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Band of Brothers

Chapter 7: Family Reunion

Naruto quickly walked up the steps to the Jedi Temple, he just been called to the temple by the council on an issue demanding his immediate attention.

Entering the temple, he saw a number of youngling looking at him in wonder, everyone in the temple could sense his force sensitivity and his growing power as he approached the council chamber.

There standing at the door was Obi-Wan who looked at Naruto and smiled.

"I heard there was trouble." Naruto said worriedly.

"Partly. Trouble on your home planet in a way, your mother Vhonte Tervho forwarded a plea for help from Konoha. I guess, Konoha was trying to contact you." Obi-Wan said calmly.

"Konoha, and why the hell would I help them?" Naruto asked.

"It concerns your sister." Obi-Wan tried.

"My sister, is all they care about, I have no love for Hikari or her parents." Naruto countered.

"I wasn't talking about your twin, I'm talking about your younger sister, Naruko." Obi-Wan countered back.

"Wait... what?" Naruto asked blinking. "I only have one sister."

"You've been gone from that planet a long time. Also I believe Meetra has something to tell you, though from her, it'll be more private." Obi-Wan said as they entered the council room.

"Hm, young Naruto. Long time has it been." Yoda asked chuckling.

"It has, Master Yoda." Naruto said calmly.

"I presume, Obi-Wan has told you of the situation." Mace Windu said calmly.

"I have a little sister, named after me and she needs help." Naruto said calmly.

"Trouble have you, with your former family. Blame your little sister, you should not." Yoda chided.

"What do you know about the situation?" Naruto said a he breathed to calm his nerves.

"Know what? Of your mother's past with Kumo?" Yoda asked.

"My former mother was kidnapped by Kumo when she was a child for unknown reasons, possible that they wanted to control her for the Uzumaki fortune." Naruto said calmly.

"Again, has it happened. Kidnapped, your little sister was, by Orochimaru." Yoda said worriedly.

"Pain, suffering, I sense, longing." Yoda said worriedly.

"Where." Naruto asked coldly.

"Where has he taken my sister." Naruto asked menacingly.

"I can sense her, Naruto. I'll be going with you to help find her." Meetra said as she came up behind him.

"The new Avalon is ready." Meetra said calmly.

"We also have the Sovereign and the Tip of the Spear with us as well." Meetra continued.

"Then let's go." Naruto turned and left with Meetra following him.

Meetra looked at Naruto worriedly. "Now's not the time to tell him."

Meetra and Naruto arrived at the star port and hour later to find mandalorian clone troopers marching onto the three ships.

"Mandalorian armour?" Naruto asked.

"My request. They are copied from a mandalorian, this is their heritage and I'll be damned if the republic is going to take that from them." Meetra said calmly as they got onto board the New Avalon.

Quickly marching to the bridge, they found, Fordo, Revan and Denel there.

"Bro, we just heard, so we're going to Ningenia?" Revan asked.

"Hm, likely this won't be the last time either." Naruto said as the trio of ship rose up from the ground and took off up into the sky before jumping to hyper space.

All the while, a single red armour mandalorian Vhonte Tervho looked at the star port from a building's ledge.

"Good boy, you're not consumed by hate as to not recognize the ties of blood." Vhonte said as she pulled out a holo emitter.

Linking the emitter to her ship she relayed a message to Konoha.

"This is Vhonte Tervho to Minato Namikaze, I have done as you asked, you know that you are beyond forgiveness, Naruto is only coming back to save Naruko. I am his mother now. Not Kushina, you had your chance and you shirked your duty. I pray for your sake, that you didn't do the same with Naruko." Vhonte sent the message and then jet jumped to another ledge, going to her ship.

New Avalon

Naruto was currently laying on his bunk, looking up at the roof when Meetra walked in.

"Naruto? Are you alright?" Meetra asked.

"I don't know. It's been years since, I saw them last, I will see them when I returned my little sister to them." Naruto replied looking at her.

Meetra looked into Naruto's eyes and for the first time, she could genuinely see fear in him.

Meetra simply hugged him. "Everything will work out."

"Hm... Hey Meetra, I was told you wanted to tell me something in private?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Dammit, Obi-Wan." Meetra sighed. "After Naruto, when you don't have your sister to rescue."

"Mm." Naruto replied as he look up and her and smirked.

Quickly wrapping his arms around her waste, he pulled her on top of him and kissed her, much to her surprise.

"If you're think about us doing what I think you are, not this time." Meetra said bluntly.

"You wound me Meetra, I'm not that much of a pervert." Naruto said chuckling.

"Well, it'll be a few hours before we arrive at Ningenia, best we get some rest, it's going to be a long day." Meetra said as she rest her head on Naruto's chest.

"Yeah..." Naruto said as he closed his eyes.

36 hours later

An alarm jolted the couple awake as troopers were running through the halls.

"We've arrived at Ningenia, all troopers to your gunships, this is not a drill." Revan's voice sounded on the inter comm.

Meetra and Naruto bolted up as Naruto quickly stripped out of his casual wear and put on his underlay and after his armour, kilt and pauldron."

Meetra was doing the same with armour on her arms, an armoured crest and greaves.

The pair nodded to each other and ran down the hall to the hanger as troopers continued mounting the gunships and fighters prepared to launch.

"General, we'll need you to pin point Naruko's location and the entry point." Revan said as he came up to them.

"No need, I sense her yes, but Vhonte gave more than just a message." Meetra said as she downloaded the intel to all troopers.

"Good then let's get on board and get down there. I'm not losing my sister to that sick child molesting pig." Naruto snarled as he ran onto a gunship, Revan's and Meetra's eye wide as they got on as well.

"Naruto did you really mean that?" Meetra asked worriedly.

"Yes. Though I guess I should be glad she's a girl, he seems to favour boys, not much more but still, his subordinates are scum at best, I'm afraid they might do something to her, regardless of her age." Naruto said grimly as the gunships launched from the cruiser and flew down into the planet's atmosphere.

The gunships flew down along the forests at high speed as she approached the closest entry point to where Meetra was sensing Naruko's force signature.

"Let's move." Naruto said the gunship landed.

Naruto ran forward with Revan and Meetra running behind him with a full platoon of mandalorian clones for the entrance to find a boulder.

Meetra stepped forward and used the force to tear the boulder away and the group ran in while gunships hit the other entrances, launching a full scale attack on sound.

Running into a large room, Revan and Meetra came up beside him as Oto ninjas look at them, swords drawn.

"Looks like the welcoming committee." Revan said calmly.

"Let's sprint this. Don't fall behind." Naruto ordered.

"Roger." Meetra and Revan acknowledged.

The trio ran forward followed by the troopers firing their weapons as Meetra sent fourth a force push, sending ninjas flying.

A clone trooper fired a rocket launcher blowing open a door and the trio went running through it, firing their blasters as they ran through the hall, rapidly advancing on the room where Naruko was being held.

A single black garbed ninja jumped down igniting a weapon all too familiar to Meetra and Naruto as Meetra blocked the lightsaber and Naruto shot the assassin.

The trio then continued running through the hall as they came to a door as last with Meetra sensing Naruko's presence on the other side.

"Hold on." Meetra said as she began tearing the door open with the force.

Walking in, they saw Naruko on a bed, bound down.

Naruto quickly ran up and began cutting the binding and checked Naruko as Meetra used the force to wake Naruko up.

"Mm?" Naruko stirred as she looked up.

Naruto took off his helmet as he stared down at her.

"Is it safe to move her?" Naruto asked.

Meetra scanned her through the force. "Should be." Meetra replied.

"Naruko, we're getting you out of here." Naruto said calmly as the 12 year old blink at him.

"Papa?" Naruko asked before hugging him crying.

"My apologies, but I'm not your father Naruko." Naruto replied as the girl sat back looking at him confused.

"I-I don't understand papa." Naruko said worriedly.

"I'm... I'm your brother, Naruto." Naruto answered, his answered was to be hugged again.

"Big brother!" the child cried as she hugged her long lost brother for the first time.

"Well, I can say that isn't the reaction I was expecting, Let's get you to safety." Naruto said as he put his helmet back on and carried his little sister out, escorted by Revan, Meetra and the troopers.

When they exited, they saw smoke rising from various areas around the horizon, when Denel and Fordo came up to them from a gunship.

"No good, brother, Orochimaru got away, I don't like, it seems like a distraction." Denel replied.

"I agree, there were too few Oto ninjas here, they knew we were coming." Fordo replied.

"We saw an assassin using a lightsaber inside, I don't like this." Meetra replied.

"Send most of the troopers back to the ships. Denel, Revan, Meetra and I will take a gunship to Konoha while returning Naruko home." Naruto ordered.

"Agreed." Fordo said calmly.

"And Fordo." Naruto called.

"Yes brother?" Fordo asked.

"Keep the troops ready, just in case." Naruto answered.

"Will do brother, and good luck with your folks." Fordo replied as he boarded a gunship and took off back to the New Avalon.

"Yeah, I'm gonna need plenty of it." Naruto replied while they got on their own gunship.

Sensing her big brother's distress, Naruko looked up at Naruto.

"Big brother what's wrong?" Naruko asked curiously.

"I... our parents and I didn't get along too well, I left years ago. I guess I'm just nervous about seeing them again." Naruto replied as the gunship flew to the Leaf Village.

After a few minutes the gunship landed outside the village starting the chunin guards while the hatch opened and the team stepped out.

"Izumo! Kotetsu!" Naruko called happily.

"Naruko! Thank Kami you're safe." Kotetsu said relieved.

"I am now, my big brother saved me." Naruko said smiling.

"Good to see you two again." Naruto said calmly and he took off his helmet.

"Naruto, you're back. Oh man the Namikaze haven't been the same since you left. Minato and Kushina even named Naruko after you and made a blood oath not the repeat the same mistake." Izumo said shocked.

"Mistake?" Naruko asked.

"We'll let your parents explain that, Naruko." Naruto said calmly.

"My, but?" Naruko asked.

"Allot changed in the years I was gone, I was adopted years ago." Naruto said as the group walked into the village.

"I'll be sure to tell the Hokage, will you be going to the tower or the estate?" Izumo asked.

"The estate, Kushina will want to see her daughter safe and sound." Naruto said as they continued on to the estate while everyone looked at them curiously, or in Meetra's case, the men looked blushing.

"So... what's your name?" Naruko asked Meetra slyly.

"My name's Meetra Surik, youngling." Meetra said smiling.

"So, are you my big brother's girlfriend?" Naruko asked while Meetra blushed.

"Um, yes, I am, and now you are something else as well." Meetra whispered to her.

"What?" Naruko asked curiously.

Meetra placed a hand on her stomach, while Naruko looked at her before a big smile appeared on her face.

"Really? Oh my brother and parents are gonna be so happy!" Naruko whispered back while Meetra made a shh, gesture to her lips and told her that she'd tell Naruto at the estate.

Arriving at the estate, Naruto walked up to the door with his companion and Naruko opened the door entering.

"Mom, I'm home and I have a surprise." Naruko called while they heard a crash and Kushina came running to the door and immediately pulled Naruko into a hug.

"My baby, your safe, but how, your father was preparing an battalion of ANBU to rescue you." Kushina cried.

Naruko simply laughed awkwardly. "Big brother rescued me." Naruko said laughing while Kushina froze and looked up.

Naruto stood in the doorway, behind him were Revan and Denel in their armour and Meetra in her combat robe.

Naruto then took off his helmet and looked at her.

"Long time, Kushina." Naruto said calmly.

"Sochi?" Kushina asked, wide eyed.

"Not any more. I'm Naruto Tervho now, son of Vhonte Tervho. These are my brothers, Revan Bralor and Denel Fett." Naruto gestured to the other two who took off their helmets.

"And this is Meetra Surik, my girlfriend." Naruto said gesturing to Meetra who waved to her smiling.

Kushina just looked at them all dumbly before she fainting.

"Huh, best get her inside before someone jumps to conclusions." Denel said calmly as Naruto picked Kushina up and Naruko lead them inside to the living room where Naruto set Kushina on the sofa.

A few minutes later, Minato burst threw the front door along side Hikari, both of them wide eyed as they saw the white armour soldiers, Revan and Denel.

Denel gestured to the living room with his thumb.

"Naruko is currently talking with Naruto while Kushina wakes up. Kushina fainted from the shock of Naruto being back, if only temporarily.

Minato looked at him shocked while Hikari went into the living room slowly.

Hikari looked into the room and saw Naruko, a spitting image of her mother with green eyes and long red hair, talking with a blond haired blue eyes handsome man in stark white armour with checkered kilt around his legs, gold tribal paint on his armour and helmet and a gold and black pauldron.

"Little brother?" Hikari asked cautiously.

Naruto and Naruko looked at her while she walked up to him.

Everyone stared at them for what seemed like an eternity until Hikari bowed.

"I'm sorry little brother... for everything." Hikari said while her shoulders were shaking.

Naruto looked at her silently.

"I forgive you for all past actions Hikari." Naruto said calmly. While Hikari looked at him smiling. "But," Hikari's smile dropped.

"You are not my sister any more as I am no longer a Namikaze." Naruto continued.

"He's right, he's a mandalorian now, a member of clan Tervho." Meetra said while she walked into the room and sat on a chair before looking down at the floor.

"I wanted to do this in private, but I think I sense that lady Kushina is about to wake, she'll likely faint again with that I am about to announce.

True to her word, Kushina began to stir.

"Mm? I just had the strangest dream, Naruko had been kidnapped and our lost son came and saved her alongside his girlfriend and brothers." Kushina said as she saw Minato enter the room.

"It wasn't a dream." Naruto said causing her gaze to shoot to him wide eyed.

"It wasn't a dream, you're really back? And you've been..." Kushina couldn't continue.

"I guess, I shouldn't have a right to cry, it's my fault after all." Kushina said as she sat up.

Kushina then looked at Meetra and smiled.

"I guess, I can take joy in one thing. If I hadn't shirked my duties as a mother." Kushina smiling.

"He wouldn't have met me." Meetra said smiling.

"So what is the announcement you wanted to make?" Naruto asked.

Meetra squirmed as everyone looked at her.

"I admit, I wanted to tell you this in private Naruto, now's a good a time as any. You know, when I told you how I was feeling ill while you were on your way to the Rishi outpost near Kamino?" Meetra asked while Minato, Kushina and Hikari looked confused.

Naruko looked like a kid in a candy store to listen in on where her big brother had been.

"I remember, you'd been feeling ill for a week and said you going going to get checked out." Naruto said nodded while realization donned on Kushina.

"Naruto." Meetra smiled as she put a hand on her stomach.

"I'm carrying our little mandalorian." Meetra said smiling while Naruto looked at her wide eyed, completely silent.

Meetra looked at him worriedly while Kushina place a hand on her shoulder.

"Minato did the same thing when I told him, both times I was pregnant. Give it a second." Kushina said smiling.

"I'm gonna be a father?" Meetra nodded smiling. "Yes." Meetra said.

"By the force! I'm gonna be a dad!" Naruto yelled out as he hugged Meetra and kissed her.

"I'm a aunty?" Hikari asked smiling.

"So what are you gonna name it?" Revan asked smiling.

"It's too early to tell." Meetra said smiling.

"Hm, how about Atris if it's a girl, named after her grandmother, or Jango if it's a boy named after Jango Fett, seeing as he technically is the father to all clones, he taught me everything he knew as my mother Vhonte did the same." Naruto said calmly.

Everyone nodded while Kushina looked down.

"It won't get any easier accepting that will it?" Kushina asked trying not to cry.

"Probably not. He isn't our son any more but he can still be our friend if we don't ruin things any more than we already have. He is letting Hikari have a chance and Naruko has already found her place in his heart as his little sister." Minato said to her while he smiled and watched as the two sisters fawned over Naruto and Meetra while planning for the baby.

"So... 50 credits says he purposes to her by the end of the week." Revan asked

"100 credits he does it tonight." Denel said.

"Easiest 100 credits I ever made, he's too much of a pussy to purpose." Revan said calmly while they all watch the sibling and Meetra.

"I heard that you ass, I'm dating Meetra when you haven't even looked at women, I'm maybe starting to think you go the other way." Naruto said smirking.

"Screw you." Revan said laughing.

"No thanks, I don't do guys." Naruto countered.

"Just shut up smart ass and socialize with your sisters." Revan said laughing as he turned away.

"Figure I'd explore the village, see the sights." Revan said leaving.

"Um, Mom, how is my team doing? Like Sasuke and Sakura?" Naruko asked.

"They haven't done much since your abduction, everyone's been scrambling to affect a rescue.

Denel then backed away to speak with Minato and Kushina.

"I can't help but think Orochimaru had help in kidnapping Naruko. How did it happen any way?" Denel asked.

"I was teaching her one of our family kenjutsu styles, Makashi." Kushina said.

"It was then that a cloaked figure used something, some sort of genjutsu, I fell asleep and when I came to, Naruko was gone.

Meetra having heard what was said, looked at her wide eyed.

"Did you say Makashi? What are the other style names?" Meetra asked curiously.

"Um, let's see, Ataru, Makashi, Soresu, Shien, Niman, Shii-Cho, and Juyo." Kushina counted them off.

"That's... it. Naruto that's what your family inherited from Revan." Meetra said shocked.

"Revan?" Kushina asked.

"The Sage of Six Paths was a Jedi knight like Meetra and a very powerful one at that." Naruto answered.

"The Uzumaki kenjutsu styles are lightsaber forms." Meetra said shocked.

"Hold on, if that's true and I'm not saying it is. Then why haven't any signs shown up on this planet, why don't the Uzumaki clan have lightsabers?" Denel asked.

"Because no one has been able to learn. In Uzu no Kuni, there's a temple made of an unknown alloy, no one whom has entered has been able to discover it's secrets. These lightsabers might be hidden inside among other things." Kushina said calmly.

"Well Jedi Tomb aside, we still have Orochimaru to deal with as we know he's coming." Naruto grunted.

"And about that assassin, we know he was trained in lightsaber combat, question is, who trained him?" Meetra asked.

"Not Orochimaru, that freak would hoard that kind of technology to him self and he doesn't give out power without some sort of enslavement seal." Naruto replied.

"Naruto, there might be one faction that is responsible, there is a splinter cell trying to round up the Jinchuriki for unknown purposes. I believe that the leader may be behind the assassin you encountered if he has the training you speak of." Minato said worriedly.

"Makes sense, a sith then. Is there anything going on before we make any plans?" Meetra asked.

"Aside from the chunin exam, no. Before the abduction, Naruko's group Team 7 which is Naruko, Sasuke Uchiha and his fan girl Sakura Haruno. Their Jounin sensei is my student Kakashi Hatake." Minato explained.

"So that's it then. The abduction is a distraction, Orochimaru intended for Konoha to attack the sound village and leave the leaf village weakened. He was never expecting republic forces but he was expecting Konoha nin." Naruto replied.

"Tell me, Minato, is Naruko ready for the exams, I may have left young, but I know the chunin exams are dangerous." Naruto asked.

"To be honest, she was deemed ready by Kakashi, the team was that is. But Sasuke worries me, since he's the last "loyal" Uchiha, the council has spoiled him. He believes he is entitled to everything. And the look he's been giving Naruko even at only 12 years of age. I don't like that look but he hasn't done anything wrong yet." Minato explained.

"You think he'll harm Naruko simply because he thinks he can. Well then, we have spare armour, I think we should be able to figure something out for her." Naruto replied.

"She is force sensitive but I advise against that option, it may draw unwanted attention to her. I'd suggest, basic spec ops training, maybe a little armour." Meetra replied.

"Sounds about right. We know Orochimaru is going to attack the village. Question is, when. We have a whole army ready to be deployed up in space. 3 warships prepped for bombardment. Fending him off will be easy, making sure Naruko is ready to fend off Sasuke is my priority for now." Naruto replied.

"Then I'll make sure Meetra is comfortable here in the estate during your stay." Kushina replied.

"I'll send word back to Coruscant that we're going to be staying at the planet for a short while to deal with this snake." Meetra replied and everyone nodded.

"Alright, well the first part of the exams starts in 3 days. The full round of exams normally takes a month in a half. The first exam is written in the first day, after is the survival exam which lasts 10 days, after that is the preliminary and after that is a 1 month recess to train and grow stronger, at the end of the month is the final round for the exams, the tournament." Minato explained.

"Alright, we have our time frame, let's get to work, clone troops will be on shifts, they can come down from the ships during their off time, but when on duty they stay on the ships, clones need to be out of armour when on the planet to keep the enemy from knowing about us too much." Naruto explained.

"Right. Alright, let's do this." Minato replied and everyone nodded.

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