Chapter 2 pets and wands

"Hi there screech owl" Parker said sticking her finger in the cage. The owl nipped her finger in response and nuzzled its head into her finger "aww your so cute I'll name your Alec" meanwhile Hardison was looking at the more simpler owls and her noticed one sitting there all quite and cool he read it's little label it said "female brown owl quite and kind" "well aren't you interesting" he said cocking his head; the owl just blinked.

"What'd you find?" Elliot said gruffly

"this brown owl" Hardison said awkwardly

"Oh it's a female did you name it Alice or Parker" Elliot said sarcastically smirking

"Alice actually" he said retorted. Elliot just laughed at him "Well at least I'm not the one with the cat"

"hey it's really cool" Elliot defended

"what'd you name it" Hardison asked stupidly

"Tara" Elliot said shyly

"ohhohoho I see what you did there" Hardison said smiling

"Dammit Hardison" Elliot said pushing him out of the way. Nate on the other hand was having a hard time deciding what he really wanted he couldn't decide if he wanted a toad or an owl, cats were out of the question. He walked around just as he was about to grab the pure white owl a large man (a small giant maybe) came over and grabbed it, Nate stopped and listened to there conversation.

"Sorry sir you can only purchase one pet and you had already gotten yours"

"No it's for Harry Potter"

"He's here"

"yes going to Hogwarts in a few weeks"

"amazing 7 galleons"

Who was Harry potter? Nate shrugged his shoulders and kept walking. He was just about to grab a toad when a particularly load screech from an owl blasted his ears out he willed around and saw a little owl maybe A little over 6 inches tall and supposedly a female barn owl. "hey there little girl I'll name you Deveraux" Nate said softly petted the owl through the cage.

"Pretty name" Sophie said slightly

Nate smirked "what's your cats name?"

"Nate" she said smiling

"great name" he said sarcastically. Him and Sophie walked over to the cash registers were the rest of the crew was checking out.

"Let's go get wands!" Parker said excitedly. They walked out of the store and over to Ollivanders wand shop. "Can I get my wand first please"

"Sure but I call next" Sophie said waving her hand

"third" Hardison said

"forth" Elliot said leaning over and wiggling his finger

"seriously" Nate said grimly

"hi there" Parker said bouncing on her heels

"Alice Parker" the old man said slowly he shuffled to the back. Parker heard him say things, like no no, definitely not, possibly, this might work. He shuffled over and handed her the wand "wave it around" the man said eagerly when she did so a tiny fire burst up on the floor.

"wow cool" Parker exclaimed

"I've had worse" Ollivander said as he grabbed his wand and doused the fire. "Here let me take that it's all wrong" after another minute of climbing ladders and shuffling through wand boxes he came down with another wand. "Here" the man said thrusting the wand in her hands. She waved the wand and red sparks flew out

"wow is this my wand?" she asked happily

"yes 11.5 bendy made of dog wood with unicorn hair core" Ollivander said smiling "remember the wand chides the wizard. Oh and 10 galleons please" Parker happily handed over the money and skipped to the front of the store.

The old man laughed "Sophie Deveraux aren't you a tricky one" Sophie blushed slightly. The first one she got blew up his paper holder, the second one she got scattered his papers and the third well that's different.

"Try this one" he said hope in his eyes. Sophie flourished her wand and a beautiful rain of red sparks flew out.

"It's very interesting 12.5 inches stiff made of holly with dragon heartstring core" Ollivander said confusion sneaking up in his eyes "10 galleons please" she handed over the money she hadn't been this happy since her last play!

"Alec Hardison, well your a very open book aren't you" he said shaking his finger at him

"uh sure" Hardison said scratching his chin. Ollivander flew past shelves he knew the perfect wand!

"Here you are" with a flick of the wand red sparks flew out the tip and danced to the ground

"ha I was right 12 inches slightly springy made of beach with unicorn hair core" Ollivander said clasping his hands together "10 galleons please" Hardison handed him the money and walked over to Parker and Sophie to talk about wands

"Hello Elliot Spencer you seem to be harder to read but never fear I'll find you a wand" the man said with a wink Elliot felt stupid trying the first two wands and managed to make Sophie's purse fall and some wands fly to the floor. By the third he felt more comfortable using a wand but still ending up messing Ollivander's papers up. One his fourth he had finally found the right wand

"see I found you a wand 13 inch firm made of fir with dragon heartstring core" Ollivander said tapping the wand "10 galleons please" Elliot gave him the money smiling at his wand.

"Nathan ford we may be here a while" Ollivander said grimly. Nate just furrowed his brow in confusion. He had gone through a total of 5 wand already.

"Try this one" the man said holding the wand. He swished the wand and a flame ignited at the end.

"No no definitely not" Ollivander said ripping the wand out of Nate's hands. "here you go I have a good feeling about this one" Ollivander was right with a swish and a flick red spark erupted from the wand.

"This wand is very unusual 10 inch unyielding made of vine with Phoenix feather core." Ollivander said scratching his chin "10 galleons please" Nate handed over the money and walked out of the store with his crew talking about wands all the way down Diagon alley until they met Dumbledore