Meteorgin: I going to make up a character simply because none of the one piece characters fit the part.

Her name will be Leah, she will be well equated with the one piece characters, and she'll have eaten a devil fruit called the 'breeze breeze fruit', she'll use a spear as a weapen, she'll be much younger than the others (I'm thinking 15 or 16), and she will be part of the crew, because the role I need requires that.

It will take place 20,000 years after one piece (chosen at random) so naturally all the one piece characters will have fulfilled their dreams and died by now. And some little changes (like to the earth's surface, for instance) are inevitable. But their fight isn't over yet, they still have some lose ends to tie up with some old enemies who refuse to pass on. They'll look as they did before the time skip. It may have some random pirats.

More info on Leah: she has shoulder length, pink hair tied back in a pony tail, is fair-skined, and a dim pink dress, with some fluffy pink pomb-pomb lasses around the neck and sleves the same color (like Ilieda in code Lyoco when she's in the real world), and is about the size of a high schooler, so, short compared to the others, but a tad bigger then issa (little girl from sky island, I don't know how the name is spelled) and apis, and has caramel colored eyes, and waeres white, hand made, modern day, roller blades for shoes. She has a cheeta pupit that has eaten the cheata cheata devil fruit (like those wepens) that can tern in to a cheata, and she calls him Cheatie, he is very loyal, and will change forms when ever called on by her, she keeps him on her hand (he's a gost too cause it's important he stays with her), his half cheata half pupit form looks like a small cheata.

Personality: she like's to draw and write. She loves animals, she is very kind harted, like all straw hats (minus Robin) has little tolorence. she can also be very direct and is't afrade to say what needs to be said, and she does like to tease peop;e. She has a keen eye for dietal and Cheatie is her best friend. She's not big on meat, has a small apitite, and doesn't eat that much. She can be devieus, and a former informant dispite her age. Also she tends to be overly superstishos. She's good at planing ahead and has many conections. She's still a kid and likes to have fun, so sometimes she likes to stick with the more chiledish straw hats, as in Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy; other times she likes to stay with Nami and Robin, who are like older sisters to her; but mostly she just sits there brushing Cheatie's main or playing fetch with him. and oftin rides around on Cheatie.

Cheatie: unlike most cheatas, Cheatie is mostly white, like snow, and his main is a shade of icy bluish white. he is Very cute, Mostly stays by Leah's side, loves fish and running around, Extremely loyal, likes to play, and enjois naps. he hates bees.

Miya: a yung phsicic. she has eaten the only devil fruit remaning from the time of the great pirat era, the 'phantom phantom fruit', by locking eyes with someone she can create alotions that fool the mind and body. she loves her school and everyone in it and doesn't want them geting hurt. the straw hats take a liking to her and deside to help. she has long black hair and a small side pony tail, and weres a school unifom, (similar to the one in 'lovely complex'), a pal brown jacket, a red tie, a black skert, long socks, and black shoes. she is 18 and short so a bit shorter than luffy. she is kind, careing, and likes flowers.

And I'll start on the next chapter cause I'm out of time.