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Chapter 1 Strangers in Diagon alley

"this is were you will go to school and live, Hog warts school of witchcraft and wizardry" Dumbledore said raising his hands up to the building "but first we must go to Diagon alley to get your supplies and wands". They appeared in a pub called the leaky cauldron and he showed them to the back door outside to a little alley of sorts.

"where in bloody he'll are we" Sophie groaned. Dumbledore tapped his wand on the bricks a few times and they shifted and changed to revel an archway into the supposed Diagon alley.

"wow" the crew said in awe

"now you will get your wands last but first we must go get money from gringotts" Dumbledore said cheerily pulling out a lemon drop. They all walked down through the semi-crowded streets to the magnificent white marble building. As Dumbledore pushed open the large bronze door they all stared in awe of the beautiful chandelier and high ceilings. Goblins were scribbling away with there quills and handing money to witches and wizards as they walked down the main hall.

"I would like to go to Fords, Deverauxs, Parkers, Hardisons, and Spencers vaults please" Dumbledore said politely

"right this way" another goblin said holding a lamp and gesturing them to a door

"now wizard money is made up of a Knut being worth the least, sickle being next and galleon being the highest amount" Dumbledore said turning his head to face the crew. They all sat down on the cart and it jerked uneasily to life taking them up and down and around left and right so many times they couldn't even count. Soon they stopped by a vault and Dumbledore took out a key and the goblin took it and put it in the key hole.

"Sophie deverauxs vault number 1546." the goblin announced " you all have 500 galleons 100 sickles and 50 knuts"

" so how much do you suppose I need" Sophie said akwardly

" probably 70 galleons 10 sickles and 5 knuts" he said casually. Sophie went over to count the money it was much more annoying the paper money but oh well. They repeated the action until they had all gathered their own money. Getting off the cart they made there way back to diagon alley to start shopping.

"what kind of bookstore is named flourish and blotts" hardison said as he pushed the door open. He needed the books a basic guide to transfiguration, defense against the dark arts vol. 1, 1000 magical herbs and where to find them, basic potions, and a guide to charms book.

"I can't believe we'll be making potions, thats going to be so much fun " Parker said giggiling as she picked up her potions book

" yeah right I looking forward to transfiguration so I can turn into a bear and attack peopl" Elliot said scratching at the air

"no charms will be the best it will have the best range of magic" Sophie said hopelessly

"I know I'm a wizard bt there is nothing about computers on here, but I geuss defense against the dark arts looks cool." hardison said slowly

Nate laughed "that's all very funny but I'd like to get my animal and wand so we can get going"

" oh Nate don't act so childish" Sophie said laughing. She said handing her books to the cashier. Nate sighed handing his books to the cashier too.

"what's next dumbledore" Parker said once they had all paid for their books

"potions ingredients" he said pointing to a shop just across the street

"cool" Parker said happily"c'mon guys"

"I hope this store has something cool In it" Elliot mumbled under his breath once they got in they started looking around they had ingredients like snake fangs, eye of newt, and Horned slugs apogee with more normal ingredients like holly berry, lavender sprig, and some other wierd flower they couldn't pronouce.

"now this is cool" Elliot said smoothly

"what do you have there" Nate said leaning over

"eye of newt and bat slime" Elliot replied evilly shoving the jars in Nate's face. He jerked back away from the gross ingredients by now he was pretty sure he wasn't going to like potions and he hadn't even met the teacher

"hey are you ready because we've already bought our stuff" Hardison said urgently "and I want my wand and owl and such"

"uh yeah well be there in a sec" Nate said halfheartedly. He and Elliot made there way to the cash register and checked out as quickly as they could before netting up with the rest of them at some place called Madame Malcoms (at least that's what Dumbledore said before eating a lemon drop). He entered the store and a shop worker came over quickly "hi there I'm Sarah are you with the older people as well because they already explained everything"


"yes we are" Elliot said pushing Nate out of the way

"right this way" Sarah said sweetly. She lead them over to some stands and motioned them to stand on them. All of the sudden tape measures were flying around measuring the strangest things like the height of his nose and eyes. It then measured the width of his hand thickness of his bicep. The tape measure rolled up and popped out of the air. "I'll be on second with your robes"

"hey were are the others" Nate asked suspiciously

"right here" Hardison said walking over from the other room "they can only put 2 in a room sooo"

"OK here's your robes that will be 5 galleons" Sarah said holding out her hand. They gave her the money and left for the cauldron shop.

"we hadn't seen really any magic yet but hose tape measure were super cool" Harrison said excitedly "I might like magic after all"

" hey look at this I'm robot man" Parker said doing the robot with a silver cauldron on her head. It was suddenly lifted off her head and placed back on the shelf

"please don't play with the cauldrons" the shopkeeper crooked

"sorry" Parker replied halfheartedly

"c'mon Parker lets go" Elliot said holding up two cauldrons. The walked over and purchased their cauldrons

"I wonder what kind of animal I can get? A cat would be perfect" Sophie said walking into the last store. "We need some different things like brass scales a telescope and other knick nacks like that"

It was hard to find everything but they fond it all eventually and again Parker got yelled at by the shop keeper for almost hitting Nate in he head with the telescope.

"OK we're done now let's go get our pets" Elliot urged dragging Hardison behind him. Sophie pushed open the door and saw what she wanted it was sitting in the back of he store grooming itself

"That white cat is mine no one else gets it" Sophie said quickly. Parker just laughed and started looking at all the animals they had owls, cats and frogs.

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