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"Well...Team Natsu's here." Natsu smirked at them but stopped turning his head and looked at his Lucy.

"Long time no see." Natsu set his hand and extended. Erza smirked and set her hands ontop of his hands. Gray and Juvia did the same as well. But staring at Lucy who was hesitating. Natsu smirked and said, "What's wrong? Queen of Celestial?"

"Nothing...King of All." She joked stacking her hands ontop of theirs.

"THIS IS FAIRY TAIL'S STRONGESET TEAM!" It was like old times a memory to be memorized.

Chapter 20

"Who will be the strongest out of us?" Natsu smirked at Lucy.

"Will it always be Erza?" Gray asked.

"Of course." Erza smirked, "But...I don't know this time." Erza sighed.

"WE'RE HERE!" Happy flew to Natsu giving his daddy a big hug.

"HAPPY!" Natsu cried, "I missed you so much!"

"I MISS YOU TOO!" Happy cried, "And, LUCY!" Happy hugged Lucy. As Happy cried hugging Lucy, Lucy didn't know what to do...or what to say.

What can she do? Tell them she's sorry...? or...tell them that it'll be ok? no. She don't know. Her heart raced. This is all messed up now. Everything that they enjoyed...will they ever get to do it again?

"Stop worrying." Natsu sat in a corner staring at her.

"Huh?" Lucy asked.

"Stop putting up an act...and stop being someone you're not Lucy." Natsu sighed standing up and walking pass Gray, Juvia and Erza.

"There is no sacrifice...nor will there be...a revolution war...where You're the evil one. Stop being such a weirdo Lucy." He hugged her and Happy.

"Sorry." Lucy hugged them back.

"I can't help it." Erza smirked, "GROUP HUG!" Erza smacked Lucy's and Natsu's face together making their heads bruised.

"I guess ya'll heard I'm a villian now." Erza smirked.

"'s top news for 3 years now." Gray sighed, "How could we not know?"

"Well...then I guess you know the truth?" Erza smirked.

"Know what?" Natsu asked.

"I guess not. Well, let's head to Fairy Tail. I think...something happening."

"Well...obvious..we've been training for 3 years for what?" Gray sighed and stared at Juvia.

"What's up?" Gray asked.

"Nothing." She was serious.

"Wow..." Natsu smirked, "You two are close!"

"Well..being with each other for about 3 years...they probably started dating!" Erza joked. Lucy still hasn't said much.

"Hey." Natsu sighed and grabbed Lucy's hands, "We'll be back later guys, go on with out us." Natsu ran with Lucy.

"Well, I can run with out you!" Lucy sighed.

"I know." Natsu smiled, "But...I just wanted to hold your hand." Sitting at the big tree at Magnolia's park they sat in silence.

"Natsu." Lucy said, "You know..."

"Lucy, let me go first. You shouldn't..." Natsu smiled, "Don't ever leave me again. I can help you more than you think." Natsu sighed, "Stop being selfish...and let me know. I'm your partner."

"Partner..." Lucy smiled.

"Yeah." Natsu smiled, "Fairy Tail...we're your family. No matter what, home will always be there for you."

"Yeah..I'm sorry." Lucy smiled.

"" Natsu hugged her, "Lucy, I don't know...but I needed to hug you again." Natsu was secretly crying. All this time...this boy's feelings he held inside. The pain he felt...that pain he felt with out her. When he needed her the most she wasn't there, and now she's here. Lucy smiled and hugged him back with more passion.

"I'm sorry Natsu. Cry." She patted his back and let the boy cry. This wasn't the first time he cried in front of her.


"Where are they?" Master asked

"They're probably loving each other somewhere." Happy teased.

"Well...we're missing them and one more group." Master said.

"Who?" Cana asked drinking.

"Are we late?" The white haired family was here. WHY? (OBVIOUS^_^)

"No. You're not." Erza hugged Mirajane, "I' glad you're safe."

"Of course Erza." Mirajane smiled.

"I'm glad you all are." Erza smiled at Elfman and Lisanna.

"This is what a man's about!" Elfman smiled.

"Where's Evergreen?" Freed asked.

"She's in safety." Elfman smiled in reassurance.

"Where are they?" Lisanna smiled.

"They wanted a big entrance so they're coming in late." Gajeel walked down the stares.

"LEVY!" Lisanna hugged her, "I haven't seen you in so long! Your hair grown!"

"So did your's." Levy smiled. The blued hair girl's hair had grown, but it wasn't just her hair, but her body too.

"Juvia..." Gajeel patted the water woman's back.

"Gajeel." Juvia mad a weird aura as if she was cautious at all time.

"What's wrong?" He whispered. Gray was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"You'll see." Juvia was serious.

"Don't worry Gajeel." Gray smiled, "She just need to calm down a little. I'm sorry Juvia." Gray smiled.

"No Gray." Juvia gave him an innocent but serious look, "It's...them." She stared at the door, and there, Natsu entered with Lucy. He kicked the door open.

And that...was all they needed.

This is what the guild needed.

The smiling faces of the two who were suffering around the situation.

The two who were paining, from the situations their parents created.


The guild..

Was being there

Like a family

waiting for their kids to come home

Waiting for them two legendary

to come home.

ALL this 3 years... Fairy Tail was broken with confusion.

And now it's back. A completion, of a real Fairy Tail.

"My childrens...I've waited too long." Master thought, "All this time...I watched over them. This weak old man can rest with ease. My two kids that...that I love dearly. This Fairy Tail. Will be an eternal happy ending...till death departs us all."

"LET'S PARTY!" Master yelled.

"Lucy!" Wendy hugged her. That small little girl was still growing but she grew beautiful for a start.

"Wendy." Lucy smiled, "Everyone grew their hairs...except for you and Erza." Lucy smiled touching Wendy's hair.

"Yeah. It was getting in the way." Wendy smiled.

"Yeah." Wendy smiled. AS they all connect all again and caught up with their past, they all enjoyed this. It was like old time.

"Master." Mirajane smiled. Her hair was in a big bun that was beautifully designed, "I hope you've been doing good."

"I have mira." He smiled. He was crying.

"Don't cry master!" Natsu smiled.

"I can't help it!" He wiped it but the tears kept coming. Everyone was crying of joy.

This moments...that will never fade, will live.

"YOU KIDS!" Master stood up raising his hands with that pointer. Their signature move. Laxus smiled in the corner remembering the times that these little kids were just getting in trouble..and now they're getting into a world wide trouble.

I need to keep this generations going, Laxus smiled.

"Laxus." MIrajane smiled, "You doing good?"

"Always." He smiled.

"Good." She smiled.

"IN THIS WORLD RIGHT NOW. This is going to be a tough fight. But we ALL will survive it all. Every single moments and every fights. We'll pass this and go to the next fights. Together as Fairy Tail, we're going to the TOP WHERE A FAMILY SHOULD BE! WHERE FAIRY TAIL IS! kids...listen well." He cried, "YOU BRATZ NEEd to realize...that we are family. We have each other's back." Makarov laughed with tears, "FAIRY TAIL IS YOU HOME! AND...I LOVE YOU GOOD BALLS!" He smiled.

"WE LOVE YOU TOO!" Everyone was hugging on another, and everyone was wiping each other's tears.

"I love you." Gray held Juvia close.

"I know." Juvia sighed.

"What's wrong really Juvia? You were excited about meeting everyone." Gray said.

"Listen Gray." Juvia cupped his cheeks, "I don't know if you see what I see...but..."

"But what?" Gray asked.

"But...everyone has a mark on them." Juvia cried.

"What mark?" He asked.

"The mark of Fairy Tail's DEATH!" Juvia cried on her knees.

"What?" He stared and he finally saw what she saw. The barrier...that Natsu once showed him when they were small. It was that barrier that Lucy had...and it was that barrier...that he hated the sight of. It scared him...and it still does.

Gray held Juvia in his arms and he whispered in her ears.

"Listen Juvia...You're not the only one who's scared." Gray kissed her cheeks.

"Why? Why are they happy?" Juvia asked, "I don't want to loose anyone?"

"Juvia..." He held her hands.

"Love birds." Natsu smiled.

"Juvia!" Lucy smiled.

"Juvia!" Juvia heard her name from everyone.

"Don't worry Juvia!" Lisanna smiled.

"Stop being such an idiot!" Gajeel smirked.

"You're not alone on this. We're all scared to death...but...this means that...we'll all go together. Isn't it much funner that way too?" Gray smiled.

"What?" Natsu smirked, "When You have YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOU!" He smirked standing up on the tables, "THERE'S NOTHING TO FEAR!" He smiled.

"Yeah..." Juvia smiled, " OK~" She was back on her feet, and with Gray who was trembling too, hey held hands. And partied that entire night.

There was one thing missing...

one important piece.-where is he? Was he the bad guy? Or good? If he's good why wasn't he there? If he was does it all play to pieces?


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