A New York story ch4

While Jake was flying at top speed over NY, Violet was in the car whit her mother and brother as her father couldn't come because of work. Ever since Syndro Supers were again in. The legal stuff had been sorted out and they could again do their work. But still her mom was cautious about what sort of things they would do. The very dangerous ones she would leave her kids behind and go in with her husband. However as here it were only some common criminals who were robbing a small bank which was new and hadn't even installed the security systems yet. "So Violet did you have a good start in your new school." Asked Helen Parr as she drove whit the Incredebil( the car they used now to get to places who could transform and so on and such stuff) as they were now preparing to go heroe. "Yes it was nice whit the expection of our crazy mythology teacher" "Violet don't insult your teacher." "But Mom, he is really not the sanest one. I mean he really belives that dragons and magic exist." "Well there has to be a reason. But we don't argue here. We're here."

While they had this conservation another one took place in the sky. Jake was flying and on him was a dog."Ok kid, here is the situation. Some Trolls are making trouble in the sewers in this region. You are to go there and stop them." Said the dog."Do I really have to Fu?" "Yes it's your duty as the American dragon. And it's not like you have to smell good afterwards for some girl." Said the Sharpei dog. "Yeah well still. But ok." He said a bit depressed, and Fu realized his mistake, as the wound which Rose left, wasn't still full healed. Jake had taken it hard, but whit the help of his friends he got back on track, but that didn't mean he was ok whit it absolutely. "I'm sorry Jake, I shouldn't have mentioned it." He apologized. "No, it's alright. I loved Rose, but now I know at least that she's save and whit her family. And while I'm not quit over her yet, it makes me happy to know that she's alright, also there is this girl and…." Any further talk was interrupted by "Jake go and do your duty as the American dragon and don't talk about your love live." Shouthed Lao Shi, his grandfather. "Ok" and whit this he went out of the backdoor and transformed in his dragon form and went to the trouble spot. While his grandfather began to talk whit Fu. "So what do you think is he finally over Rose?" he asked, "I don't know, I hope so, the kid was hit hard, but I hope he got over her, and I hope he also finds someone again." "Yes I too hope that."

In another place in New York, in a bank to be precise things didn't go as one hoped. Jeff and his friends had planned this coup for over a month, and nothing went according to plan. Ok the first part was but one of the bank assistants had pushed the silent alarm, and unfortunately a police patrol was at the time in the area. And now the icing on the cake came, supers. The incredible family was here, he had heard their tales, also when he was a child he was a fan of Mr. Incredible and now wished he was somewhere else. As his plan now really seemed to have gone FUBAR. So he now looked the scene, there was Elasty girl whit her two children Invisiogirl and speedo. Well at least Mr. Incredible wasn't here. He looked to Line and saw he was ready to go. Then as luck it wanted they found a way out of the mess, because here was an old cellar which has been overlooked and there in this cellar was a gully to the canalization. "Ok well people it was nice of you to share your money whit us but now we have to go. Lin, Parker, Milles. Com on let's go." And then he noticed something where was Milles, and he looked around and also saw that Parker was nowhere. "What the heck is going on." Said Lin. "Turn around" said a voice and surly he saw Elasty girl. He wanted to raise his gun but in a flash it was away and in on the right and left side of her the two child/teen superheroes where. "This is gona hurt" he muttered bevore he was hit by a left hook.

However one criminal went away, Lin. "Where did he go" asked Speedo aka Flash in real live. "Elasty girl one of the criminals I think once told theme something about a cellar down there" said a persone and former hostage and pointed to a door. "Honey" was heard from the door. It was Bob Parr also known as Mr. Incredible. "Hey dad" "So it looks like I did come a bit too late, you seem to have gotten them all." "Unfortunately, no, one got away into the canalization." "Well why wait when we still can catch him mom dad, sis, let's go" said Flash.

Already in the canalization was Jake Long aka the American dragon, searching for the trolls which were causing trouble because they had stolen the patter gold of a leprechaun. Ugh this stinks, well at least I can fly trough and don't have to walks, thought our draconian hero. He was searching for a bout a few minutes when he heard the voices of the trolls. "What should we do whit gold." One asked. "Buy loots of food". "Sorry to interrupt you but if you want to buy something go and work for your money." Jake said as he appeard and hit one of the five trolls whit his tail. "Look dragon, make dragon hurt." Grunted the leader. And they attacked. He spat fire at one and took another on whit his army and threw him at another one. However what Jake missed during the heat of the fight was that while Jake fought the minions the leader got away whit the gold. "Damn" he muttered as he followed the criminal

In another place not that far, our super hero family was standing before four possible ways which the thief could have taken. " Ok, I think everyone takes one and looks where he went, I one of you has the thief contact the rest." Said Mr. Incredible. And so they split up.

And so well two criminals are fleeing in the canalization from their respective enemys. And as luck wanted it well they looked more back to see where or if they were followed which they were unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your view. "Hey stop." Cried Jake to the troll. While just a in another pipe the robber was followed by Violet. "Hey can't you stop." She shouted ennerved, cause running was her brothers department and not hers.

However both heroes didn't have to follow them long, you see, the criminals and their respective pursuers were coming to a T like crossing, the bank robber came from left and the troll from the right side, and because of the speed they both had, they didn't have enough time or space to maneuver and so crashed into each other. Boom. "Ah finally" cried Violet as she could now catch her breath.

"Ha so I got you" Jake said aloud.

"Huh" said both superpowdered teens. And looked from their criminals to the other and "Ahh" shrieked Violet as she just saw the living proves of her crazy teacher, there on the ground was a green and big troll which obviously crashed whit the bank robber, he also seemed to carry a potter full of gold.

Jake too was shoked because there were two humans or well one, then the girl who wore some sort of spandex suit looked like a superheroe well a teenage girl super hero, who now had discovered him. "Damn" Jake landed and did the only thing he thought of. "Hi, please I won't hurt you." He said.

"You, you can talk." She said whit all her courage, then this wasn't something you saw every day.

"Yeah, look see that troll there, well he stole some leprechaun's gold and I have to bring it back." "Why, I mean I thought dragons weren't that friendly." She said. "No that's not true. Most dragons are the good guy, we have to protect the magical world from dangers and also have a duty to protect the weak ones from those who cause trouble and want to harm them." "So you mean there are more magical creatures?" she asked. "Yes, unicorns, pixies, fairies and all these others. And as the duty of the American dragon I am responsible for all in the US or mostly here in New York." " So you dragons are the supers of the magical world." "Well yeah we are. So I think we should go and take our respective bad guys." " Yes" "However please tell nobody of what you saw today." "Alright mr…" "I'm known as the American dragon here." "I'm Invisiogirl by the way." "Nice to meet you, and well bye"

And so the first meeting of our two heroes in their secret lives went by.

Sorry that it took so long. Well I wish you a happy new year.