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"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


Naruto the Hand

Naruto almost felt like cheering as he arrived in the clearing with the small shed where he was to meet Mizuki sensei. He had managed to sneak into the Hokage tower to take the forbidden scroll of sealing for his makeup test and while the Hokage had caught him he managed to knock him out with his Sexy jutsu and get away.

"Now to just learn one of the techniques and pass the test," he mumbled to himself as he plopped down against the shed nicking his hand on an exposed nail.

Checking his hand and seeing the cut was shallow he chose to ignore it and open the scroll the small amount of blood that had welled up to the surface brushing across a tiny spiral shaped seal at the edge of the scroll. With a poof of smoke three things appeared on the scroll obscuring the first technique from view. There was a pair of gloves made of soft yet sturdy black snake skin leather with a fringe of glass beads in groupings of three and a tome labeled Bigby Uzumaki's Far Fist Nin-taijutsu.

'Bigby Uzumaki?' he mused to himself. "Awesome! I get to learn techniques created by someone who must have been related to me," the boy cheered as he set the large scroll and gloves to the side and opened the book to the first page.

He looked to the first line which read, 'Know that I, Bigby Uzumaki "Master of the Unseen Hand", write this book so that the foes of future generations of Uzumaki may bask in the glory of being beaten by my Far Fist style or that should the worst happen and the Uzumaki clan should fall that our name shall live on in the legends of those who face whomever finds this book.'

Beside this text in the margin of the page he saw another person's notes in flowing script reading, 'Bigby jiji was always a bit conceited about his style. But if you aren't an Uzumaki you had best wait to learn this style until you have high chunin to low jonin level chakra reserves. Fortunately for us Uzumaki's we have jonin level reserves by the age of ten.'

"Wow. I have that much chakra?" the boy asked.

'With this book should come a set of black snakeskin gloves lined with seals that will aid you in learning how to focus your chakra for my jutsus as well as containing training seals around the wrist,' the text stated.

'Not to mention the seals that attempt to make all ninjutsu used appear as or contain the image of a hand or fist of some type,' was the snarky side note.

'If the gloves are lost or stolen the final pages of the book contain the instructions for the crafting of a new set and the necessary seals that need to be applied to the inner lining. You will need these gloves until you unlock the Uzumaki special chakra, should you be lucky enough to be one of the bearers of it, or until you become a true master of chakra shape manipulation as this style is designed to contain no hand signs,' It continued.

'Too bad jiji never got around to exploring the power chakra nature manipulation could add to the equation once you no longer need the gloves. The defensive techniques would use a whole lot less chakra to maintain if used with a solid chakra like earth style or our cousin's among the Senju's wood style. Not to mention the restraint techniques would be dangerous with fire or lightning,' the note mused.

Turning Naruto grabbed the gloves and looked inside finding that yes the white silk was lined with numerous tiny seals and two larger ones at each wrist.

Looking back to the book he read, 'Each glove has a weight seal on the palm side of the wrist. This will increase your arm strength and speed for the corresponding taijutsu style.'

'Don't activate any of the training seals without someone else there to remove the gloves in case you have mistakenly set the seals too high,' warned the note.

"Right I will have to ask Iruka sensei to help me with that later but it's not like I was going to learn a whole taijutsu style before the end of my test," he commented to himself.

'The back of the left wrist has a gravity seal which when activated increases the effect gravity has upon you. This will work on your full body strength, durability and stamina,' the text explained.

'Don't increase it more than one tenth the strength of gravity at a time and always consult a medic to see if it is safe to increase it more. Too much gravity can crush your internal organs like a grape and pulverize your bones. Not to mention inhibiting vertical growth if activated before puberty has ended. Bigby jiji never exceeded four foot,' was the somewhat morbid note.

"So save that seal until I grow taller or I will always be short," he noted to himself.

'Finally the back of the right wrist has a resistance seal. This will help improve your speed, agility, and reflexes,' finished the text.

'This can range from moving against a light breeze to trying to walk submerged in congealed gelatin. Just remember to regularly deactivate all of the seals in order to get used to fighting with the boost this training gives you,' suggested the note.

He turned to the next page now and read, 'Now let us begin teaching you the jutsu of the style.'

What followed was a list of the techniques along with similar comments by the mysterious editor. He read through them and practiced some of the more useful ones with the help of the gloves. It was perhaps an hour later when Iruka showed up.

"Naruto, What do you think you are doing stealing the scroll of seals?" he asked loudly.

"Hey Iruka-sensei, I'm ready to show you some of the awesome jutsu in Bigby-jiji's book and then you will pass me like Mizuki-sensei said right," the boy excitedly responded.

"Mizuki?" Iruka mumbled questioningly then turned to a sound and dived at Naruto shouting, "Naruto get down!"

Seeing the shuriken and kunai hurling at him thanks to the warning Naruto turned almost instinctively putting one of his hands up and intoning, "Interposing Hand" causing a five foot solid chakra hand to appear between him and the projectiles just as Iruka hit him from the side intending to knock him out of the path of the blades. The volley of blades clanged off the surface of the barrier of chakra and fell to the ground. "What the Hell Mizuki-sensei?" shouted out Naruto.

"You didn't really think I wanted you to learn anything from that scroll did you Naruto. Everyone in the village hates you because the Fourth Hokage sealed the Kyubi into a baby sacrificing his life. You are the Nine-tales. I'm just surprised that Iruka would attempt to protect you," he snidely said.

"Naruto isn't the fox, just the warden of his prison. You though Mizuki have manipulated Naruto into bringing the scroll of seals here and broken the Third Hokage's law about revealing the fate of the Kyubi. Surrender now or I will be forced to execute you right here and now," Iruka said in a cold voice.

Pulling one of his massive shuriken and spinning it rapidly Mizuki said, "As if you could even hurt me. I will just kill you and the brat and take the scroll."

"Not if I have anything to say about it! Finger darts!" shouted out Naruto as he fired a volley of tiny chakra blasts from the tips of each of his fingers at Mizuki. The man tried to dodge but the attacks curved to follow him each striking him successfully. Naruto started continuously firing the tiny chakra blasts at the traitor until finally he was knocked unconscious.

"Come on Naruto let's get Mizuki and the scroll back to the Hokage and you can tell me about these new jutsu you seem to have learned so quickly," Iruka said as he moved to lift Mizuki.

The exuberant boy immediately began telling him about the book that had literaly popped out of the scroll when he had opened it and how it was written by an Uzumaki and had a cool nintaijutsu style. Iruka listened indulgently as they made their way back to the Hokage tower to the amazing things the book Naruto had found contained. Perhaps with this book he wouldn't have to worry about his little brother figure even if he didn't have the clone jutsu down.

AN: This would obviously be a MrWriterWriter's What's In The Scroll Challenge story. Back in my days of playing third edition D&D I had a sorcerer who specialized in Force spells and even took the feat Thematic spells which changed the appearance of all of his spells to fit in with the Bigby's hand spells. I just had the thought what if Naruto received a jutsu book containing the Bigby jutsus and thematic versions of other spells. Eventualy he would become so good with them he could use the E-rank Bigby's helpful hand to deliver a rasengan at range.

Bigby's Interposing Hand – B-rank defensive jutsu provides cover from a single target's attacks with a large five foot hand made of chakra moving to remain between you and the target.

Finger Darts (Magic Missile) – D-rank attack jutsu fires several small blasts of raw chakra shaped like and from the tips of your fingers at a target that hit without fail as long as they have no cover.

Bigby's helpful hand – E-rank jutsu that forms a small hand of chakra that aids you in delicate tasks like having a third hand. A master of the style can even use it to form hand seals while one hand is occupied with something like a weapon.