Author Notes:

First, a few notes to give you the background before this story gets started.

1. In this story Takuya was a member of Digidestined from the start. He was at the summer camp with all the others when they got pulled into the Digital World.

2. He's a Digidestined, not a Legendary Warrior, so he has a partner instead of a spirit; and a Digivice instead of a D-tector. He's no different than the others.

3. With Takuya added into the mix there's now eight original Digidestined and Kari became the ninth child.

4. Takuya's the same age as Tai, Matt, and Sora.

5. The background of events is that season 01 happened and it's the start of 02. The only differences are that Takuya was along for the whole thing, but the changes he made will only be addressed if needed. The events of 04 never happened.

6. Tai was still the leader, giving Takuya the second-in-command status.

Second, the design of this story.

1. The whole story is written from Takuya's point of view, so don't forget whose eyes you're seeing things through.

2. For the most part this story will follow the plot of the second season of Adventure. There will only be small adjustments to allow the story to work.

3. Davis, Yolei, Cody, Kari, and TK will still be the one's fighting the Digimon Emperor and traveling back and forth from both world; while Takuya will be offering help just like all of the other older kids.

4. This story will focus on his daily life and interactions during the second season, so don't expect much in the way of digimon fights and visits to the Digital World. The days will kind of skip over what the second generation is doing that day.

Last couple of author notes.

1. I've been wanting to write a daily life romance story that didn't revolve around constant danger, mystery, or digimon battles; and this is it.

2. Like I said above the story will follow the plot of the second season, but instead focus on what was happening outside of trips to the Digital World. I'm sure there's people out there wondering what the older kids were doing while the second generation were fighting the forces of evil.

3. I hope you enjoy the story!

Matter 1

"Fifteen years… Fifteen years I've been alive. And in about a few months it'll be sixteen, but that's not important right now damn it. In those fifteen years life I haven't made a mistake anywhere near as bad as the one I made three days ago…" I've spent the last hour of this morning berating myself with these thoughts. I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet and they've already started; and you want to know what the worst part of it is? Given the chance to do that decision over again, I'm pretty sure I'd make the same choice again… How could I have resisted accepting?

"Damn it…" I cursed one more time as I rolled out of bed and got to my feet, tossing my crimson sheets back onto the bed in a clumped mess.

On this day every year I would normally complain about having to start school again after what felt like such a short summer break, but today my mind was clouded by far more important things. Much more worrisome things which made it impossible to enjoy the last three days that I'd had left.

"You better hurry. Breakfast is starting to get cold," a slightly annoyed female voice complained from beyond my bedroom door as it walked by down the hall; having taken an extra few seconds to make sure I was up before continuing on.

"Yeah. Yeah," I yawned, ruffling my bed head hair around in the mirror until it was what I considered perfect, which was a waste of time considering it would just get out of place again when I pulled my shirt on over my head.

Releasing another tired yawn I stripped off my pajama bottoms, it was always too hot to wear the tops when I sleep, and exchanged them for the green school uniform hanging on the back of my door. It didn't take me that long to get dressed since I didn't put much effort into making sure it was all on straight. Mainly because I liked how it looked with the top two buttons left undone, the tie lose around my neck, one side of the white shirt left untucked, and the sleeves of the jacket unbuttoned. I really hated feeling like I was confined in my own clothes. I wonder if that means I'll never be able to wear a suit when I grow up.

With a final long look into the mirror hanging from the closet door, again mentally berating myself for my past decision, I headed out of my room. Rubbing the back of my head as I walked I followed the smell of food down the tan hallway and to the kitchen table where two plates of omelets and a steaming bowl of white rice in the center with a wooden spoon sticking out of the middle.

"You forgot the ketchup again," I remarked as I stepped in beside my place at the table.

Instantly, karma struck, along with a hand to the back of my head, but I was used to it by now. I might not actually be able to start my day without it nowadays.

"You're lucky that I've been cooking you breakfast since we were six. If I hadn't you'd have starved each morning since you never get up early enough for mom to cook for you. She also doesn't have the patience for your little remarks," she said to me as she walked to her seat, pulled out her chair, and sat down.

Her school uniform, exactly like mine except for the skirt, was tidy and nicely done up, just like the picture that came with clothing package. She had combed her orange hair smooth, twisting up at the ends into feathered wings, and a pair of light blue barrettes holding her bangs back. There are a lot of similarities between her looks and mine, but that's to be expected since we're twins; fraternal twins at that. I'm older than her by eleven minutes, a fact I like to bring up from time to time.

This girl sitting next to me who had cooked the breakfast we were enjoying is by eleven minutes my little sister, even though she acts likes she's the older one, Sora.

"I can't believe you actually put ketchup on your omelet," Sora commented as she cut a piece free from the whole and ate it.

"Tai does it too," I protested, instantly feeling guilty when I said his name.

"That's because you're both weird," she retorted, smiling slyly back at me as she swallowed the bite she had been chewing.

"Uh-huh," I sadly replied as I cut a big piece of mine and chewed it a few times before swallowing.

Across from me I could see her analyzing my face with interest. She had noticed something wrong with me a few days ago and the looks pretty much started right after that incident. "So anything been on your mind recently?" She asked the question I knew she would since she had been asking me it a few times a day since then.

"No… nothing…" I stuttered, still strangely caught off guard despite knowing it was coming.

"Really…?" She knew I was lying, but I doubt she knows the why. I actually doubt she could imagine the why.

"Just forget it, okay," I sighed, knowing that she would for a little while before coming back to the question sometime around lunch time when she had me trapped again.

"Fine…" she halfheartedly replied, already planning for the next time she would ask.

Ten minutes later I was putting the wet breakfast dishes in the drying rack next to the sink after Sora had left me with the task of clean up while she made some final preparations for school. Again this gave me some time to think about what I had done and what I would do about it. Unfortunately, I spent all of the time on what had already transpired and gave no real thought to the other.

"Ready to go?" My sister smiled at me as she waited for me to dry my hands before giving me my black and red backpack.

"Let's get it over with," I gave her a weak smile back as I took my pack from her and slung it over my shoulder.

With my burden taken from her she went and picked up her two bags. The first was a light tan messenger bag she had guilted me into spending three times the normal amount to buy her for our last birthday. If I remember correctly, her argument had something to do with making me breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last nine years of our lives. Actually, each year that number went up and so did my bill for her present. The other was a white duffle bag with green fringes and the high schools name printed on the side. It was the sports bag that had been given to her last year when she joined the tennis team and was loaded down with different equipment and her tennis uniform.

"Let me carry that," I said pointing towards the duffle bag, doing my best to act like a big brother, even if it was only by eleven minutes. Her response was to smile at me and pass the bag, glad not to have to carry the extra ten pounds with her on the walk to school.

We set out along the path we hadn't taken since school ended at the start of summer, passing through alleys and back roads that through trial and error we had discovered would shave five to seven minutes off of our commute. It only took us seven minutes to reach our first check point; we added on an extra two when we took a wrong turn by mistake. This was the stop I had been dreading since this morning, even more than the final stop at the school.

Dropping our bags onto the plastic bus bench we took a seat on the back and waited. Minutes passed and we continued to wait in silence. Sora was fighting the urge to ask me what was wrong again and I was trying to think about what had been preoccupying almost every waking moment of the last three days. God, I'm such a freaking idiot!

"Where is he?" Sora grumbled when a full six minutes had passed and we were still waiting.

"I'm sure he's on his way," I tried to defend his absence, but there was only so much I could do against my sister.

"Tai's always making us wait," she added with a huff as she sat back down beside me and slid her shoulder against mine in annoyance.

"It is the first day after all. He probably overslept. That's all," I commented, assuming that was the most likely event knowing him.

"He definitely couldn't have overslept. Kari would have made sure of that," Sora noted, glaring at me to stop defending my friend and side with her. "Maybe he decided to walk her to her first day of middle school instead of walking with us; but if that's the case and he didn't inform us. I'll kill him."

"…Good point sis… I'm sure he wouldn't do that," I uneasily replied, hoping that she hadn't noticed me stir nervously at a certain word she had said.

"Whatever. We'll wait another three minutes before heading out ourselves. We're not going to be late on our first day back," she stated, setting down a decision I couldn't challenge.

Unfortunately for Tai those three minutes passed and we were forced to leave. A certain one of use fuming at the ten minutes we had lost waiting. It took us another ten to reach the high school. A three story brown brick building built ten years ago when a population increase in the area had lead to overcrowding in the other five schools around us. It was the most modern of the six high schools scattered around the area, but that didn't mean much when technology improved sevenfold every couple of years. By now it was already outdated.

"So homeroom should be this way. The old chem. lab if I remember right," I noted as I committed the room number to memory. Luckily, since we were sibling and twins our similar last name had put us in the same classrooms and homerooms since we were in preschool.

"Yeah, that's right. I heard they had to close it down after Mr. Parks little crisis last year though. Something about it being contaminated and unfit for chemical storage anymore," Sora recalled, tapping the side of her chin with her finger as she thought about the incident.

"I remember that, you could hear it from all the way on the other side of the school," I laughed before turning to a more worried tone. "Wait! Unsafe for chemical storage, but perfectly fine for students?"

"That sounded really strange to me too, but I'm sure they wouldn't expose us to dangerous things like that if it wasn't safe," she rejoined as we rounded the bend in the hallway and the green doorframe of the room in question came into view.

"What are you talking about? I know you've seen the food they serve in the school cafeteria," I joked back taking a seat in the back of the room, hanging my backpack over the chair and setting Sora's duffle bag down on the desk next to mine. In a way telling her where she was going to be sitting, but it wasn't like I had to. We had sat together in homeroom ever since we had homeroom. Even after I became good friends with Tai we still made sure to sit together. Being beside each other all of the time might have been a natural instinct we got from our bond as twins.

"And that's why I make us Bento boxes for lunch every day," she remarked, patting her bag where one of the handmade lunch boxes was stored. The other one rested in my own bag, tempting me to eat it.

"That is definitely a plus, especially since you're cooking has gotten better over the years. I can still remember, and often still taste, that time you mixed up a teaspoon of salt with a tablespoon of salt," I laughed, prodding her in the shoulder as I did so.

"I was nine then. And I just mixed it up once," my sister defended her past mistake with an agitated glare.

"You only say JUST because I took the first bite and you refused to eat after that. I couldn't taste anything but salt for days. Do you have any idea how much that ruined the pizza and cake at Tai's birthday party?" I shot back, enjoying the distraction from my thoughts of three days ago and the fact that school was ten minutes away from starting up again. Officially ending what I considered summer.

"It was kind of funny when you tried pouring sugar on your slice to counteract the salt taste," Sora laughed at me with a big smile, obviously having much fonder memories of the event than me. "How did it taste by the way?"

"What do you think it tasted like? Pizza covered with sugar and still tasting of salt," I argued back, finding it impossible to keep a laugh down.

"Aww, poor big brother," Sora giggled, covering her mouth with her hand to make sure her voice didn't get too loud.

"Thanks for the concern…" I sighed, trying to push the memory to the back of my mind and hope that the imaginary taste of salt in mouth would go away with time.

When our little talk was over we each set about doing what we wanted to do with the time before class started. Sora went about going through her sports bag, double checking her equipment for tryouts after school today. She was the top of the first years last year so she didn't have to worry about a spot on the second year squad, but it also meant that she had to help with the freshman tryouts. Me, I planned to go out for the soccer team with Tai, but right now I was trying to figure out who was in our homeroom.

I didn't see any faces that jumped out at me as interesting or familiar, which made me wonder if we were alone this year. However, only half of the class was here at the moment so I couldn't be sure.

Of those that were present already there were three girls with sleek black hair in the corner of the room, giggling about something and looking towards the back of the room every so often. When they looked towards me I heard Sora let out an annoyed grunt and roll her eyes. There was another girl with brown hair reading over a book with a boy in black frame glasses up front. Two boys with short cut hair were looking over their schedules, comparing classes to see if they would be together; every so often shooting looks to the back at a target that made me angry. I had to promise myself there that I'd keep them away from my sister, but she would probably chase them off herself without any interference from me.

"And here I was worried that I'd be by myself," a familiar voice spoke up from my side closer to the entrance to the classroom.

Leaning back in my chair and cocking my head to the side I spotted a guy my age with semi saggy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was giving the two of us siblings a cool smile as he walked over and set his blue bag down on the desk in front of Sora's before sitting on the back of the chair to face us.

"Hey Matt," we happily greeted him in a perfect unison. "We were starting to think the same thing," we again responded in stereo.

"Wow, you twos twin powers at work again," Matt laughed at our word symmetry. "If that's the case did Tai get assigned a different homeroom?"

"Don't care," Sora growled, making me stifle a laugh so as not to invite her wrath as well.

Seeing the confused look on Matt's face in response to Sora's reaction I felt like I had to explain. "We waited for him at the stop we agreed on last night, but he never showed."

"And we ended up waiting ten minutes for nothing," Sora interjected before becoming begrudgingly quiet again. This brought a smile to my and Matt faces, but it wasn't the time to dwell on it.

"So we don't actually know where he's assigned. Do you know anything about where Izzy is?" I asked, wondering why we hadn't seen the computer genius this morning either.

"Nope, haven't seem either one of them today," Matt answered back. "But it's not like Izzy will be with us in homeroom considering he's in the advanced placement side of the school program."

"Yeah, it'll be just like last year with him being in all of those advanced class and us only seeing him during lunch and breaks," Sora added.

"Well, just in case we'll save Tai a seat with us," I stated while I tossed my backpack into the seat in front of mine to reserve it from any new arrivals.

"I wonder if he's skipping today?" Matt inquired aloud of us, but keeping his voice low enough that no one around us would hear and start some rumors.

"If he is, I'll kill him," Sora growled, shaking her fist at me; warning me against any similar actions.

Eventually, the time for school to start came without Tai ever showing up and we settled into the start of a new school year, unaware of the fact that Tai had found a way back to the Digital World and had found himself in some serious trouble. The three of us had no idea about the rise of the Digimon Emperor or that three new Digidestined were about to be chosen to fight a new enemy. All I knew at the time was that I had done something stupid that would mentally overshadow the coming battles.

"Tai never showed…" Matt noted when we met at the entrance to the school like we agreed to in homeroom. We discovered that Tai was in fact in our homeroom with us when the teacher called attendance and unfortunately for him, Sora wouldn't let me call out a reply on his behalf. She said something about him getting what he deserved for ditching.

"It doesn't appear that way," I replied I as pushed up off of the lockers with a roll of my back and began to walk out the double doors with my sister and friend.

"This is strange… Tai and Takuya have skipped class before…" My sister commented as she shot me an angry glare at the fact, "…but I don't think either one of them is stupid enough to do it on the first day."

"Thanks sis," I awkwardly laughed, glad that she had at least that much faith in me. "But I really wonder what happened to him. Maybe we should check on him?"

"He could be sick or something?" Matt remarked, "It could happen, even if fools aren't supposed to get sick."

"We should call Kari and ask her if she knows what happened to him," Sora suggested, looking in my direction.

"Why me?" I yelped, feeling very nervous all of a sudden.

"Because I have tennis tryouts now and you're better friends with Kari than Matt is," Sora looked at me unsurely, pondering my strange behavior.

"Right…" I laughed in embarrassment while backing away from the two; the whole time telling myself that I had to be more careful. "I'll get right on it."

I walked away from the two as I took out my cell phone and scrolled through the address book until I found Kari's number; and there my finger lingered, unable to push the button. This whole thing was stupid. I was acting stupid. I had talked to her just the night before so why was I having a problem now. Damn it, this was getting bad. I was seconds, or let's face it minutes, from hitting the send button when three beeps carried across the air.

The tones hadn't come from our cells or old digivices safely tucked away in our backpacks or pants pockets, but from the largest pieces of technology we carried with us, our D-Terminals. The beeps meant we had just received a message and considering the timing it must have been someone sending a TO ALL message. From out of our packs we each produced our devices, popped the lids open, and began reading the message.



It was a short and lacking in detail message from Tai, not an uncommon occurrence for him. My cell phones inbox is filled with text that no one but me could make out any details from thanks to Tai. However, it wasn't the call to a meeting or lack of detail in the message that made our eyes go wide and stare at each other in disbelief. It was the last sentence of the message that did that.


Even though it was difficult we managed to go about our afternoon like normal. Sora went to her tennis tryouts, but not before making me help the team pullout the equipment and put the nets up. Normally, I wouldn't have minded being surrounded by some of the schools cutest and most athletic girls in short tennis skirts, but today I didn't pay them any mind. I was already somewhere else. Matt went to practice with his band, but I doubted he'd get much done with his thoughts somewhere else as well.

This left me to walk home on my own. The walk gave me time to think and when I got home I did some more while I lay on the couch. The television on in the background for some noise, but secretly I hoped it would distract me; unfortunately, it wasn't working. Sometime around five I drifted off to sleep, only to be awoken at six-ten by the ringing of my cell. Still in my groggy hazy from just waking up I answered without recognizing the ringtone or number.

"Hello," I yawned a greeting into the mouth piece as I looked to the clock on the wall, smiling when I saw that I hadn't let seven slip by while I slept.

My hazy state instantly vanished when the person on the other end of the line began to speak. I forced my brain to start so that I could listen to them carefully. For a few minutes I listen, unable to speak, before they finished and I parroted back a summary.

"At the garden, across from the park where we're supposed to meet, at six-thirty. I understand," with that I hit the end button and fell back into the couch in renew frustration and self-loathing. "Damn it…"

Looking at the clock I saw that I only had fifteen minutes to get to the garden and it was normally a twelve minute walk, so I didn't have time to change out of my uniform if I didn't want to have to run. In this heat that wouldn't have been pleasant. Choosing to stay in my school clothes I put my important things back into the pockets of my pants and headed out the door; locking it behind me.

Sora's tennis session was going to be over by six, so after she helped put away the equipment, got showered, redressed, and packed to go it would be close to seven. This fact had lead to us agreeing to just meet at the park at seven when everything was to begin; meaning I didn't have to worry about walking with her.

As I had predicted I arrived at the park at six-twenty-seven and walked past it to the garden across the street. The twenty-by-twenty area of garden had been built between four old buildings and blocked off by a gate. To most passersby it looked like it was locked off and private, but anyone could go in if they wanted to. It appeared that someone had removed the lock on the side gate a long time ago, welcoming in visitors to enjoy the perfectly pruned cherry blossoms and blooming flowers. It was a little oasis in the middle of business and apartments. But the feature it was being used for now was the fact that thanks to the trees and ivy growing thick on the six foot fence, it was impossible to see inside from the outside.

I stopped just outside the gate and tried to gather myself. I told myself I was alright and took a deep breath before pushing the gate open. In the center of the garden, sitting on a stone bench overlooking a small Koi pond was a single occupant. She was small in stature with developing curves and soft brown hair. She wore a white and pink shirt, long fingerless pink gloves that ran up to her elbows, and a pair of yellow shorts. Her back was to me, but I knew who she was. She was the caller, the reason why I was here, and the cause of my bad decision.

This girl is Hikari Kamiya, or as her friends and I call her, Kari. She's a fellow Digidestined from when we fought the Myotismon, the Dark Masters, and Apocalymon. As well as being the chosen child of light. And currently the worst of it, Tai's twelve-year-old little sister. God, I'm scum…

"Kari…" I called out to her gently as I walked up to her spot, making her jump slightly in surprise. However, I couldn't be sure if she had heard me since she didn't turn around.

"Kari…" I called out to her again as I continued to get closer. And again she didn't turn around.

After a few more times without a response I started to get worried and stepped right up behind her. I leaned over her right shoulder and prepared to say her name again, right into her ear; but before I could a flurry of soft brown hair whipped past my face and something soft and warm pressed itself up against my lips. I was stunned by the sensation of Kari's kiss enveloping my lips as she tried to perform the act as best as she could. I had fallen into this trap so easily and even worse I was enjoying it enough to begin returning the sentiment; sliding my hand behind her head and thinking about using a little tongue.

"God, what is wrong with me!" I berated myself, yet I didn't separate my lips from hers. Instead I sat down on the bench and wrapped by other hand around her waist, pulling her against me. It was apparently something she approved of since her kiss became more intense whenever I squeezed her.

"I'm the worst…" I continued to harp on myself; and those words were true. If anyone needed proof all they had to do was consider this wasn't in fact our first kiss.

Three days ago Kari had called me to this place, claiming that she needed to talk to me about something. That something turned out to be her need to confess her feelings to me. Right there, in the spot we were kissing in at the moment, she told me she loved me and had done so for a long time. Every instinct in my body and mind told me to refuse her feelings and comfort her, always promising to be her friend. Because come on, I'm like a second older brother to her and I thought of her as a little sister… didn't I? Granted she has a lot of qualities I look for in a girl… all of them actually. She would actually be my ideal girlfriend if she were my age, or at least a year within. At some point had we stopped thinking of each other in a family kind of way and begun walking down different paths? Was either one of us capable of making this idea work?

Despite damn stupid thoughts like these I still planned to responsibly reject her and I think she saw me struggling to do it, so she said the words that would get me. She opened her little mouth and let her sweet voice ask me to answer her honestly. She said she could accept whatever answer I gave her as long as it was the truth. Those words combined with her pure eyes searching gazing into mine set a change in my choice. That change made me open my damn stupid mouth and do what I did. I accepted the feelings of love from my best friend's twelve-year-old sister and gave her my own. My mind was blank when as she asked for a kiss on the lips and again I agreed. Her technique was sloppy and she was so embarrassed by the act that she had to shy away many times before we finally got it done.

It wasn't until I had walked Kari home, hand-in-hand, and was left alone with my thoughts that the true impact of what I had done settled in. I was now dating a girl almost four years younger than myself, not much of an age difference between adults in a relationship, but miles apart to kids. Hell, Kari hadn't even started going through puberty yet… at least I don't think she has…

The more I thought about it, the worse it got, until I ended up wandering around the city until dawn, completely obvious to my mother and sister calling my cell in a panic all night long. Despite the pleasant notion of Kari drifting around in the back of my mind it still turned into one of the worst nights of my life; and when I woke up in my bed at four after noon I almost hoped it had been a dream. However, when I felt my heart sink at the idea of no longer having Kari, I knew this wasn't a situation I'd be able to get out of.

After a full minute Kari separated her lips from mine and looked away shyly, placing her finger tips over her lips as she tried to catch her breath. "Was that better than the last time?" She asked, looking at me with a deep blush forming in her cheeks under her big crimson eyes.

I hesitated to answer, my mind still lost in the recalled events from three days ago, but eventually I found something to say. "Ah, yeah…" I spoke absentmindedly, trying not to think about the fact that she had improved somewhat since the first time.

This had only been the third time we had kissed. The first had been after her confession and my acceptance; and the second had been the night before school started today. She claimed it had been for luck.

"I'm glad," her eyes beamed up at me proudly while a light blush ran through her skin. "I guess what they say is true, practice makes perfect," she added, making me blush as well. This was a side of Kari I wasn't used to and I wondered if anyone else but me knew it existed.

"They do say that," I repeated back, letting my fingers crawl across her stomach and to her hip where I tilted her forward and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Deciding it was best to stop any further romantic entanglement I turned the discussion towards another topic, the reason for our meeting in the park in twenty minutes. "So what happened today that we need to have an urgent get together? What exactly does it have to do with the Digital World?"

"So it's on to business now… You don't want anything else from me but the news…" Kari playfully sighed. I only say playfully because her tone sounded truly depressed, but I could see her trying to catch a glimpse of my reaction. Trying to gauge how her feeling, pretending was more like it, sad made me feel and act.

Deciding it was best to play her game, since changing the subject when she was trying to act like a girlfriend was kind of a jerk thing to do, I let my smile fade and drooped my eyes slightly while apologizing. "I'm sorry. You're right. This is time for us to be together and I shouldn't ruin it with something we're going to talk about in a little bit anyways," I pulled her into a hug as I said it. She reciprocated by kissing the lower part of my cheek and nuzzling up to my shoulder.

Ten minutes passed while we enjoyed the time alone in the garden as the sun finally set and the street lights flickered to life. It was six-fifty by then and we decided to head to the park early, hoping that we would be the first to arrive. That way no one would question how we had run into each other since there was no point of intersection between our two apartments and the park. I doubted anyone would put the pieces together if we did, but this new relationship was making me paranoid.

Luckily our prediction came out to be true and the park was empty. I released a tired yawn as I took a seat on one of the benches and leaned back, watching as the stars started to come out. Beside me Kari took a seat as well, giving a comfortable sigh as she did. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her petite hand reach out for mine resting at my side. She inched closer slowly, tempting me to hurry the process, but watching her was entertaining enough for me.

She was only an inch away from my hand when a voice called out to the two of us, making her jump and forcing me to stifle a laugh at her surprised reaction.

"Hey, you two," the warm voice of my sister called over to us as she walked from the entrance to our bench.

"Hey, sis," I greeted her before I began looking her up and down.

"You two got here early," Sora smiled down at us, giving my examination of her a weird look as it went on. "I thought you would have come with your brother, Kari. Did something happen?"

"Nothing happened. I just felt like going for a walk beforehand and ended up getting here a little bit ago," Kari answered my sister, leaving out the part about having meet with me or anything that might have suggested to her that we'd been anywhere but the park.

"She also probably felt like being on time for a change, which wouldn't have happened if she waited for Tai," I added with a laugh, getting a giggle out of Sora and Kari.

"After he left us hanging this morning don't even get me started on Tai," my sister groaned. She was a kind and forgiving person, but it did take her some time to let things go and get to the forgiving part. Through repetitive lessons I figured out a timetable of how long see needed to be angry over an incident before she'd be merciful again. I figured Tai had about half a day of angry looks coming his way tomorrow with tonight added on as a bonus.

"Well, there's a reason why he didn't make it to school today," Kari spoke up in defense of her brother; like any good little sister should do.

"There better be," Sora commented, feeling that if Kari said so than it was probably true. "Okay, I can't take it anymore. Takuya, you do remember that I'm your sister, right? So you need to stop checking me out," she suddenly exploded when I leaned to the side and had begun looking her legs over.

"I don't like them…" I noted, pretending that I hadn't heard her.

"Don't like what?" Sora inquired of me. Her tone telling me that she was already becoming agitated.

"Your legs," I plainly answered back as I continued to scrutinize them.

"What is wrong with my legs you jerk!" she barked at me. I had obviously hit one of my sister's sensitive spots, but that area might have been the case with most women.

"There are no bruises on them," I replied as I poked her right shin.

"Bruises?" She parroted back with a look of confusion.

"Yeah, we you used to play soccer with me your legs used to be covered in bruises by the end of tryouts and practice. But now, they're all smooth and girly," I sighed, poking her thigh this time.

"Of course they're girly, idiot," she roared back at me, knocking my hand away. "I might be your sister but don't you dare forget I'm a girl," she added as she leaned in and poked me square in the chest a few times.

"I just don't see it," I teased back, making her poke even harder.

"Do you see it now? Do you see it now?" She laughed as she continued to poke, finding every weak spot in my defense like only a sibling could.

By five minutes past seven the entire gang was gathered in the park. We all listened as Tai explained how he had found his way back into the Digital World, an announcement that set our hopes ablaze at the idea of being able to return after four years of separation; but that prospect would have to wait. He then moved onto what had happened after he had discovered an egg-like object with the crest of courage on it. About how he had been unable to lift it and when he tried three lights had burst out from it. How the lights had come out of the computer and homed in on three children, Davis, Yolei, and Cody, giving them Digivices; new models at that. New models for new Digidestined it seemed. After that the discussion turned to the Digimon Emperor; and his ability to stop normal evolution and the new armor evolution of the new Digidestined that could get around it.

The talk carried on for almost two hours and by the time nine o'clock rolled around Sora and I were back at the apartment. We ate a late dinner that mom had prepared and left wrapped in tinfoil in the fridge. While we ate we talked about what we had just heard. Discussed plans to visit the Digital World and track down our partners; and to top all of she asked me for the third time today it there was something I wanted to talk about, for example, my strange behavior. I thanked her for her concern but brushed her off again. By ten we were both showered and dressed for bed which left us time to talk a little more.

"I didn't really expect our first day back to be this exciting," Sora remarked as she sat down at my desk, resting her glass of water on one of my old sport magazines I'd been too lazy to throw away.

"A lot did happen today, albeit not to us," I commented with a laugh as I stared up at my dimly lit ceiling of my room from the flat of my back on the bed.

"Good point, that's why we should hurry up," she smiled, easily guiding the conversation towards what she wanted.

"You want to go to the Digital World tomorrow don't you?" I questioned, just as easily reading her intent. "It's strange to see you so impatient."

"Of course, don't you?" She retorted, abandoning her plan to lead me into making the decision she wanted.

"Yes, but I can't believe I'm saying this, but tomorrow's no good for me," I sighed, aggravated by the realization that was going to keep me in the human world all day tomorrow.

"Why? What's wrong?" She looked at me in surprise. She knew that I had left the meeting in the park wanting to head straight to the Digital World, despite it being night. And I would have done it to if Sora hadn't threatened me if I did.

"The tryouts for the karate team are tomorrow after school and unlike you, if I don't show then I don't get a spot on the team," I answered in misery.

"We have a karate team this year?" She questioned back.

"Yeah, it surprised me too. Apparently, the student council last year thought it was a popular enough idea to set one up to take affect this year, so now we have a team," I summed up the story I had heard from my physical education teacher during gym class.

"Does that mean you'll be aiming for the karate and soccer team this year?" She inquired, looking me over with a sympathetic look.

"Yeah, what would Tai do without his vice-captain," I laughed, my gaze turning to the picture of last year's soccer squad hanging on the wall. It was of Tai and me, our arms over each other's shoulders as we stood in the middle of the team holding up the division trophy our team had won.

"Well, either way, don't let your grades slip or I help mom make you drop one," Sora slyly smiled at me. It was a look that told me I should take it as a joke unless my grades actually started to slip; and in this household C's were counted as slipping. "And I'll miss you tomorrow."

"Wait! You still plan to go without me," I gasped, sitting up and looking at her in disbelief.

"Yeah, just because you can't go doesn't mean I can't," she smiled back, not giving in the slightest to my shocked look.

"That's messed up sis," I complained.

"Anyways, as the only other girl Digidestined in Japan I should go with that girl Yolei when she goes to the Digital World for the first time," she added with a compassionate look which I knew was directed towards the new girl.

"Always the big sister, huh?" I laughed as I fell back into the bed, picked up the old soccer ball pillow, and began tossing it up and down to myself.

"To everyone but you by eleven minutes," she rejoined, picked up her glass of water and headed out of my room with a final, "Good night, bro."

"Good night, sis," I returned her words, stopping myself from tossing the pillow up and down long enough to listen to her put her cup in the dishwasher, walk back down the hall, and close her room door. Once the house was quite again I began playing with the ball again, but it couldn't help me. My mind quickly returned to the thoughts I had been trying to block out; and when they returned, I knew I wasn't going to get a good night's sleep.

"Fifteen years… Damn, I suck…"

To be continued…

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