A new beginning

From where I am standing I see a group of tourist's, dressed in long heavy coats sheltering themselves from the biting cold of winter, pointing and taking photos of the sites of Paris. There is a tall man standing alone, seemingly wandering around the square. His scruffy coat contrasts with his raven colour hair as it stands out from the snow and is gentle being blown around by the wind, as it catches my eye.

I walk slowly over to the somewhat familiar stranger whilst carrying a hot, steaming coffee that is slowly burning through my thick, fluffy woollen gloves. "That better be for me" the gruffly man asks in familiar and mischievous smirk, I hand it over with a smile plastered on my face. "It's good to see you too, I thought you were in Paraguay", "Uruguay" he replies as he shakes his head. A small bubble of laughter escapes from my mouth which I cover with my hand before her notices.

I gaze up at the tall man and take in all of his features, his eyes a stormy grey, his hair, raven like the night sky, and his thin pink lips now gradually turning blue from the cold. This man is all that I have left except maybe Uncle Eddie. where do I start with him, unlike the youthful yet scruffy look of the man I look up to, Uncle Eddie is stoic but grand . He can command a room with a cough and a pointed look, he is regal, royalty to all those that know him, and he is the man with all the knowledge that you will ever need in this family business.

I, on the other hand, look nothing like the tall scruffy man. I am petite, with my sparkly blue eyes, fully rosy red lips and flawless milky cream coloured skin; I look like a child, that's what my cousin Gabriella says. She is only 11 months older but looks 11 years older. I am the baby of the family, in a sense. To the men in my family I remind them of my mother, in more than just looks.

"How's school" the man asked "great its winter break" I casually reply while scanning the crowds taking in every detail. I see 4 plain clothes cops and 2 wearing uniform. I look to the man with a smirk pulling at my face "does this have anything to do with the museum that was robbed a couple of days ago" he smiled brightly, he was pleased but did not comment "police" I murmur, he gives a small shake of the head and proudly replies "Interpol" the man I know he is cocky he breaks the rules and gets away with it, me well I follow in his footsteps I think to myself, but out loud I say "every girls little dream "and I mean, he laughs, I like it when he laughs because his eyes light up and crinkles appear at the sides of his eyes. He turns to face me his face expressionless he slowly takes hold of my shoulders, I feel the weight as he presses down lightly he looks into my eyes and suddenly where embracing. As he gradually releases me gesturing around he whispers into my ear "can you help your old man out" I smile and nod, my eyes gleaming with a spark of light. "Be careful" he tells me.

I turn away from the man, my father and scan the crowd for what I am looking for; I spot it I walk briskly away and bump into a man reaching into his pocket I drop a fake wallet into it as he walks away I scream to the uniformed police. "Excuse me, excuse me" the men quickly make their way over, their batons swinging on their hips. They reach me and I lean forwards on to my tippy toes, putting on a hysterical voice I say "that man over there he stole my wallet" the police men quickly pull out their batons and hold them high overhead, the polished black of the batons gleaming in the sun, they chase after the man their feet thumping on the ground. Now there is chaos in the square people are cranking their heads over one another to get a look at what is going on. I smile to myself thinking mission accomplished I slowly pivot on the spot, but he was already gone.

From behind strong arm encase me; I feel a gloss of hot breath hit my neck and a deep baritone voice of a young man reaches my ears.

"Hello Kitty Kat"

"Hale" I whisper, the young man, Hale laughs, I can see that he is happy to see me.

I turn and start walking away he follows

"Why are you here Hale" I ask

"I knew you would be here, we have to talk, it's about Uncle Eddie"

I stop in my tracks and turn to face him, now he looks serious there is no indication of what he could mean on his face but still it worries me, what could possibly happen to Uncle Eddie that he got Hale to come and find me. I nod my head slowly and gesture for him to keep talking.

"It's just that" He pauses.

"This isn't about Uncle Eddie is it" I say, Hale gives me an odd look, he takes my hand and leads me over to a bench.

"Kat, it just that"

"We all missed you"

"I missed you"

I look to Hale and see that he is telling the true there is something in his eyes that tells me. Suddenly he moves closer I can feel his breath on my face, and then where kissing.

Just as suddenly as it happens it's all over, then my Phone rings, I answer and listen intently to the voice on the other end, I hand up and look at Hale.

"It was Gabrielle she needs our help on a heist"

"Then let's go" Hale says as he leads me to a limo, we climb inside, and it takes off.

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