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Chapter 2 Manifestations and Death

2 years later

Charles was visiting to help Sarah with Bella while Logan was away. Logan left a few days previously and was looking for the new mutant that Cerebro picked up and Bella hadn't spoken since he left. Sarah was getting worried and asked Charles to come over to see if he could get her to talk but so far they had been unsuccessful. Sarah had finally had enough and decided to read her mind to see if she could find out what was wrong. She tried to read Bella's mind but was shocked to find she couldn't.

"Dad, come here!" Sarah called. Charles came in and asked " What is it, dear?"

"I can't read Bella's mind and I would like you to try since my telepathy isn't as powerful as yours."

"Alright," he replied as he concentrated on reading Bella's mind but was just as shocked as Sarah had been when he failed.


"I can't read her mind either."

"Do you think it's a power that's manifested? I know she should be way to young for a power to have manifested since most don't till the age of at least 12, but is it possible?"

"It is the most probable thing. I would say she has a mental shield and if it's already manifested and is so strong it will probably grow to Omega level as she gets older. Though if this will be her only power I don't know."

Sarah and Charles stayed in stunned silence until they became even more shocked when Bella spoke, "Ma, where Dada?"

4 years later

It had been six years since Bella was born and the Howlett family was camping in the Rockies. They had discovered most of Bella's powers. Her mental shield when she was two and her claws and healing factor when she was four. Sarah and Bella were setting up camp while Logan was getting firewood. Sarah was watching Bella attempt to build the tent on the other side of the campsite when she heard a twig snap behind her, before she could turn to see what it was a red eyed women with fiery red hair had run up to her snapped her neck and started drinking her blood. Bella turned after hearing a snap and saw the woman bite into her mother's neck and start drinking her blood. She screamed and Logan heard her, dropped the firewood and started running back to camp. The red haired woman looked up and noticed Bella for the first time. She started towards Bella and Bella threw her hands up, as she did everything metal started flying at the woman and upon contact joined together to try and restrain her. The metal did slow down the woman but didn't stop her. Just as she got within five feet of Bella, Logan ran into the clearing and froze. He took in the scene quickly the first thing he saw was his wife's dead body then saw the red haired woman going after Bella and Bella attempting to fend he off. He let out his claws and a ferocious roar that would put a vampire to shame. The woman whipped around in his direction and got into as offensive a crouch as she could with the metal still around her. Logan attacked her and managed to cut off two fingers on her right hand before she fled. Logan almost went after her but before he could he heard Bella sobbing and it pulled him out of his anger fueled haze. He pocketed the fingers the Professor or one of his old friends could identify the woman with them, committed the scent to memory, and turned to see Bella crying over her mother. He went to her and checked her over for injuries before picking her up and holding her close while he called the Professor.

"Hello?" Charles replied after the third ring.

"Chuck, I need you to send someone to pick me and Bella up now," Logan replied in a gruff and sad tone. Charles heard the sadness and was immediately worried.

"Why? What happened? Is Sarah alright? Are you and Bella alright?"

"We were attacked. I don't know who or possibly even what, but I went to get firewood and I heard Bella scream. I came back and . . . And. . . Sarah's dead, Chuck. Some thing killed her and she was goin' after Bella when I got here. Bella has another power, the power of magnetism. Bring victor and someone to take Bella back to the manor and look after her."

"Sarah's dead," Charles replied his voice choked with tears and there was a long pause, "What do you mean some thing killed her?"

"I mean that woman weren't human and ain't no mutant neither."

"Victor, Erik, Kitty, and I will be there soon."

"Bye, Chuck." He hung up and sat down on a log holding his daughter close as she cried. He put his chin on her head and let the tears fall as he waited.

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