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Tsuna looked vaguely at his sleepy tutor. He fall asleep an hour ago and Tsuna kept staring at him this whole while. The cute, little, rosey cheeks, the small hands holding Leon tightly, he had deep breathing…

Wait a second, what he was thinking? There's no way in hell that he would be in love with Reborn. It was the most stupid and dangerous thing only an idiot like Bianchi would do…or himself? First, although Reborn was years older than him, he being in that baby's body made Tsuna feel like a pedo. Second of all, they were both men. Third of all Reborn was…Reborn! One of the seven Arcobalenos, the most feared infants in whole Italy…no, the whole world. Besides, Tsuna shouldn't be thinking of it, he was supposed to be in love with Sasagawa Kyoko, but months ago he started to see her only as a friend. But when did it exactly happen? Actually, Tsuna knew the exact moment when he felled for Reborn. During the fight with Milliefiore, Reborn was Tsuna's support. Even thought he had his famiglia with him (Thanks God for this, otherwise he'll be dead by now) it was Reborn who stayed up late with him, comforting, giving advice…One day, when Tsuna was having an emotional breakdown. Reborn promised something to Tsuna: no matter what they'll never be apart, they were going to change their future, together. Yeah, that sweet, few worlds reached Tsuna's heart deeply. Yeah… he was in love with Reborn.

Tsuna couldn't sleep; all he could was keep staring at Reborn's cuteness and flawless face, sleeping above him. He spent another hour like this and then he stood up, and looked at the clock. It was 1 AM of Sunday. He hoped for a free day to spend with his home tutor. Even he was a sadistic baby who hit him every single time, Tsuna still loved him, he didn't care about training as long as he was with Reborn. Tsuna wouldn't mind anything, as long as he was with Reborn.

He smiled and approached slowly to Reborn. As he got closer to him, he noticed that Reborn's breathing wasn't as deep as before. Tsuna stood still, just in front of him, waiting for him to go back to deep sleep. He started softly snoring again. Tsuna softly chuckled and kept approaching him, until his Katekyo's face was close to his. Tsuna smiled again and closed his eyes and leaned towards his lips. He gently pressed his with Reborn's. He broke the kiss and went to bed. It had sent him already sleepy and dazed. Just a moment before he fall asleep, he heard in a low, but gentle voice:

"You have tender lips; Dame-Tsuna… But I still got to teach you some more things, just wait for tomorrow's morning"

Tsuna smiled again and went to sleep.