Chapter 15

The paradox laughed.

"So is that how I'm talking to you?" 12 thought

"Well... Yes is it is" the paradox answered

"Can 4 hear us?" 12 thought again

"Yes, he is listening"

Click... click, click (12 assumed that, that meant I am)

"I see you have another question" the paradox said

12 looked confused, the paradox sighed "mind reading is very powerful; I can see into the four corners of your mind, every thought you ever had, ever will and are having" 12 still looked confused "I see it is...ah, it was, how will you use your powers when you don't know what they are, well the answer is, that you will know when the time co-..."

Suddenly there was bang and the door slowly came open, then one of the machine's robotic claws came in; it was holding a laser, 12 noticed it was exactly like the one that shot him unconscious, but a different colour,

"The real machine!" the paradox said. Before 12 got the chance to ask why it said 'the real' machine, it had shot the paradox. The paradox began to shut, 12 grabbed 4's arm and jumped through the just closing paradox...