So, this is a drabble collection, as you can tell by the summary. Every day, hopefully, I shall be posting a drabble based off of the A Bouquet of Prompts challenge at NGF. Heather's awesome for making it, okay? So go and participate.

So yeah, I don't own Harry Potter. Enjoy.

MollyTeddy ;; Acacia- Friendship, Striped Carnation- Refusal

She bumps into him one day in the hallway.

There are no words exchanged. No smiles. No frowns. Just two flowers dropped on the ground, their petals fanning out into a twisted smile.

His? An acacia blossom. Friendship. A ray of sunshine flickers off the happy yellow petals, and for a second, he believes he has a chance.

Then, a mere ten seconds after she chances a glance at the flicker of happiness, another flower is dropped. With pink and white tresses, it twirls as it falls. He watches it bitterly as it spins, looking like a sick, demented Flamenco dancer.