Chapter 2

A black limo pulled into the curb outside Uncle Eddie's brownstone house. The driver, an old man dressed in a smart suit, steps gracefully out of the car to open the back door.

From the car emerges a tall young man who steps out and turns back to the door seemingly offering his hand to the air. A voice emerges;

"Hale I am perfectly capable to get out on my own"

Kat pushes Hale's hand away and elegantly moves past him. Hale chuckles to himself and grabs her arm anyway as they walk towards the front door of the house. Calling back to the driver Hale says gratefully,

"Thank you Marcus I'll call you if we need a lift"

Nodding, Marcus gets back in the limo and leaves with minimal fuss.

Hale turns to Kat gesturing towards the door; "Shall we" he says as he drags Kat towards the door it swings open to reveal a slender young woman casually leaning against the door frame arms, her arms crossed as she gazes at the two.

"It's been awhile hasn't it dear cousin" She says to Kat.

Kat trails her eyes from the devastatingly high heels the girl was wearing, all the way to her beautiful face before responding, "Nice to see you too Gabrielle" She pauses shifting on the door step before continuing, "So, how is your mother?"

"Engaged" Gabrielle replies in a dismissive tone.

Hale, becoming bored of the conversation pushes carefully past Kat and Gabrielle to sit at a long wooden table. The girls then trail behind him continuing their conversation.

Kat glances up wistfully as they pass a painting hanging perfectly in the hallway.

"Hey Gabrielle, remember that summer when we got that painting?"

"It was one of the better family outings that year" Gabrielle replied as she sat down at the table.

The girls had accompanied Kat's father Bobbie Bishop to gain the artwork that now hang in the house. It had taken them a few weeks to scout out the place and then get the right equipment to acquire the art work, but in the end they had been successful and now the piece of art was on display for the rest of the family.

Hale's rich baritone voice startled Kat out of her thoughts

"So, why are we here?"

"Well Uncle Eddie wanted us to help him in Uruguay because Uncle Bobbie got caught up in Paris with Interpol but we've decided that he can handle that on his own for a few days, so now, seeing as Hamish and Angus have found a lovely piece of art work that they want to get their hands on we'll be helping them with the heist. According to Uncle Eddie the piece of art should not be too hard to acquire.

"What piece of work has caught the boy's eyes then?" Hale said, fingers playing with an ornament on the table.

Gabrielle looked up from filling her nails.

"I'm not sure but the boys said that they will be here to explain it to us"

As Gabrielle just finished speaking the front door burst open to reveal two boys, the younger, Hamish, shouted out as his gaze fell on the people congregated at the long table.

"Kat you're back! And with Hale too!"

Hamish runs through the hall skidding into the room holding a large bag. The older boy Angus walks in just as excited and joins the others with rapt attention at the table.

As soon as Angus is seated, Hamish animatedly throws the bag onto the table landing with a large thud. Each time he reaches in ropes and odd trinkets emerge plentifully until Hamish grabs the last object, a large rolled up sheet of paper, and proceeds to spread it out over the table.

As they unfold, the group realise the paper as blueprints, but of what was the question.

Angus, exhaling slowing, runs his hand over his face and through his hair before speaking.

"There is a painting in the National Art Gallery in London that is on exhibition "

Hamish cutting off his brother continues,

"The painting is the Sunflower by Vincent Van Gogh"

"It can be found in the National Gallery in London" Angus finishes

Different reactions filter through the room and everyone was left to their thoughts; Gabrielle sitting exactly where she was, was painting her nails, a thoughtful expression on her face; Hale, stands up and begins to walk around the room inspecting a small sculpture on the mantle however you could tell his mind was elsewhere, while Kat was obviously beginning to think of ways to get the painting, studying the blueprints carefully and murmuring quietly to herself. Angus and Hamish however headed to the kitchen to find something to eat while pushing each other.

Kat suddenly looks up from her musing

"We need all the information about the Gallery and…" She takes a pause while studying the blueprints "We are going to need Simon for this one" she says to the room.

Simon was the smartest person that Kat and the rest knew and trusted and she was sure that he would be able to help them with the heist, but Kat had no idea of where he was at the moment. Hale suddenly spoke up and gave an answer Kat was hoping for.

"I have a feeling of where he could be Kat" replied Hale and he walked over to her and leaned over her shoulder to look at the blueprints.

However a shout from the kitchen interrupted them for a moment.

"Kat, where is the microwave!" Hamish yelled

Kat and Gabrielle replied simultaneously, "Uncle Eddie doesn't have a microwave!"

Kat turns back to Hale, "So, where are we going"

Hale smiles at her, there gaze locking for a moment before Hale slides out his phone and dials a numbers.

"Marcus, we need to get to the airport would you be able to get the jet ready to leave as soon as we get there?"

A muffled response could be heard before Hale hangs up his phone and slides it back in his pocket.

"Kat, we have a plane to catch" Hale says grabbing Kat's arm and pulling her out of the room towards the front door, Kat protesting that she is perfectly capable of walking on her own as she swipes her coat and bag from the table by the door just before a final yank sweeps her over the threshold.

Gabrielle's voice rings clear down the hallway

"Have a nice trip Kat" As the door closes firmly behind the pair, Gabrielle shakes her head exasperatedly but good natured before moving gracefully into the kitchen to find Hamish and Angus before they blow anything up.

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