This story begins after the mass funeral, on the very night 9, 7 and the twins, 3 and 4, thought they were truly the only stitchpunks left on the destroyed world after the terrible events which followed the rescuing of 2 and the awakening of the machine.
A bright green light burst through the sky and the rain began to fall, 13 ran away from the lifeless body before her and hid, shocked by the new sensation of cold water hitting her fabric skin. Feeling brave she slowly ventured back out into the open and stood over the dead stitchpunk and gazed up at the sky. As she wiped the droplets from the lenses of her optics, a mysterious light emanated from the figure that lay at her feet. She stood back, a ball light, the same green as what was now shining from the other stitchpunk, came down from the sky and rested its self in the chest of the restful body. Fear over took 13 as a searing pain rushed through her head and she ran back to her hiding place.
Suddenly the boy jerked as if he had just been struck by lightning, he sat up and looked around lost, confused. Scared. 13 watched in a curious wonder, of finding another one of her own kind, as the young stitchpunk sat up and clutched the skeleton key that hung from his neck with his pen nib fingers. She saw the true fear in his mismatched optics and she knew that he wouldn t bring her any harm.
Slowly she came out of her hiding place, in fear the striped figure tried to shuffle back from her, she ran up to him, knelt before him and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
"I'm not going to hurt you, 6."