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In the year 2051, the Scoobies finally faced an enemy they could not defeat. As a last resort, Dawn used her blood to bring herself, Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Andrew - the last surviving members of the New Council - to a new world. The spell was too much for her, however, so the group was split up, and changes to their names, ages, and lives occurred.

Robert Giles was born in England in 1949; Buffy Bradley, Willow Shanahan, and Xander Monroe were born in the late 'fifties, and met as toddlers. Dawn Bradley was born in 1963 in Denver, CO. Giles moved to Colorado and joined the Big Brother program, where he met the others. Their memories were returned. Buffy was Called as a teenager, she died and was revived, and has a Watcher named Saied Jhossep. Xander tried again for his post-graduation road trip, making it as far as Oklahoma before having to stop. He adopted a four-year-old Lindsey McDonald. Dawn eventually graduated high school and was accepted at a European University, where she found Andrew. During their Christmas Break in 1980, Andrew and Dawn announced their engagement to Dawn's family.

Manassas, VA - October 1986

Andrew Hotchner was all but dancing in place. In another few minutes he would be married to the love of his lives. As Andrew Wells he had been too shy, too geeky, and too guilty of murder to think he had a chance with her. His new life had given the confidence and clean slate to propose, and she had surprised him by saying 'yes'. Now both families were gathered in his new hometown, witnesses to the greatest moment in his life.

His grin dimmed and became bittersweet as each of his little brothers made their way down the aisle. Sixteen-year-old Aaron, his best man, was clearly uneasy around all of the unknown men surrounding him, but he did his best to ignore them in favor of putting all of his attention on keeping pace with Buffy. He offered Andrew a quick smile when he took his place beside the groom. A few minutes later their younger brother, Sean, started down the aisle with the flower girl, his six-year-old face intent on the rings he carried.

When the music changed, though, everything else faded away. All Andrew could see was the blue-eyed vision in white that floated toward him. He blinked a few times to clear his vision, aware but uncaring that he was crying. He didn't hear a word that was said in the next few seconds, only coming back to reality when a bony elbow jabbed into his lower back, prompting him to take Dawn's hand from her father's.

Andrew tried to pay attention through the rest of the ceremony, but he missed every few words as he got lost in Dawn's eyes. He didn't, however, need any prompting when it got to time to recite their vows. He held the ring in one hand, stared deeply into her eyes, and repeated the words that would bind him to Dawn, committing himself to her for the rest of their lives. When he was finished, he placed the ring on her finger, whispering the words, "With this ring, I thee wed. Until I am no more."

The newlyweds had a small reception; family and close friends only. Dawn and Andrew laughed themselves nearly sick when Buffy tried to get Aaron onto the dance floor, only for Xander to cut in before the first chorus of the song had been reached. The blonde stared after the duo - Xander grinning insanely and Aaron obviously confused - before grabbing Willow to complete her dance. On the other side of the room, the Mother of the Bride danced with Sean, teaching him simple steps to accompany the music.

Suddenly Dawn leaned over to whisper in Andrew's ear. "I bet you two tickets to the next Star Wars movie that the next wedding will be you getting a step-daddy." He looked at her in confusion, then followed her gaze to a spot near the windows. His mother, Jane, was dancing with her former lawyer, a man named Luke Jackson.

Andrew smiled and kissed his wife. "He looks like he'd be good for her. But if he hurts her, I'm summoning flying monkeys to kidnap him and tie him to the top of the Eiffel Tower in his underwear."

"Just make sure to tell himthat on their first date."

"Whatever you say, Dear." Dawn's reply was cut off as someone - Xander, most likely - began calling for cake. "Shall we?" Andrew asked, extending an arm to her as he stood.