12 opened his eyes. Where am I? He thought. He jumped down from the height onto what seemed to be a desk. He decided to have a walk around to see where he was.

Due to his size the desk seemed never ending. It seemed to him that he was in some sort of lab, there were test tubes and micro scopes and even some chemicals. Suddenly he heard slow footsteps, then a calling (yet muffled) voice. 12 tried to yell but nothing came out. Suddenly the mysterious footsteps quickened into what sounded like running. 12 tried shouting again but still nothing came out. The footsteps were getting louder and closer. 12 back away as fast as he could until he tripped over he knew the foot steps were now too close to be able to run from he shut his eyes and waited.

"I'm not going to hurt you". 12 opened his eyes in front of was not any evil creature but another one of him. "I'm 5"he said holding out his hand to help him up "so who are you?"12 pointed at his mouth gesturing that he could not talk "oh you can't talk," 5 looked over one of 12's shoulders, "so you are 12, nice to meet you." He held out a hand and 12 shook it as he shook it he looked at his hand .5 took his hand away and 12 grabbed his own hand, he wiggled his finger a few times then looked up. 5 was gone. 12 couldn't see him anywhere.

12 looked behind him and there he was dragging a sheet of paper and a pen.

"Little help?" 5 asked 12 ran over "Here write down whatever you want to say on this sheet of paper" he passed 12 a pen. As 12 put the pen on the paper the whole thing fell into pieces. But 12 had an idea, he picked up a bottle of ink and poured it into the main (empty) inside of the pen and slid it into the cover 12 looked around: the spring was gone 12 thought for a few seconds then picked two paper clips beside him then made them into two long wires and attached them together then spiralled them into a spiral shape, just like a spring then put it in the pen and clicked the top on.

"Wow! You're as creative as 2, and the last time I saw him was..." 5 stopped and had a shocked look on his face. "But how am I now here?"5 muttered. 12 write down 'what is it?' on his sheet of paper.

5 explained everything to 12, how he'd had his soul sucked out just when they thought they had destroyed the 'fabrication machine' or 'the B.R.A.I.N.' How 9 must have the talisman, or the source as 6 had called, and about the others. Then how they had become spirits and floated of into the sky...

12 was astonished of what 5 had been through and now he was back and hopefully everyone must be.

5 jumped off the desk and of course 12 followed 5 kept on walking and stopped at the door and turn around "12, I've made up my mind, we must go to find the others"...