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Band of Brothers

Prologue: Naruto's Origin

The sounds of battle rang all around as hundreds of ninjas fought desperately to hold back a gigantic nine tailed fox. Though despite the efforts, they were simply slaughtered by the demon fox. When all hope seemed lost, the fourth Hokage appeared atop a gigantic toad and sealed the demon inside his daughter, Hikari.

Next day Hokage tower

The Hokage and his wife stood proudly, looking upon the villagers as they looked up at their saviour.

"People of Konoha. I present to you, your saviour. I have sealed the demon inside my daughter and now the demon is no longer a threat. I present to you our hero." The Hokage, Minato Namikaze declared as he revealed his daughter. Beside him stood his wife, holding their son, Naruto while Minato held Hikari.

7 years later

Naruto was no fool, even for his age, he always knew that there was something different between him and Hikari. No matter how much he tried, he never mattered. He was pushed aside.

His parents refused him training, they would never listen to his opinion. What ever Hikari wanted, she got. And Naruto was left in the shadows.

He asked for training and they refused while they focused on Hikari. When they were asked what they wanted for dinner, it was always Hikari's choice, ramen.

On birthdays, Hikari got a ton of presents but Naruto got nothing.

Overtime Naruto became very Spartan, he became disciplined far too much for his age.

As weeks went on the Namikaze Clan's friends and even Minato's students noticed the void in the family.

The favouritism for Hikari, the neglect of Naruto.

Still though, Naruto was left alone.

7 years later

It was Hikari's and Naruto's birthday biologically. Though people only remembered Hikari anymore. Hikari had grown quite vein and often taunted Naruto about how their parents didn't love him at all. He had long ago accepted that fact.

Naruto was currently wandering in the forest when he heard a rustle in the bushes near him.

Naruto looked in the direction of the noise when an armoured woman stepped out, wearing a strange suit of red armour with a T shaped visor and a blueish tattered cape.

"A child way out here?" The woman spoke in a strange language.

Somehow though, Naruto seemed to understand her.

Naruto shook his head.

"You can understand me?" The woman asked.

Naruto nodded.

"Why are you out here?" The woman asked again.

"I like it out here." Naruto spoke while gesturing to the forest.

The woman nodded, understanding somewhat.

"Where are your parents?" The woman asked .

"At home, celebrating my twin's birthday." Naruto answered.

"And isn't it your birthday too?" The woman asked.

"Hard to have a birthday if I don't exist." Naruto replied.

"What do you mean?" The woman narrowed her eyes.

"My parents want one child. Not two." Naruto responded bluntly.

"They can only support one of you?" The woman asked.

"No, they are able to support both, they just like her more and ignore me completely. I often have to remind my self that I exist. And my sister often reminds me that her parents don't want me." Naruto answered.

The woman shook her head. She looked at Naruto. His eyes were hollow, they had none of the innocence that a child should have, he had no childlike luster to him.

The woman then took off her helmet, let her red hair fall and showed her blue eyes.

"What is your name child?" The woman asked.

"Naruto... I gave up my family name since I don't really have one." Naruto said.

"hmm, Maelstrom. A good name for a born warrior, most kids your age would give up, you don't. My name is Vhonte Tervho." Vhonte said.

Naruto looked at her curiously. "That sounds familiar, Are you a Mandalorian?" Naruto asked.

"On a primitive planet like this one, you know of our people. You are sharp, but how do you know of us?" Vhonte asked.

"You're in the bingo book as a bounty hunter and it says you're from the Mandalorian Clan." Naruto said.

"Ah, you think Mandalorians are a Clan. Well actually no. Mandalorians are our culture. I am from the Tervho clan. I was actually heading to my ship to leave on a job I was recruited for. You, Naruto seem to have a lot of potential too." Vhonte said smiling.

"Potential for what?" Naruto asked.

"To be a warrior, a hunter, a commando like me. To be a Mandalorian." Vhonte said smiling.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Y- You mean you want to?" Naruto stammered.

Vhonte knelled and and placed her helmet on the ground before placing a hand on his shoulder before pulling him into a hug.

Naruto was shocked at first before he returned the hug..

"I won't abandon you like they did. And with my help you'll be big and strong. You'll be the best." Vhonte said smiling as she released him.

Naruto stood back and wiped the tears from his eyes smiling.

Vhonte stood up and put her helmet back on before offering a hand to Naruto, he took it and she lead him to her ship.


In the Namikaze estate, a red haired woman, Kushina Uzumaki looked up as she heard a sonic boom and saw the Mandalorian ship leaving the planet. As Kushina watched the ship rise into the sky, the shed a single tear, knowing the boy she left behind was gone... and it was her fault.

1 week later Kamino

Naruto and Vhonte stepped out of the ship as the rain hammered them. Immediately, Vhonte brought her cape over Naruto and the two walked into the building.

Once inside, the strangest creature that Naruto had ever seen walked up to them.

It was a bright grey skinned reptile like creature with black beady eyes and silver irises and a LONG neck.

"Greetings, I am Sali Wenu. How may I help you?" Sali asked.

"My name is Vhonte Tervho and this is my son, Naruto Tervho. I was recruited by Jango Fett to help train the clone Special Forces. Also I want to speak with Jango, I hear he's he's training a special type of commando and I want my son in on it." Vhonte said.

"But mother, what about you training me." Naruto protested.

"I will be, I want to do a joint training, Jango Fett is among the best of the Mandalorians of our era. I will train you personally, but I want you to receive black ops training and only Jango Fett is qualified for that." Vhonte explained to him.

"Okay." Naruto said smiling, glad that his new mother wasn't passing him off to someone else.

"Very well, please follow me and we'll go see Jango Fett immediately." Sali said smiling.

The creature then lead them through the halls as Naruto looked at Sali curiously.

"Is something the matter child?" Sali asked.

"Forgive him Sali, Naruto comes from an underdeveloped civilization and has never seen a race beyond his own. Or heard of any before. Naruto, Sali is a Kaminoan, one of many races in the galaxy that you'll encounter." Vhonte answered smiling while Naruto nodded.

"Ah. I see, well here we are." Sali said as she range the alarm of the dorm.

Soon after the door opened, revealing a man with clean cut black hair and brown eyes.

"Jango, this is one of the sergeants that you recruited, she seems to have a request." Sali said.

"Well I'm certainly open to requests Vhonte, what do you need?" Jango asked.

"I would like to do a bit of join training for one of my trainees, or more specifically my son." Vhonte said show Naruto to Jango.

"A son. Well, who's the lucky man, Vhonte?" Jango asked smiling.

"No one, my son is adopted because his parents were unwilling to care. I found Naruto in the wilderness, apparently the damage his biological parents was quickly healed when someone namely me, actually decided to care." Vhonte said.

"I see, alright then, so you want him trained as an ARC Trooper. I think we can manage that, the ARC Troopers are going to be raw Mandalorian so it is his right being your son after all." Jango answered.

"Thank you, when does training start for the ARC Troopers?" Vhonte asked.

"Everyone should be here in a week's time." Jango said.

"Then I look forward to seeing what Naruto can do." Vhonte replied.

"I think we all will." Jango said.

Okay this prologue was maybe a bit stretched but it's only prologue one, there is another one that needs to be done involving Naruto's pairing and how she ends up where she is. I will tell you this, it's the last one you'd expect.