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Chapter 5

Once the police report was taken care of, Harvey had to again check at the counter and get the bill for his emergency room visit, and then they finally filed out of the hospital doors. Harvey had looked at the bill before they had gone out into the darkened street and when he reached the edge of the street he rounded on Trevor. "This is the second time I've saved your ass and this is the second time I could have died as a result of it. I oughta make you pay my medical bill," he said, the lawyer edge back in his voice and he stepped up so close to Trevor that their toes were almost touching. "But I won't because I know you don't have even two pennies to rub together. You'd go broke just trying to pay back what you owe Mike, I'm sure."

There was a long and agonizing silence as Harvey towered over Trevor, making the kid shrink down even further to avoid his accusing glare. Finally he said, "Now, I expect Mike to escort you home and if something happens between your apartment and your bus ride, you better pray for God to save you because I won't."

Sensing his dismissal, Trevor shuffled further off down the street to a waiting cab and got in. Harvey then rounded on Mike. "Now, I am not going to charge you for my bill because you have nicer suits to buy and not so skinny ties." To the young lawyers credit, he smiled wanly at their inside joke, but not even Harvey was feeling the humor. "The odds are high I will not be in tomorrow, but I will sleep on it. If I'm not, I'm sure you know where to find work." Mike grimaced but he nodded dejectedly, taking his punishment without complaint.

Harvey turned to get into another cab when Mike spoke up almost too quietly to be heard, "For what it's worth, I am really sorry about what happened to you tonight. But I swear, I will make it up to you. If you let me." The older lawyer could hear the determination in his voice, but his downcast face only seemed to speak of despair and dejection, as though he felt condemned to never being in his boss' good graces.

"Mike, the best way you can pay me back is to keep working as you have: getting your work into me on time and doing it well. As long as you do that, you will get back into my good graces."

At that very moment, a leaden wait seemed to lift from Mike's shoulders and the kid couldn't keep the irrepressible and charming smile off of his face. Harvey had to fight not to smile back as he still felt the kid deserved a little bit of the cold shoulder for the crap he would have to put up with as a result of his head injury.

He was just about ready to get in, when a thought struck him and he called out to Mike, who had started towards the cab that was waiting rather impatiently, "Mike, I thought I should forewarn you. I cannot wash my hair for two weeks, which means that I will be taking the week after next off. I'm sure you know what that means."

Mike groaned aloud but then he smiled as if he were resigned to his fate of being Louis' bitch for the week and he said, "Thanks for warning me."

Harvey finally ducked into the cab and Donna slid in after him. Once Harvey gave the driver the address of his condo, he turned to his assistant and said, "Damn. I get into a bar fight without even having the pleasure of being drunk."

"Aw, don't worry, Harvey, I'm sure there's some girl out there who will admire your new battle scar," Donna said. She patted him patronizingly on the head, taking great care to avoid the staples.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "What do you think she'll be doing to find it? Grooming me like a chimpanzee?"

"I never know with you," she replied with a mocking sigh.

He snorted and then yawned, feeling the events of the evening start to catch up with him. "Think I should have called Jessica?"

"Possibly. You can tell her tomorrow when you don't show up for work."

Harvey opened his eyes enough to slide them over to her, "Aren't you going to tell her? That's what I pay you for."

"No, dear, you pay me to manage your life. I am not being paid to stand between you and your boss. Besides, it's not like I'll be at work tomorrow either if you're taking a personal day."

"Why aren't you going?"

"Hmm…I think it's because when my boss does not show up, I tend not to have anything to do. And if you think I didn't finish filing those papers that you slapped on my desk fifteen minutes before I was to go home…" Here she gave him a mischievous look. "Then you don't know me half as well as you think you do."

"Mmm…that's right. You're Wonder Woman in a dress and red hair," he thought and a not entirely unpleasant picture of Donna wielding a whip entered his mind.

She scowled at him. "You better not being undressing me in there."

"Wouldn't dream of it," he replied. The glare on her face had slightly sobered him as he then imagined what she'd do to him for such thoughts. He was half tempted to try and cover his groin in as subtle a way as possible, but she would notice.

"At least don't think of me as a Wonder Woman. Do you have any idea how many times she got tied up with her own lasso? I could beat her ass."

Harvey could not keep from laughing.

The cab slowed to a stop and Harvey pulled open his door to get out. He turned back to Donna to say something, only to find she had also climbed out and he immediately followed and stared at her over the car. "What are you doing? I was going to pay your way home!"

She shot him a cross look. "Do you really think I'm going to leave you alone with a head wound that could be serious?"

"But the doc – "

"Said there is nothing wrong, but he also didn't get an MRI. If you lapse into a coma or suffer a heart attack, I want to be here to make sure you get the proper help," Donna said in a tone of finality and she raised her chin up in a haughty manner.

Harvey only sighed and paid the fare. He followed her into his own building and he used his key to get into his private elevator. "Thank you for coming out. I didn't think it would be a good idea to chat up Mike in the exam room when I was so pissed at him."

"Yes, that might have been a bit much," she replied, but the staunch frown on her face said she had still not quite forgiven Mike for the incident tonight. "I still can't believe you didn't fire him. You better be right, Harvey."

He gave her his characteristic smirking grin and asked, "When am I not?"

When they reached his floor he, like a gentleman, waved her on through first and once he stepped into his condo after her, he set his jacket on the back of a kitchen chair and then immediately began taking off his gray shirt even as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

"What class, Harvey. And here I was thinking I was supposed to get the special treatment."

He didn't even glance at her as he held his t-shirt out in front of himself and replied, "Nothing you haven't seen before. God damn it! I did get blood on my shirt! I liked this shirt."

"It's probably not enough to ruin it. Let me see."

Harvey handed it over to her with a pained expression and then he turned to dig through his dresser drawer for an undershirt that he often wore to bed. She examined the stain as he did this, rubbing it with her finger to find that the blood still came away and then she couldn't keep from giggling in knowing. He glanced at her from where he crouched over his dresser drawer, holding in one hand a stack of clothes.

"So?" He asked.

"This will be easy. Do you have any Hydrogen Peroxide?"

"Under my bathroom sink," he replied. When she started over to it he said, "Hey." She turned to him and he threw her one of his Harvard t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants that he knew she liked. She caught it with the deftness of a goalkeeper and then shut the door to his bathroom. He stripped out of his jeans quickly and pulled on the pair of sleep pants. He waited for Donna in the kitchen where he made the both of them BLTs. He did not bother waiting for her before he dug into his sandwich, only turning from it when he heard the door to his bathroom finally open and she came out dressed in the clothes he had given to her. She sauntered down into the kitchen with a smug smirk and held his shirt like it were a precious object, but once she was close enough she balled it up and threw it at him. She was almost disappointed when he snatched it up before it could hit him in the face and then he unfurled it and closely examined the collar.

The collar was soaking wet with water, but as he closely examined the fabric, his eyes widened and he slowly admitted to himself that she had, in fact, gotten the stain out of his shirt. She beamed at him as he turned to her with his jaw dropped in amazement, before he finally closed it and nodded. "Yep, I knew it. Wonder Woman."

She gave him a cross look. "Not Wonder Woman. I am Donna."

"Right. Goddess Donna," he amended and bowed his head in servility.

"I must say, I like the ring of that," she replied and then glanced down at the half-eaten sandwich left on his plate. "It's midnight and you made yourself a sandwich. This is the time for M&Ms and Oreos, you weirdo."

He had turned back to his stove to put her sandwich on and he said over his shoulder, "I was hungry and neither of those are filling." She had gone over to dig through his pantry to see if he actually carried any junk food and gave a noise of disgust when all she found were a few cans of soup, dried spaghetti, a couple of pasta mixes, Ritz crackers and Salsa chips. "Upper cabinet to the left of the sink," he said to her.

She pulled out a bag of Dark Chocolate M&Ms and shook her head as she opened the new bag, "You hide the candy from yourself. You're far too healthy!"

Harvey gave her a strange look after he put her sandwich on a plate and handed it to her. "I never imagined I'd ever be called too healthy, least of all by you and all of your salads you have for lunch."

"It's only for show. I have the worst addiction to Oreos and milk," she said with a lamentable sigh. There was a few minutes of silence as they quietly ate their food, but Harvey kept looking over at Donna who stared at him with narrowed eyes and as he continued to look at her he noticed a growing smile on her face.

"Should I be frightened?" He asked.

"I have an idea for you," she replied, putting down the second half of her sandwich so that she could steeple her fingers under her chin like a Bond villain.

"And that would be?"

"You were bitching and moaning about how greasy your hair will be. I'm assuming part of that is because you take your showers in the morning, which means you haven't had the opportunity to wash out the gel that you put in it. And then there's the blood that's still in your hair from earlier."

"Are you trying to tell me how disgusting my pillow will look by the end of the night? Because it's working."

"I will wash your hair," Donna continued without interruption.

"In exchange for?"

"Nothing. You need your hair washed, so I will do it for you and I will be careful. Just get your towel, the shampoo, and anything else you need and come back here. My only stipulation is that you clean up whatever mess I make."

"This deal sounds far too good to be true."

"Either take it or leave it, but I would not recommend washing your hair yourself," she replied.

He groaned and said, "All right, all right. Let me get everything." She knew perfectly well that Harvey couldn't stand the thought of being less than perfectly groomed and there was no denying that he needed to wash it out of his hair. He returned with the light blue towel from his shower down and his shampoo and set it down next to his basin and then he bowed his head. "All right, have your way with me."

Donna stared at him with a half amused, half stunned expression on her face, and then she reached up and pulled him down by the sink. "Have you been waiting to say that for the last twelve years? Honestly!" She could hear him laughing and abruptly cut it off by turning on the water.

"Ah! That's cold!"

"I thought you needed a cold shower."

"You're not half as funny as you think you are."

"That's the kind of comeback you make when you have none. I win this round."


She waited until the water had warmed before she pulled the sink sprayer and thoroughly doused his hair, feeling his shoulders slump as he leaned over the sink. He did jump, however, as she sprayed more directly on the wound and she threw an arm around his shoulders to keep him down. "Sorry."

"It doesn't hurt," Harvey said to her.

Donna just grabbed the shampoo and lathered up his hair, focusing her work particularly around the wound. She wrinkled her eyes at the thick clots of dried blood and she worked diligently to clean what she could. Harvey flinched underneath her, but she only gripped his head tighter, and she said, "Will you stop squirming? This was a good idea because you've got a lot of dried blood stuck in your hair."

"You don't have to scalp me!"

"Well, you'll feel better about not staining your pillow with blood. I don't think even my amazing powers could get that bloodstain out. I'm almost done!" As per her word, Harvey felt the spray on the back of his neck just two minutes later and then she finally turned off the water and threw the towel over his head. "You hair is clean," she declared and she had her arms up as if she were declaring a touchdown.

"Finally," he said and then he smiled lightly. "Thanks, Donna. I really did need my hair washed."

"You are now no longer allowed to whine," she said, pointing a finger in his face.

"Oh, so that was the price?"

"It is almost one in the morning now. I am going to bed and if you dare to wake me up during my beauty sleep, be prepared to fear for your life," she said and headed off to the couch.

"Well, if you're going to get the appropriate beauty sleep, you better have blankets and pillows," he said. He pulled open his linen closet hidden in a hallway and pulled out a few blankets and then he went to his bedroom and pulled the second pillow off and headed back to the living room to dump the bundle onto the couch.

"Thank you, Harvey."

"You're welcome, Donna," he replied and started heading back to his bedroom when he stopped just between the living room and the bedroom. He turned toward her with a wicked grin on his face that she did not like. "You know, I wasn't going to go to work but now you've removed my only obstac – "

Donna reached for the first thing available to her and threw the coaster that she found between her fingers, hitting him square in the mouth.

"Ooops. I think I see a bruise on your chin. Can't meet clients with a face like that."

Harvey rubbed his chin and scowled at her.

The End