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"Well? What is it, Granger?"

The lioness didn't know what to do. She had never been this close to the serpent before, let alone IN HIS ARMS. She also had never noticed the small specks of hazel in his grey eyes or the light freckles on his cheekbones. She, unfortunately, never had the chance for this close inspection and, let's just say, she had no complaints.
Noticing that he was waiting for her to speak, with his arms still gently cradling her, she stuttered, "I-I..." she gulped and started again. "I need to speak with you."
"Spit it out, Granger," he said in an unusually low and husky tone, his grey eyes staring intensely into her chocolate orbs.
She gulped and open her mouth to speak, "Mal-...Draco, I've been meaning to tell you this, I-"
"Draco, where are you?" a shrill voice called out from behind Draco.
And right when she had mustered up the courage, the man-stealer herself had opened the door. Clad in a simple silk robe and ONLY a silk robe as far as the elder witch could tell, the youngest Weasley was shocked to see her best friend in the doorway of the Honey moon suite in one of the most expensive and famous Hotels in England-let alone in the arms of her new husband…
"'Mione, what are you doing here?" asked the red-headed girl as she stepped out of the hotel room, tying the robe closed as she did so. The ginger also noticed the compromising position that her friend and husband were in.

"Draco? What's going on here?" she asked with her brown eyes narrowing.
Snapping out of their shocked reveries, the two quickly separated when Hermione Jean Granger shoved Draco Malfoy off of her. Draco quickly went to his wife's side, coughing awkwardly into his hand as he slid his arm around her waist. The blond tried, key word: TRIED, to keep his eyes off the not-so-bushy-haired-anymore witch. Scratch that, he tried not to let the robed witch notice that he was staring at the drunken girl.
"Granger, here, said she needed to talk," said the male, unnoticeably raking his eyes along the muggle-born's slender body.
"Really, now? Are you okay?" questioned the almost naked female with so much sincerity that Hermione was almost regretting her feelings for her former enemy.
"Uh...y-yes! I'm fine! I must be pretty sloshed, mustn't I?" said Hermione with an uncharacteristic nervousness, her cheeks shaded with a light shade of pink. "I-I'll just be g-going now. Uhm...good night, Ginny. Good night, Malfoy." And the Brains of the Golden Trio promptly ran-well stumbled drunkedly-away.
She hadn't even gotten to the elevator when she heard the smacking of lips and the sound of a door shutting closed. She shook her head to rid herself of the haunting sounds when she heard footsteps coming her way and felt a roughly calloused yet gentle hand grab her arm. Turning around, the air got caught in her throat as she came face-to-face with the Slytherin once again. As if his hand was fire against her skin, she ripped her arm out of his grasp and stepped a few feet away from him.
"Yes, Malfoy?" she asked, slightly surprised that the large amounts of liquor in her body let her stand straight and speak to him with little trouble.
He ran his pale hand through his tousled blond hair and sighed, looking to the left of Hermione's head. "Listen...do you want me to take you home?"
Hermione's heart and body screamed, "YES, take me home!" but her mind told her that he probably didn't mean it like THAT-and Hermione always went with her mind.
"No, thank you, Malfoy. I am perfectly capable of apparating mysel-"
"You know, for the 'brightest witch of her age,' it'd be pretty barmey of you to apparate when you're completely arseholed.
"I'm not THAT sloshed, Malfoy." She growled out, her fists clenched.
"Don't you lie to me, Granger. I know sloshed when I see sloshed and YOU, my dear, are sloshed."
"Oh, bugger off, Malfoy!" She said and started to stomp away from the man, she was completely frustrated with herself for letting him see her like this.
"Not until I side-apparate you home SAFELY!" He said as he grabbed her arm a bit roughly and tugged her to him rather closely.
"Bloody hell, leave me alone, Malfoy!" She yelled at him trying to pry his hold of her, which only made him hold harder and even grab her other arm.
"Like hell, Granger!"
The witch and wizard were now less than a foot apart and breathing heavily. If they were any closer, they could've appeared to be snogging. But, of course, someone had to interrupt.
"Hermioninny!" came from the now open elevator that contained none other than, yes, Viktor Krum.


"I want you to know, Lea…that I blame you." Alyss said as the two witches stared at the spot from where Hermione apparated from.

"You bought the bottle, Alyss…" Azalea said as she sat down on the bed.

"You brought it out!" Alyss said as she clutched her head, "No more screaming…"

"You started the shot contest." Countered the other witch.

"…Damn you…" They stood quiet, trying to get own from the alcohol buzz that cluttered their minds.

"Should we go to the Savoy?" Alyss asked after a few minutes, she had picked up the discarded folder and started looking through it again.

"What makes you think she's there?" Azalea spoke out as she tried to hide under the many pillows on Hermione's bed.

"It's where Malfoy and Ginny are."

"But…Hermione isn't THAT drunk…" Azalea poked her head out and looked Alyss in the eye. "Is she?"

"Do you remember all that stuff she did at the Hollow's Eve party?" Alyss said as she put her shoes back on, getting ready to find the missing bookworm.

"To the Savoy!" Azalea cried out, standing up from the bed and scattering the pillows everywhere.

"Again with the screaming…"


"Vik…tor?" Hermione asked, her eye sight had gone a bit fuzzy-the darkened lamps in the hallway weren't helping-and her balance wasn't much better, the voice sounded like him, but from where she stood it could've been Zachariah Smith for all she knew.

"Vhy, yes, Hermioninny, vhat is going on? Are you staying 'ere at the Savoy?" Viktor was not very bright-an amazing Quidditch player but he was a few pages shy of a very short novel. Yet he did have great observation skills, something that helped in Quidditch and from what he could tell was that his favorite British witch was incredibly drunk-and was being held against her will from a man dressed only in sleep ware.

" 'ho are you, and vhy do you hold Hermioninny like this?" Viktor walked between them and wretched Draco's hands off of Hermione's wirsts. "Are you okay, Hermioninny?"

"I'm…uh-fine, Viktor-Malfoy and I were just…uh-disagreeing on something." Hermione said, rubbing her wrists and looking to the floor, the alcohol was leaving her slowly and she was embarrassed that she even considered coming to the Savoy-let alone letting an old romantic interest of hers who she now considered an old friend, see her drunk in a dark hallway with a married man who was only wearing pajamas.

"Ah, so you are Malfoy, yes?" Viktor stated, looking at Draco whilst standing a bit in the middle of him and Hermione, acting as a barrier of sorts, as he did not like the way the two had been standing so close together.

"Yes, I am Draco Malfoy. You're Krum, I remember you from fourth year, didn't think you knew Granger, doesn't Dumstrang instill hatred of Muggle-born's?" Draco asked, not really liking how Krum was standing in front of Hermione like HE would hurt her-Krum didn't even know her well, at least, Draco didn't think he did.

"No it does not-but aren't Death Eaters supposed to kill Muggle-born's?" Krum growled out at Draco, who in turn, glared darkly at the Bulgarian.

"Uh...I think I'll just get going…" Hermione said lightly, slipping away quietly from the two, slipping into the elevator to leave the hotel.


"Swank place…" Azalea murmured as they walked into the Savoy Hotel after apparating from Hermione's home, but her looking around caused the girl to walk into another person-whom rudely shoved past them and left the hotel promptly.

"Hey!" She started, turning to demand an apology-but was held back by Alyss, who gripped her left ear and pulled her back.





"Let's just ask the front desk if Hermione's been here" Alyss told her as they started towards the receptionist desk.

"Don't you think she'd just apparated in?" Azalea questioned as she rubbed her hurt ear.

"I'd be amazed if she could straight apparated to their room-considering what a light weight she is."

"Cauldron call Kettle black."

"Oh hush."

The two stood in front of the desk and waited until the muggle receptionist, Tracy her name tag said, looked at them.

"Hello, Welcome to the Savoy Hotel, how may I help you?" The receptionist asked in a semi fake sweet voice, obviously used for guest.

"I would like to ask if you've seen a young woman here-petite, brown hair, big doe eyes?" Alyss asked.

"Oh." Tracy realized that they weren't guests and her act dropped and she rolled her eyes. "It's against hotel policy to give out private-"

"50 pound is yours if you tell us." Azalea told the girl, holding out the amount to her.

"Does she have really big hair? A bit bushy, but not so much?" The receptionist wore a weird smile as she took the cash from Azalea's hand.

"Yup" Both witches said, looking at the muggle expectantly.

"You just past her."

"..." Both witches bore a look a deep depression and started to leave.

"Hey, you!" A familiar voice called out. The girls turned around to see Draco Malfoy and some other guy standing by the receptionist desk and addressing her.

"What-I mean, hello Mr. Malfoy, how are you and your wi-"

"Have you seen a woman past bye? Big bushy hair, brown, she's small-"

"And has beautival brown eyes-" The other man interrupted, his accent thick-like Slavic.

"C'mon, have you seen her?" Draco sounded a bit desperate, odd because he was on his honey moon…

"Well, Mr. Malfoy-those two little girls-" Tracy started as she pointed to Azalea and Alyss, only to be cut short by Azalea and her pride.

"I resent that! I'm short! Not young!" Azalea yelled as she stomped back to Tracy. "I demand my 50 pound back, you little-"

"Lea!" Alyss called as she pulled her spitfire friend back and looked at Draco. "Hello, Malfoy. Why do you want to find Hermione, you're on your Honeymoon."

"I'm just concerned about Granger, she looked drunk, I figured that I'd take her home." Draco stated, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well don't be, we're her best friends and will find her." Azalea spoke up, sticking her tongue out at Draco.

"Vhat about me? I am just has concerned about Hermioninny as he is." Viktor said, not wanting his affection for Hermione to go unnoticed.

Tracy sighed and rested her head against her propped up hand. Her eyes followed the four as they walked out of the hotel lobby, bickering about who gets to find this "Hermione" or "Mia" or "Hermioninny" or whoever the hell they were looking for. It wasn't like the receptionist cared about the group, not at all. The only thing that interested her is why the newlywed blond male cared at all about a woman who wasn't his wife.