It was cold.

Reid shivered, keeping his eyes closed. He hadn't opened them in awhile.

Darkness might be real, but nothing else was.

The equation didn't work.


It had all been a lie. Nobody, nowhere, nothing.

What, then?

They were real.

He needed to punish them.

This wasn't funny.

He needed to escape.


By punishing them.


By escaping.

His hands stayed over his eyes; nothing made sense. He pressed the cold knife against his cheek; it was nice, at least, to pretend it was there.

He remembered.

The stab. The scream. The pain.

He smiled.

They must have been angry.

He wasn't behaving how he was supposed to.

They had to be punished. It wasn't funny.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Reid opened his eyes; he was surprised and infuriated to see that everything was exactly how he'd left it.

They wouldn't make it go away. They were still playing with him.

They were still laughing.

He blinked, frowned, and then slowly got to his feet. He lashed out suddenly, kicking at a trash bin.

It fell, just like it was supposed to.

That was so annoying.

He started walking.

There was no one around. He wondered if they had gotten rid of all the other illusions. Maybe they didn't like him killing them.

Reid realized he was wrong when he saw a female one pass by; he grimaced, annoyed.

He walked towards it.

They needed to pay.

He followed it.

It didn't turn.

He was right behind it now.

They needed to stop laughing.

It wasn't funny.

He grabbed it and pulled it towards him, pressing the knife to its throat.

"Scream," he hissed in its ear.

It struggled first, trying to get away. He held it easily; it was rather small.

"Please," it gasped, "I'll give you whatever you want."

"Scream, then," he demanded. "They need to…to hear you. I need to get their attention." Then he frowned; would they hear it? After all, it didn't exist.

But they had created the illusion. They would hear it.

It was the only way.

"Scream!" Reid whispered violently, "Scream, or I'll do it again!" He tightened his hold on the knife.

And so it screamed.

*Sorry this chapter's so short, the next one will probably be a lot longer as it will be the last. Thanks to everyone for reading!*