Lost and Found

12 walked through the emptiness, he felt lost and alone. Piles of dead, un-moving robots and human remains towered above him. He grasped his leather shoulder bag strap so hard he was hurting his hands. As he walked through the destroyed world he came across a small river only about two feet deep. He walked along the bank and saw something floating down the still, murky water. 12 stopped and watched as it drifted towards him. It stopped at the bank at his feet and once he saw what it was he dragged it off the water trying to be as gentle as possible, while he was lifting it up the coin that had been resting on its eyes fell into the water never to be seen again. 12 examined the damage done to this poor being and wondered what it used to look like.

Then a green lighting burst across the sky. 12 stared up at the sky as it began to rain, he watched as the rain hit his red black and white material skin. Suddenly the body at his feet started glowing the same green, 12 looked back up at the sky to see a ball of more green light float down to them. He stood back and watched as the light entered the restful stitchpunks chest.

Suddenly the body jerked and it was fully repaired not modified or broken at all. The stitchpunk opened his eyes slowly and tried to sit up but couldn't. 12 went over to help, once sitting up properly the older doll realised he was with someone unknown.

"Why thank you, I am 2. What's your name?" 12 stared at the elder stitchpunk; he was still confused about what he had just witnessed. "Is your name 12?" 2 pointed to the number written on the boys chest. 12 nodded. "Can you speak?"2 asked. 12 shook his head. "Interesting, do you know where we are?" 12 shrugged he was just as lost as 2. "Well, I think we should try and find the others… wait how did I end up here?" 12 pointed over to the small piece of wood floating on the edge of the river. "I floated down on that? Wait, I remember now! I died and when we were released it must have caused this rain… so my guess is our souls were connected to the rain so when it came into contact with my body it attracted my soul, bringing me back to life! Fascinating!" 12 smiled at how wise yet childlike 2 was.

After helping 2 to stand, 12 saw a blade edge sticking out of a pile of rubble in the corner of his eye. The young stitchpunk ran up to it, dug it out of the pile and held it out in front of him. The blade was about the length of his arm, suddenly he ran over to a piece of wood and started carving a sort of handle using his blade. One he'd done that he fitted the handle on the blade making a sword.

"What is it?" 12 swung his sword round pretending to fight and imaginary opponent, 2 laughed. "Magnificent! It's a sword! May I see it?" 12 handed 2 his sword and went back to search the pile. Once he found what he'd been looking for, he dragged it out into the open. It was a rectangle piece of leather. "What's that for?" 2 asked, looking over 12's shoulder as the younger stitchpunk got out some thread and a needle from his shoulder bag. 12 folded the leather in half and sewed it into a long rectangle bag, then he poked out a hole in the top and put some string from his bag through it. After putting away his needle and thread he stood up to face 2, he tied the string around his waist and gestured for two to give him his sword back. 2 handed 12 his weapon and 12 slotted it into the bag, it was a perfect fit.

"That's amazing! You are just full of surprizes aren't you? Now which direction should we go in?" 12 pointed down the bank of the river, the direction he'd originally been walking. "Well okay then, let's go find our friends."

And they set off, following the bank of the river, together.