third party's influence."

"In this case, me," White Lelouch replied. "I am a Lelouch who saved the girls in a parallel world. The events differ in that Reinforce was sealed away, therefore the Materials would never have existed in the first place. Thanks to this guy, I was dragged away from my vacation into your world."

"I you two are both Emperors of a alternate version of America then?"

"So it would seem," the Emperors replied, before throwing the other another tired glare.

"Then, who was the one who gave me and Suzaku the Double Driver and Gaia Memories?"

"That would be me," B. Lelouch replied. "I then left this Lelouch the Xtreme and Fang Memories to give them to you later."

"After that, every time you've encountered a Dark Decade would be me until the part where Material-O took the card from my 'remains,'" W. Lelouch said. "I then reappeared at the final battle with the normal Decade card and assisted you then."

"Then...the one who altered everyone's memories is..." D. Lelouch asked.

"Me," answered. "You must understand, it is for everyone's sake. Miki Sayaka for instance is completely infatuated with the Suzaku of my world. However, we can no longer cross through the worlds...or rather, it would be more accurate to say that we can no longer afford to do so. Miki Sayaka is very weak emotionally, and therefore I needed her to have an emotional leash to prevent her from becoming a Witch. Would you want those girls to kill each other like that?"

"No...I understand," D. Lelouch replied. "But I don't like it."

"None of us do," W. Lelouch said. "But it is for their own good."

"Then why not my memories too?"

"Personal reason," the other two replied. "Don't think too much into it."

"Then what about Reinforce...or Homura?"

"How would you wipe the memories of a book?" B. Lelouch asked.

"And Homura would notice something is wrong regardless," W. Lelouch said.

"I see...another question. Why? Why go through all this trouble for a bunch of girls with no impact on your world whatsoever?"

"Because this new world is my responsibility," B. Lelouch replied. "I created this world for them and therefore it is my responsibility that they be able to live in it even if I can't do anything to help directly. That is why I need to thank both of you for your assistance in this."

He then stood up straight before lowering his body in a perfect ninety degree bow.

"Thank you both."

"I was just caught up in the moment..." D. Lelouch said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Exactly. You were nothing more than someone unrelated dragged into my little scheme...though I wonder how long that would last since the girls seemed intent on comparing you to me."

"From what I've seen...we are nothing alike. You seem to be overly dramatic with everything."

"It's a curse of being brought up by royalty," W. Lelouch replied. "Appearances are everything."

"Hurray of the joys of being a commoner then," D. Lelouch said.

"Hear hear!" the other two replied.

"But really...out of curiosity, why can't you come back here under your own power?" W. Lelouch asked B. Lelouch.

"Indeed," B. Lelouch said. "What keeps a man with the ability to warp anywhere he wishes and even cross the barriers between Parallel Worlds from meeting their friends?"

"Incarceration comes to mind," D. Lelouch noted. "However, I doubt any prison can hold you for long...then that leaves...death?"

"Heh...I wonder."

"You...what did you do?" W. Lelouch asked.

"Who knows. Just know that whatever I did, worked and I am happy with the result. Looks like my time here is up. I need to get back."

"Back where?" D. Lelouch asked.

"That's my secret. Farewell, and live your lives to the fullest."

And with that, B. Lelouch took a step back and disappeared through a silver curtain that popped up behind him.

"I should be heading out as well," W. Lelouch said. "Do you have any last minute questions?"

"No...well...I suppose since you didn't ask for the Gaia Memories back, it means you're letting us keep them?" D. Lelouch asked.

"Indeed. You'll need it if you want to keep up with your friends and sisters. Good luck."

With a pat on the detective's shoulder, the second Lelouch too disappeared behind a silver curtain along with Kyuubey, leaving Lelouch alone to himself.

"What did he mean by that?" the detective wondered, only for his phone to ring. "Yes?"

BGM - Kamen Rider Decade and W Movie OST – Two in One Detective: /watch?v=OwKmwMnkeNI

"L-Lelouch! Something's strange is going downtown!" Suzaku said on the other line.


As he said it, a loud explosion sounded in his ears as well as the phone. Looking around he saw something impossible. A building was sinking into the street.


"I'm heading over there with Naoto right now. The girls are trying to follow but Reinforce is keeping them back for now."

"That bastard...he knew about this and didn't tell me?"

"What in the world is THAT?"

"Naoto? What the heck?"

"Oi? What is it?"

"It's some kind of monster...made out of...magma? It's burning everything around it! Lelouch, let's go!"

"Damn it all! Looks like we have no choice!" he swore as he pulled out his Gaia Memory and ran over to a nearby bench and laid down on it. "If it's burning things, then let's fight fire with fire!"



As he saw his arm fall down limp, the next thing he noticed was that he was below Umihara Tower alongside Kamen Rider Accel staring down a creature that looked like it was made out of molten rock with flames sprouting out of its back.

"What is that...?" Lelouch's voice asked as Double's right eye flashed.

"Don't know," Suzaku's voice replied as Double's left eye flashed. "But if it's attacking our city..."

"Then it's an enemy!" Accel said as he revved his belt and pulled out his Engine Blade.

"Now's time to count up your sins!"

And with this...the curtain of this Parallel World, closes.

BGM - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica OST - Scaena felix: /watch?v=Lwivn5Axmuw

"Congratulations, Mami-san Kyouko-chan!" Madoka said as she handed the two of them each a bouquet of flowers.

"Thank you, Madoka-san," Mami said as the two seniors accepted them.

"So Kyouko really did graduate," Sayaka said as she nodded her head with her eyes closed. "If Lelouch were here, he'd probably think he'd gone crazy."

"Hah, shows what he knows," Kyouko said with a proud huff. "Knowing everything in the world my foot. He doesn't know anything of what I can do."

"I wonder what they're doing now," Madoka thought out loud. "It's already been three months since they just disappeared like you think they're still at war?"

"Hopefully they didn't die," Homura mumbled ominously.

"Uwah...don't say it like that," Sayaka shivered. "Though I suppose we don't have to worry about C.C. in that regard. I wonder if they can even find their way back."

"Would they even want to come back?" Homura asked. "Beyond getting rid of the Darkness of the Book of Darkness and Walpurgisnacht, they have no reason to come back."

"You don't think we're a good enough reason for them to come back?"

"If that were the case, they wouldn't have left without telling anyone in the first place right?" Kyouko asked.

"No...I think it's because they cared about us they didn't tell us," Mami replied. "After all, it was new years eve and everyone had celebration on their minds. Why would they ruin it with that?"

"I'm sorry, I suppose I'm just playing devil's advocate."

"We get it, so stop," Sayaka said as she smacked Homura on the back. "How about we head out now? Nanoha and Fate are still in school for a few more hours so why don't we go somewhere for lunch and celebrate before heading to Hayate to for the end of school celebration?"

"Isn't that a little too much celebrating?" Madoka asked.

"You can never celebrate too much!" Kyouko said, thrusting her arm into the air. "Cuz it means more food for me! Let's get going!"

"Do you always think about food?" Homura asked.

"Well after what you did, it's hard not too."

"I suppose that's one good reason for Lelouch-san to not be here," Mami said with a sigh as she placed her hand on her cheek. "He might get an ulcer..."

"Oh? And why is that?"

The girls froze in spot as their eyes opened wide. Someone had called out to them just as they passed through the gate of their school. Turning around, they spotted two people not wearing their school uniform leaning on the gate.

A girl their age with light brown hair and blue eyes who was holding her hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing, and a older man with raven black hair and purple eyes who was pressing a few button on a cellphone in his hand.

"L-L-L-L?" Kyouko stuttered.

"Huh, I must have been gone longer than I thought," the man said. "Kyouko has lost her ability to talk. What a shame."

"N-n-n-n-n-na?" Sayaka babbled as well.

"Oh dear it's spreading," the man continued in mock horror. "Nunnally, we need to go before it spreads to you as well."

"You are so mean, Brother," the girl said as she tapped him lightly on the arm.

"B-Brother?" Mami asked, the only one of them apparently able to speak clearly. "Then you are..."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," the girl replied with a small curtsy. "I am Nunnally vi Britannia. Though I suppose Lamperouge is fine too."

"But...didn't Lelouch say that you were..." Homura began.

"It's complicated," Lelouch said, waving his hand dismissively. "I'll explain it all when everyone is together so I don't have to explain it more than once."

"T-then Suzaku is...?" Sayaka asked.

"He headed over to the apartment with C.C. and a few others who came along with me," Lelouch replied. "They're probably settling in right about now...and what is with those worried looks."

Lelouch looked at his former housemates, who were all deliberately avoiding meeting his eyes as much as they could. With no choice, he turned to the one person who he knew could tell him what happened.


"Um..." Madoka began. "Don't get mad...but..."

BGM – Code Geass OST - Stray Cat: /watch?v=oU8AejzSD10

"That's an impressive expression you have there," C.C. noted as she waved her hand in front of the Britannian Emperor's face, which was currently wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open with the occasional twitch.

"Image, recorded," Anya muttered as she snapped a photo.

"Hey, send me that later when we get back okay?" Kallen asked. "I want to immortalize this moment forever. Probably make a hundred copies too."

"My lord..are you all right?" Jeremiah asked, placing his bags down and shaking Lelouch by the shoulder, causing him to snap out of his daze.

"" Lelouch breathe finally as he turned toward his former roommates, who were kneeling on the floor in apology. Kyouko quickly shot her head up when she was called out and raised her arms up in defense.

"Hey, I swear it wasn't me this time," she replied.

"Then...who?" He turned toward Mami, who shook her head, and then toward Homura, who looked away as he looked at her incredulously. "Homura...?"

"I tried to bake a cake..." she replied quietly.

"And how does that involve...COVERING HALF MY KITCHEN WITH BLACK SOOT?"


"What was that?"

"Mistook baking powder with..."

Stop," Lelouch said as he held one hand up, with the other massaging his eyes with increasing frustration and annoyance. "I can guess what happened with just that...I wouldn't have expected such a mistake from you though..Homura. It's...enlightening, to say the least."

"Since when were you so defensive about a kitchen?" Kallen asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Since I spent seven million on it."

"'re insane."

"You've only just noticed?" C.C. asked as she idly scratched some of the hardened soot off the wall. "One would think you would have realized it from day one."

"Shut it Witch...and where the heck is Suzaku anyway?" Kallen asked.

"Upstairs in Suzaku's old room," Lelouch replied as he sat down on the couch with his face in his hands. "Probably discussing their future plans."

"Future plans?'re not saying that he's...with her?"

"I dunno about Suzaku, but Sayaka certainly wants to try," Kyouko replied.

"What about the whole 'living in two different worlds' thing?"

"Humans tend to try long distance relationships all the time don't they?" a small voice asked causing the Puella to jump and jerk their head toward the source, which came from Nunnally's shoulder, where they spotted the white Incubator resting contentedly. "It's just a little bit further away from...gah!"

The Incubator let out a yelp as Homura, Kyouko, and Mami quickly pointed their weapons at him, causing him to quickly jump off Nunnally's shoulders and hide behind Jeremiah's legs instead.

"How the hell did you get in here?" Kyouko demanded.

"You...are you trying to get Nunnally to form a contract as well?" Homura asked. "And...did you just yelp in...fear?"

"Yep," Lelouch mumbled, raising his head just as the four Puella turned their heads to him. "This Incubator is like a stray animal that Nunnally picked up on our way back to this world. And as for him making a contract with her...well..."

"W-what?" Madoka asked. "You mean she already is a..."

"Magical Girl?" Nunnally finished as she picked the alien back up. "Yes. I made a contract about ten days ago."

"Are you aware of what it means to be one?" Mami asked.

"Yes. Brother told me everything that it deals with before I made the contract."

"Wait," Kyouko said as she turned to Lelouch. "You told her everything...and she still made the contract? Are you okay with that?"

"Do I LOOK okay with it?" he asked, causing her to shake her head in reply immediately. "But it's her choice...and the wish she made...well...I was willing to bet on it as well."

"Wish?" Maodka asked as Nunnally placed the Incubator on the table. "What did you wish for Nunnally-chan?"

"Why don't you take a guess?" she replied with a smile.

"To walk again?" Kyouko asked.

"That was Anya's," Nunnaly replied, causing them to turn to the other pink haired girl in shock before looking back at Lelouch who simply sighed in resignation.

"To see then?" Homura asked.

"The result of the blindness was the result of Charles's Geass," C.C. replied before pointing to Jeremiah. "Orange boy here has the power to nullify any Geass, so that's not it either."

"Then what did you wish for?" Mami asked impatiently.

Nunnally and Anya looked at each other before holding their hands up to them.

"Notice anything different about us compared to the rest of you?" Nunnally asked.

"Your hands?" Madoka wondered as they all looked down at their own before back up at the other two. "Wait...where is your..."

But before Madoka could finish, the sound of a door opening upstairs caught their attention as Sayaka and Suzaku came back down.

"So what did you decide to do?" Lelouch asked.

"We're going to wait for Sayaka to finish middle school first," Suzaku replied. "Then if she still feels the same..."

"I'm moving in with you guys," Sayaka finished.

"With mean you want to come to Britannia and live in the royal palace as the girlfriend of the number two bachelor of Britannia?" Kallen asked, causing the Puella to look at her like she was crazy before back at Suzaku who had his face in his palm.

"Number two?" Sayaka asked. "And number one is...?"

"The young nineteen year old ninety-ninth emperor of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia," C.C. recited idly. "His older sister's been trying to set him up with arranged marriages."

"Keyword: Trying," Nunnally laughed as Lelouch simply sighed again. "Brother always somehow gets out of it in the end."

"I'm telling you, I had nothing to do with the candle suddenly breaking and setting that woman's dress on fire," Lelouch replied. "Besides, she was clearly gold digging."

"Good," Mami said. "You shouldn't be forced into arranged marriages, Lelouch-san."

"Unless it's with y-" C.C. began only for a yellow ribbon to appear around her mouth and cover it, causing the woman to glare at the blonde girl, who simply looked away.

"Wait, you get to go live in a freaking palace?" Kyouko asked Sayaka incredulously before grabbing the blue haired girl by her hands. "Can I come with you?"

"That's the part you are focusing on?" Sayaka asked. "And that's still a long ways off. I need to ask my parents and everything first."


"Can we get back to the topic at hand?" Homura asked.

"What were you guys talking about anyway?" Sayaka asked as she turned toward Madoka.

"Nunnally-chan and her knight are Magical Girls," Madoka replied, causing Sayaka to wheel around toward Lelouch..

"WHAT? And you're okay with this?"

"See, that's what I asked not five minutes ago," Kyouko said.

"But...where are your rings?" Madoka asked. "Or rather, your Soul Gems?"

"And that's what Nunnally here wished for," the Incubator spoke up as he raised his head to look at them. The Puella then finally noticed the little blue cat collar around its neck. "It seems she made it with you girls in mind. I honestly had no idea if it would work or not but..."

"But what?" Homura asked. "What exactly did you wish for?"

"For the power to return the souls of Magical Girls back to their bodies," Nunnally replied.

The silence that followed was almost smothering.

Madoka and Sayaka's hands instantly went toward their rings, while the other three's hands went for their Soul Gems since they had transformed the instant they saw Kyuubey.

"D...does it work?" Sayaka asked.

"Yes," Nunnally replied with a smile. "Anya here made a wish first, to restore my legs and then I made my wish to test it on her."

"I was against the entire plan from the start," Lelouch added in. "It was too risky. There was a chance the soul would not merge with the body again and that Anya would die, leaving Nunnally as a Magical Girl with no Witches to worked."

"With several unintended side effects," Suzaku spoke up. "Even though the Soul Gem doesn't exist anymore, the girls are still able to transform."

"It was a stupid concept anyway," Kyuubey sighed. "Something only an emotionless entity like us could come up with. Sticking a soul inside a container? Sure it would work against Witches, but we didn't take into account issues where Magical Girls would fight one's not right. We did take it into account. We just didn't care. Either way...for something that was designed to keep the soul safe...the Soul Gem was nothing more than a one hit kill target in practice...and a way to expedite the transformation from Magical Girl to Witch."

"Okay...I've been doing too much stunned staring within the last half hour," Kyouko said as she rubbed her eyes with her hand. "What the hell is his deal? He's Kyubey right? So why is he know...?"

"Evil?" Sayaka offered.

"Manipulative?" Homura asked.

"Annoying?" Suzaku asked as well.

"Dead?" Lelouch finished.


"Simple," Kyuubey replied. "A girl made a wish. A wish for the Incubators in my parallel universe for all Incubators to understand the sufferings we have wrought upon them. It was enough for seventy-five percent of the Incubator bodies on planet Earth alone to throw themselves in front of the nearest several ton vehicle on the first day alone. This is my one thousand three hundred thirty-seventh body since then. I've since been trying my best since along with emotions, each body has grown a sense of self preservation once the initial shock wore off."

"So what happens when this one dies then?" Mami asked.

"I expect your Incubator unit will attempt to consume the body for the knowledge it contains...and then...well...who knows. It might feel everything we've felt...or it might not. But I suppose you've all been waiting a long time to hear this."

Kyuubey hopped off the table and lowered its head in front of them.

"I'm sorry for everything that we have done to you. I only hope that Nunnally here can help right some of the wrongs we have caused."

"You...really do have emotions don't you?" Madoka asked as she picked Kyuubey up.

"If by emotions you mean grief, regret, fear, despair, then yes. And it sucks."

"So did you end up using yourselves as Magical Girls or whatever the hell you do?" Kyouko asked.

"As I left, we were still building a consensus. It will take time after all, to move from a somewhat reliable source to a new one. So we were still creating Magical Girls...just not as often seeing as we were trying to deter them from making a contract without outright saying 'Don't make a contract with us. The price isn't worth it.' Of course, from what I've gathered. Events still happened regardless."

"You mean the five of us still made our wishes?" Homura asked.

"Four of you anyway," Kyuubey replied. "You never made a contract with me. I still don't know why. In any case, the events and wishes in that World were more or less the same as the ones in this World. But enough of history for now...don't you want your souls back?"

"Right, so who wants to go first?" Nunnally asked as she took a step forward. Her simple blouse and skirt changing into a long blue one piece with a white apron and red platform shoes.

The Puella turned to each other in contemplation before Madoka spoke first.

"I'm fine with going last," she said.

"I don't mind either," Homura said as well.

"As the oldest, I feel I should let you all go before me,:" Mami added.

That just left Kyouko and Sayaka, but Kyouko simply tilted her head toward Sayaka.

"Go ahead. It's what you've been wanting for months right?"

"R-right..." Sayaka nodded as she stepped in front of Nunnally. "You kinda look like Alice in Wonderland you know that?"

"I thought so too," Nunnaly replied with a smile.

" does this work?"

"First, you need to hand me your Soul Gem."

"Like this?" Sayaka asked as her ring transformed and she held her hand outward to Nunnally who picked it up and held it toward Sayaka's chest and started pushing it against it.

"Yes, now don't worry...this won't hurt a bit..."

"Whew...that's a relief...wait...I know where this is going..."

"Yep. It's going to hurt a lot."

"Oh come o-oooouaaaaaaagggh!"

"She really is your sister isn't she?" Mami asked as she turned to Lelouch, who had a smile on his face as he shook his head in amusement.

"Are you understanding anything that they're saying?" Jeremiah asked Anya as he watched Sayaka fall to the ground as Suzaku rushed over to check on her while Nunnally moved toward Kyouko with a smile that seemed to frighten the red head more than reassure her.

"Bits and pieces," the Knight of Six replied. "Aren't you going to ask for an autograph?"

"It would be weird...wouldn't it?"

"Too late for that."

"I'd rather not bring it up either way."

"His highness will do it eventually."

"And I'll ask when that time comes."

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Mugen no Kioku: /watch?v=oU8AejzSD10

" that everyone has their souls back..." C.C. began as she looked over the Puella sprawled out over the ground. "And twitching like they've all been struck by lightning...shall we reunite with the third part of our triumvirate?"

"I suppose it is like being hit by a defibrillator," Lelouch speculated as he nudged Kyouko with his foot. "Considering Nunnally is more or less 'reviving' you girls."

"It hurts..." Sayaka grumbled. "It hurts even though I don't want it too...and yet...I'm okay with that..."

"How did you get through it when you did it on yourself?" Mami asked Nunnally.

"Oh, I passed out," the princess replied with a smile.

"Lucky you..." Kyouko moaned.

" does this work now?" Homura asked. "Do we still need to purify?"

"If you hold your hands out in front of your chest like this..." Nunnally began as she formed a small circle in front of her chest with her hands, causing a small brown Soul Gem to appear. "It will pop back out. Anya was able to put it back in without any pain though."

"It seems that you don't need to worry about your souls corrupting as long as you don't use any magic," Lelouch explained. "That's why we waited for ten days before coming back here. To see whether or not the Soul Gem would get corrupted during that time of inactivity. I'm not having Nunnally fight in any way, shape or form, so I'll be take a few Grief Shards back for her if you don't mind, Homura."

"Right," Homura nodded as a few shards fell out of her shield and she held them toward Lelouch who took them and placed them in a strange looking container.

"So essentially...we can go back to being normal teenagers?" Sayaka asked.

"Yes...but I highly doubt you would," Lelouch said as he stood up and stretched his arms. "You would probably be bored out of your minds after realizing that there is a whole new world out there...both in the stars and one beside your own."

"I suppose you're right about that..."

"Now, enough waiting around," the young emperor said. "I've already said most of what I had to say. Now let's head over to Hayate's now before I have to repeat too much."

"Is everyone okay now?" Nunnally asked as the girls slowly got up.

"Despite how it looks...we've probably feel better than we've ever felt in a long time," Sayaka said as she took Suzaku's hand and he pulled her up.

"Now then, I suppose I'll lead the way," Lelouch said as he held out his hand and a silver curtain appeared in the living room. "After me."

He stepped through it and came out on the other side in front of Hayate's front door. Despite only just being here in a Parallel World not more than ten days ago, he couldn't help but smile at the sight. He even had the small urge to simply ring the doorbell before the others got here.

"Oh...why not?" he shrugged as he promptly did. He could hear several voices inside, making out Nanoha's and Fate's voices amongst the house's occupants. Finally, he could hear the soft movements of a wheel chair heading towards the door.

"You're here already, Mami-san?" Hayate asked as she opened the door. "I thought you wouldn't be coming until...ahh..."

"Yo..." Lelouch said with a smile as he held his hand up in greeting. "I was in the dimensional plane and thought I'd drop by and see how you were-oof!"

Before he knew it, there was a sharp impact against his stomach and he was sprawled out on the ground, looking up into the sky.

"Lelouch-san!" Hayate cried as she buried her head in his chest. "It's really you right? It's not an illusion, right?"

"The fact that I didn't disappear in one hit might disprove the illusion bit...wouldn't it?"

" this how it is, Lelouch?" A voice asked.

Turning his head up, Lelouch spotted Kallen looking down at him with a smirk as the others slowly came out of the curtain as well.

"Don't say it," he said dangerously as she mimed zipping up her smile with her hands.

"You got reacquainted fast, Lelouch," Suzaku laughed.

"Suzaku-san! C.C.-san!" Hayate cried. "You're all back!"

"Yes yes, it's very exciting," C.C. said. "But there's no need to knock people over because of it."

"I'm sorry..." Hayate replied quietly as Lelouch helped her back into her wheelchair.

"I prefer the incomprehensible stuttering that the others did myself," Lelouch said as he rubbed his neck before a faint smell reached his nose. "Are you making something? Should you be away from the stove like this?"

"I'm not so much making something as I am..." Hayate began only for

"Ahh! Hayate-chan! What do I do now?" Shamal's voice came from the kitchen.

"It's boiling water! How do you mess that up?" Vita's voice shouted as well.

"Aha..." Lelouch sighed. "Shall I help?"

"Yes please. It's great to have you back, Lelouch-san."

"It's nice to be back...I suppose."

And with that, the group entered the house and reacquainted themselves with their friends.

BGM - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha OST - Tamani ha nonbiri, ne: /watch?v=p88RYdjzOn4

"Ahh...I've missed this..." Kyouko sighed as she dug into her plate. "I really did."

"I hear ya," Vita sighed as well. "Took you long enough to come back you jerk!"

"Were you missing me, or just my cooking?" Lelouch asked as he took off the apron and draped it over the counter.

"Can't it be both?" Nanoha asked.

"With Vita? It's either one or the other."

"So what took you so long to return?" Zafira asked. "From the sound of things, it seemed like you tried a week ago."

"We...had a few detours," Suzaku answered, his eyes wandering over to Jeremiah's bag.

"Umm, Jeremiah-san?" Fate asked causing the man to turn to her after hearing his name. "I've been wondering...what's exactly in that bag."

"That' stuff..." Jeremiah replied as best he could as C.C. and Kallen snickered.

"He means his favorite DVDs and souvenirs he got in the World we were in before we came here," C.C. answered causing the knight to glare at the Witch.

"Oh, DVDs? Can we watch them?" Hayate asked. "Or is it something only a-"

"Stop!" Lelouch said quickly. "Don't finish that sentence! It is nothing of the sort"

"So what is it then?" Mami asked.

"A recording of a...concert we went to," Suzaku said as the ends of his mouth started twitching.

"Ah, it was really fun," Nunnally said as she clapped her hands together. "Everyone was jumping and singing and cheering really loudly."

" the big scary knight is a fan of idols then?" Kyouko asked, causing Jeremiah to cough into his hand uncomfortably. "How surprising."

"You could say that," Kallen answered, with a evil grin as Jeremiah started sweating for a reason other than the liberal amounts of hot sauce he was using.

"So are we watching it or not?" Sayaka asked impaitently.

"Jeremiah?" Lelouch asked. "What do you think? It's your DVD after all."

"If...everyone insists..." the Knight of Five sighed as he placed his plate down on the table and opened his bag with his back toward everyone and extracted a CD from it. He then walked over to the DVD player and inserted the disc in while everyone gathered around the TV. "Please don't judge me the wrong way because of this..."

"It can't be that bad could it?" Madoka asked. "I think a knight should be able to enjoy simple things like this too."

"That's...not what I am worried about..."

"It's starting," Anya said as Lelouch turned off the light.

The DVD started out normally enough with it showing the entire concert hall for a moment beofre a song started up, causing the crowd to cheer and wave orange and yellow glow sticks in the air as the title screen popped up showing the characters "Magical Idol's Magical Day!"

"Magical Idol?" Mami asked. "Sounds interesting."

"I...I'm glad you find it so..." Lelouch said as he covered his mouth with his hand.

"Okay...what's going on?" Vita asked. "The lot of you have been laughing to yourselves this entire time. What's so funny about..."

"Everyone are you ready?" someone asked from the DVD.

"Wait..." Kyouko began as the crowd cheered. "That sounded like..."

"Tiro..." the voice began as everyone's eyes widened in shock and realization.

"FINALE!" the crowd responded as lights lit up on stage and the song started in full force.

BGM - Miscellaneous – Arigato: /watch?v=j6dB_evLeY8

The entire room save for Lelouch and his party stared in a mixture of shock, horror, and confusion as a girl with blonde hair wearing an orange one piece dress appeared on stage and started singing. Lelouch, at this point, had one hand against the wall as he his body was shaking with mirth and was doing all he could to keep himself from laughing out loud. Kallen and C.C. were restraining themselves similarly but their snickers could still be heard under the music. Suzaku was enjoying himself by watching Sayaka's constantly changing expressions while Jeremiah, Nunnally, and Anya were simply watching the DVD normally.

It was only when the first song ended that the others snapped out of their daze, with Kyouko, Sayaka, and Vita being the first ones to clutch their stomachs and start rolling on the ground with laughter.

"W-w-what is this?" Mami asked, her face red with embarrassment as she turned toward Lelouch.

"Like...I...said..." he replied in between gasps of air before clearing his throat. "A concert we went to in a parallel world...a world where Tomoe Mami was the 'Number One Magical Girl Idol.'

"But what in the world is a Magical Girl Idol?"

"That?" Kyouko managed to breathe out and point toward the screen before laughing again. "I thought Tiro Finale was amusing before but!"

"You're so cute, Mami-san!" Madoka said as she turned toward the older girl. "Maybe you really should try becoming an idol. You can already sing so well!"

"Oh, do you think we can go to one of those Karaoke Bars I've heard about?" Nunnally asked. "We can see if Mami-san can sing as well as her Parallel World counterpart."

"I...I don't..." Mami began as she backed away from the others, only to trip over Jeremiah's bag, causing the contents to spill out...which just happened to contain dozens of Idol Mami merchandise.

"Ahh!" Jeremiah shouted as he quickly ran over to make sure Mami and his merchandise weren't damaged. "Are you all right."

"Why...?" Mami could only ask as she picked up a fan that depicted the letter "I," a heart, and "Mami" on it.

"Ah, that one is mine," Nunnally said as she plucked it out of her hands.

"It's his orange fixation flaring up again," Kallen joked. "Look, your idol self is wearing mostly orange so naturally he likes you. Hell, he even plowed through Japanese lessons just to understand the songs that you sing."

"I'd like to think it's mostly her voice and energy that I enjoy," Jeremiah said. "But...yes..that"

"So..?" Mami repeated.

"May I have your autograph?" he asked as he brandished a white autograph board in front of her. "I tried to go tot he actual signing but it's a ten thousand yen entrance fee...and the prices of the sign boards on auction sites are murder."

"Ahh...I don't care anymore," Mami cried as she took the marker and board from Jeremiah. "Do whatever you like."

"But, the karaoke idea sounds great," Nanoha said. "Do you think we can find one that can fit all of us? We do have a lot of people after all."

"Eh...singing?" Fate asked. "I...I don't know if I could..."

"Before that...Kururugi Suzaku," Signum said as she stood in front of the man. "I have a request."

"Yes?" Suzaku asked.

"I request a duel from you," she said as she suddenly was in her armor and pointing her blade at him.

"What?" Sayaka asked as Suzaku blinked in surprise.

"You said you are the strongest knight in Lelouch's empire," Signum explained. "As a knight myself, I wish to see how well I match up against you now."

"All right, sounds interesting," Suzaku nodded as he stood up and pulled out the Ixa Knuckle. "I want to see if I can actually use the new flight system without embarrassing myself now."

"Yes, cause we don't want to see you flying through several feet of padded steel walls and into the lake again," C.C. said.

"What?" Homura asked as Suzaku cringed at the memory,

"Brother had a large building quickly built for Suzaku's practice," Nunnally explained. "It was fairly large with lots of padding on the walls."

"And yet it did nothing to stop him from flying through the walls at full speed and crash into the lake like an idiot," Kallen added with a smirk as Suzaku buried his face in his hands.

"Everyone seems to be having fun," Hayate said as she clapped her hands together."

"Indeed," Lelouch nodded as he stood beside her. "I enjoy these simple days."

"Wouldn't it be great if they could last forever?"

"Yeah. It would be great."

And with that, the final chapter of this story ends. But with the ending of one chapter, a new chapter opens on their lives.

The lives of Magical Girls and Kamen Riders.

Ending Theme - Kamen Rider W OST – Cyclone Effect Accoustic Instrumental: /watch?v=XgfDFzvAA_M

Code Magi Lyrical Rider

Movie Wars Chapter 5

Eternity's End

Code Magi Lyrical Rider Movie Wars


Harouki: Well all, it's been one hell of a ride.

Hayate: Thank you for your good work.

Sayaka: So in the end you go for a happy ending?

Harouki: Are you complaining?

Sayaka: Nah, just making a statement.

Lelouch: A three-way conversation between the same person from three different parallel worlds. How...confusing.

Harouki: I know right? For those of you who didn't quite get it. B. Lelouch comes from a What-If world where the Zero Requiem goes as normal, leaving him dead and sent to the World of C where Madoka pulls him out of it and has him work for her officially.

Lelouch: Thus making a certain Teaser canon doesn't it?

Harouki: Hey, that story happens in February. This ending is in March. There's always a possibility.

Sayaka: A shame it didn't win huh?

Harouki: Really. It seems people are just tired of the whole summoning anime characters as servants sthick.

Lelouch: But the amount of votes it got was simply...underwhelming. A mere six votes?

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Harouki: The storyline may seem fixed, but I have a few ideas to throw around in there. StrikerS will also include the ten year period between A's and StrikerS itself. Including a certain event that happened to a certain person that caused them to dislike people who overstrain themselves, a certain marriage proposal between two characters...and oh yes, a certain death of a certain character. How exhilarating.

Lelouch: But alas, you are not going to go into it right away are you?

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In the far corners of the universe, on the planet Mid-Childa, a knock came from the door of one a certain general of the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

"Come in," the said looking up from his work as the guest came in through the door. "Ah, Nove, what can I do for you? Wait...didn't Einhalt say she was going to train with you and Vivio?"

"Umm...about that..." the red headed cyborg began before bowing her head low. "I'm so sorry, General! I can't find your daughter anywhere!"


"I...they were just behind me half an hour ago and when they suddenly stopped talking, I turned around to look and they were just gone!"

The general blinked in confusion at the ludicrous statement and sheer impossibility that two important children have been kidnapped off a secure military base, let alone HIS base, without anyone spotting the intruders before realization set in his eyes.

"'s about this time..." he said to himself before looking up with a smile. "Don't worry about it, I know where she and Vivio are and they're perfectly safe."

"Eh? You do?" Nove asked. " mean you're not mad?"

"I didn't say that, but I am not going to punish you since it wasn't your fault and there was no way you could have prevented it, nor should you have."

Nove sighed in relief as she stood up, blinking when she noticed Lelouch was standing right in front of her with a big smile as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"After all, nothing I can do to you will ever beat what the person behind you is going to do to you once she finds out that you lost her daughter."

Nove's back stiffened as she slowly turned her head to see Vivio's mother standing there, holding a data pad in her hands, with a dark glare.

"Would you please repeat that?" she asked as a loud noise came from the data pad as it was slowly cracking in her grip. "I didn't quite catch that."

"Please have mercy!" Nove screamed as she ran behind the general to use him as a human shield while the man simply laughed.

"Now now," the man said as he waved his hand airily. "Don't worry about Vivio too much, Sayaka. She'll turn up soon."

"Why are you so calm about this? My daughter is missing!"

"For about five more"

A flash of light shined within the office as two small shrieks sounded before two small thuds came from the floor. When the light died down, both Vivio and Einhart were seen between the trio, rubbing their bottoms as the Hyper Zecter flew toward Lelouch.

"Ah, Mama!" Vivio said as the woman hugged her daughter tightly.

"Vivio! Are you safe? Are you hurt?"

"Good job for following my instructions," the general said as he helped Einhart to her feet.

"You didn't seem so amused back then," Einhart muttered as she brushed herself off.

"Oh I understood the reason though. I had to create a stable time loop after all. Which reminds me..."

He walked back behind his desk and lifted a secured steel case from behind it onto his desk. When he opened it, a small device completely identical to the Hyper Zecter sprung to life and flew into his hands as he began to fiddle with the buttons on its back.

"Let's see...this seems about right...out you go now."

With that the second Hyper Zecter flew off while the first one took the empty spot in the case as he shut it and sealed it again.

"What was that about?" Nove asked slowly backing away from the group lest Sayaka decided that Vivio was safe enough for her to lash out at her instead.

"Just a little something that happened long before you or any of your sisters joined us. Heck, long before Sayaka got married or any of us joined the TSAB."

"Okay, now I'm curious..." Sayaka said with a frown. "What are you going on about, Lelouch?"

"Don't worry about it," Lelouch Lamperouge assured his best friend's wife. "You weren't there when it happened. But's already been thirteen years huh...hahaha..."

"About that," Einhalt said as she looked at her father. "May I talk to you in private...Father?"

Lelouch raised an eyebrow before turning toward Sayaka and Nove. The two of them nodded and lead Vivio out, who gave one last worried look to Einhalt before the door closed behind them. Lelouch then directed her to one of the seats in front of his desk before sitting down behind it himself.

"Alright then," he said as he shut off the monitor he was working on to show that she had his undivided attention. "What is it?"

"First...can you promised me that you'll answer truthfully?" Einhalt asked.

"I promise to answer truthfully so long as the question does not clash with my duties," Lelouch replied immediately as he held his right hand up. "This must be serious then..."

"I just want...I need to know..."

"That's fine. So tell me. What is it?"

"You knew, didn't you?" she asked. "You knew we were going to be sent back there."

"I did," Lelouch nodded. "But I didn't know when. You only told me the month remember?"

"So you gave Tio access to your files last month to help the you back then correct?" She asked and he nodded again. "And you trained me in breaking through physical defenses to break through that Witch's shields correct?"

"Indeed. Quite frankly I still have no idea why the two of you were sent, but if it didn't happen, a lot of people would have died and things might have gone horribly. It wouldn't be right if I didn't capitalize on it."

"Then why didn't you at least tell me about it?"

"Because the you I remember that was sent back didn't know what was going on either. If I did, I might have changed something. If there's one thing I've learned, is that time travel is a pain to keep track of."

"Because of that event...that was how you knew how to fight me back then, correct?"

"Funny how that works isn't it?" Lelouch asked. "Because you fought against me then, I was able to fight you a few months ago and subdue you when we met. And because we have already fought you knew how to fight me when we returned to the past. A stable loop."

"Then..." Einhalt began as she swallowed some saliva in her mouth, which was starting to feel uncomfortably dry. "Is that why you adopted me? To continue to stabilize that loop?"

Lelouch's eyes widened ever so slightly at the accusation before they narrowed softly.

"Is that what you think?" he asked carefully.

"Am I wrong?" she asked as her hands began trembling. "You are only ever home during the mornings and late at night. You have me spend time at Vivio-san's house after school since you are at work for most of the day. You only ever speak to me for a few minutes a day...what am I supposed to think when it's like that?"

Before she knew it, tears were falling from her eyes as she looked down at her knees as her father spoke again.

" one reason...I suppose..." he said. His voice seemed a lot closer than before, causing Einhalt to look up to find that he was no longer in his chair, but right beside her instead, holding a handkerchief in his hand. "But not the only reason."

"You were a twelve year old girl with no family and nothing to live for but the genetic memory of your ancestor," he said. "And as an outlet you took to challenging strong martial artists within the Bureau to prove your strength. Eventually, you would have attacked someone important and make a mistake and get caught, like what happened when you challenged me."

There was a soft smile on his face now as he placed his hand on her cheek.

"Attacking a general of the TSAB for the sake of attacking him is a grave crime, no matter what age you are, especially if you were an orphan, and the world doesn't care about you. Taking you in as my daughter was the easiest and best way to keep you out of prison."


"But even that is only one reason for doing so," Lelouch continued despite her interruption as he stood up and picked up a photo on his desk. "You've seen the photos of my friends correct?"

"Yes..." Einhalt nodded as he handed her the photo. It depicted several people in several different Bureau uniforms sitting together and smiling at the camera. On the top right corner though, was a worn out sticker depicting the same people squished into a photo sticker booth, taking a similar picture...with one extra person there. A person with green hair and golden eyes.

"Your hair reminded me of hers," Lelouch said as he carefully ran his hair through Einhalt's hair. "An old friend of mine who saved my life on more than one occasion."

"This is...C.C.-san correct?" Einhalt asked.

"Correct. As you can see, she is no longer with us anymore. However, your hair and eye colors made it simple for me to adopt you by claiming that you were in fact, our illegitimate child. Which was the reason why I took you in for so many check ups. Blue and purple eyes are traits present in my DNA from my parents as my sister has blue eyes while mine our purple. Your blood type is also A as is mine while C.C.'s was O so that was also simple to work around. But then of course, there was the DNA itself. A simple hack was all it took to change the results and there you have it."

"But why? Why go through all that trouble...for me?"

"Indeed, it's strange isn't it? If you look at it carefully, you see that I am taking a lot of risk and backlash just to help a girl I seemingly had no knowledge of or prior interaction with. But...honestly, I think it's because I am lonely."

"Lonely?" Einhalt asked as she looked down at the picture in her hands again and at the other countless photos on the walls and on his desk.

"Strange isn't it? You see all these pictures of me with my friends and soldiers...but not a single one of family."

"Then...why don't you marry?" Einhalt asked. "Vivio-san's mother and Sakura-san are always saying that you should get with Tomoe-san..."

She has interacted with Tomoe Mami plenty of times. The kind woman would always visit on the weekends to make sure everything was okay as well as cook and clean the house for her while her father was at work. She also told her many stories about the past, particularly about the time her father had saved her life. It was clear that the woman was attracted to him but for some reason, both considered the other nothing more than friends.

"Because everyone I've ever considered ended up dead because of me," Lelouch replied bluntly, causing her to stare at him. "My first love ended up insane because of me and I had to shoot her to stop her from killing hundreds of people. The second one was killed by someone I should have never trusted in the first place...and the third...well..."

He made a vague hand gesture as if to say, "you get the idea" before taking the photo from her hands and replacing it back on his desk.

"I'm not about to risk anyone else like that. I have already seen that I can't protect them despite my power. It's not fair to Mami...neither of us like it...but she understands where I am coming from...I don't expect nor ask of you to do the same though. Especially not when I put you in that very position just to ease my own loneliness ever so slightly."

She had never seen her father like this before. The tired and regretful look in his eyes was different from the confident one he always held.

"I'm sorry..."

"No need to apologize. I understand that I haven't been the best father you could ask for and I suppose I could try a bit harder...pass on a few unimportant files to other at home on the weekends...leave earlier...would that be a start?"

" would."

With that, he suddenly pulled her into a quick but tight hug before releasing her.

"Next time..." he said with a small smile as he placed his hand on her head. "Don't wait so long with something like this. I want this parent thing to work out you know."

"I'm sorry..." she said, turning her head away in embarrassment as he ruffled her hair.

" is there anything else you'd like to ask?"

" more thing..."


"Why...why does it look like you haven't aged a day in thirteen years?"

The hand on her head stopped moving as she could feel it slowly tense up. Turning her head back toward her father, she saw that his expression had hardened and he was frowning slightly, telling her that she more or less stepped on a landmine.

"A-actually, it's fine," she said as she quickly stood up and took a few steps back from her father. She had meant for it to be a compliment in that he aged well but it seems that it was not something as simple as that. "I'm...going to go now...I'm sorry!"

"Einhalt!" Lelouch called out but the girl was already out the door. Lelouch let out a heavy sigh as he sat back down on his chair and pinched his brow. It was an honest question and he ended up pushing her away after they reconciled slightly. He let out another sigh as he loosened his collar...revealing an unnatural red mark that shined for a moment before going dull again as he turned toward the photos on his desk. "What happened to those simpler days?"

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