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Chapter 6 common rooms

"So the password is gurdy roots" Nate asked Sophie as the stood in the dungeons in front of the common room painting.

"Yep" Sophie replied

"Gurdy roots" the prefect Logan Slineck said. The painting opened showing them a hole that lead into the common room. The room was very large and held lots of sofas scattered around the fireplaces on both sides of the walls. In the middle of the room stood a table that could sit 26 people probably. There was a wide 5-step thing of stairs leading up to a collection of sofas and bookshelves. By them was a collection of portholes that looked out into the lake. The walls had somewhat old wallpaper on it and there were dark wooden floors with greenish black rugs dotting it. Most people sat by the fire and some went upstairs while the 1st year followed Logan around.

"Boys your bedroom is up those stairs 1st door" Logan said pointing to a stairwell on the left side of the room " And girls your bedroom is up there 1st door" he said pointing to the stairwell on the right of the room.

"See ya Sophie meet you back down here in 20 minutes or so?" Nate whispered

"Yeah sure" Sophie said she kissed him on the check and then walked over to Jenna.

"Hey I'm gonna go unpack my stuff you want to come with me, I'll only be 20 minutes maybe less" Sophie said excitedly

"Sure I'll be up there in a minute" Jenna replied quickly. Sophie smiled and ran up the stair to her room. She picked the 1st bed on her right by the window, although unlike the ones downstairs this one must have been charmed and showed a higher view, which showed the forbidden forest from a high view. She started unpacking her things and quickly put her electronic muggle item in the side drawer.

"Hey Logan just told me the Snape's is our head of Slytherin I heard he's a real git" Jenna said tiredly

"Don't say that I'm sure he's nice" Sophie snapped back

"Ha ya right!" she said sarcastically. Sophie frowned and finished unpacking. She grabbed her wand and skipped down the stairs Jenna rushing behind her.
At the same time:
"What kind of password is Fertunia major" Parker demanded, Hardison shrugged his shoulders.

"Fertunia major" prefect Katie Wilson said. The door opened into holes that lead into the common room in Ravenclaw tower. The room was circular and had dark cherry floors the walls had blue and gold strips that went until the chair railing. Below the chair railing was intricate woodwork. There were two fireplaces on either side of the room with chairs couches and rugs. In the middle stood a large magnificent statue of Rowena Ravenclaw. A table rapped around the base of the statue for student to work. Several bookcases lined the fireplaces along with lots of paintings to look at.

"1st years listen up! Boys on the left 1st door. Girls on the right 1st door" Katie said reluctantly.

"Hey how much you wanna bet I can lift her wand?" Parker whispered

"Par-Parker you can't just go around stealing people's wands" Hardison whispered back. "Well I don't trust you going up to your room alone so I'll go with you," Parker huffed but reluctantly let him up with her.

"How are you planning to keep your computer and phone hidden" Parker asked as she started moving her things into her drawer next to her bed

"I don't know probably just a lock because I'm almost positive that none of the first years know how to lock pick

"Not while I'm here," Parker muttered. She quickly finished unpacking her stuff and then left with Hardison to his dorm.

At the same time:
"What's the password?" Elliot asked a 5th year

"Gilly weed" she replied "I'm Maggie Grover you are?

"Elliot Spencer"

"Cool so what's your job?" Maggie asked

"Retrieval specialist" he said uneasily, Maggie just nodded. "Oh it looks like we're here." The Gryffindor common room was circular and it had lots of comfy chairs and a fireplace on your right. The floors were an old dark wood and the walls had red and gold wallpaper that covered all the walls. There were tables on both sides of the common room with lots of chairs. Old rugs, like the one in people's grandmas house covered most of the beautiful floor.

"Hey 1st years come over here! Guys your over here 1st door" the prefect mark Henderson said pointing at a door "girls same for you only this door"

"Hey wanna make this a race whoever can unpack their stuff the quickest wins!" Maggie challenged

"That's not fair you've been doin this for 5 years" Elliot replied hopelessly

"Sucks for you!" Maggie said as she dashed up the stairs. Elliot smirked and dashed up the stairs. He quickly started throwing most of his stuff in drawers and half-heartedly shoving his books under his bed. He slammed his trunk shut and ran downstairs.

"You were up there for 3 minutes you know" Maggie said reading a book

"Yeah that's pretty good time considering I've never seen this place in my life"

"You could have just used magic" Maggie replied slyly

"That's cheating!" Elliot growled

"Sucks for you" Maggie replied with a smirk