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Chris woke with a pounding head and a body that felt as though he'd been the loser in a boxing ring. He turned onto his back and felt pain shoot through him. This was why people should not drink alcohol. At least he'd reached his goal – he'd drunk himself stupid and then passed out.

His memory was intact. The obligatory memory loss that came with alcohol apparently did not affect him. He wanted to forget Wyatt was here and what he had said last night. How he was protecting his family? What the hell was wrong with him?

He cracked his eyes open and quickly shut them, groaning. He wanted to crawl into a nice comfy bed and just stay there. He hated this responsibility he felt constantly.

Footsteps. He cracked his eyes open and saw Phoebe walking into the living room with a glass of water. He tried to sit up a little, but failed.

"Here sweetie. It's got paracetomol in it." He took the drink gratefully and drank it down in a couple swigs.

"Thanks." He lay back down, face half buried in the pillow.

"I can't feel your emotions anymore." She said quietly, sitting down on the coffee table opposite him.

Chris thought about it, and then replied, "I just feel empty. Like I have nothing left in me to give. No reason to fight."

Phoebe frowned at him and then reached into her pocket. Chris didn't see what she pulled out until it was in front of his face.

It was his engagement ring. The memory of Wyatt proposing flashed through his mind again.

"Maybe you should wear it to remind you of what you are fighting for. What's at stake if we fail and who will lose if you give up."

Chris took a deep breath and nodded, slipping the ring onto his right hand instead of his left. Phoebe knelt down next to him and ran her hands through his hair.

"You are not alone anymore Chris. You have our support and our protection. We will not let him hurt you and we will save him from whatever turned him. I promise you that."

Chris wished he could believe that, but there was no way Phoebe could know for sure that Wyatt could be saved. Besides, history told him that hope nearly always led to disappointment, or worse.

"Thank you, but you can't protect me from Wyatt. If he sets his sight on something, he will follow through. He is too powerful to stop."

"From what I understand, no one has ever tried to stop him."

Chris looked at Phoebe then, realising that she was right. Demons had tried to stop him, but the power of three had been destroyed before Wyatt turned evil. Would they have the power to stop him if he tried something?

He felt something akin to hope fill him and realised his headache was gone. The room spun a little when he sat up, but he ignored it. He still felt weak, but Phoebe was right. He couldn't just sit here and cry his way into the same future. He had to change it and to do that he had to find the evil that turned Wyatt and destroy it.

"We should have a meeting. You all know more now and maybe you can fill in the gaps that I can't." He suggested, standing up and taking Phoebe's hand.

"Everyone else is in the kitchen. Come on, you should eat." Chris groaned but followed Phoebe.

As he walked into the kitchen, everyone stopped talking and turned to look at him. He took a deep breath and carried on, sitting in the first chair that he found.

"Morning." He said, not looking any of them in the eye.

"How are you feeling?" asked Paige.

"Like I drank an entire bottle of Vodka in less than 30 minutes and then passed out on a freezing cold bridge."

Paige nodded and replied, "It's what you wanted, plus the freezing cold bridge. At least you'll never do that again."

Chris shook his head, remembering the first time she had said that to him, with a smile.

"Why are you smiling?"

"You said that the last time I drank myself into oblivion. It's only happened once before. I don't drink because I lose control of my powers when I do."

Paige looked proud, then frowned. "You didn't listen to my words of wisdom though, did you?"

"Yes, I did. I just no longer cared last night." Chris took a deep breath and then looked at the sisters and Leo who was feeding baby Wyatt. "We should talk about Wyatt. We need to figure out what turned him and I think if we all knock ideas off each other we might get somewhere. I've tried everything I can think of and gotten nowhere."

"We understand why you didn't tell us Chris. We wouldn't have believed you, and probably would have attacked you. But you need to promise us that you will be honest from now on. No more manipulating us. Trust works both ways – you need to trust us if we trust you."

Chris nodded. "I do trust you Leo. All of you. You're my family. I was just trying to protect you. Since I failed to do that, the least I can do is be honest from now on."

"Fine, if you're going to be honest, you can start now. Who's Piper?" Chris turned to look at Piper, eyes wide. Of all things to ask him she had gone right for the bullseye.

He shook his head. They had a right to know. "Our daughter."

Paige spoke up. "You adopted a child? You're 21!"

Chris shook his head. "We didn't adopt. She's mine and Wyatt's." Chris looked at each of them, with their confused or shocked faces and decided to go the whole hog. "Apparently, male succubi can conceive." He said, staring at his hands playing with an imaginary something on the table.

"You're telling me that Wyatt got you pregnant?" said Paige, eyes wide. She was holding a piece of bread up in the air as she was about to take a bite when he broke the news.

Chris nodded, feeling awkward. As much as he loved his daughter and loved being pregnant, he had still found it a very strange experience, especially where his family were concerned.

"She looks just like Wyatt," Chris pointed at baby Wyatt, "and Piper," Chris pointed at Piper who was stood staring at him in shock, "but with long blond curly hair and green eyes like mine."

"Does that make her a succubus too?" asked Phoebe, who had taken a seat on the stool next to the bench.

Chris smiled. "You asked that the first time, too. But no, she's not. She's only one quarter succubus, and since the gene is recessive as it is, she didn't receive it. She's full blooded witch. Not even any Whitelighter."

"Do you want some pancakes? They're chocolate chip." Asked Piper. Her face was impassive and Chris really hoped she stayed this way, if he was honest. He couldn't bare the idea of her mothering him.

Chris smiled. "My favourite. Thank you."

"So, what progress has been made so far?" asked Phoebe once he had started eating his pancakes.

"Together, we have wiped out Wyatt's entire army in the future. Any demon I came in contact with when he was the Source has been vanquished."

"And that hasn't changed anything? Does that mean that whoever turned him died before he became the source?"

Chris shook his head. "I didn't meet all of Wyatt's demons. Mostly just the guard."

"He's obviously got different ones now if he is still the Source. Were there any other demons that stood out?" Leo questioned.

Chris shook his head. "Whatever happened to Wyatt happened before your second child was born. I don't know what happened around that time."

"When was our second child born?"

"You tell me." He turned to Piper. "Are you pregnant yet?"

She opened her mouth to automatically disagree, then turned to Leo and blushed.

Paige spoke up. "You stayed here last night, Leo."

Leo blushed as well, and then nodded.

"Ew." Said Chris, cringing at the idea of his in-laws in bed.

"I'm going to be an auntie again?" she looked at Chris, who nodded his head. "So that gives us less than nine months to find the threat to Wyatt and stop it when we have no idea what or who it is or where to start?"

"Pretty much." Chris agreed.

"I've been thinking about what Wyatt said last night about how someone who was supposed to be good could do something evil, and what I felt about him being betrayed by someone which led to more pain. What if someone good did this? Someone we all trusted?"

"But why would someone we trust want to turn Wyatt evil?" asked Chris.

"Maybe they weren't trying to turn him evil? Maybe they wanted his power for something? Or maybe they had turned evil without us knowing?"

Leo turned to him. "Does this sound familiar Chris? Was there anyone in the future that Wyatt had a grudge against?"

Chris shrugged. "I don't know. He always had a problem with the Elders, but I assumed that was because you were an Elder. You were never around and everyone resented the Elders for that. He did have an issue with Gideon though. When he first turned evil, he hunted Gideon down and publicly destroyed him after keeping him prisoner for months. I always asked why he chose Gideon, why he couldn't have used any elder that was easier to find because it took Wyatt a lot of time to locate him. He just said it had to be Gideon."

"Who's Gideon?" asked Paige.

"My old mentor. He runs Magic School and was one of the Elders that supported our marriage." He gestured to Piper.

"Magic school?"

Leo nodded. "It's exactly what it sounds like. A school for magical children."

"Why would an elder want to turn Wyatt evil? That doesn't make sense!" said Piper, throwing the saucepan she had been washing into the sink. The clatter made everyone jump.

"We could ask him." Said Paige.

Chris turned to her. "Excuse me?"

"Wyatt I mean. We could just ask him why he hates Gideon."

"I told you. I have asked him. He would never tell me why."

"You never cast the truth spell on him, did you?" she said, smirking at him.

"No, I did not, because it would have gotten me killed!"

Phoebe stood up and started pacing. "Paige is on to something. If we can get him here and trap him in the crystal cage, we can cast the spell and ask him what he remembers."

Chris stood up and sarcastically put in, "Right, and how do we stop him from killing us all?"

"Can we cast a spell to temporarily bind his power while he's here?" asked Phoebe.

Leo replied. "You should be able to. The Power of Three should be enough. Since he's in this time and therefore sharing baby Wyatt's power, you should be able to block big Wyatt's access to it."

"Let's write a spell. Then we can see if this is feasible." Said Piper. She walked over to Wyatt and picked him up, walking from the room. Phoebe and Paige followed him. Chris just sighed and put his head in his hands.

This could not work. Could it?

"Have faith in them, Chris. They know what they're doing."

Chris shook his head. "No, they have no idea what they're dealing with. Wyatt isn't just another demon or another Halliwell even. Wyatt had every demon doing his bidding because no demon was strong enough to oppose him. No witch. Not even the elders could fight him."

"How many years have you been part of this family, Chris? You should know them better than that."

Chris shook his head again. "No. I have never been part of this family, and I'd prefer it if you stopped pretending you like me because you know the truth."

Chris orbed up to the attic. He would put his two cents in – he would not sit by idly and watch Wyatt kill his family.

Chris had warned, threatened, bribed and then begged the sisters to rethink casting this spell on Wyatt, but the Halliwell stubbornness was shining through pretty well and he had had no luck so far.

Part of Chris was well aware that this was a good idea, and if it worked then they would probably find out what turned Wyatt. Another part was terrified.

Don't piss off Wyatt.

That was the one lesson he had learnt a long time ago and had never forgotten. Wyatt was terrifying when he was angry and Chris had always hated seeing him like that. Chris was also unsure of exactly how much Wyatt would hold back when it came to his family.

Did Wyatt really need them alive?

Chris wasn't sure what would happen and he was scared to find out.

"Done!" Paige said, holding a piece of paper in the air. Chris looked over, dread filling him. Piper grabbed the spell off her and read it before nodding and passing it to Phoebe, who did the same. The crystal cage had been set up already and the plan was to somehow lure Wyatt into it.

They stood behind the book of shadows, truth spell on the page showing. Chris just stared wide-eyed at them. What was he to do? Run and hide?

He was not a coward, damn it.

He took a seat on the couch on the other side of the room to the book. He'd be a silent observer. His heart beat was racing, his breathing shallow. He was not having a panic attack. He wasn't.

They were interrupted from actually casting the spell by Wyatt crying down the baby monitor. "Mama". Chris couldn't recall Wyatt ever having speaking a proper word in this time. He watched as Piper looked at the monitor for barely a second before running out the door.

Chris orbed down to the nursery and spotted a demon pointing a sceptre at Wyatt, who had his shield up to protect him. Chris threw the demon into the hallway, before stepping closer to Wyatt. Chris noted that Wyatt did not drop his shield.

Piper blew the demon up just outside the nursery before running in to check on Wyatt. "Is he OK?"

Chris took a step back so Piper could check him over. Wyatt dropped his shield as soon as Chris stepped back, allowing Piper to grab Wyatt.

Phoebe and Paige came in not long after that. Piper spoke to them, ignoring Chris. "That demon was holding the same rod as the one I blew up this morning."

Phoebe spoke up first. "We should get Leo to check with the Elders."

Piper nodded and walked out the room and down the stairs. Chris decided to stick with Phoebe and Paige for now; he was getting tired of all the drama. They led the way back up the stairs to the attic.

Chris didn't bother grilling them over the fact they didn't tell him that a demon attacked Wyatt this morning. He had been unconscious, after all.

Paige started looking through the book with Phoebe watching over her shoulder. Only a few pages were turned before Phoebe turned to look at Chris.

He could see she was curious about something, and had to resist the urge to roll his eyes.

"So what powers does Wyatt have?" Before Chris could say something along the lines of future consequences, she continued. "Don't you think we need to know what we're fighting against?"

Something about the word fighting sent a shiver down Chris' spine, but he realised they were right. Perhaps if he opened their eyes to what they were facing, they would change their minds.

"So far you've seen Orbing, Energy Balls and Invisibility. He also has all of your powers, plus he's gained some over the years from killing elders, witches and demons."

They looked at him wide-eyed and Chris felt satisfaction at the thought that he'd shocked them into reality.

"I couldn't sense his Empathy." Said Phoebe, voice cracking slightly.

"Doesn't surprise me. Wyatt hates emotions; he takes a potion to suppress that power."

Chris recalled quite fondly when Wyatt found out he was an Empath. It had been his 18th birthday, the year of complete magical maturity. Chris had been 15 still, but soon to turn 16. Chris and Wyatt had been together for a few months already and they had been on a date or sorts. They had actually just gone to the movies.

Wyatt had whispered something in his ear about the movie they were watching and Chris turned to look at him, smiling. Wyatt leaned forward and took hold of Chris' chin, pulling him forward to meet Wyatt's lips half way. The kiss was gentle yet strong and made Chris' stomach fill with butterflies.

When Wyatt pulled back, Chris had stared into Wyatt's eyes with a smile on his face and Wyatt had said, "I love you too."

Chris's jaw and dropped and he stared wide-eyed at a wide-eyed Wyatt.

He remembered Wyatt looked so scared and vulnerable. Chris had then realised what happened and smiled, saying. "I love you."

It had been the first time they had told each other how they felt, and summed their relationship up to a T. They had never been traditional; things were done backwards or not at all. They had gone against all the rules when a Whitelighter had impregnated a demon.

Chris refused to recall the event that caused Wyatt to suppress his empathy power. From that day on, Wyatt had only ever stopped taking the potion when he wanted to use another's power against them. That was in the end what made Wyatt lethal and practically unstoppable.

Chris was pulled from his thoughts by Leo orbing back into the room. Piper was stood with her sisters and Chris had to wonder when she had walked in.

"We know who attacked Wyatt, and think they're going to attack again."

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