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It's been half a year, half a year that I haven't glanced at his ocean deep blue eyes; he probably won't even recognize or notice me. Even so I sneak one more glance at his frustrated expression, and our eyes meet for half a second and in that moment I had enough strength to defend us…and our future

"Carly I'm serious" I told her in a worried tone

I was laying down on my bed while Carly was taking my tempuature, her hands feeling my cheeks. I told her I've had a serious bug for a few days and to tell the truth, it wasn't getting any better…

"Nope no fever...what were your symptoms again?"

"Dizzy spell and puking my guts out "I mumbled as she removed the thermometer from my mouth

Carly sat up on the bed and liked at me concern plastered on her face "Akiza...are you sure?"

"Positive" I said a little too quickly

"We can take a te-"

"No!" I half yelled at her

She dropped the subject after that and got off the bed

"Well get some sleep then" she said as she pulled the covers, turned off the lamp and left, closing the door behind her

I couldn't sleep a wink that night Am I sure? "of course I am" I whispered to myself there's a slim chance though "dammit I don't know" I said as I tossed and turned until the morning rays, hearing the soft sound rain falling on my window..

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