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A/N: Inspired by looking at pics of Max Adler and seeing some of him with Darren Criss and my boyfriend pointing out that they kind of look like brothers. Twin thing came about because I needed or wanted them to be the same age.

A/N: This story is very OoC. It's AU, but I will use the episodes of season 2 and tweak them to fit my story. No Klaine romance, just friendship. Goal: Kurtofsky romance.

Chapter one


Dad pulls into the driveway of mom's house in Columbus and parks the car, but doesn't turn it off. He has no intention of staying to say 'hi' to mom. He knows better - now - because mom and him trying to be civil usually results in both screaming at each other about how the other is a bad parent. That's always a 'fun' fight to watch. Also, lengthy. Both have lots of examples. The only way to stop that particular fight, or any argument between them really, is when Blaine and I point out that they both equally suck as parents.

Thankfully, both have learned, and now they just avoid each other completely. There hasn't been an argument in almost two years.

"So, I'll see you Sunday night," dad says as I reach into the back seat for my duffel bag.

"I hope so," I remark. "Any longer and I might kill Ryan," I joke, although, it's not really a joke. I really hate him.

"Well, if you want to come home earlier, you know you can call and I'll be here lickety-split," dad says with a small, amused smile.

I grimace. "Dad, don't say lickety-split. It's creepy," I admonish.

Dad laughs and pulls me close to kiss my forehead. "Fine. I'm just saying you call and I'll be here without delay."

"Then just say that," I state.

"I'll remember that next time. Now, go," dad says as he glances at the house; a brief expression of sadness crosses his face before he adds his usual, "Tell Blaine I say 'hi' and that I love him."

I feel slightly guilty as I promise, "Sure." It's been two years since I've relayed anything that dad says to Blaine. It only upsets Blaine and ruins our weekend. "Later," I say getting out of the car.

"Bye," dad says.

I watch as dad backs out of the driveway. He waves at me and then drives away.

I sigh heavily and look at the house somewhat miserably. I really wish Blaine would come down to Lima instead. At least all he'd have to deal with is dad and Sarah, dad's wife. Blaine may hate dad, but at least dad would understand and leave him alone. I hate mom's husband, Mike, he never leaves me alone; always trying to make me feel like 'family' or reprimanding me for being rude and fighting with his kids. Well, mostly with his son, Ryan. I have no problem with Mike's thirteen year old daughter, Katie. We just ignore each other, which suits us just fine.

I finally walk up to the front door and knock a couple times. As I wait, I pray that Blaine is going to be the one to open the door.

The curtain in the window to the side of the door moves and I see Ryan's face. I groan, irritated, as he grins wickedly.

Ryan is Mike's oldest kid; he's sixteen, the same age as me and Blaine. He's also an asshole. He's acts kind and well-mannered in front of other adults, but he's always messing with me, Blaine, and Katie. He hates me because I defend Blaine - and sometimes Katie - and won't take his shit. I hate him because he always sets me up to look bad with mom and Mike.

Ryan opens the door, but only a crack since the chain is still on it.

"Open the fucking door," I demand.

"You don't belong here, fat ass," Ryan states. "You should go home."

"I know I don't belong here, moron. It's why I don't live here. Now open the fucking door!" I snap.

Ryan smirks. "You know you're trespassing, right? I could shoot you and it would be legal."

"And I could kill you. I don't mind going to jail for murdering you. Although, I'd probably get away with it once I told my side; no jury would convict me for doing the world a favor," I growl angrily.

Ryan rolls his eyes. "Why do you bother coming here? No one likes you in this house. I mean, your mom complains about you all the time. And Blaine. God, you should hear the things he says about you," he says amused.

I slam my hand on the door, making it bang against Ryan's face. He cries out, clutching his cheek.

"Don't make up lies about Blaine. We hate you, stupid shit," I say severely.

"Fuck you, faggot!" Ryan says slamming the door shut and locking it.

I kick the door hard. "Open the fucking door, Ryan!"

The door is suddenly opened fully, revealing Mike. Great.

"Hey! Don't kick the door, David," Mike snaps sharply.

"Ryan wouldn't open it," I say angrily.

"I know. He says you were threatening him," Mike says disapprovingly.

I roll my eyes and walk past Mike. "I don't talk to your kid. He's the one that starts shit."

"Ryan was just opening the door for you and he says you went off on him," Mike says, closing the door.

"Well, God, if Ryan says it, it must be the absolute truth," I mock. "God forbid your kid knows how to lie."

Mike sighs heavily. "David, I'm not going to fight with you. Just don't kick the door or threaten my kid," he says simply, walking away from me, heading into the den.

"Fuck you," I mutter disdainfully.

Mom then comes into the foyer carrying Emily, frowning at me. She's either heard everything or Ryan went crying to her. Stupid bastard.

I ignore mom and reach for Emily, smiling. "Hey, munchkin," I greet.

Emily smiles and reaches for me as I take her from mom. Emily is a year and three months and is mine and Blaine's half-sister; she's absolutely perfect.

"Ryan came to me," mom says simply.


"So," I say, still focused on Emily.

"He says you hit him," mom says reproachfully.

I smirk, pleased. "I can't have, mom. Mike just let me in. Ask him," I explain. Score one for me! Ryan would never tell his dad that I hit him without having hit me back. Makes him look weak; that's why he goes running to mom. But with Mike as my witness, Ryan's case goes out the window.

Mom relaxes, and then hugs me and kisses my cheek. "Hi, baby."

"It's Dave, mom," I correct evenly. I stopped being her 'baby' almost three years ago when she made me move in with my dad to keep her new family happy. I'm not upset about living with dad. I like living with him. I'm upset because she made me. Didn't ask or suggest; she packed my stuff and said dad was coming to get me. But I'm somewhat over it. I mean, it got me away from Mike and his kids. The only downside is that I see Blaine and Emily only on the weekends.

Mom frowns slightly, but nods simply. "So, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Summer was boring. That's about it," I answer hoping that will stop any more need for conversation between us this weekend. Emily wraps her arms around my neck, resting her head on my shoulder. I tighten my hold on her, feeling absolutely loved. I really missed her.

Mom smiles. "She missed you. You really should have come."

"I missed her, too. And Blaine. And I feel more comfortable in Ohio," I say.

"Well, hopefully next time you'll feel a wanderlust and come with us," she says sincerely. "Blaine was insufferable with his missing you. Always saying how you should be seeing what we were seeing or how you would have loved whatever we were doing."

"I know. My Facebook and phone were never at rest," I say faintly amused.

Mom nods and then sighs. She looks at me earnestly. "I know you didn't want to come because of Ryan, but you really should have. For Blaine's sake. You guys only see each other on weekends. And he may have acted okay when you decided not to go, but he was truly devastated. He was looking forward to spending the whole summer with you."

"Yeah, well, I was devastated, too, but I wasn't looking forward to a summer vacation where I was constantly fighting with Ryan," I explain bitterly. "Blaine knew this."

Mom nods understandingly. "Well, you should go up. I know you're here to visit him," she says with a faint sadness. I can hear the heartbroken "And not me" she wants to add, but we don't need to have that argument. Again.

"Sure," I say, and kiss Emily on the cheek. When I try to hand her back to mom, Emily clings to me and whimpers.

Mom and I both laugh affectionately.

"Keep her. She missed you as much as Blaine. Might as well spend time with both simultaneously," mom says, amused at Emily.

"Good idea," I say.

Mom kisses my cheek again. "I'm happy to see you. And even though I know you don't believe me, I missed you, too."

I just nod, deciding to keep all comments of disbelief to myself. I want to try to have a good weekend.

Mom gives me a wistful smile before she heads into the den. She knows I wasn't going to tell her that I'm happy to see her or that I missed her, too. She knows I'm still too bitter and betrayed to say anything to her that sounds like affection for her. I'm sure once I fully forgive her, I'll be able to show her affection again. Until then, I think being able to talk to her without fighting is enough. I also think that she should be grateful that I even bother speaking to her; Blaine hasn't spoken to dad in five years exactly last week.

I look at Emily, forcing thoughts of mom aside. "So, let's go see what our brother is up to," I say, heading for the stairs that lead to the second floor.

As I near Blaine's room, I hear an almost familiar song playing and Blaine's voice singing along. It takes a short moment before I finally recognize Katy Perry's 'Ur so gay'. I groan; God, I hate Katy Perry.

"Oh, no! It's the evil Katy Perry monster," I growl playfully to Emily while tickling her stomach. She giggles enthusiastically, grabbing my wrist to stop me from tickling her. I stop and put a finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet. She just mimics me and smiles. I chuckle and kiss her.

I stop outside of Blaine's room and lean against the wall next to the door.

If Perry is playing that means Blaine's strengthening his vocals - practicing. He hates to be interrupted. Well, he doesn't mind me interrupting, but I know he hates being interrupted just the same.

So, I'll let him carry on until he's finished. It could be a while, but it'll be entertaining. It's always hilarious to hear him sing anything from Perry, especially 'I kissed a girl'. I smirk amused. I feel a little disappointed that I missed that performance. Although, 'Hot 'n cold' is coming up and that's just as funny as 'I kissed a girl'.

I get as comfortable as I can leaning against a wall. After a moment I start rocking my body to the music, dancing with Emily.

Finally, 'Ur so gay' ends and 'Hot 'n cold' begins. Blaine doesn't disappoint as he sings the song with gusto. It takes all my resolve to keep from laughing out loud. I mean, don't get me wrong, Blaine is amazing. He's totally on key and absolutely perfect. It's just weird, and hilarious, to hear a guy singing about PMSing, or kissing a girl and liking it when the guy is one hundred percent gay.

I listen to the whole performance, which he nails. I don't know why he bothers practicing. His voice is flawless.

Blaine hasn't started another song yet, so, I decide that now would be the best time to announce my presence. A normal, polite person would knock and wait to be let in, but I'm hardly normal and not even close to being polite.

I throw the door open quickly and enter promptly while shouting, "I kissed a girl, and I liked it!"

Emily squeals and giggles while Blaine, who's standing at his stereo, shouts a "Holy Hell!" and jumps about half a foot in the air. He then quickly turns to me, breathing hard and glaring so intensely I'm surprised I don't burst into flames.

I grin easily. "So. What's up?" I say calmly.

"You are such a jerk!" he snaps, his breathing finally calm.

I burst into laughter. "I know. I'd be sorry if it weren't so totally worth it."

Blaine rolls his eyes. He then gives me a stern expression. "You do know you could've damaged my vocal cords, right?" he complains.

"Then be more careful," I suggest lightly, smirking.

Blaine gives a tortured sigh. "I hate you," he says unconvincingly as he walks over to me and hugs me tightly. "I missed you," he says so sincerely it hurts me.

I hold him tightly. "Really? I wouldn't have known with all those messages of 'I miss you', 'I wish you were here,', and 'I hate you for not coming with us'," I tease.

"Shut up," he says simply, but I can hear the smile in his voice.

Emily then pushes at Blaine. "No! Mine!" she says angrily.

Blaine moves back, looking at her surprised. We both then laugh.

"Oh, yeah," I say to Emily, kissing her cheek.

"No. Mine," Blaine argues playfully with her, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Well, trying to; he's a few inches shorter than my six-one.

Emily hugs my neck, frowning at Blaine. "No."

"Fine. Yours," Blaine concedes, smiling at her. He then walks back over to his stereo and turns it off.

I flop myself on his bed, carefully since Emily is still in my arms. "You can continue if you want," I say, smirking as I put Emily on my stomach and angle my legs so she can rest against them. "It's always fun to hear that you PMS like a bitch."

Blaine looks at me swiftly. "David, language! Emily doesn't need to pick up your potty mouth. It's bad enough Ryan swears like a sailor," he reprimands sharply, and then glares irately at my shoes on his bed.

I quickly kick them off. "You saw nothing!" I declare.

Blaine gives me a reluctant, amused smile and walks over to sit on the bed next to me. He coos at Emily, making her smile and laugh. He then looks at me curiously.

"How long were you standing outside my door listening to me?" he asks.

"The last half of 'Ur so gay' and all of 'Hot 'n cold'," I answer, and then grin, "Really disappointed that I missed 'I kissed a girl'."

Blaine blushes, but smiles. "Why do you always do that? I could sing in front of you, you know. I'm not shy."

"Yeah, but you never sound the same like when you're alone. You actually sound like you believe in the song or something - passion!" I explain.

Blaine stretches out next to me. "If it weren't coming from you, I would take that as a complete compliment, but since it is you, I know there's an insult in there somewhere," he says casually but looks at me inquiringly.

"Okay. There is. Kind of," I admit. "It's also hilarious to hear you sound so passionate singing a Perry song. That's why I wait outside until you're done, because if I laugh in front of you, you'll stop singing," I say chuckling.

Blaine gapes at me lightly affronted and slaps my shoulder. "You are a jerk."

"We already established that, and not completely. I still love the way you sing," I defend.

Blaine just rolls his eyes, but looks slightly hurt.

I groan lightly. "I said I love the way you sing. I'm not fully insulting you," I say firmly and look at Emily. "Huh, Emily? We love the way our brother sings."

Emily smiles at Blaine, "Sing," she demands, slapping my chest for emphasis.

"See?" I say to Blaine grinning.

Blaine takes a moment before he smiles genuinely. "Fine. Then what do you suggest I practice singing to that doesn't make me look ridiculous?" he asks somewhat amused. "Black Sabbath? Van Halen? Metallica?"

"Metallica would be awesome," I decide immediately. He rocks 'Fade to black'.

Blaine nods thoughtfully. "Metallica would be acceptable," he agrees, and then grins evilly at me. "So acceptable, I think I'll bring them up to the Warblers."

I look at him appalled. "You wouldn't!" I gasp.

The evil grin widens. "Wes is going to be Head of council this year. Since he thinks so highly of me, I'm sure he'll humor me," Blaine remarks amused.

"You wouldn't," I iterated firmly.

"I think we'd do a great rendition of 'Ride the lightening'?" he teases.

"You touch Metallica and I'll kill you," I threaten.

Blaine rolls his eyes. "Your threats do nothing but waste air," he says dismissively.

I scowl at him. "Whatever. I'm just saying that the Warblers will make Metallica gay if you cover them."

Blaine laughs. "Really? We're that powerful?"

I roll my eyes. "You know what I mean."

"Unfortunately, I do," Blaine says drolly. "And the Warblers would so not make Metallica sound gay. I think it would be kind of neat, actually."

I groan. "Your tongue should be cut out for saying 'neat' and Metallica in the same sentence."

Blaine simply beams at me. "I'll record it and give you a copy," he decides amused.

"I hate you," I grumble.

"Oh, whatever," Blaine dismisses, chuckling and then becomes thoughtful. "Hey. Why can New Directions do Van Halen, but the Warblers can't do Metallica?"

"Because I didn't have a say in it, and they did make Van Halen sound gay," I explain plainly.

Blaine looks at me challengingly. "Really? 'Cause I don't remember the word 'gay' being used while you were gushing about the commercial ND did," he says casually, smirking. "If I remember correctly, I believe there was a lot of 'awesomes' being said."

I flush faintly. He's not exactly wrong. "I must have been smoking something. It was definitely gay," I mumble awkwardly.

"First off, you don't smoke. Anything. Secondly, I was a part of that conversation," Blaine says amused.

"Fine! I may have said the word 'awesome' when I was talking about them. But I meant being on TV, not about them singing; they were totally gay," I say moodily.

Blaine rolls his eyes and then smiles at Emily. "Poor, Davey. He's in denial again, isn't he, sweetie?" he coos to her. Emily just smiles.

"In denial about what?" I question.

"Your interest in Glee," he answers simply.

"Oh, God. Not this again," I groan loudly.

"Yep. Again," Blaine states seriously. "Just admit it. You love Glee and totally want to join ND."

I glare severely at him. "When I become a fag like you, then I'll admit it and happily join ND."

Blaine frowns at me. "I would still be in Glee even if I weren't gay," he says affronted. "You don't have to be gay to be in a Glee club, David. Most of the Warblers aren't gay. You know David and Wes both have girlfriends."

I consider it briefly before just shrugging and focusing on Emily.

"Aren't there also a few guys from the football team in New Directions? Are they gay?" Blaine says encouragingly.

I sigh wearily. "No. They've had girlfriends or have hooked up with girls," I answer reluctantly. "Fine. It's not exactly gay. I just don't want to join. Besides, I can't sing."

"You so can sing," Blaine says with certainty.

"What makes you think that?" I question curiously.

"I've heard you," he says forthrightly.

I blanch and look at him alarmed. "When have you ever heard me sing?" I ask nervously.

Blaine grins mischievously at me. "You know when you're waiting in the car for me, thinking I'm taking forever to get ready?"

"Uh-huh," I say cautiously. Crap.

"I'm usually hiding by the back bumper listening to you sing along to whatever is on the radio," he says and smirks. "My favorite is when Ke$ha pops up."

I look at him offended, but feel completely embarrassed. "I do not sing to anything by Ke$ha," I snap irritated. I so do and I make a mental note to kill myself for it.

Blaine laughs and then clears his throat. "What you got boy is hard to find. I think about it all the time. I'm all strung out, my heart is fried. I just can't get you off my mind," he sings in a voice much deeper than his usual tone. I realize he's trying to mimic me. Oh, God.

I shove him with my shoulder as he bursts into laughter. "Shut up," I say humiliated, and make another mental note to keep the radio off when I'm waiting for him in the car. If I let myself live.

"Well, you sound much better than what I just butchered, but I mean it. You'd be awesome," Blaine says sincerely. "Your voice is sexy; it would make all the ladies swoon."

I grimace at him. "Please don't say anything about me is sexy; it isn't true, and it's creepy since we're related."

Blaine rolls his eyes. "I'm just saying you can sing," he states. "And I know you're interested. I mean, you talk about ND all the time," he says seriously.

"I do not talk about ND all the time," I argue.

"Oh, you so do, David," Blaine says amused. "I know more about New Directions than I do about the Warblers."

"Don't exaggerate," I rebuke uncomfortably as I think about how much I actually bring up ND to him.

Blaine just gives me a pointed look.

I sigh lightly. "Fine. I've mentioned them," I relent reluctantly.

"Often," Blaine adds.

I glare at him. "Not that often."

"Often enough for me to know about the Rachel-Finn-Quinn-Puck square; Quinn's pregnancy. Puck's lawlessness and sexual conquests. Along with Santana's and Brittany's sexual conquests. And let's not forget about Kurt and his awesomeness," Blaine lists simply, looking absolutely entertained.

"All right!" I exclaim embarrassed and uneasy.

"And that's not counting the many conversations about their performances," Blaine continues, grinning.

"Well, let's not add those, then," I grumble.

"I'm just pointing out that you seem interested. Or are interested. And if you are…you should totally join Glee," he says earnestly.

"I'm not interested. I'm not joining Glee," I state firmly.

Blaine rolls his eyes. "You're impossible," he sighs.

"You're annoying. We're even," I retort smirking.

"I'm encouraging," Blaine counters.

"And that's annoying; hence, you are annoying," I say, grinning.

Blaine sticks his tongue out at me. "You suck."

"I'm also a jerk," I remark easily.

"Yes. You are," Blaine says moodily and proceeds to ignore me and play with Emily.

I just roll my eyes at his disregard. I want to believe that this argument is over, but that would make me naïve. I know when he ignores me while we're arguing, it's him preparing for round two.

And I'm proven right when, after a couple moments, Blaine looks at me determinedly and bursts out, "It would be awesome, you know! Us having Glee in common."

I groan lightly. "Give it up, Blaine. Seriously."

"Oh, come on. It would be fun," he argues.

"You have a sick definition of 'fun'," I joke.

"I mean it. If you joined this year, we might get lucky and actually compete against each other," Blaine says excitedly. "We could find out whose better; it would be awesome!"

I look at him wryly. "Let me burst that awesome bubble for you right now: we'd compete and you'd win hands down. I don't sing, and if I do, not that I do, I would not come close to rivaling you."

Blaine pouts. "I think you're good. And you can sing." He then grins smugly. "And you cannot burst that bubble; it's made of awesome and you can't destroy awesome."

I smirk. "I think I just did."

Blaine gives me a humorless expression and complains, peeved, "You definitely suck."

"Whatever," I dismiss indifferently and then grin. "Speaking of sucking, what happened with the guy that was nailing you?"

Blaine scowls at me severely and blushes deeply. "Don't be crude," he admonishes sternly. "And he, Nari, wasn't 'nailing' me. We made love."

I roll my eyes. "You seriously loved him within three weeks?" I say with disbelief.

Blaine shrugs, still blushing. "We connected very well."

"I know," I say suggestively, amused.

"Shut up," Blaine snaps lightly. "You know what I mean; he was the one."

I study Blaine before I question, "Were you his one?"

"I felt loved," Blaine answers simply, but his tone has a hint of uncertainty.

I frown slightly. "So are you and Nari doing the long-distance thing?"

Blaine shakes his head. "No. We ended it before I left."

He tries to sound indifferent and composed, but I can tell he's far from it. Blaine falls in love easily, and when he does, it's wholeheartedly.

I sigh lightly. "You really loved him, huh?" I state sympathetically.

"So. What about you? Any girls?" Blaine deflects quickly, exaggeratedly upbeat. Nari is now off-limits.

I shake my head. "No. I just hung out with Azimio and some other guys from the team."

"Thrilling," Blaine says dryly.

"It was better than fighting with Ryan all summer," I counter.

Blaine nods simply, agreeing. We both then just focus on Emily, talking and playing with her; just enjoying each other's company.

I then notice that every once in a while Blaine keeps looking at his stereo longingly. I grin amused.

"Just do it. It's killing me to watch you suffer," I say, chuckling.

Blaine looks at me somewhat ashamed. "I'm sorry. It's just that this is my last weekend to practice. The auditions are Monday."

"It's fine. Practice," I encourage. "Although, I don't get why you need to. You're already perfect; and Wes would let you in without an audition. I mean, you did get them to Nationals the last couple of years."

Blaine rolls his eyes as he gets up and goes over to his stereo. "I got them to Nationals, David, but we haven't won either year. Which means I am far from perfect."

"But close to insane. Along with Wes and the other Warblers," I remark amused. "You're perfect. Besides, didn't you tell me that it was a big thing just to get to Nationals?"

Blaine looks at me seriously. "You do realize I always told you that after we lost at Nationals, right? I was trying to see the bright side."

I roll my eyes. "Whatever. Just practice."

Blaine turns his attention to his iPod as I tell Emily how crazy our brother is.

"So, do you want your performance of 'I kissed a girl'?" Blaine asks.

"No. No more Perry," I state. "Do Muse. I like the way you sing 'Uprising'."

"Only if you sing backing vocals," Blaine says.

"'Uprising' doesn't have backing vocals," I say thoughtfully. "That, and I don't sing, Blaine" I add firmly.

"Right," Blaine drawls, nodding as he connects his iPod to the stereo. "Well, you know what, Dave?" he says, turning to me and smirking mischievously. "I, and Ke$ha, beg to differ," he says amused as 'Your love is my drug' begins to play.

I scowl at him, blushing. "I'm taking the damn stereo system out of your car," I threaten moodily; he just laughs.

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