I Had this idea for a while

Italic Hat speaking

' 'quote marks wormtail's thoughts

Disclamier: I don't own Harry Potter

Peter's sorting

"Pettigrew, Peter"

Peter pushed his way through the crowd as he hobbled up to the stool. The hat feel over his eyes and everything went pitched black

Now where to put you.

'What do you think?' Peter asked the hat

Trickily, You're not ambitions enough for Slytherin, you're not loyal enough for Hufflepuff, you are also not smart enough for Ravenclaw and not brave enough for Gryffindor

'Does that mean I don't belong anywhere?'

We will find I place for you we always do"

'I wish I could be like JAmes, Sirius and Remus'

Oh yes your new friends

'They have talent. I am useless. I wish I could be like them'

Wait… there is something else here. Something that will get you into a house. You wish for more. More then you have. Something you want more than life it's self.


You will find it in GRYFFINDOR

*27 years later*

"Your going to kill me after I saved your life" Harry hissed

Wormtail froze as the old memony returned to him. He could still here the Hat telling him, that he will find what he wants in Gryffindor. All wormtail ever wanted was to be have bravary, but he didn't he was a coward. He wished he could be brave like James, Sirius and Remus. Remus was brave in the way he was able to get though each day even though he knew each passed day made it closer until the next full moon. Sirius stood up to his family. James didn't let Voldemort get into his house without a fight. He may have died doing it but he died a hero.

Wormtail felt his silver hand grabbed his neck as the angry, pain, saddness and reget, that he had been holding back for all these years catch up to him. He had betrayed one of his only true friends. It was his fault James was dead. Just because he was too much of a coward to stand up to Voldment.

As he slowly died, Wormtail thought with reget he never did find what he was looking for.

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