Summary: What if Bella was a mutant and the only one who could unite the X-men and Brotherhood/ Magneto and followers because she has family ties to both? What if she was sent to Forks to hide and for protection from Stryker? Definite OOCness some pairings are undecided. Will have a few Ocs.

A/N: This has been in my head for a while, I can now understand what people say about plot bunnies though I wouldn't say they are evil they're more persistent. Anyways, the persistent plot bunnies wouldn't leave me alone even though I'm working on other things, so here this is though I do want some opinions before I get to far into the story.

Need to Know:

This is Bella's family tree

Magneto is her great uncle because in my story he had a twin sister named Erica.

Erica is her grandmother and married Professor X, so Prof. X is her grandpa.

Erica and Xavier had a daughter Sarah who is Bella's mom.

Sarah married Logan, Logan is Bella's dad.

Sabertooth is her uncle.

Kitty and Colossus are her godparents.

Gambit is her adopted uncle/ honorary uncle.

In this story I'm switching Kitty and Storm so Kitty would be one of the teachers in the School and storm would be the student. When Bella was born Kitty, Colossus, and Gambit are around seventeen.



Xavier/ OC

Wolverine/ OC

Rogue/ Bobby

Kitty/ Colossus




Opinions Needed:

Who do you want Bella to be with? I am most comfortable with cannon couples but I'm not sure if that's what I want for this story.

You can also make suggestions for other pairings and I will take them into consideration.

Do you want a few chapters of scenes with Bella growing up or just the first chapter when she's growing up and then skip to going to Forks?

What should Bella's powers be?

A) healing factor, mental shield, telekinesis, magnetism, enhanced senses

B) healing factor, mental/physical shield, telepathy, claws, enhanced senses, magnetism and telekinesis

C) healing factor, claws, mental shield, magnetism(original powers) after being captured by stryker and experimented on gain the power of uncontrolled copying of powers ( copies power by just being near a person/ vampire w/ power and has it permanently and gets it slightly more powerful than original person ex. Alice can't see the wolves, Bella can)

D)other suggestions

Any questions put in review or PM

First chapter should be up by Wednesday