I have rewritten this since it original publication because I didn't like what I had written.

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You don't know what you have… Until it is gone

I sobbed as I held the newspaper. It was the lastest issue of the daily profit. I couldn't bring myself to throw it aside, no matter how much the headline hurt we emotionally. All I could do was stare down at the headline.


Harry would never be mine ever again and it was all my fault.

He had been my boyfriend. I still loved him, but he had moved on. I shouldn't have pushed him away. Why did I go that?

I remember Ginny. Red-Hair, freckles and a horrible temper. She had six older brothers. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron. She played Quidditch professorially now.

I had never gotten along with her.

Harry wasn't the reason we didn't get alone. We were just to different. We had different interset and hobbies. We hung around different people. It was the same reason I couldn't never get along with Hermione, no matter how much I tried.

It was alll my fault that Harry was no longer mine. When Marietta had betrayed Dumbledore's Army, I had just gone on about how they should forgive her. I told the entrie of Dumbledore's army that her reason where justified. I should have seen why they didn't what to forgiven her. I was so blind and stupid.

The sneak scar did fade, but Harry never returned. Why would he come back. I betrayed him just as much as Marietta had. I may not have been the one to ratted at Dumbledore Army but I stood by the girl who did. I went agaisnt everything he believed.

I never realised how much Harry meant to me until the day he walked away. When we first meet he was just a little kid with a crush. Then Cedric died and I tried to become close to Harry to work out what really happen. Then I fell for him. It was slow at first but soon I was in love.

I just didn't know it at the time.

I did finally realise it though. In the years the followed out break up and my failed relationship with Micheal Conner. During the battle of Hogwarts I attempt to get closer to Harry again in the moments before the battle. I was then pushed away by Ginny. It was then I saw that I had been replaced.

Ginny was now Harry girlfriend.

I didn't realise how much had changed between Harry and I, untill that moment.

It just shows you really don't know what you have… until it's gone.

Untill you can never regain what has been lost.

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