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Chloe POV

I was laying on the couch almost asleep, when someone let out an ear-splitting shriek. I fell off the couch, and ran up the stairs. Screams of terror was nothing new. They barely register above a sigh these days. I get to the top of the stairs and see Derek is already there, of course, and he's . . . laughing?

Yes, everybody Derek Souza is laughing. I look in the bathroom and I expect to see Tori crying over a broken nail (that's happened twice already) but no, I see Simon standing on top of a toilet, cowering from a mouse.

I double over with laughter, and end up leaning against Derek, who is still laughing. Tori comes out of our room, with a pissed off look on her face (surprise, surprise) but that look is quickly erased when she takes a look at Simon, and she collapses on the floor with laughter.

Simon glares at us, Tori and I manage to get our laughter under control. Derek puts his arm around my waist and leans against the wall. Derek doesn't laugh often, but when he does, I love the sound of his laughter. Tori goes into our room and comes back out with a camera. Tori points the camera at Simon and takes a picture. "Tori I swear if I see any of this on Facebook, you are dead!"

"Oh what, you don't want all of your ex-girlfriends seeing this?"

"Yes, I don't want them seeing this. I still have a reputation to maintain." Derek goes into the bathroom, picks the mouse up by its tail and swings it in Simon's face. Simon bats at it with his hand. Simon stalks out of the room, and Tori leaves to finish whatever she was doing. but before she leaves she calls over her shoulder and says, "Chloe, make sure you check your Facebook later."

That just leaves Derek and I in the hall, I take a moment to look him over. His hair doesn't grease up like it used to, so he only takes a shower every day. His face doesn't break out any more now that he is going through the change regularly. And last but not least are his eyes that are the same beautiful emerald green I had seen when I had first met him. Derek catches me staring, I blushed and looked away. He's about to say something when Andrew decides to interrupt "Kid's I'm home!" yells Andrew. When I turn around Derek is nowhere in sight. It still amazes me how a 200 pound werewolf can move so silently.

Simon comes outs and asks, "What happened to Derek?"

"What do you mean?"

"He came into our room with a weird look on his face."

"I don't know."

"Hmm, well anyway I'm starving. Let's go see what Andrew bought."

"You go ahead. I'm going to go see what's wrong with Derek."

"Suit yourself." I wait until Simon is in the kitchen when I go and find Derek. I find him in Andrew's study, reading a book about werewolves. "Haven't you memorized that book by heart yet?" I teased. Derek looks up and smirks.


"You okay?"

"Yeah. Fine why?"

"Simon said you came into your room with a weird look on your face."

"Oh that. I was just thinking."

"That was your thinking face?"

"Don't look at me like that. You stick your tongue out when you're thinking about something." I blush and look away. Simon walks into the room. "Hey Derek, Andrew wants you for something."

"Alright." Derek sits the book down on the armrest and follows Simon out the door. I was curious to know what he was reading.

How You Know When You Found Your Mate.

There is a strong metaphysical aspect to werewolf love and "marriage," a.k.a. mating or pair-bonding. Wolves form a formal pair-bond via a series of processes and ceremonies that are a combination of natural instinct, metaphysical connections and ritual. This is due to the necessity of providing stability within the Pack—otherwise, every time a mated female went into estrus, her male would be fighting off the entire male half of the Pack. Also, the normal human ways of marking an individual as mated don't work well for lycans. The Pairing process takes place over the space of at least two moons, and often three. In fact, when an unmated wolf becomes Lycaon, he is officially granted three moons to select a female werewolf , after that, the Pack itself will choose his mate by a process described below. This is incredibly important for the Pack, because the female werewolf becomes fertile only after the Marking, and only the Lead pair is fertile, under most circumstances. There are two Marks, the first physical and highly visible. It is triggered by the conscious desire to mate, having found someone who's willing to mate with you, and in part by the moon and the combined metaphysical bond that links all of the Pack.

The First mark is given on or near the full moon, though there are exceptions to this. This may or may not be a public event, but First Marks are always displayed during the Lycaeus, if they are not created during it. It normally occurs during sex, if the desire between the pair to bond is strong. There is a perception of a flash of bright light and an extremely pleasurable sensation of heat flashing across the skin. Both wolves are left with an intricate, biological pattern across their left shoulder and chest. It looks like a photo of lightning, with all a bolt's intricate side-branches, or a tracing of the nerves or capillaries- a very dense, vining pattern. It's visible as dark pigmentation on light skin or pelts, or a lack of pigmentation on dark skins and pelts. It does not cause any pain and it is not an injury. The intervening time until the second full moon is a more intense courtship period. On the Second full moon, there is a formal announcement to the Pack, and the male Chases his beloved to gain a consummation that's as formal and legal as a marriage license for humans- and far more binding, usually. Most werewolves do mate for life. Separations are not unknown, but they are rare and usually only occur in Packs that are in general upheaval, or among pairs who were created by a challenged Chase.

Challenged Chase: The period between the time of the First Marking and the Second can be seized as a last-ditch window of opportunity by a spurned suitor to regain lost favor. However, this doesn't include sexual contact by the interloper. That would break the Marking- and normally, by the time a pair is close enough emotionally to trigger the first Marking, the chances of infidelity are minute. If some of the Pack feels like the proposed union is a bad idea, they will join the Chase with intent to interfere. Only the unmated can place the Mark during the pack run, the others who are mated and don't agree with the pairing just try and prevent the pair from meeting. If the moon sets and the pair haven't met up and made the Second marking, the First Marking vanishes. If an interloper wins the Chase, then he/she will break the original Marking and will take the place of the defeated rival as bearer of the First Marking.

On the next full moon, there is guaranteed to be a challenged Chase between the two rivals and their mutual beloved. Whoever wins that Chase is the beloved's mate. Far more often, however, the Pack agrees with the lovers' choice and follows along at a slight distance as witnesses. The First Marking may be a private event, but the Second Marking is a permanent, metaphysical link that is created from the power raised by the Pack during the Chase, then channeled into the mating pair to form the bond. It is permanent (unless broken before the Pack) and considered a blessing on the union, for it is given by the Leaders and the Pack. It is invisible, unlike the First Mark, but as instantly recognizable by any wolf. It is almost impossible to describe how one knows the marital status of another wolf- it has been said that to try is similar to the task of describing the color blue to someone born blind. It is simply unmistakable, and almost always honored. Adultery among werewolves is extremely rare, as aggression against an interloper can be lethal with the full blessing of the Pack. If the pair becomes that unhappy, they normally dissolve their union by denouncing it in front of the Pack before they seek other companions.

In the case of a Lycaon who has not chosen a mate within his first three moons, the issue is settled by melee combat between any females who wish to take the rank. The battle can be vicious and often deadly, though most of the less driven combatants will remove themselves from the fray after first injury. There is no mating Chase after the combat, as the victor has proven herself physically and mentally strong enough to dominate the Pack. When the battle is over, the victorious female will join the Lycaon and at first contact, the Second Mark will activate between them. While the choice may have been made for him, the Lycaon will eventually fully accept and come to care for his Loba, as they are compatible in their abilities and desires to lead the Pack. This arranged bond might be chafing for a period, or for life, but there hasn't been an arranged pair separation within the living memory of the Packs.

It is important to note that the Mating Ritual, including the Marks, only takes place between werewolves. In the case of a wolf pairng with a human or with a lycan of another flavor- no Marks. As it takes two to tango, it takes two wolves to receive Marks. A human and a wolf can shag, shack up, marry, whatever, but they won't have the metaphysical pair-bonding of a pair of mated werewolves. They're just a couple, like any other human couple, as likely to split up and go their own way later as the general population. As for gay couples, while there is no discrimination against same-sex relationships among werewolves, biology isn't socially enlightened. The metaphysical pair-bonding process is to ensure that compatible mates stay together for life, for the cold and pure purpose of being able to make a litter of puppies at the first possible opportunity. So, since that's not going to happen with a same-sex pair, there's no Marking, no mating ritual, no Chases. They simply love each other and stay together, with the fidelity or lack thereof inherent in any human romantic pairing.

Why is Derek reading this? Does that mean he thinks he found his mate? Who is his mate? Derek decides to walk in the room, "What are you reading?"

I drop the book on the floor. "I- uh- N-nothing." He knows I'm lying. Damn this stutter. I am so dead. He walks over and picks up the book. His eyebrows scrunch up with confusion. He looks at me and asks, "Why were you reading about werewolves shifting?"

"What?" He holds the book up for my inspection. Oh thank you god for changing the page. "I was reading about it to see if there was anything to help you get through the change easier." Wow I can't believe I said that without stuttering.

Derek's face softens. He grabs my chin and tilts it up so I'm looking in his eyes, "You don't have to do that. It'll get easier when I start changing more regularly."

"Okay." Derek lets go of my chin and goes to walk out the door, but before he leaves he turns around and asks ,"Did you happen to read what I opened up earlier?"

I shake my head. "No. What were you reading?" I get the satisfaction of seeing Derek blush. With that he leaves the room.

I leave the study to go the kitchen and of course I find Derek there. "Long time no see."

Derek looks up and smiles, his canine teeth flashing under the light. "Yeah, it's been a while. Wanna sandwich?"

"Sure thanks." While Derek finishes making our sandwiches, I grab us two Cokes out of the fridge. We go into the living room, Derek turns the channel to 'The Haunting'. I glare at him, he laughs and flips to a random channel which just happens to be 'New Moon' and the fight seen between Jacob and Paul are on. Derek scowls and I laugh and take the remote away from him and we settle for 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. It's halfway over when Andrew calls us for a meeting. Derek groans but gets up anyway. He lends me his hand and helps me up. When we get to Andrew's office, Simon is shaking with excitement and Tori looks only mildly interested.

"We are going to have other Supernaturals joining us in about a couple of weeks. Old and young. The are going to be every race here. Even werewolves." Derek tenses up and Andrew fixes him with a look. "They will be on their best behavior, Derek. I promise."

"You better." I hear Derek say under his breath. I stomp on his foot. He smiles at me. I smile back.

When the meeting is over Simon says he's going to go take a nap. I smile mischievously, this was going to be fun.

Derek's POV

Great. Just great. Like I don't have enough problems to deal with. Finding my lost father. Dealing with Simon's growing feelings for Chloe. Trying to find away to tell Chloe how I feel. This annoying wolf in my head that pops up whenever he wants. Now I gotta deal with freaking werewolves. Yeah my life is just great. I hear Simon wake up from his nap. Then I hear him go into the bathroom and next thing I know he's screaming Chloe's name and I hear her scream, "Derek save me!" I roll my eyes at their foolishness, but I go to help her anyway. Chloe comes bounding down the stairs with Simon at her heel. He's just about to grab her when she jumps into me arms and climbs on my back. She wraps her legs around my torso and her arms around my neck. I grab her thighs.

Hey our mate feels good.

Oh great it's you again.

I'm here till the day you die. Get use to it.


"What did Chloe do?" I ask.

"What did she do? Look what she did to my hair." I look at his hair and start laughing, in his hair were hot pink highlights. Tori comes down the stairs with an avocado mask on. Tori starts laughing and runs up the stairs and grabs the camera she had earlier and takes a picture of Simon. "This is going on Facebook with the other picture." By now we are all laughing and Andrew comes out of his office and shakes his head at us but I can see him trying to hide a smile. Simon and Tori start bickering about putting his pictures up on Facebook. Chloe climbs off my back but I'm reluctant to let her go, but then that would just see weird. She heads toward the kitchen. She calls over her shoulder, "Want anything?"

"Uh yeah I'll have a Coke.

Damn our mate looks good in those jeans.

Damn him. I'm tempted to look. I do, the wolf is right she does look good in those jeans. Damn it I gotta stop thinking like that. Chloe comes back with two cokes. I look at the clock almost nine. "Wanna watch a movie?"'

"Only if i get to pick it." We argue over it, we end up doing rock paper scissors. I win, but I still let her pick. Anything to make her happy. She ends up picking 'Terminator'. Chloe falls asleep halfway through it and ends up with her head on my shoulder. Being the gentleman I am, I have no intention of moving it. I fall asleep near the end. I end up laying my head on top of hers. Andrew wakes me up at about 1 in the morning and tells us to go to bed. I carry Chloe up the stairs to her and Tori's room. Tori is snoring very loudly. It's a wonder Chloe doesn't wake up from it. Lord knows I do. I peel back the covers and lay her in.

Know climb into bed with her.

Shut up.

Oh you wish you in bed with her.

I wish I was, but I don't cause I"m not a pervert like you.

Whatever you say.

I kiss Chloe on her forehead, say good night to her and walk back to mine and Simon's room. I pull off my shirt and put on my pajama pants and go to sleep. I have a dream about Chloe, we are in a meadow, I'm in wolf form and Chloe's laughing and spinning around in circles. I run around in circles around her, out of the woods comes two beautiful little girls. One has Chloe's hair and my eyes and the other has my hair and Chloe's eyes. Just like that the dream is over cause I wake up with the need to shift. I groan and get up to change to some clothes on the floor. I was debating on whether to wake Chloe up or just let her sleep. I've never shifted without her, except that time I had to rescue her from the Edison Group. It didn't feel right when I shifted without Chloe. Then again I didn't want her being mad at me if I woke her up. I decide to risk it, I crept into her and Tori's room and went to her bed. She had taken her shirt and pants off sometime during the night. I froze, that means she was in her bra and underwear.

Too bad she's not naked.

Oh please not now.

You should take a quick peek before you wake her up.

No, I shouldn't.



I gently shake her and whisper her name, "Chloe."

She wakes up. "Hmm Derek." She colts up in bed and pulls the covers tightly around her body. "Derek?, what are you doing in here?" She sees the silver glow in my eyes and shakes her head and says, "Never mind, you need to shift again. Let me put on some clothes." She starts to get up then looks at me. I stand there like an idiot, until she clears her throat and points to the door. "Oh sorry." I say. She shakes his head and smiles. I smile back and walk towards the door and close it with an inch left open.

Now look inside.

Not that I'm not tempted, but no.

Do it or I will force you.

You can't make me.

Next thing I know, I'm looking inside through the crack. I see Chloe get out of bed. I try to look away but the wolf won't budge. Damn him. I can't help but be a little curious. I see Chloe put on the pants she had on earlier. I love the way they fit perfectly on her ass. Then she does me a favor and turns around so I can see her breasts. That soon ends as she pulls her shirt on. I never noticed before but the shirt has a tight fit. I feel a tightness in my pants. I look down, oh god I have a boner. I just realized something bigger, I'm a pervert. I step back from the door.

Thanks a lot, I say to the wolf.

You're Welcome.

I roll my eyes at his reply. I start thinking about cold things to help calm me down. The tightness slowly retreats just in time to see Chloe come out of her room with a blanket. We walk quietly out of the house and into the clearing about a half mile away from the house. When we get to the clearing, I start to take my clothes off right away, because the need to shift has become a lot stronger. I take my shirt off and notice Chloe staring at my chest. I look down, there's nothing wrong with it. No acne, no nothing. Just abs and muscles. Just as I am about to say something, Chloe notices what she is doing,blushes and looks away. I wonder why she was staring at my chest.

In math and science you are a genius, but when it comes to girls you are so completely dense.

What do you mean?

Duh. She thinks your hot.

Does not.

Then why is she staring at your chest again.

Because- wait, what?

I turn to look at Chloe, she certainly is staring at my chest again. I can't help the big smile on my face. Chloe notices and she slowly starts to smile. "What?" she asks.

"Nothing." I take my pants off and drop to all fours. I look away, I don't throw up anymore but I don't want Chloe seeing my face dis-form. I don't want her thinking I'm a monster. As if she was reading my mind she turns my head towards her and says," You don't have to turn away, I've seen you at you worst and you've seen me at my worst. You're not a monster. You're Derek, the one who cares about his family and friends. Except Tori, not sure." I laugh, but it comes out a bark. I look down, I'm a wolf. I didn't feel a thing, the things this woman does to me. Chloe looks at her watch. "It's about 3:30 in the morning, so we can catch a couple hours of sleep." I grunt in reply. So that's why she brought a blanket. Chloe walks a couple feet away from me. She lays down on the ground and pulls the blanket over. As soon as she is comfortable as she can get, she starts shivering. It is kinda cold out tonight. Without a noise I walk up behind her and curl my body around hers. She smiles and turns and uses my chest as a pillow. One of her hands grabs a clump of my fur and she falls asleep. A few minutes after I fall asleep too.

Chloe's POV

I wake up around 9:00 in the morning. That was the best sleep I've ever had. I look around for Derek, I can't find him anywhere. I start to worry, but it quickly fades as I see him, step out of the woods. I run to him. Derek looks well rested and healthy. "Good Morning." I say to him.

"Good Morning." he replies.

"How did you sleep?" He doesn't answer me, instead he brushes a stray piece of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear. I raise my hand to keep his in place. For some reason, it feels right. A lot better than when Simon did it to comfort me. "We should probably head back to the house, Andrew's probably wondering where we are."

"Okay." I reply. We started on our way back. Taking our time, enjoying the sun. When we got to the house there was nobody home. I found a note on the table. I picked it up and started to read, Derek came up behind me and started reading over my shoulder. It read:

Chloe and Derek,

I went to the store with Simon and Tori for our guests. Great news they'll be coming here about a week earlier then suspected. I would've invited you two along, but you two were no where insight. We should be home sometime around 11 o'clock tonight.

Andrew P.S. Derek you're in charge.

Derek's laughing at the last sentence. I throw the note at him and stomp to the kitchen. Derek caught it with ease and followed me to the kitchen. I can feel Derek's eyes on my back. I refuse to look at him even though I'm not mad at him anymore. He spins me around and gives me the puppy eyes. I was cracking, and he could see it. I start laughing and Derek joins in, I end up in Derek's arms. I look up at him, he stares down in my eyes. "Chloe, don't take this the wrong way but you stink."

"Oh really? You don't exactly smell like a rose garden either."

"Fine then how about we both go take a shower, then I will make us lunch. Then we can go do something since you have been lucky enough to spend the day with me."

"Can't wait." Sarcasm dripping in every word but not really meaning it. "Since when can you cook?"

"I can cook. Things like ravioli and sandwiches, things in that nature."

I laugh. "I'll take ravioli and a ham sandwich."

"Okay." says Derek laughing. We go into our designated bathrooms. I hear Derek get out of the shower first. I decide to dress simple today. I pull on tan short shorts and a black long sleeve shirt. My hair was getting longer, it reached just below my shoulder blades. I put on a little mascara and lip gloss. I saw he box of hair dye I bought. I shrugged my shoulders, I opened the box of red hair dye. I was just re-doing my highlights. That god awful black hair dye Derek got me had finally rinsed out. I put in the highlights, waited 15 for them to set. I went to the shower and rinsed it out. I blow dried my hair again, and straitened it. The food was probably cold by now cause I took longer than I had originally planned. When I walked down the stairs, Derek came in and put down a plate of hamburgers. "Funny looking ham sandwiches." I smiles at me and says, "We were out of ham, and I know you don't like roast beef, so I decided to make hamburgers and we can have chips and dip with them."

"Thank you, Chef Derek." He mock glares at me. I laugh at him and go to the fridge to get us two Cokes and the dip. Derek grabs the chips from the cupboard and puts a handful on the plates. We head to the living room and Derek turns on the T.V. Surprising I finish before him. He stares at me in awe, shakes his head and continues eating. I steal one of his chips when he asks," So what do you wanna do today?"

"i don't know. I think for a moment. "Bowling?" I ask.

"Bowling sounds good." Derek grabs our plates and puts them in the sink. I walk to the door and put my black flip-flops on. I realize we have a problem. Andrew took the only car, so unless we're walking, we're stuck. Derek comes and silently holds up a pair of keys. I'm about to ask him where he got them. He was already walking out the door into the shed. Derek waited until I caught up with him and he pulled back the tarp to reveal a motorcycle. I look at him, he shrugs his shoulders and says' "I found it one night and was working on it ever since." He climbs on and starts the motorcycle. It roars to life and he flashes his canine teeth at me. I climb on the back of the motorcycle, he presses on the gas, and I hang on to him tight. We reach the bowling alley on no time. We climb off the motorcycle and head in. The place isn't to crowded, we pick lane 3. I grab a green ball and Derek grabs a blue one. I go first, straight sown the middle and . . . STRIKE! Derek looks at me, I put on an innocent smile on my face and ask, "What?"

He shakes his head and says, "Nothing. I just finally have some competition." He shoots the ball down the lane and he gets a strike. "Simon and Dad were never any threat, but you might be."

"Threat for what?" I ask suspiciously.

He smiles. "I never lost a game of bowling."

"Neither have I." We bowl for a little while, I won two games and Derek wins two games. We decide to do a tie-breaker round after we have a snack. Derek goes and gets us some nachos. A couple of guys walk up to me, I look behind me to see if they were girls behind me. Nope they were walking towards me, I look over at Derek he doesn't notice the guys walking towards me. He's still in the concession stand. The first guy comes up and says, "Hey my name is Gabriel and this is my bud Dean." Dean doesn't even try to hide his leer. I roll my eyes at them and ignore them. I hope Derek gets here soon.

Gabriel rubs my back and says, " Thought angels have wings." I smack his hand away. The other one, Dean, grabs me around the waist and pulls me towards him and says, " I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?"

I look over at Derek for help. He turns and freezes when he sees my predicament. I send him a silent 'help me'. Derek comes over and tears the guy off of me. I hide behind Derek, I know he can take both of them with no problem. Derek glares at them, Dean grabs Derek by the front of his shirt. Derek looks down grabs Dean's hand and twists his hand. Dean crumples to the floor in agony, then Derek grabs Dean by the front of his shirt and punches him in the face. I secretly smile, Gabriel helps Dean up and says, "S-sorry man, didn't mean to mess with your girl." Gabriel and Dean run out of the bowling alley. I look up at Derek and smile at him, he smiles softly. I kiss him on the cheek, when I pull back Derek has full blown smile on his face. I look at my watch, it's about 3 o'clock. We have another about another 8 hours. " We have about another 8 hours before Andrew gets home. What do you want to do now?"

Derek looks up at a sign on the wall. "How about the carnival?" I follow his gaze. I see a poster that says the carnival is in town. Monday-Friday 3:30 to 9:00. The carnival opens in a half hour. We would be there right when it opens.

"Let's go." I say. We head out to the motorcycle. We climb on and head to the carnival. We are one of the first people in line. Derek heads the concession guy a 50 dollar bill, that gets us about a hundred tickets. We ride just about every ride. I sit down at one of the picnic tables, munching on nachos while Derek goes to play some of the games. Derek comes back with a black wolf saying, " For you."


"Resemble anyone you know?"

"Hmm, there is a certain gleam in his eye that seems familiar." Derek smirks. Two guys come over to us. One guy says, "Hi! I"m Estaban, and this is my very best friend Heath. I just wanted to say I didn't know I was horny until I sat next to you." Estaban said while looking at Derek. Derek points to his self and says, "Me?"

"Of course you silly," says Heath. "Who else would we be talking to?" I start laughing uncontrollably. Derek looks as if he's about to puke. "Wow its hard to believe that someone as hot as you is sitting here with me!" I get my laughter under control. I look at the time its 8:45. "Hey Derek, the carnival closes in 15 minutes we should probably get out of here." I say.

"Yeah that's a good idea." Derek grabs my hand and pulls me towards the exit. We get out of the carnival in no time. We are now cruising down the highway, looking for a place to eat dinner. We find a small restaurant just off the highway. We go inside the food here smells good. The waiter comes over and takes our order, " Hello, welcome to Oswego Family Restaurant. What would you like yo eat?"

"Um, I would like the steak and baked potato." I said handing her my menu.

"Same here." says Derek. While we wait for our food. I remember what happened back at the carnival. I start giggling. Derek glares at me and kicks me under the table. This makes laugh even harder.

"Stop laughing." He whispers. I manage to get mt laughter under control, but I would slip up every now and again. Our food arrives and we dig in. Once we finish our food, we go back home. Once we get home, it's only 9:30. I ask Derek if he wants to go for a walk with me and he says yes. We walk in a comfortable silence as we follow the trail. We walk into a small pond about a mile from the house. It's a crescent moon out tonight and I whisper to Derek in awe, " Did you know this was here?"

He shakes his head. "No I didn't. If I did this was the place I would have taken you to when I shifted." The wind blows in our direction, Derek catches a scent and he stiffens,

"What?" I ask. I put my hand on his arm. "Derek what is it?" I follow his gaze.


This is my first story ever. So please nothing to harsh, not yet anyway.