Lucy X Natsu

Ever since Lucy had met Natsu, she had felt warm, safe, and loved. She never felt the lonliness, or the bad influence upon her. She was more than happy. This is all she could ever asked for. But what about Natsu? Does he feel anything from her?

Lucy walked by herself home every day. No one to talk with, no one to love. But she was smiling. All she can do was smile.

Every morning, she'd see Natsu and Lisanna talking and laughing. Lucy has never seen Natsu so happy before. It was like the light of Lisanna was shining upon him. Lisanna meant alot to Natsu. He was scared to lose her. Natsu was over protecting her. Lucy knows why. Her and Natsu has been over this discussion.


"Natsu! You can't even go on a single mission with me? You partner?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy! Its not that! I dont want to lose Lisanna like I did last time. I want her near by! I got to stay with her," Natsu said, "She's my friend..." he said.

"I'm your friend too!" Lucy said.

"Lucy! Try to understand Natsu's point!" Ezra said, "Lisanna was everything to Natsu and Happy. You can't just take that way from them" Ezra said.

"What? Take it away?" Lucy asked, "Huh" Lucy sighed, "Fine, if thats what you want, Natsu. Im ok with it. As long as your happy. Then i'll be fine," Lucy covered her anger from a moment ago.

"Lucy" Natsu Whisper.

"Lucy, are you really ok with it?" Gray asked.

"Yeah, Since Natsu's new partner is Lisanna, And Gray has Juvia, I'll stick solo. I need to get strong and be independent anywyas" Lucy smiled. Lucy was very bipolar.

""Lucy I never said Lisanna was my new partner. She's just gonna tag along with me" Natsu said.

"yeah" Lucy said.

"So your really ok with it?" Natsu asked.

"Of course!" Lucy smiled, "Why wouldn't I? Lisanna is your soon to be wife right?"

"What?"NAtsu asked. Lucy had gone too far.

"Lucy" Ezra stared, "You've gone far enough" Ezra said.

"What?" Lucy asked, "I'm just saying, since Lisanna says they promised each other when little," Lucy said usuall. It pained her to say that.

"Well, as long as your ok Lucy! Well I'll talk to you guys later! I'm going to see Lisanna!" Natsu ran off.

End FlashBAck

"I'll be ok" Lucy smiled, "Mira I need to talk to the Master. Is he in?" Lucy smiled.

"Of course" Mira smiled. As Lucy open the door, the Master was dancing.

"Master..."Lucy stared.

"Oh" Master coughed, "I'm sorry, well, Lucy what have you come here for?" he turned off the music.

"Oh, well I got a letter from my father, from my mother, My mom was the celestial Queen...which makes me the princess ...right?" Lucy asked.

"Yes. Seems like your finally awaken," Master said.

"Yes...sort of," Lucy said.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked.

"Master, its about my mother. How did she really die?" Lucy asked.

"Well, in that letter there should be a mission. Its dangerous. very. Your mom was the only one who tooken that mission and accomplsihed it. But you should know...that on this mission if you take it, you will find out about your mother. What happen. The pain. Just like your pain now with Natsu," Master said.

"I understand," She accepted it, "I would like to take this mission," She became silent, "By myself"

"Are you sure?" Master asked.

"Well there is no one I can take. Natsu has Lisanna. Well, maybe I can take Ezra and Gray, and Wendy. Is that fine?" Lucy asked.

"Ezra is going on a 3 year mission. Gray is going with her and they are taking Juvia. Wendy and Charle is going to another mission for a couple months" Master said.

"I see. well, I have Loki, and my keys. And my mother's will," Lucy smiled.

"Lucy, behind smiles, are also pain. Behind tears are happiness. Do you understand?" the small Master asked.

"Master, I understand fully well what you mean. But, there is no one to cry to" Lucy smiled, "Although we've been through that from the attack of the phantom. I know. But Master. I believe that crying is not the easiest thing to do. And besides, there are alot of other things I can do beside cry," Lucy smiled.

"Ok, its all up to you Lucy. Are you going to tell Natsu?" Master asked.

"Uhh...I dont see a reason to. Well, wish me good lucj Master!" Lucy smiled.

"Lucy, you have to be careful...especially being the celestial princess too," Master said.

"Of course" Lucy smiled exiting.

AS she exit, she saw Natsu and Lisanna smiling.

Their happy, she thought.

"Mira, I'll be heading out!" Lucy smiled.

"Ok, good luck! Wait! What about telling Natsu?" Mira asked.

"Oh, well you can tell him. I really got to go!" Lucy didn't want to show any signs of hurt. She's weak, and she knows that. But she was not weak for she held in her tears, her happiness.

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