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In playing the game, I was suddenly struck by a plot bunny. So I kinda wrote the event in the game into a fanfic and developed other OCs as some character's girlfriends. In doing so, I also made a girl's tennis team and thought maybe I could write a story of them.

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"I've got only one thing to say," The champion flashed a cocky smile, "today, I WILL defeat the undefeated legend, and I WILL pay back what she did last time."

He looked straight past the Seigaku regulars, "So stop hiding over there, Roselyn Eiston. Or should I say…Ryoko Echizen!"

Ryoko took one last sip of her drink and sighed.



Shouts echoed through the villa as the Seigaku regulars started their training with their Pokemon. Running around the tennis court 50 times was the menu for this morning. Their Pokemon followed on without trouble.

Ryuzaki-sensei watched from the side line. It's the first time she'd trained these strange creatures, she wanted to know what their limits were. Right now, they were 30 laps in, and all the regulars are showing sweat.

But all the Pokemon seems to be in good condition. They are clearly more fit than her boys. She frowned slightly. Maybe she should increase training menu.

Another 30 minutes passed. Everyone managed to finish the 50 laps as required. Momoshiro, Eiji, Kawamura and Kaidou laid half-dead on ground, Oishi and Inui both had their hands on their knees in a half squatting position, only Ryoma, Tezuka and Fuji seemed to have some energy left.

Their Pokemon looked at them worryingly. They were not as tired as their trainers but each were panting lightly. A group of Vulpix came running in with water bottles and towels. Everyone took one gratefully. Momoshiro dumped half the bottle of water on his head before sighing in relief, "Saved~~ I haven't run so hard in weeks!"

Eiji nodded in agreement, "I thought we're finished with trainings after the nationals nya."

"Idiots!" Ryuzaki-sensei scolded at them, "You should never slack off as an athlete! Your menus are to be doubled once we get back."

That earned loud groans from pretty much everyone.

"No complaints! This is what you get for slacking off," Ryuzaki-sensei clapped her hands, "100 more laps, or no lunch for you today."


"O-Obaa-san…" Sakuno looked worryingly at the regulars, "Isn't that too much?"

Ryuzaki-sensei crossed her arms, "Of course not. They've ran 200 laps before, I'm sure they can handle 150 today." She shrugged, "If not, then Inui's drinks will be their lunch for the next 3 days."

Immediately, all the regulars besides Inui himself put on their determined face as they mustered what they could into the run. Their Pokemon had confused faces, but followed without protests. This made Ryuzaki-sensei nod in satisfaction.

"That's more like it. You should start preparing lunch now, they can eat as soon as they're done."

Sakuno took one last look towards the regulars before nodding and hurrying towards the kitchen.

As they ran, Eiji groaned loudly, "Why do I have to go through this nyaa~ we're retiring soon anyways nyaa~"

Oishi kept a medium pace as he tried to reassure his partner, "We have no choice now, think of it as our last adventure together."

"But this is no fun!" Eiji complained, "Even the dragon yesterday. We didn't get to see it in action, and we ended up running away!"


Ryoko calmly walked towards the crowd, not caring about the cameras and flashlights around her. Pippi sat on her shoulder quietly, her expression was of annoyance. It was obvious from the audiences' reaction that something, something big, was about to go down.

As Ryoko walked pass the Seigaku regulars, she whispered one word quietly.


Suddenly, black smoke covered the plaza, and they were pulled by an invisible force towards a hidden roads, still confused with what has just happened.

But before they knew it, they were standing in front of their training villa, with one less member in the team.

Flashback end…

Ryoma kept a neutral face upon Eiji's recount of yesterday's event. After their return at the villa, Ryoko disappeared somewhere unknown to the team and hadn't been back since last night. Now, they still had no idea what exactly happened back in the Saffron City Plaza, and whether she is safe.

On the other hand, why do they call her Roselyn Eiston? And why do that guy with the dragon want to challenge her?

"Ne Echizen…" Momoshiro whispered to the first year regular, "Isn't Ryoko-san your sis? Surely you know something right?"

"I don't know anything." Ryoma lowered his head and mumbled in reply before running ahead.

"…yes of course, I'll be carefully from now on."

Ryoko gave one final answer before hanging up her phone, she sighed deeply, before turning to a white, elegant nine-tailed fox sitting patiently behind her.

"Sorry to bother you Kyubi, you were a great help yesterday," She lightly petted the fox, "it would have been troublesome if you didn't happen to be there."

Kyubi the Ninetales whined happily at her touch, "Nine~~" he nudged at her cheek.

There was a pause in her movement, before a bitter smile formed upon Ryoko's lip, "I missed you too…I'm sorry…" she touched her forehead on Kyubi's furry one, "You're doing great aren't you? Those Vulpix are really thankful for your protection."

Kyubi tossed his head in disagreement, "Nine nine~~" he wrapped his great tails around her and lean his head on her shoulder.

Ryoko sighed before she scratched the soft spot behind Kyubi's ears, earning a happy purr from the great fox, "I'll be here for a while, so I would visit you as much as I could but," she looked at him right into his dark eyes, "I don't think…I'm ready yet."

There was a hint of fear through her otherwise calm voice, and Kyubi immediately picked it up.

"Ninetales Nine~ Nine Nine Ninetales~" the Ninetales nudged the girl affectionately, doing what he could to soothe her dread. He was one of her first Pokemon she had five years ago, when he was just a mere Vulpix hiding from predators and her, a small seven years old trainer forced to go on a long journey for the benefit of everyone else other than herself. They may not share a bond like her first Pokemon Ibby and her most trusted companion Pippi, but their friendship was not of a normal trainer and her useful fighters either. No, it was more than just being friends or partners, he considered this trainer to be his family, someone he cares deeply about and would do anything to protect. Even as she cast him away from her side, the Ninetales, and all other Pokemon that were once in her possession, continued to care and love her.

Ryoko smiled at his warmth, "Thank you…" she gave him one last pet, "I need to get going now, take care of yourself."

It was difficult to tear herself away from the great fox, but she turned away hesitantly, looking back with every step. Finally, his elegant white figure was no longer visible in her sight, and she took a deep breath before looking forward with more determination.

As a trainer, Ryoko wanted to believe that she did what's best for all her Pokemon, but seeing the sadness in her friends' eyes left a guilty feeling in her chest. She may have been one of the most successful trainers of this generation, yet the price she had paid was so great that, she could not bear it any longer. It had been almost two years since she tried to release all her Pokemon back to the wild, retiring her position as a top ranked trainer.

At first, she thought she could hide simply in a remote town, living the rest of her life in peace. But the fame followed her everywhere, leaving her cornered with no options. It wasn't until Professor Gary Oak offered her a position as his assistant did she finally regain a normal lifestyle.

Since then, she had lived in Pallet Town and helped the Professor with all his Pokemon in the yard. She knew she couldn't go back to the real world, where she had a loving family who taught her the joy of tennis. There was not one day that had gone by where she didn't miss her Ryoma-nii-san's raw determination, her adoptive father's joking taunts, and her adoptive mother's tender cooking. It was that very thought that she established Pokemon Tennis.

She was glad that the Professor gave her this opportunity to meet Ryoma again, but she wished for her past to remain a secret just a while longer, before he was to go back to his world again. That sorry excuse for a champion had pushed her plan forward so fast that, she had been almost caught unprepared. She knew her nii-san would be demanding answers, and she is less than willing to tell him. The 5 years she spend without him weren't something pleasant after all.

It had been 5 long years since they last saw each other, and lots of things had changed between them, so she was quite nervous about this whole confrontation as she weaved easily through the thick bushes undetected by the excited crowds rushing towards Saffron City. Before long, her vacation villa stood proud in front of her, welcoming her back into its walls.

The first thing she heard was the loud shout of the regulars. Their enthusiastic cries brought back a little smile on her face, and she quietly ventured towards the tennis courts, wanting to see their training.

Shouting from human and Pokemon alike echoed throughout the spacious courts as they jogged around, supporting each other until they reached the goal. Pants and sweat clearly showed their tiredness, but they pushed on with a big smile upon their faces. They moved as a group, speeding up at the same time and slowing down if someone dropped behind.

It remind her of a time when she was surrounded by her trusted partners as they supported each other's back with the brightest smile they could produce. She smiled fondly, then headed around the main building towards the back garden. Pippi and Ibby immediately noticed her return and jumped into her arms, each greeting her in their own cute ways. Ryoko let out a tired sigh, before smiling once again to reassure her two overprotective partners. Her explanations could wait until after dinner.

The Seigaku regulars laid on the hot floor, unmoving as if asleep. Their Pokemon panted heavily beside them, barely joining their partners on the ground. Ryuzaki-sensei nodded in satisfaction.

"Alright! That's enough!" she clapped her hand, "We'll do practice matches this afternoon, go get yourselves some food and come back at 2 o'clock." And with that, they had finished their training for the morning.

Everyone slowly made their way towards the dining hall like a wave of lifeless zombies. They slumped harshly onto their respective seats, not wanting to move another muscle. Amongst them, Tezuka stood out especially, being the only one 'alive' and proud.

Horio, Kachiro and Katsuo brought out the plates of curry rice along with salad and drinks, Tomoka and Sakuno helped with the Pokemon food. Once everyone got their share of delicacies, they muttered the usual greetings and immediately dug in, too hungry for other things.

The Ichinen trio and the two girls retreated back to the kitchen to prepare dessert. Before going back, Horio turned on the giant 110 inches plasma TV situated in the front of the room.

There wasn't much on the TV, just your usual ads and drama. Horio changed it to a news channel before leaving it alone for viewing.

"This year's conference ended with the crowds favourite emerging victorious against one of the more promising young trainers. The final match has everyone in the stadium all fired up! I myself was certainly on the edge of my seat the whole time."

Momoshiro paid no mind to the plasma TV, he just continued wolfing down the curry. His portion is notably bigger than others around the table, but the second-year regular was having no trouble what so ever finishing it off.

He was down to the last bits of his rice when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Eiji directed his attention towards the TV, and he almost dropped his plate.

"After being off the grid for almost two years, Ryoko Echizen, formerly known as Roselyn Eiston, the daughter of CEO Eiston, has been spotted this in cafe in Saffron City." The field reporter said, "Some witness spotted her entering the Eiston Co. building, but there is no clear evidence to say that she met with a higher up…"

What the reporter said became gibberish to the regulars, as they're all focused on the playback videos in the background. There, they saw a completely different Ryoko. A confident and proud young girl, who does not look over the age of ten. In the video, she was commanding a sea-serpent like Pokemon with a milky coloured body and blue scales towards the end. Its four tails blades were currently spinning like an electric fan blade, sending a strong current of water towards the opponent Pokemon. Two pinkish antenna-like structure were just above its red eyes, and two pink hair-like fins ran down either side of its head. Once the opponent was knocked out cold, the serpent stood beside Ryoko and let out a cry of some sort, its scales glittered marvellously in the light.

The videos stopped at the scene, and another picture of young Ryoko replaced its spot. They turned their attention back to the reporter.

"She was and still is the youngest Pokemon Trainer to ever start a journey. At the age of seven, she received her first Pokemon and the Poke'dex from Professor Gary Oak, marking the start of her legacy…"

The pictures changed a few times during the talk, mostly showing a child Ryoko who had just won some sort of battle along with a Pokemon. These ranged from small pet-sized ones like Eevee and a Pokemon that resembles Pikachu a lot, to large scaled ones that they couldn't name.

"Two years ago, she announced a change of name and broke all ties with Eiston Co. before retiring as a trainer." The reporter continued, "No one knows what has happened to her. Let see what other witnesses has to say about this event."

After that, it was full of interviews with passer-by's, which included a mixture of fangirling and criticising. Ryoma paid no attention to them. There was a dull feeling in his stomach after watching the report, and there was only one person who can sort this out with him.

Just as he stood up and was about to walk out of the room, Ryuzaki-sensei came rushing in, "Okay! It's time for practise again! Get yourselves ready now!"

So he could only let the feeling shroud further as he start their afternoon practise.

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