Rose again. Yes. I love her. ;) Dedicated to Lo, because she liked painter!Lorcan and I wanted to show his flaws.


The problem with Rose is that she's just as guarded and calm as he is, so their relationship basically just becomes a fight to see who can show the least emotion (because really, Rose does rivalry better than anyone else he knows) and still have people know they're dating.

When they're at a party, they'll sit next to each other, chatting with their respective friends, not even looking at each other, not dancing, and as far as any stranger could tell, they don't know each other.

But then their fingers meet, sending fireworks up and down their spines, and it's obvious they're in love.

But soon, after watching his brother with Molly, Scorpius with Lucy, even Roxanne with her boyfriend, he starts to want more. He starts to want to hear the three words come from her mouth.




But of course they don't come, because they're RoseandLorcan, and neither of them can show emotion very well, and besides, he doesn't think Rose is even capable of being in love.

So slowly, to test out how much she really cares, he starts to distance himself. He stops hanging out with her as much, he starts flirting with other girls, he kisses Lucy (only once, mind you, and for a dare), he even paints Roxy in the nude.

But unlike most other girls, she doesn't cling tighter to him, or show more emotion towards him- instead he starts to lose her more. She spends more and more time distracted and spacey, and rushes to her makeshift lab every five minutes. He doesn't know what else to do (because he's never really been good at the whole "I think we should break up" thing), so one day, before she can get away from him, he paints her a gigantic, beautiful Rocket Flower, surrounded by cool, calm water. She nods, understanding that it symbolizes their relationship immediately. He gives her a bitter smile and rips it to pieces in front of her.

She doesn't cry, she doesn't frown, she barely even blinks. Instead, she reaches up on tiptoes and whispers in his ear, "I win."