Dusk Rider: "What's up?"

Shadow: "Hey."

DR: "So you happy with the plain shadow?"

Shadow: "Not at all."

DR: "Hey, don't hate."

Shadow: "I have the right to hate this plain!"

DR: "You may be awesome but that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk."

Shadow: "Well, lest you can do is removing this from the story."

DR: "Now what fun would that be, now into the story!"

*A grey portal appeared behind shadow that was shucked in.*

Shadow: "This is so not cool!"

*Suddenly Joker and Harley came into my room."

Joker: "Hey kiddo how you doing?" *Smiling like the manic he is again.*

Harley: "Hello nice to meet you and thanks for the help."

DR: "No problem, but joker why are you and Harley here?"

Joker: "Old bats came by our house and we had to leave and since that were our last hideout and the others were caught again so we need a place to crash."

DR: "How did that happen?"

Joker: "The one's were friends with were in a big robbery Harley's birthday and unfortunately it was a trap, so tell we can make a jail break they're stuck eating that lousy food."

DR: "That stinks, but still why my house?"

Joker: "Simple the others are staying here so why not?"

Harley: "Also I wanted to see shade again he is such a good kid."

DR: "Ok what are you doing for the rest of the story?"

Joker: "Don't know we'll think of something."

Harley: "How about we blow something up?"

Joker: "But what?"

DR: "How about we ask around and blow up the top three things everyone hates at the end of the chapter?"

Joker: "Sounds good."

Harley: "This is going to be so much fun!"

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DR: "Joker! Put down the toxic chemicals nice and easy."

Joker: "Kill joy…"

I don't own anyone in this story except the OC's like shade.

*action*, "taking", 'thinking'

Unknown POV:

A girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and a blue dress leading a short figure that looked like hedgehog into what looked like a space ship.

The hedgehog enters as the girl closes it.

? "It's getting away!"

The girl: "Be safe shadow and live for both of us."

Shadow: *Banging on the glass.* "Please let me out, we can make it together."

The girl: "It is too late for me."

*The girl pushed a few keys before the ship started moving. The girl fell to the ground after a boom was heard.*

Shadow: "Maria!"

*Suddenly the twin voices of Jason and Shade are heard as the scene was replaced with a Jason in the darkness of his room sitting straight up.*

The fused voices of Jason, and shade: "Maria!"

*Everyone in the house came rushing in Rose turned on the lights to reveal a red eyed, with a red striped in his black hair, panting and sweeting Jason.*

Rose: "My god what happened?"

Gramps: "I don't know, this has never happened before."

Jason: *Looking at the others in the room glared at them with such coldness they froze.* "Who are you?" * No one responded as he got out of bed looking at his hands his eye's widening in shock* "What the hell happened to me? Answer now!"

Rose: "Jason what's wrong?" *The boy froze as he saw her.*

Jason: *Quickly shaking his head* "No, that can't be her… Who is this Jason?" *Not looking rose in the eyes.*

Fu Dog: "What are you talking about Jason is you unless your shade."

'Jason': * His body surrounded by shadows as he changed into what looked like a humanoid hedgehog with black fur with red highlights, white gloves, red sneakers with golden rings around his wrists and ankles, a black with red trimmed cloak and those same cold red eyes.* "My name is shadow the hedgehog the ultimate life form not Jason." *He started walking out the door as the old man turned into a blue Chinese dragon.*

Gramps: "You are not going anywhere son."

Shadow: *His glare intensifying,* "You are not my father so back off old man, because I don't feel like getting blood on my fur this early in the morning."

Gramps: "I don't know what's wrong with you but until we do you cannot leave this house."

Shadow: "Fine it's your death wish, old man."

*The hedgehog ran incredibly fast coughing the elder dragon off guard as the ultimate life form punched him causing him to crash into a wall and revert back to human state. The dark hedgehog raised his hand in the air about to punch a hole though the old man's heart, when another hand over lapped his fist causing him to pause and look up to see rose holding him back also seeing Maria there in the girl's place.*

Rose/ Maria's voices: "Please stop this shadow."

Shadow:*Stunned for a moment before freeing his hand from the girls grip* "Fine I won't kill the old man… for now." * He ran out of the shop thinking.* 'Why does she look like Maria? Why did I stop and more importantly where I'm I?'

That's the end of this chapter:

DR: "Wow, I think shadow was right about this…can't change the past so I'll just roll with this. Maybe we should wait to blow stuff up later?"

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