Chapter 3 A long wait

"We have 3 weeks till we go to Hogwarts, do you guys want to do a job before then" Hardison said slowly

"Well I don't know its going to suck having to go to school and not be able to do jobs" Parker said munching on her cereal

"What'd you guys think?" Hardison said scratching his chin

"Its going to be pretty boring" Sophie replied grimly

"Fine Fine guys we'll do one last big job before we go" Nate said defensively. Just as he finished his jacked up coffee someone knocked at the door. That was odd he wasn't expecting anyone because the whole crew was here. He looked at the peephole. Damn he thought it was Sterling. "Bad news guys, er Sterling's here"

"Are you bloody kidding me" Sophie said thoroughly annoyed " Wait I have an idea!" Sophie grabbed her wand and the spell book she bought. " Um here we go!" she walked over to the door and through it open

" Ahh Sophie how nic-" sterling said

"Petrificus Totalus!" Sophie yelled

"Pretego!" sterling replied rising his wand? Sophie fell to the ground rigid

"What the hell did you do!" Nate yelled pushing sterling into the wall

"I just back fired her spell" sterling whimpered

"you're a wizard" Eliot responded gruffly

"Yes I was just coming to brief you on Hogwarts I mean here's my letter from Dumbledore" sterling said hastily pulling out a piece of parchment. It read:

Dear Jim,

Please brief Nate, Sophie, Alice, Eliot, and Alec on a Hogwarts and such I have other pressing matters I must get to.



"Take the spell off her' Nate said gruffly

"Yes" sterling said quickly "fintite incantatum" Sophie sprung to life.


"Damn were did you learn to hit people like that!" sterling said clutching his face

"none of you damn business" Sophie said walking away

"Parker can u send a letter" Nate stared

"already on it Nate" Parker said waving him off

"well sterling how long have you been a wizard" Nate said politely

"uh since I was born I'm what they call a pure blood which means both my parents are wizards" sterling said dumbly. CRACK!

"BLOODY HELL!" Sophie yelled,
"Damn!" Hardison yelled jumping
"cool" Parker said without flinching
"seriously man" Eliot said jerking back

"sorry for that rude entrance but I had a feeling you would be weary about sterlings visit" Dumbledore said his blue eyes twinkling

"you couldn't have sent Tara or something, you know someone we like and trust" Eliot said angrily. Sterling just frowned did that hate him that much

"well the problem with that is she's not a witch" Dumbledore said calmly

"oh" Eliot said disappointedly

"He likes Tara" Sophie said leaning over by Nate

"I guess so" Nate said unsurely

"Anyway he will brief you on some of the smaller matters as I have bigger things to worry about" Dumbledore said and with a pop was gone

"speak" Eliot said gruffly

"I'm not your dog" sterling retorted. Elliot pretended to lunge at him and he jerked away. "There are 4 houses you will be sorted on your first day. The houses will be like your family's you will all sleep and relax in the common room. The common rooms are locked with a password that you will get you are not allowed to share it with anyone. The houses are Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor. Now Slytherin's as people say are cruel lying people that can't love which is not true I've meet very nice Slytherin's but the thing is they know what they want and will do whatever to achieve it. Hufflepuff's as people say are cowardly book nerds also not true I've meet very brave and active Hufflepuff's they are also very loyal. Ravenclaw's as people saw are stuck up people but are really witty creative and intelligent people. And Gryffindor is rivals with Slytherin and Gryffindor and brave loyal people and I've meet some like that and some not so much."

"ok well were do we eat and hang and can we have muggle devices like phones laptops and TVs?" Hardison said scratching his chin

"you eat in the great hall basically a huge hall room thing were all four houses come to eat at each of he house tables and the progresses sit up front. You can hang in your common room the courtyard study room thing around the grounds by the lakes pretty much and once your in your third year you can go to hogsmead which is a collection of shops and places to get a drink. As for the one about muggle devices I'm not sure"

"what kind of drinks?" Nate asked

"well there's butter beer and fire whiskey and something else" Sterling said dryly "but I'm not sure if you can have the fire whiskey since your a student but technically you are of age"

"ok then" Nate mumbled maybe he could sneak some in.

"wait how do we get there" Parker piped up

"oh my I completely forgot! You get there on a train I'm talking you guys to the station be I'll be here at 10:30 to take you there we are apperating. Your stuff will be transported the night before and on the train ready for your arrival. So you'll change into robes before you get of the train were you will meet Hagrid who will take you to the school." sterling said tiredly

"I think that about covers it" Eliot said fixing his hair

"Thanks sterling" Nate said as sterling left

"I kinda feel bad for hitting and screaming at him" Sophie said uneasily

"Don't worry I'm sure he's fine" Eliot said casually

"well I sure as hell feel like conning some people" Nate said slamming his glass on the table