That's it. It's time I embrace my true brony-ness and write my own Pony fic. Hope everyone likes it, yadda yadda.

Ah, Equestria. Such a beautiful land. Peace and harmony reigned supreme, whenever there wasn't something evil trying to take over and cause chaos. The usual stuff.

Still, there was a certain trio was not satisfied. The Cutie Mark Crusaders, of course, were looking for their cutie marks, and were not going to let anything stop them! As always.

Apple Bloom sighed. "Well, the doctor idea didn't work out. What's next, Crusaders?"

Scootaloo threw her little hooves in the air. "I don't know, I don't know, I DON'T KNOW!"

"Calm down," urged Sweetie Belle. "We can't get our cutie marks by freaking out…or can we?"

Pinkie Pie hopped over, cheerfully. "I'd like to see that! Let's freak out together!"

Apple Bloom collapsed on the ground. "No thanks, Pinkie Pie. This isn't a game. We really, really, really, wanna get our cutie marks."

(To the tune of "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled(

Apple Bloom: We've tried dancing, animation

Cooking and aviation

We've even tried out zookeeping and knitting

But despite try after try

We can't help but sit and cry

We just can't find a cutie mark that's fitting

Can't you just see something on my poor bare tushie

Until then, we're all stuck in the dark

We keep dreaming of the day when we finally all can say

We've really got our own cutie marks

All Three: Our cutie marks

Our cutie marks

Apple Bloom: Maybe I have a knack for building arks?

Maybe I was a born painter

Or a sailor or a saint or

Who knows, I've gotta find my cutie mark

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle: La la la la la la la la la la la la la

Scootaloo: Though I do look pretty cuddly

That girly stuff ain't for me

But I still want a mark to make me cuter

Oh, to get one is my dream

I am about ready to scream

Maybe my mark is all about my scooter

Maybe I was meant to be a famous racer

Dashing all around out for a lark

But I've raced for quite a while

I have made it my own style

And even now there is no cutie mark

All Three: Our cutie marks

Our cutie marks

Scootaloo: I have left so many tracks out in the park

But despite my constant zooming

All I've got is failure looming

I guess that it won't get a cutie mark

Sweetie Belle: There was that time we were salesponies

Apple Bloom: Or that time we explored in the woods

Sweetie Belle: Tried panning for gold

Apple Bloom: Volunteering for the old

All Three: Looked for oil

All that toil

Left us with bruises and boils

Scootaloo: And don't get us started on the carnival

Sweetie Belle: I've been told I'm good at singing

But the stage fright is stinging

So then I tried my hooves out on some sewing

But the clothes could not be worn

Cause the fabric got all torn

I really should have sensed the trouble brewing

Our cutie marks

Our cutie marks

I wanna think and really make some sparks

I feel that it is my duty

To prove that I'm a real cutie

And finally get my dear cutie mark!

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom: Our cutie marks

Sweetie Belle: Our cutie marks

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom: Our cutie marks

Sweetie Belle: Our cutie marks

All Three: We want something that makes the ponies hark

And all the dogs bark

Apple Bloom: So we'll just have to keep going

Scootaloo: Keep our winds of fury blowing

Sweetie Belle: Until we find our precious cutie marks

Apple Bloom: Our cutie marks

Sweetie Belle: Our cutie marks

Scootaloo: Our cutie marks

Apple Bloom: Our cutie marks

Sweetie Belle: Our cutie marks

Scootaloo: Our cutie marks

All Three: Until we find our precious cutie marks!


"I know something you haven't tried…" said Pinkie Pie, in a sing-song sort of voice.

"WHAT?" the trio cried eagerly.

"Musical theater!" Pinkie Pie happily replied.

The trio looked crestfallen.

"We did too try musical theater!" whined Scootaloo. "Remember the talent show?"

"That wasn't real theater," said Pinkie Pie. "I mean a full story with songs and everything! I love musicals! I wish life was like one."

Apple Bloom considered reminding Pinkie Pie of the song they had just performed, but decided not to.

"I have a ton of scripts in my room!" said Pinkie Pie. "I got them at somepony's garage sale, but I haven't had time to read them yet! Come on!"

The Cutie Mark Crusaders hurried after Pinkie Pie. This could be it!