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He saw something no one else could

Victor Krum smiled as he watched Hermione walked down the staircase. She was beautiful. Her bushy brown hair was up in a bun. She wore a light pink dress.

When Victor had asked Hermione to the dance he had expected her to already be going with someone else. How he was the first person to ask was a mystery because it took he a while to get the courage to approach her.


Victor peered into the library. She was there again. The Brunette girl with the extremely neat Gryffindor uniform, who was reading a book. She was always in the library when she wasn't she was with Harry Potter and the red-haired boy.

He felt the butterflies rush into his stomach, as he thought of what he had come to do. 'You're being stupid' he told himself 'You're a star Quidditch player and you can't even ask a girl out. You're pathetic"

Before his nerves got the better of him, Victor walked over to talk to the brunette.

"Um… Hello" He said

"Hello she replied, not looking up from her book.

"I'm Victor Krum" He told her

"I well aware of that" she told him "Hermione Granger" Again not taking her eyes from the book.

"Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?"He asked

This time Hermione looked up. She stared at him with her brown eyes. "Why would ask me? I'm supposedly ugly."

"Who said that?" asked Victor.

"The Slytherins" Hermione replied

"Well they are wrong" Victor told her "You are beautiful but in a completely different way. You are one of the beautiful girls who doesn't wear make-up or slutty clothes. You don't care about want you look like. Not to mention you are reading a book which means you're not like the other airhead girls who only care about there looks and getting boyfriends."

Hermione laughed "True" She told him

"And you are the only girl at this whole school who isn't fainting or giggling at my glazes. That making you different." He told her

"I go with you" Hermione told him "It not like anyone else has asked me"

"They just don't know what they are missing"

"You really mean that" Hermione smiled as her eyes lit up.

"Of course I do"

*End of Flashback*

Hermione made her way done the stairs to Victor. She waved at Potter of her way down. "Why is everyone staring at me?" she asked Victor.

"Because they finally see what they were missing" he smiled at her.

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