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Chapter three


It's nearing seven pm when Zee pulls up in front of mom's house and parks on the street.

"Rules," I prompt quickly when he reaches for the door handle.

Zee pauses and looks at me. "Seriously?"

"Rules," I repeat firmly.

"Dude," Zee complains. He then sighs, irritated, when I don't relent. "Man. Fine; whatever. Things not to talk about in front of or with Blaine fucking Anderson: Slushies you throw at losers; Homo-Explosion. Especially don't talk about Hummel; because that's just fucked up," he says, looking at me pointedly. Zee thinks slushies are okay; body slams, not so much. Who knew he had a conscience? Sort of.

I don't react - I already know it's fucked up.

He continues, "Overall, just don't talk about anything that you do that makes you look bad. Happy?"

"Ecstatic," I deadpan.

"Dude, you know I know the fucking rules. I've known them for two years," Zee says irritably as he gets out of the car.

I follow suit. "I know you know them. Yet, you still manage to break the last one - often," I remark from across the car's roof.

Zee looks at me sharply. "When? I've never said anything that made you look bad," he says defensively and then laughs derisively. "Fuck, Bee thinks you're a fucking angel."

Guilt grips me but I quickly force it away. "He hardly thinks that," I scoff. "And you break that rule every time you…brag about things that make you look bad."

"One, I don't brag; I tell stories," Zee corrects sternly. "And, two, how the hell do my stories make you look bad?" he demands. "I always keep your dumb ass out of them."

"True. My dumb ass has never been in any of your stories, but because they make you look bad and you're my friend, they make me look bad because, as Blaine says, I let you do those bad things," I explain.

Zee rolls his eyes. "Man, tell Bee to worry about himself and your dumb ass. You and he don't control me; I'm my own man," he says slightly annoyed.

"Then keep your stories to yourself," I state simply.

"Dude, can't help it," Zee admits. "Sometimes I forget that Bee don't hold the same…appreciation for my stories like you and the other guys do."

I look at Zee curiously. "Zee, he never has. How do you keep forgetting that?" I ask, faintly amused.

Zee shrugs. "You guys are twins. I figure you two gotta be alike somehow."

I laugh lightly. "We were born the same day, dude, that's all we have in common."

"You guys have your moments," Zee says amused.

"Very few," I remark.

"Whatever. Just know I ain't gonna say shit tonight. So don't fucking worry," Zee promises gruffly.

"I'm gonna worry; it's you," I say simply.

Zee points at me suddenly. "See? Right there. That's Bee," he says accusingly. "And what the hell does that even mean, it's you'? Every time I finish a 'story', Bee just sighs like he's disappointed and says 'Well, it's you'."

"Blaine is disappointed," I say seriously and then shrug, "And, well, the things you do, are just 'you'."

"Am I being insulted?" Zee asks.

"Nope. Excused," I answer.

"Whatever," Zee says indifferently. "You guys are messed up," he mutters.

I just smile.

Zee then nods at the house. "So, you want me to get Bee?"

"If you don't mind," I sigh. "I'd like not to fight with the bastard tonight."

"I don't," Zee says and then grins wickedly, rubbing his hands together enthusiastically, "It's nice to keep one more person scared of me."

"Wish I could have that effect on the bastard," I grumble. "Rule the school, but can't take down one stupid fucker."

"That's because the fucker knows you," Zee says and then adds earnestly, "Dee, you ain't scary. You're mean, you're ruthless, but not terrifying." He then grins, "But a big, black guy; no matter what, everyone knows to be on edge."

I chuckle. "Dude, you're seriously fucked up."

"Fucked up, it's still fact," he states proudly and heads for the front door. I just shake my head, lightly amused.

I wait by the car and watch as Zee knocks on the front door. As usual, Ryan is the one to open the door. I smirk as he looks completely surprised to see Zee, and then a little nervous. It only takes seconds for the two to talk and for Ryan to go back into the house. Zee heads back for me.

"New record," Zee says smugly. "Bitch went to get Bee." He then adds, a little peeved, "And Sir Stick-up-his-butt's coming."

I roll my eyes and smile reluctantly at the insult. "David's not that bad."

"Fucker so is," Zee says firmly. "Always looking down on me and shit."

"He does not. He just…doesn't get you and your…urban ways," I defend. "He's cool. I like him."

"Of course you like him. He's 'white' just like you," Zee says derisively.

I scowl slightly. "Chill, okay? David is not that bad. He's just…refined."

"And that's what wrong with him!" Zee states seriously. "No black guy should be that refined." He says 'refined' with pure disgust.

I just roll my eyes. There is no way to win this argument. "Just be nice."

"You mean refined," Zee corrects snidely.

"Dude," I snap lightly.

Zee holds his hands up in surrender. "Relax. Imma be cool. I always am."

I just nod. He will be cool. If not, he'll just ignore David; and bitch about him to me, semi-furtively, all night. Maybe I shouldn't have brought Zee.

Finally, Blaine and David exit the house. The two walk over to Blaine's Lexus SUV in the driveway. Blaine beckons Zee and me.

"Awesome. We're taking his car," Zee says pleased as we head over to the two. "Think he'll let me drive?"

"Don't be an ass, and maybe," I reply.

When we reach them, Blaine hugs me immediately and we exchange 'Happy birthdays'. He then hugs Zee, getting a warm Happy birthday and hug in return. David and I shake hands and he wishes me a 'Happy birthday'.

David then holds out his hand to shake Zee's, saying "Hi, Azimio."

Zee holds up his fist for a fist bump and says, "S'up, Thompson."

Neither indulges the other's 'greeting' and it starts to get awkward as they just stand there, hands out, both looking determined to make the other give in.

Blaine and I look at each other, wondering who we're supposed to reprimand. Both are being messed up, but Zee's gonna give me shit if I correct him and Blaine won't say anything to either boy because he doesn't like picking sides when both are his friends. Blaine usually avoids all conflicts.

Finally, the two just drop their hands and nod at each other.

I roll my eyes and Blaine gives an uncomfortable laugh.

"Okay, then," Blaine says unsurely and moves close to me. "Next year, just you and me?" he whispers.

"Definitely," I agree readily.

Blaine then takes out his wallet, opens it, and gives me two one-hundred dollar bills. "From mom. She decided no card since she's sure you wouldn't read it. Or care."

"Smart woman," I remark easily, taking out my wallet. I put one of the bills in and hand one back to Blaine. "Dad gave you a hundred."

Blaine looks at the money thoughtfully before he turns away from me without taking the money. "Keep it. I'm not that hard up," he says flippantly, heading to the driver's side of his SUV.

I just sigh lightly and put the money in my wallet. I already knew he'd refuse it; he's been refusing anything and everything from dad for the last five years. I guess a part of me was just hoping….

"Hey, Bee," Zee says. "Can I drive?" he asks hopeful.

Blaine tosses the keys to Zee without hesitation. "Don't wreck it."

Zee just grins happily. "I will cherish it like my right hand," he vows solemnly as he gets into the Driver's seat.

Blaine and I laugh. David allows a small smile.

David and I get into the backseat. Blaine, in the front Passenger seat, programs his GPS and tells Zee to follow it.

"Where are we going?" I ask Blaine as Zee pulls out of the driveway and follows the GPS's instructions.

"Surprise," Blaine answers as he turns on the radio and searches for something to listen to.

I look at David. "Where are we going?"

David just gives me an apologetic smile. "It's a surprise. But I'm sure you're going to hate it."

"David!" Blaine says sharply. "No hints."

"Okay, I hate your surprises. They are hardly ever something I like," I say to Blaine seriously. "Zee, pull over. I want out now."

"Dude, chill. I'm sure it won't be that bad," Zee says. "But. Whatever it is, I'm not doing it," he states, glancing pointedly at Blaine.

"You're doing it; both of you," Blaine says resolutely. He then pulls out his wallet. "Especially since I got you both these," he says, pulling out two plastic cards and handing one to me and Zee. They're fake I.D.'s.

Zee looks at his card and grins. "Dude," he says pleased, and looks at Blaine earnestly. "I love you, man."

Blaine laughs softly. "You're welcome. Those are also your Christmas and birthday gifts. Well, belated for you, Azimio," Blaine says. "And those are also why I own you both tonight," he declares wickedly.

"Cool. Do with me what you will," Zee agrees readily, focusing back on the road.

"You only own me depending on what you want me to do," I clarify. "But seriously, thanks," I say admiring my card; amazed that it looks believable, and thinking, even though it's fake, it's kind of cool to be twenty-one instead of seventeen tonight.

"Davey. I. Own. You. Period," Blaine enunciates smugly.

"I don't think so midget," I retort.

"Jerk," Blaine mutters.

I simply smile. "So, do you and Blaine have I.D.'s, too?" I ask David.

"Yeah. Had mine for a while and got Blaine's his as his birthday gift," David answers.

"Wow. You have hookups," Zee says mockingly to David.

"I'm surprised you don't," David retorts, and then says to me, curiously, "So, Blaine told me that today you would find out if you were back on the football team?"

"Oh, yeah," Blaine says, looking at me in the middle rearview mirror. "So?"

"Do I look like I'm in a bad mood?" I say simply.

Blaine smiles. "See? I told you," he says pleased. "What about you, Azimio?"

"I'm back," Zee states. "We lost our Quarterback, though."

"That sucks," Blaine says. "What happened?"

"He tried to get a wheel-chaired kid on the team," Zee explains. "Coach thought he was fucking with her, so she kicked him off the team as punishment or some shit."

Blaine and David laugh lightly. Zee and I don't laugh. It was funny until Hudson got kicked off the team.

"Are you serious?" Blaine asks, amused.

"Yeah. I'm not sure what Hudson was thinking. Anyway, we got a new guy, and he's okay," Zee answers.

"He sucks," I correct. "Hudson knew what he was doing. Evans…just sucks."

"He'll get better," Zee says with a shrug.

"I'm hoping to have Hudson back," I remark.

"Aw, you loved him," Zee teases me.

"Fuck you. I just want to play with someone who knows what the hell they're doing. I tripped over Evans twice today," I complain.

Zee laughs. "That's because you're trying to treat him like Hudson. You guys had a thing where you didn't need to speak to play well together, or some gay shit like that. Evans needs verbal instruction; or cue cards," he says amused and then adds casually, "Either way, it's not like it matters much that we got Evans. We suck with or without competent players."

"You do," Blaine agrees. He's heard my football stories - complaints - and knows of the many games we've lost. "Give him some time; I'm sure he'll get better."

"Hope so," Zee and I both mutter.

"Either that, or he should just quit and join Homo-Explosion completely," Zee remarks. "I mean…. Dammit," he says, glancing at me in the middle mirror apologetically.

"I told you," I state simply to Zee. "Although, that's a first for that rule."

"What rule?" Blaine asks curiously.

"Nothing," Zee and I say at the same time.

"You two are weird," Blaine remarks. "And it's Glee, Azimio," he corrects sternly.

"Sorry," Zee apologizes.

"Anyway. So, another jock wants to join Glee?" Blaine says interestedly, and pointedly.

Zee doesn't respond.

I roll my eyes - kind of too late not to say anything about Glee now. "Um, yeah. I heard Hudson was trying to recruit him, but Evans backed out," I answer.

"Hm. Too bad," Blaine says simply.

"It is; we could have gotten rid of him," Zee jokes.

I laugh; David chuckles; Blaine is silent.

I frown; I know Blaine's silence means that he and I are going to have a discussion - argument - about this later.

Fucking Zee.

Fifteen minutes later, the GPS tells us that we have reached our destination.

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