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"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'



He had finally done it. It took him several years to learn the right clones and to create the seal but Naruto Uzumaki's greatest creation was about to become a reality.

He carefully stepped into the sealing chamber he had prepared for this and looked to the massive seal array he had created. When taken in it appeared to be a chart of the basic elements of ninjutsu, a massive tao yin yang surrounded by representations of the five basic elements. He just hoped it would be enough and that to finish his project he would not have to expand to the ten Kekkei Genkai sub elements or even the ten Kekkei Tota elements. Only a bearer of the Rinnigan could ever complete his project if that were true.

Stepping first to the wind element which was his strongest he produced a Kemuri Bushin or smoke clone who sat in meditation. He had originally thought that this clone would take the fire position but had found one that would represent fire far better and had yet to find another clone that could represent wind.

Stepping to the representation of fire he created a Bushin DaiBakuha who took up its meditative position. What better to represent fire than a fiery explosion?

Next he stepped around the circle to water and created a Mizu Bushin. The basic water clone began to meditate on the symbol it represented.

Stepping up to the earth station he created a Doton: Kage Bushin or what some referred to as the mud clone. He hated horking up the mud but it was the only earth clone he knew about that didn't need the freaky Iwa hand mouth forbidden technique. Not to mention who knew what kneading the Uzumaki special chakra into one instead of Diedra's explosive chakra would even create.

Stepping to the final elemental symbol in his seal he created his sensei's own creation the Raiton: Kage Bushin. When he had found out about this which was the final clone he had to find he nearly kissed the man. He had thought he might never find a lightning based clone without creating it and his lightning elemental manipulation wasn't up to par yet. Since it wasn't his element it would take several months of clone training to get it up enough to create his own techniques.

Moving in to the center of his seal diagram he created two standard Kage Bushin one who sat in the yang seal position and one who sat in the yin circle in the yang section. The shadow clone in the small yin circle immediately developed a line of red under each of his eyes and he knew from experience that his eyes would be golden with toad like bar shaped pupils. It was drawing upon nature's energy to go into sage mode.

Next he created an Oboro Bushin who stood in the yin section. He had originally thought to use a basic Bushin to represent yin but the haze clone had the lovely property of reforming itself when it was disrupted which would hopefully have a great effect on his final creation.

Finally he dropped into his mindscape and stepped into the chamber of the sealed Kyubi. "I thought I would tell you my creation is about to be finished. I am about to draw upon your power to finish it," he told the fox.

"Whatever. I don't really care what you do with your pathetic mortal existence," growled the massive malevolent multi-tailed fox.

Flashing back to reality he drew upon a small fraction of the fox's power. It was just enough to give him the red slitted eyes, claws, and distorted whisker marks without the chakra shroud. He then formed another Kage Bushin or as he liked to call it a Yokai: Kage Bushin with it. The feral looking clone sat in the yang circle of the yin section. He had originally intended to have the Sage clone and Demon clones swapped before he remembered that his father had only sealed the yang essence of the Kyubi into him.

Finally he was ready. All the elements were in place. He and the nine clones went through the hundred necessary hand signs rapidly but smoothly as he had been practicing for this for a long time and finally shouted out, "Fuin," activating the massive seal array.

Smoke filled the chamber as the seal took effect and finally once it had cleared his creation was revealed.

AN: I just had this idea to write up. I have no idea what the final product is if Naruto himself is perhaps effected or even if it is normal timeline or perhaps this is during a time loop story where he has learned all these clones. It is just a small story that wouldn't get out of my head and that I didn't want to lose to time with my poor memory. If you want to adopt this story idea or add it to an existing story then please take it and run with it.