No Rest For The Wicked Minds

disclaimer I do not own criminal minds or harry potter. if I owned CM Reid would have shorter darker hair and be with Hotchner. don't own HP because harry ended up with the weasel cow and not Neville Draco or Severus.

This story popped into my head while watching a CM marathon while also typing up chapter 7 of my 'Raven' Harry Potter/ Twilight story. I got to think that Reid would look like Remus and Severus's kid if he had darker and straighter hair. i know that i might be alone in thinking that but i don't care so :P Oh and I might use some names from 'Raven' because I'm to lazy to make new ones.

This is totally AU, OOC and Slash in both the HP and CM world i might get most things wrong with CM mostly because I have not seen every episode or know all the characters backstories. sorry if you wanted them to be IC. Jason Gideon is not in this story. The things that are case like will be from different seasons and not all drama mostly. Hotch didn't marry Haley after she had Jack. She left them after Jack was born because she didn't want to be tied down.

Pairings: Harry/Hotchner(later) Reid/Neville Remus /Severus other pairings as the story goes.


Namemeaning:* ( meaning on the bottom of the chapter)

For this story :Hotch age- 31/ Reid age-23/ Jack age- 4/ Harry age- 28

Oh side note Spencer doesn't have a accent like Harry does because he grew up in the US more then in the UK.



Spencer Reid was just finishing the last reports of Morgan's on the Wilson case when Hotch walked down from his office.

" Reid they need down at the check in someone name Harry Alexander Prince is here to see you." said Hotch as he leaned on Spencer's desk trying to see if Reid had a problem with the guy or not.

The others in the BAU team were surprised at the big smile that stretched across his face as he jumped up and all but ran to the elevator.

There was a pause then, " Morgan have Garcia do a search on Prince and to video Reid and Prince's meeting up front." order Hotch not even finishing before Morgan was talking to Garcia.

JJ walked in from the elevator with a slight smile and asked, " What's got Reid so happy."

"A Mr. Harry Alexander Prince came for Reid," said Prentiss sitting on Morgan's desk to hear what Garcia was saying.

"We're about to find out more on this guy once My Baby Girl works her magic." said Morgan with a satisfied smirk.

" Why not wait for Spencer to tell you and not hack into something to find out." JJ scolded Morgan for invading Reid's privacy.

Morgan Sshed her when a screen showed up on his computer with a view out the first floor entrance.

( With Reid)

Reid just walked out of the elevator when he heard a British accent yell.

" Hey Spinner call the watch dogs off me and come here." said a very tall and slightly tan male with long jet black hair and dark green eyes.

"Let him though McNeals he's with me." walking to the man with a big smile. Mr. Prince was let out of the security line and went and grabbed Reid for a bear hug with Reid happily returned.

They pulled away but not too far after smiling at each other Harry asked," So how about lunch bookworm."

"Yeah lets go. Oh wait I have to ask the boss first then we can go." Reid then looked nervous about having Harry near the BAU team.

"So I finally get to meet your crime team. Who do they think I am? Lover, friend or someone else."

"Eww lover yuck Ry. Neville won't be happy with that thought. ," smiling softly thinking about his mate. "Wait he didn't tell me you were coming." looking questioning at Harry.

"What a big brother can't come see his baby brother without a invite now. You wounded me dear brother," he said with a hand over his heart and a mock hurt look as they walked into the elevator.

" Oh stop it I'm just surprise that you didn't call us first I could have been on a case."

" I would have known if you were. Anyways how long do you think it took them to call the Computer Queen to find me." said Harry in a casual tone while wave at the camera in the corner of the elevator.

Reid paled and whispered in Harry's ear," You gave them your real name what if that find something Ry."

" You worry too much. Griphook helped with the muggle paper trail." Harry whispered back.

Reid sighed in relief, " Wait that means they will see that we are brothers right?" looking at his big brother.

" We'll be fine Kagen* and it show that dad and papa adopted you at a month old when I was five. Oh and dad and papa are coming over tomorrow." Harry said as he left Reid in the elevator with his mouth hanging open.

" What do you mean brother dear." said Kagen his mind frantically working to see if he could clean the house in time for their parents and maybe get a week off of work as he followed Harry.

" Why Spin it would seem that you don't want them to come over."

"Thats not true and you know it Ry. Me and Nev miss you guys and I was just wondering whats going on."

Harry turned around to face Reid looking serious," I'll take you out to eat with Nev and tell you guys ok. So lets get this part over with first." putting an arm around Spencer and pulling him close.

(With the team while Reid talks to Harry)

"Wow he's hot," whistled JJ looking at the man Reid was hugging.

"I thought you said we shouldn't invade Reid's privacy JJ." said Rossi over JJ's shoulder looking at the computer.

"Yea well he's hot and I got distracted," said JJ as she straightened herself up from looking at the computer.

"Hey guys Garcia found something." said Morgan as he put the cell on speaker.

" Well it would seem my doves that Reid has a family we didn't know about. Mr Prince is Reid's older adopted brother, he was five when Reid was adopted by Kane Dunstan and Remus Prince. They lived in the UK until Harry was 11 and Reid was 6. They moved around alot six years in the US and two years in Japan but when Harry turned 19 they moved back to London where Kane and Remus Prince still live today. Reid at age 18 moved with a Neville Longbottom age 23 at the time to live in the US."

They was all quiet while them moled over the new information on their younger co-worker.

"So Spencer is adopted and has a brother and two dads." summarized Prentiss looking at the computer to see Harry waving at the camera.

"Shit their coming up. Thanks goddess," yelled Morgan while shutdown the computer and closing his cell. The others went to their desk but Hotch and JJ stayed by Reid's desk.

They heard Reid voice and British accent talking as they walked to the bullpen.

Tell me if i should continue this story. and don't worry my 'Raven' readers i well update soon.

Kagen- a thinker; fiery, peacemaker

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