I, for real, have absolutely no answers, nor apologies enough, for the people, who were there to read this fic when I started it, and who hung around long enough for me to end it. A life time happened in between. But what I like to think, is that Supernatural happened in between. We grew up watching these people, watching these stories and making up our own, in a way, improving upon the reality presented to us, making a community on what we were seeing. And even if some of us (like me) staryed from the path, becoming wayward... we always found our way back to this. To this family, this story. Even if it took a very long time. We, who carried the torch, were still here. And for those people, who were here, who carried the light for those long 15 years, we are here, a family. A family business. And we will carry on, in our own way. In our own stories. We won't lay our wary heads to rest, until we have cried over some more, over tales, written by us.

Here's to 15 more years of fics!

Love, CNLC0rpses