This story is an Oneshot and was originally written by a 10year old pupil. This was a school project where she was to use three words: Ghost, Graveyard and Midnight. It's a german story (Harry und der Mitternachtsgeist) and was posted by AmagicRickman.

Reading this story, Sir Frederick was born and came to life.




Harry and the Midnight Ghost


A long time ago there was a shy, little boy named Harry.

He was alone at home a lot. One evening once again by himself watching TV, he suddenly heard a noise from the attic. He was real scared and in panic he pulled a blanket over his head. After a while he asked quietly and with fear in his voice: "Who is there?" But there was no answer. „Is there someone?" Unsure, he asked again.

Carefully, he moved the blanket a little to look out. The first thing he saw was the clock. It was midnight!

The second thing that jumped into his sight was a whitely shimmering figure. He knew what kind of figure this was. A ghost! „Wh… Who… ar… are… y… you?" he stuttered.

"Are you talking to me?" The ghost answered sadly. „I'm just a lonely ghost." Now the ghost sighed.

"What are… you doing here?" asked Harry, now with a little more courage.

"I got lost. I have to go back to my graveyard, where I came from."

"Why?" now Harry got curious.

"Because the sun will set soon and when the sunlight touches me I will turn into a shadow. But I'm afraid by myself and…" the ghost started shaking a little and a lone tear glided down his white cheek. "…and …and I'm… I'm scared of the dark, when I'm not at home." He added silently.

Harry tried not to grin.

But then he stood up, took his jacket from the hook by the door and pulled it on. "All right then, let's go."

He walked the ghost until the gates to the graveyard.

Happily the ghost said goodbye to him. "Maybe we'll meet again?" he asked friendly.

"Yeah, I hope so. It would be nice to have someone to talk to." Harry answered gladly.

The ghost disappeared giggling behind a black tomb stone and Harry turned to go home happily.

He had helped the ghost back to its grave. At his home, he tiredly went into his bed and was asleep within minutes.



The End