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Lemony Tarts

Chapter 3: Closet

"Ahh…" She moaned softly as his hot kisses seared her burning skin. He smiled into her creamy skin, loving the way she moaned when he sent sparks of electricity from his body to hers. He kissed and nibbled on her neck, working his way down to her collarbone, and then down to her soft mounds.

He took one of the already perk pink pebbles into his mouth, sucking on it and running his teeth gently over her, making her moan louder. His hand ran up and down her side, from the curve of the breast that he wasn't working on with his mouth, over her toned stomach, to her hip, teasing the skin there as he teasingly played with the edge of her Chappy printed panties.

His fingers ran over the front of her panties, making her buck her hips up to meet with the strokes of his fingers. "Oh my God…" Her fingers started wrapping themselves up in this messy tuft of orange hair. Her fingernails scraping the nape of his neck, trying to draw him closer to her.

"I need you now…" He stopped his handiwork on her breasts and looked down into her half-lidded pools of violet. Her breath ghosting over his lips. His heart pounded in his chest, threatening to break a rib or two.

Then, panties came flying off her legs, he lost his constricting boxers, lining himself up with her. She wrapped her legs around his narrow waist, he entered her slowly as he enveloped himself in her warmth. He moved his hips more as her moans and his groans became more and more frequent.

"Oh my God... Ichigo…"

The faster they went, the louder they became, until she was almost screaming. They were almost there. So close. So very close.

Then with a few more thrusts…

"Oh fuck!" A young man swore out loud, shooting himself up from bed. He panted loudly, his body soaking with sweat. He covered his face with one hand, trying to get his heart to stop pounding one of his ribs out. Ichigo sat in his bed for a moment, groaning softly when he felt his sheets sticky, wet, and warm.

"Fuck. Not again." He thought as he ran a shaking hand through his damp orange hair. He plopped himself down in bed again and sighed. This was the fifth time this month. Ichigo had been having 'dreams' almost every night for the past month. All of them were always a steamy scene with his favorite midget. Every time he had the dreams, he'd wake up in the middle of the night and would sometimes, unfortunately, have to change his damp, sticky sheets. Then he would have to hide it from his younger sister, Yuzu, making sure that she didn't come close to any of his sheets.

He'd been hiding and washing his sheets almost every other day. Of course, Yuzu, thought it was strange, but she didn't want to think it strange because she couldn't stand the thought of her knight in shining armor brother was a total pervert. And of course, his other sister Karin, knew he was a total pervert in his sleep. At first, Karin didn't know what was happening, until Yuzu mentioned that every time she did the wash, she never got any of Ichigo's sheets. She would always find them already clean and neatly folded in his room.

Every time one of his sisters brought it up, he would try to hide his extremely red face and brush the whole thing off. It was bad that his sisters were catching on, he didn't need his father finding out that he was having some very intense wet dreams. Luckily, Ichigo sighed, then his eyes shot to his closet. He forgot that his favorite midget was residing in his closet. It would've been bad if she had woken up and saw him in this pathetic state. He watched the door for a few minutes and when he didn't hear anything coming from the closet, he started to relax. She wouldn't be coming out anytime soon, which was great for sheet changing time.

He was about to quietly move himself off from his bed, when he realized her had a much bigger problem. A much bigger problem under his blanket. He groaned, slowly removing the blanket to see what he had done this time. The front of his shorts had a giant wet spot stained on it and his 'problem' was still standing at attention, as if he hadn't come yet. He poked it with his finger, making it throb back and forth.

Damn it. He was still horny.

Well, if he tried to go to sleep now, he'd probably have another dream and that would probably be even worse than the one he just had. He didn't want that. But, luckily that night, his father was at an overnight convention for doctors in Tokyo and his sisters were sleeping at their friend's house. And Rukia was extremely exhausted. She had just gotten back from the Soul Society, to do some mandatory training for a week. There was no way she'd be waking up.

Good. Just the way he liked it. He relaxed, slowly pulling his hard-on out of his shorts and boxers, pulling them down slightly to get some air. This would be easy, all he'd have to do it quickly relieve himself and go change, no one had to know, even if he let a few soft groans out.

Ichigo tentatively used a finger to run up and down his cock, feeling the heat that arose there. He was throbbing and needed relieve, he'd go crazy without it. Then, with his whole hand, he gripped his rock hard cock and began stroking it up and down. Squeezing it up from the base and then along his long shaft, up to his leaking head. When his hand reached his head, he began rubbing it with his thumb. The pleasure was great, he'd be lying if he said he didn't like pleasuring themselves. He liked the power he got when he rubbed himself, it was strange, but that didn't matter. As long as it felt good and gave him relieve from his dreams, he didn't care.

Those dreams. They always seem so real. But, he knew they weren't and he doubted they were ever going to happen. But, he would still be lying if he said he didn't want to do some of those dreams with her.

Rukia Kuchiki. She was a midget, but she was beautiful. He couldn't deny it. He also couldn't deny the feelings he had for her. She was the one that understood him more than he understood himself. She was the one that saved him from his lightless, rain filled world. Without her, he would be some sad, pathetic guy that wouldn't be able to save his family from a mugger. Yeah, he could save them, but it wouldn't be the same. She was amazing and even though they argued a lot, whether it be the fact that he was reckless during battle or the fact her drawings sucked, he knew that no matter what, he loved her. He knew that. The feeling that he got at the pit of his stomach when she just looked at him, made him go crazy. It was almost unbearable.

And then, during those dreams, it was even better. He would be making love to her in as many ways as his dreams gave him. They were all hot and sexy. She herself was hot and sexy. And also the perfect thing to think about as he relieved himself, so the dream he had was perfect.

Ichigo thought of the way she moaned his name when he was inside of her and the way she would buck her hips up to meet his own hips. Her lips, her neck, her breasts, her hips, and her pot of wet, warmth between her creamy legs. He thought of it all. The hotter his thoughts were, the faster his hand rubbed up and down his standing shaft, even grabbing his balls a few times. He just couldn't stop his hand from moving, he enjoyed the throbbing and feeling way too much. It was just too much.

Then the closet door slammed opened.

Ichigo almost had a heart attack. He jumped and his eyes shot to the closet. In the closet, Rukia had woken up, she rubbed one of her sleepy eyes and yawned softly. Then when she saw Ichigo on his bed, his hand on his stiff cock, it took her a few seconds to register what she was looking at. Her pools of violet widened and she gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. She looked from Ichigo's stiff manhood, to gaping face, then back to his manhood, then back to his face, taking a twenty-take.

"Oh my God." Was all she could utter when she was finished looking back and forth. Her cheeks became hot and her face was painted with a light shade of pink. Her heart began to race when she realized that she pretty much just opened a door to his pleasure fun time.

"Oh, fuck! Ichigo, you pervert! Oh my God! I don't even know what to say! I don't even know if I should apologize! Oh my God!" Rukia panicked, grabbing one of her pillows and throwing it at him, but she missed completely. She then slammed herself back into her closet, hid under her blanket, and pressed herself into the corner.

Ichigo was still stunned, staring at the closet door. His heart was pounding in his ears and he could barely hear anything. The girl he was in love with just saw him masturbating in bed. What the fuck was he supposed to do? She would never look at him the same way again and now everything would forever be awkward. This was the worst thing that could've possibly happen! His life was forever ruined! He'd never get a chance with her now! Now, all she thought of him was that he was just some sicko pervert that masturbates in the middle of the night, even though he knew that there was a girl sleeping in his closet.

Out of frustration, he grabbed his pillow from under his head and slammed it into his face, maybe if he suffocated himself it would make things better. He let out an annoyed groaned and stayed in bed. He had no choice. He had to apologize to her. He didn't want things to be awkward between them and if she wanted to sleep at Orihime's from now on, she could, as long as things weren't bad between them. He wouldn't know what he would do with himself if he lost his one and only light.

Ichigo decided to suck it up. He got out of bed, grabbed some new shorts and boxers and headed to the bathroom to clean himself up. When he was done changing and giving himself a mini pep talk in the bathroom, he went back to his room. He stripped his soiled sheets from his bed and threw it in the corner for now, he changed the sheets and his blanket. When he dubbed himself and his bed unperverted, he picked up Rukia's pillow from the ground that she had chucked at him.

He walked over to the closet and took a couple of deep breaths, his heart racing in his chest. He had no idea how she was going to react to him and he hoped she didn't hate him. He raised a fist up to the door and knocked, quietly.

"Rukia. Can I talk to you?" He whispered, trying to hide the embarrassment in his voice and not sound completely pathetic.

There was no answer and there was no movement within the closet either.

He sighed and tried knocking again. There was still no answer. He tried again. Still, nothing. At this point he had no choice, "Rukia, I'm coming in. I really need to talk to you."

Ichigo slowly slid open the closet door and climbed inside. The closer was small and cramped and he had no idea how the hell she even lived in here, it was way too small. Maybe he should renovate the closet to make it bigger. He closed the door, leaving a crack open to get some air inside, plus it made an easier escape route if she tried to kill him in his closet.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and he could now see a blob of something wrapped in a blanket at the other end of the closet, which he supposed was Rukia. Ichigo hiked his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, still holding her pillow in his arms. They sat in silence for a few minutes, until Ichigo worked up enough courage to say something.

"Um, Rukia, um I brought your pillow." He told her uncertainly, setting the small square of cotton fluff in front of the blanket blob as a peace offering. As expected, she didn't move and Ichigo was starting to get more and more nervous as the seconds passed.

"Look, Rukia, I'm really sorry. You shouldn't have umm… seen that," He started nervously scratching the nape of his neck, "It was terrible, lewd, disgusting, inappropriate, sick, obscene, vulgar, shameless, it was just awful and I am really, really sorry." There was still no movement, now Ichigo was beginning to think she wasn't alive period.

"If it makes you feel better, you can stay over at Orihime's. That way, you won't have to see that again." Still nothing. Now, he worried. Ichigo leaned forward, tentatively poking her foot his finger.

"Hey, Rukia? Are you even alive?" Ichigo tried a little louder with harder poking, "Hey, Ruk-"

All of a sudden the blanket blob unraveled itself and Rukia came flying out, smashing her lips to his own. Ichigo leaned himself against the wall, stunned at Rukia's onslaught on his lips. He was too shocked to even move, let alone kiss her back. Hell, he had no idea why she was even kissing him in the first place.

When Rukia decided to end her onslaught, she back off a little to look at his stunned face. She stared up him with her large violet eyes, her lips pink and slightly parted and whispered, "You're a fool, Ichigo."

Ichigo blinked a couple times, trying to register what she just said. When he couldn't understand, he dumbly asked, "Huh?"

Rukia rolled her eyes, scooting herself a little more forward so that she was in between his open legs. "I said, 'you're a fool, Ichigo.' I'm not going to repeated it again."

Ichigo was still lost. He had no idea what she was talking about, "Why am I a fool? I came in here to apologize for what you saw and then you start kissing me! I'm lost! Why the hell am I a fool?"

Rukia scooted closer to him, so that their bodies were pressed up against each other. She could feel that both of their hearts were pounding in their chests, their hearts were synchronized, beating as one. She sighed and whispered to his face, her head slightly cocked to one side, her eyes half lidded, "You're a fool for not kissing me back."

Rukia leaned forward and planted a light kiss on Ichigo's already parted lips. His breath hitched and he thought he was going to suffocate in his small closet. She was about to pull away, when she felt Ichigo's lips caress her own. He must've sucked it up.

She smiled into the kiss, leaning forward more, her hands traveling up his muscled arms, until they reached his shoulders and snaked around his neck. Ichigo felt her smile and he couldn't help, but smile back. His own hands traveled to her soft ebony locks, weaving them through, pulling her head closer to his.

Their lips moved sensually together, mapping each other's lips out. Their kiss was slow and meaningful, every caress causing sparks of electricity as they slowly nipped and grazed each other's lips.

After minutes of caressing lips, their kiss evolved into something more needy and urgent. Their lips began to fight each other for dominance, their mouths fully pressed together. Rukia's hands traveled from his neck to wind her fingers in his spikey orange locks, pulling them closer together, so there was no space between them. When Ichigo felt Rukia's tongue slither out of her mouth and trace his bottom lip, he heard himself growl and instantly opened his mouth for her. Her tongue slid into his mouth and began playing with his own, she sucked on his and he did the same for her.

He almost lost it when he heard her moan softly into his mouth, letting him know she was enjoying herself. His hands left her hair and they began to travel frantically over her body, feeling every curve that crossed his fingertips over her sleepwear. He had finally bought her some pajamas of her own, so she wouldn't have to always use Yuzu's because it would just be too weird to make-out with a girl in your closet while she was wearing your sister's clothes.

Rukia began to moan more and he could feel himself growing harder after every moan or move of her body as their bodies brushed against each other's. When Ichigo's fingers ran nimbly over the buttons of her shirt, he pulled away to look her in the eyes, silently asking her if it was alright to take her shirt off. Rukia was panting, but she smiled slyly at him as her fingers went to the hem of his shirt and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it to the other side of the closet.

Ichigo was now half naked in the closet as Rukia's eyes skimmed over his body, from his rock hard abs to his equally hard chest and muscled arms. Just the sight of him made Rukia's hormones go crazy. Ichigo was hot. He was beyond hot. He was super sexy. She wanted nothing more, but to attack his chest with her lips, but that wouldn't be fair, considering she still had her shirt on.

She covered Ichigo's fingers with her own and led his fingers into unbuttoning the bottom button. When he got the hint, he smiled at her and unbuttoned her shirt, letting it slide of her silky shoulders. Ichigo's widened at the sight of her, she was beautiful. So gorgeous. She was biting her bottom lip and leaning back, so he could better see her toned body. Her creamy, milky skin was like porcelain, she almost didn't look real, oh but she was there, alright. The thing raging in his shorts was sure of that. His eyes traveled from her shoulders, down her collarbone, and stopped for a bit at her breasts that had not been clad in any sort of wrap or bra. They were just perfectly sized mounds of pure softness that he wanted nothing more than to take her already pebbled nipples in this mouth. But, he forced his eyes to travel on, down her toned stomach and the tops of her hips.

Ichigo growled, lightly pushing Rukia on to her back, so that she was lying on her back. He slowly climbed on top of her, careful that he didn't smash her midget-self under his own body. He propped himself onto his elbow, near Rukia's head, and used his other hand to rake up and down her body, causing her to shudder under his touch. He cupped one of her breasts into his hands and gave it some light squeezing, making her moan and even more, so when he pinched her pink nipple.

He smirked from her reaction and then bent his head down to her chest, so his tongue could run over her nipple.

"Oh my God!" She gasped, her back arched into his face and he gladly accepted more of her mounds. He flicked her nipple and used his other hand to cup and squeeze her other soft, fleshy mound. He switched between her breasts and administered the same attention equally to both mounds. She mewled and moaned his ears off the entire time.

Then when he felt something touch his very stiff manhood, he looked down to see that Rukia's small hand and gone down and was palming him thorough two layers of clothing. She watched him as his face twisted in pleasure and he began bucking into her hand, making her smirk.

"Aww, is the poor Strawberry hard and horny?" She asked in an arrogantly knowing tone, she then clutched at him through his layers of clothes making him groan, making him buck his hips forward, and hit her most private spot. She gasped loudly, and her hips automatically shot forward, causing her to graze against Ichigo's hardness, making her moan.

"Aww, is the poor Midget wet and horny?" He smirked at her knowingly and she rolled her eyes at him, before leaning up, so that her lips were close to his.

"Yes, she is." Her hot breath ghosted over Ichigo's lips, making him shiver. His hands traveled to her leg, making her hike it onto his hip. He then proceeded to grind into her, making them both moan and groan. She felt his hardness rubbing up and down, and almost stabbing at her, making her want more pressure there. Her hips started to meet in time with his grinds making it feel even better. The heat and pressure was spilling out of them. Rukia could feel herself dripping more and more, it probably leaked through her panties and her own pajama bottoms on to Ichigo's shorts.

"I-Ichigo… I need you now…." Rukia looked up at him with pleading eyes, her voice husky and urgent. He himself couldn't take it anymore too, so he quickly stripped Rukia of her panties and pajama bottoms in one move and then he quickly took off his own, throwing all articles of clothing to the other side of the closet.

Ichigo leaned back on top of Rukia, lining himself up with her. He kissed her softly, whispering against her lips, "Are you ready?" She smiled at him, kissing him back and nodding. And with that, he slowly entered her tight womanhood. Rukia let out a small cry, only to be quieted my Ichigo's lips as he began to move slowly inside of her, so she could adjust herself to him. And after a while, pain was replaced with the most amazing pleasure she had ever felt. She moaned loudly and began to buck up to his lips, making him slide in deeper.

"God… Ichigo faster…" Rukia moaned, wanting him to go as fast as he possibly could. Ichigo complied and began thrusting into her faster and harder, there moans and groans filling every crevice of the small closet. Their bodies surged with ample amounts of electricity and pleasure that they had a hard time keeping up with it. He pounded her harder, grabbing at her hips for support. She clawed at his back, herself and mewled with every thrust. They were lip to lip, chest to chest, and hip to hip. And before long they were almost at their limits.

"Oh God! Oh God! Ichigo, I can't last anymore!" She practically screamed.

"Good! Me either!" Ichigo grunted, thrusting a couple more times into her wet sheath as it tightened around his cock. Then the last few thrusts came and they both climaxed together, collapsing on either side of each other. They panted loudly, unable to steady their breathing.

When they were finally able to steady their breathing, Rukia rolled over on her side to look at Ichigo. He rolled over as well, looking at her with half lidded eyes. He pulled her close and kissed her cheek lightly. Then he whispered, "I love you, Rukia Kuchiki." His voice only filled with his deepest sincerity.

Rukia smiled and cuddled up closer to Ichigo, pressing a light kiss on his lips, "And I love you, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"And I love both of you! I'm going to have grandbabies! Masaki! Do you see this? We're going to have grandbabies!"

All of a sudden the closet door shot open, forcing Ichigo to fall out of the closet to see that his old man and totally ruined a moment and that he was just there. Right after he had just had sex with Rukia, his father had the nerve to be right there and open the closet on them.

Ichigo shot up, his face redder than any red thing on this planet, punched his father in the face, only for him to dodge and get his child in the gut.

"See, boy! I knew you weren't gay! You were just waiting to have fun with my third daughter! I'm proud of you son!"

"Oh my God! Get the fuck out you fucking Goat-Face!"

Oh he got out of their alright, after he snapped a few pictures and danced around that he and Masaki would be having grandbabies and that his son wasn't gay.


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