Actions and Consequences

Harry fought to stay in his cocoon of blackness, not ready to wake up yet. But someone slowly stroking his hair gently coaxed him to the surface. As he came closer to reality, memories of last night flitted across his conscious mind. Hands roaming over heated skin igniting even more fire, legs rubbing against sensitive areas and bringing them closer together, tongues and teeth explored and claimed hot and moist mouths, lips, and necks. Harry's morning erection gave a slight twitch.

Harry smiled and snuggled closer to the warm body beneath him.

A hand snaked it's way down Harry's stomach, dipped in his bellybutton, and continued to his waistband. Nimble fingers undid his fly and grasped hard, heated flesh. Harry gasped, arching his hips into the touch, his eyes flew open. Mischievous silver eyes looked up at him, an equally mischievous smirk pulled at fine, pouty lips.

"Mourning," Draco gave Harry's cock a slight squeeze, his smirk widened a fraction of an inch.


Harry let out a low groan, he could get addicted Draco's hands if he kept this up.

"Like your wake up call?"



In one fluid movement, Draco flipped them so he could straddle Harry's hips. Long white hair cascaded down like a waterfall, forming a curtain around their faces. He was still playing with Harry's erection as he leaned down and nuzzled and suck on his neck.

Harry practically melted.

Was what it was like for Severus whenever I bite his neck? Harry wondered briefly before he lost near all coherent thoughts as Draco became more forceful with his ministrations. Draco ran one elongated nail down the front of Harry's shirt, cutting it open. It was one of his old shirts keeps to lounge around in his chambers.

Draco removed his hand from Harry's prick, much to Harry's disappointment, in favor of removing his jeans. With Draco's hand gone, Harry was able to sting thoughts together again. However marginally.




"Don't worry about him, Harry, he won't be a problem. I promise you."

Draco went back attacking Harry's neck, licking a trail from his pulse point to his chest, his breath ghosting over the nipples, down to his stomach, dipping into the bellybutton, to the tip of the heated flesh of Harry's erection. Lapping at the pre-cum gathered at the head. Harry for his part, was reduced to moans and whimpers; writhing and clawing at the bed sheets.

"D-Draco, please."

"Please what?"




A slow smirk curled Draco's lips. He sat up and summoned a bottle of lube. Coating his fingers in a generous amount, Draco slowly slid a digit in.

"Relax. Deep breaths."

Draco waited for Harry to relax before moving. Before long Draco inserted a second finger, then a third. When he felt Harry was loose enough, he removed his fingers (to Harry's disappointment) and lubed his cock. Positioning himself at Harry's entrance, Draco eased his way inside, hissing in pleasure as Harry's tight, virgin heat engulfed him. Draco was shaking with the effort to hold still as he allowed Harry to adjust.

At the okay, Draco pulled out a few inches and thrust back in.

Setting a slow pace, Draco leaned down and kissed Harry on the mouth. Their tongues battled for dominance which Draco had won. He mapped out every crevice of Harry's mouth, sucking on the raven's tongue.

They both moaned at the tastes and sensations. Draco changed the angle of his thrusts and Harry screamed. Draco grinned, found it, he thought in triumph.

Harry clawed at Draco's back, arching into the thrusts. Their paces became more frenzied as the pleasure built. All coherent thought had left both of them.

"C-close…"Harry panted


Draco picked Harry up so they were in a sitting position, grabbed a hunk of his hair and pulled back, exposing his neck.

"Mine," he whispered. Eyes blazing blood crimson, Draco sank his fangs into the soft flesh in front of him. Fire ignited in their veins and tingling sensation settled in their backs. It was too much for Harry, he came, hard. The spamming of Harry's anal walls triggered Draco's own orgasm.

A shower of feathers surrounded them. With the feathers, the tightening of their skin disappeared. Draco removed his fangs and they collapsed on the bed; Draco making sure not to crush Harry as they landed.

Draco gathered Harry to him and they both fell asleep, classes forgotten.

Severus woke the next morning curled up under Black on the floor. There was blood everywhere, more evidence of last night's activities. Severus groaned at the thought of having to clean everything up.

As was about to drift off again, relization penitrated his sleep fogged brain and Severus bolted strait up.

He had mated; with the Mutt. Severus carefully extracted himself under Black so he could examin his back. Sure enugh his wings, which had previously been black with red tips (the sing of the submissive), were now a deep blood red with black outlines (the sign of the dominante).

Severus, as gently as he could so as not to awaken the animagus, rolled him over to get a better look at his neck. On the left side of Black's neck was a blood red and black mark. Curving and twisting like delicate vines, it stood out in relife agianst the pale flesh.

The mark of a vampire's mate.

Double shit.

When Severus got back to the rooms, the first thing he was going to do was strangle both boy's necks. Lucius was never going to life this down once he found out; and he would find out, he always does. And Lupin...Severus didn't even want to think about what the Wolf was going to say about this; or do about it.

Severus dropped his head in his hands, wishing the floor would open right now and just swollow him whole.

Picking up the shredded remians of their clothing, Severus managed to pick Black up and craddle him in his arms as he slipped into the shadows of the classroom and slide back to his and Harry's rooms. He dropped Black off in his bedroom, dressed in one of his other robes and went to check on Harry and Draco. The smell of sex was fresh and heavy, and a shimmer of magic old as time itself hung in the air.

Bracing himself and opening the door, Severus' suspicions were conformed. Feathers deep blood red and blacker then night covered the floor; his godson and Childe were now mated. He closed the door and went to get ready for the day.

Severus stepped once more into the shadows to shower in the Prefect's bathroom. Vugely wondering to himself why he didn't think of doing this last night; the shadows. It would have saved him time, trouble and humiliation.

He blamed it all on the raging teenaged influanced hormones.

A/N: As hinted at; a vampire's wings tell everyone thier role within a partnership between two vampires. Humans not having wings get a tattoo steming from the bite mark on the side of the neck. Advertizing as well as warning both potential threats and mates that the human is taken and off limites; unless the wish to die or fight to the death for the human.

A/N2: Earlier in this chapter I had Harry think to himself about about the pleasurableness of Draco's bite and if his own bite felt like that to Severus. I don't know if you all caught it, but it's not. That first bite when he 'woke up' was an Imprint Bite, letting Sire and Child recognize each other as such and creating a fmilial bond, no sexual pleasure at all.