The clock now ticked and showed it was 4 o'clock.

"Well then Jake you're now finished whit detention. But before that I want you to make an essay about vampires. 3 pages full and 6 Thesis about theme, and I mean good ones in my eyes" "What aw man" then this was not easy if it weren't for Rotwood he could easy make it but whit him and his theories. However his mood heightend when he saw Violet coming to greet him. "Hi Jake" "Hi Violet, so you ready to learn to skate?" He asked her nice. "Well it can't be that hard."Compared to fight villains. She thougt as she went with him. "It isn't quit easy but also not that hard to learn." Well not hard compared to protect magical beings. He thought so and well went whit her to the skate park.

Trixie and Spud were already skating and doing tricks. "Hey Trixie, Spud" "Jakey, so you survived another one whit Rotwood" "Jake man good to see you. So now are you gona teach your new girlfriend skating" "Girlfriend", said the other three in union, especially Violet. "Yeah I mean upmp.." Trixie silenced him whit a small hit in the rib whit her elbow. "Spud just because I'm going to teach her a bit about skating and befriend whit her doesn't mean that she's my girlfriend" said Jake who was looking away as he tried to hide his blush which would have made his dragon scales envious. Even though I wouldn't mind her being my girlfriend. Went through his head. Ok that's one strange guy, why are they hanging out whit him Well but still Jake is kind of cute but still. "So, Vi, this is a skateboard, began Jake his lesson, and the basic rules are like this" and so he explained them to her shortly. (I'm no Tony Hawks and yea, well we here in Switzerland aren't that skating friends). And well after some small trials she stood on the ramp and was looking down and asking her on question, In what did I get myself there. "Ah Trixie are you really sure I should do that" "^No but you have to trie" and whit this she gave her a push and send her down the ramp "AAAAAAAAAAAA" and well she went flying, and landed directly on Jake who was unfortunate to stand there. "Ah, my head." Jake groaned."S-Sorry" she gave from her. However instead of answering Jake starred in her eyes. She too began to stare in his. They were lost in each others eyes and their faces were nearing each others but like on their first meeting they were interrupted but this time not through the ringing of the bell but instead of the ringing of Jakes phone. "Oh that will probably be my gramps" and also Violets rang now. "Jake, get to the shop now emergency" came the shouting of his grandfather out of his mobile, nearly deafening him. "Yeah yeha, I'm on my way." "Violet, get to the school we're picking you up, there is a bank robbery.""Ok, mom." She replied. It seemed as if duty called. "Sorry There's a family emergency and" "You too" they both said. "Yes my gramps needs me at his shop so I have to go but see you tomorrow,right?" "Yeah, My mom needs me so yeah see you too" and whit this she darted of to school and Jake darted of to an alley where he would change into the American dragon. "Hey Trixie did you notice that she sounded like Jake as he goes on a dragon mission" asks Spud Trixie. " Yes but, what do you want to say that she's a dragon, then if she were Jake should now as he's the American dragon. An another magical creature I think we or at last he or gramps would know about.""Yes well .""Ah com on Spudinkski let's go skate and at least enjoy our lives." And whit this they went skating again. But unknowingly Spud was right. But this is for later.