A/N: 500-word drabble for "the Foreign challenge."

All animals mentioned are real mythical creatures.

Wolpertingers, Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, and Love

The first time they meet, they are in the Black Forest of Bavaria, both searching for the Wolpertinger. They place their tents together and share a fire, grateful for the company of someone who speaks English and doesn't question their sanity.

That night, Luna takes a midnight walk, reveling in the beauty of the starlight, when a Wolpertinger attacks her, all antlers and wings and fangs and long ears and fluffy tail. She sends it away with a Patronus and runs back to camp to tell Rolf.

He doesn't believe her.

She leaves the next day.

The second time they meet, it's two years later at a magizoological conference in Brazil. Luna is being honored for her discovery of the Tikbalang, Rolf for his discovery of the Wolpertinger.

She doesn't speak to him all night, but he shows up at her hotel room the next day with a bouquet of Honking Daffodils and an apology.

She doesn't accept.

The third time they meet, it's at a Portkey center in Tokyo. They greet each other awkwardly; Rolf tells her he's been searching for the Akkorokamui but has been forced to accept that it doesn't exist. He throws his notes in the wastebin before he leaves. Luna rescues them.

Four months later in Hanoi, Luna is honored at a dinner for prominent magizoologists for her discovery of the Akkorokamui. Rolf toasts her from across the table; he's wearing a Honking Daffodil in his lapel.

He owls the next day and invites her to dinner, but she has to be in India in the morning and turns him down.

The next time they meet, it's on the banks of the Mekong River in Laos. She's looking for the Phaya Naga; he's looking for the Batutut. She intends to avoid him, but he asks her to help him cast a fire – he's using wood! – and he teachers her a new drying charm in return.

Six months later, they publish a joint paper on the characteristics of the Phaya Naga, complete with a diagram of the Naya fireball they preserved together.

The International Committee of Magizoologists awards them a commission to be used for further contribution to their field. Luna convinces Rolf to travel to Sweden to search for the Crumple-Horned Snorkack. They stay for eight months, until the money runs out. They discover the Skvader – a close cousin of the Wolpertinger – and the Storsjöodjuret, but find no hint of a Snorkack.

Luna doesn't mind, particularly.

A year later, they are married in a small ceremony in Lapland. Luna wears Honking Daffodils in her hair, and Rolf's trained Wolpertinger carries the rings. It goes wild halfway through the ceremony and attacks Ginny Weasley, and together Rolf and Luna cast Patronuses to drive it away.

Both their Patronuses have changed. Luna's is now a Phaya Naga. Rolf's is a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

And Luna thinks that maybe somehow a Naya fireball has gotten inside her, but it turns out it's only love.