A/N 3/20/12: Due to few readers and low confidence due to being told recently, inadvertently, by my beta-boyfriend that I suck at writing, I'm ending this story here. The chapter is incomplete; I just can't find the heart to finish it or the entire story.

Sincere apologies.

Chapter four


Our destination is a medium sized bar called Mickey's.

Well, with us four having our fake I.D.'s on hand, I kind of figured we were going to a bar. This isn't so bad, though. I wonder why David thought I would hate it.

Zee turns into the parking lot, which is fairly full, and parks near the back.

When we get out of the car, Zee looks at the bar, grinning hugely and looking eager. I roll my eyes. I honestly don't get the big deal. We've drank before. I guess it's just the novelty of doing it semi-legally. If honest, though, I kind of feel the same excitement. And it makes me feel like such a dork.

Blaine is suddenly at my side. He hugs my left arm and tugs me towards the entrance; I follow unsurely.

After a few steps, "Blaine?" I question and look at him curiously when I notice that he's holding my arm tighter than necessary.

Blaine says nothing, just gives me a quick, brief smile and keeps leading me. I look at Zee and David questioningly, both just shrug, but I notice that David looks uneasy.

I start to feel nervous. Blaine's obviously up to something.

And I find out what pretty quickly when we get near the entrance of the bar. From inside, I can hear a guy…singing - horribly off-key.

I stop abruptly and glare at Blaine as he tightens his grip. "Oh, fuck you! No fucking way!" I snap angrily.

"Fuck yourself. And so fucking way," Blaine remarks simply, rolling his eyes. "You owe me for that I.D., and this is how you're going to repay me," he says determinedly, trying to pull me into the bar. I think Blaine forgets that he's much smaller than me - I don't budge.

"No. Keep the I.D.; I'm going home," I decide, trying to shake Blaine off. I almost do until Blaine asks David to help. David then latches onto my free arm tightly. "Dude, I thought you were my friend," I say to David, feeling a tiny bit betrayed.

"I am. But first and foremost, I'm Blaine's best friend," David explains, somewhat apologetic.

"You suck," I grumble as I now struggle to shake off Blaine and David as they try to pull me into the bar. Honestly, if I didn't care about seriously hurting the two, my fists would've ended this already.

Where's that ruthlessness Zee mentioned?

Speaking of Zee…. Why the hell isn't my best friend helping me? Answer: because he's too busy laughing his ass off at us.

"Get them off of me!" I snap at Zee.

"No way. This is too fucking funny," Zee says through this laughter.

I glare at Zee and decide, well, since I can't hit Blaine or David, I can definitely hit Zee - and I will - and I will feel absolutely no remorse.

Unaided, I continue to struggle with my twin and his best friend. That is until I realize that Zee is not the only one watching us. A group of people have joined him; some snickering, some just looking at us entertained.

I quickly stop struggling but hold my ground, feeling completely embarrassed. Blaine and David stop pulling me when they notice that I've stopped fighting them. They look at me curious and confused until they too notice the group of people watching us. They both blush brightly and let go of me swiftly.

The three of us then straighten ourselves out, trying to act like nothing happened.

When the group of people realize we're done making fools of ourselves, they disperse. Zee barely tries to calm himself. Asshole.

"You three totally looked insane. Best night of my life," Zee says wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

I glare at him, but my attention is stolen by Blaine as he pokes me hard in the chest.

"You're singing," Blaine orders sternly.

"No fucking way. Not in this lifetime," I laugh mirthlessly.

Blaine scowls at me severely. "Fine. I'll kill you now," he decides seriously. "Maybe you won't be such an idiot to me in our next life."

"God, I'd like to hope that I wouldn't be that unlucky as to come across you again in my next life," I say derisively and instantly regret it when I see a flicker of hurt in Blaine's eyes. He recovers quickly, though.

"Fuck you," Blaine growls sharply, shoving me, and then adds, tersely, "You've ruined our birthday, asshole," and then stalks into the bar.

"Fuck you! You ruined it first, bastard!" I shout after him angrily, although, guilt is starting to settle in me. Which I don't get since this fight isn't even my fault!

For a couple minutes, Zee, David and I just look at each unsurely and uncomfortably.

Zee then nudges David in his side with his elbow. "So, yeah, this is fun."

David gives him an awkward smile.

"Fuck you," I say to Zee half-heartedly.

David then sighs lightly. "I'll go check on him," he says and enters the bar.

Zee and I then stand together in silence.

After a moment of letting guilt eat at me, I turn to Zee. "You know, I'm seriously considering walking home right now. And by home, I mean, Lima," I state despondently.

"I didn't ask. And screw you; I'm going back for my car if we're going back home," Zee states.

I roll my eyes and ignore him as I start calculating in my head how long it would take to walk from here back to Lima.

Zee sighs loudly and looks at me seriously. "That's another thing you and Bee have in common," he starts. "You're both fucking drama queens," he says, half amused, half exasperated.

I scowl at him.