Mystery in Danville Chapter 5

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Perry's POV

I decided to go into the building. It would probably be best to stay with the boys- if only to keep them out of trouble. And anyway, I could probably keep an eye on the girl they called Ai and Buford from the windows of the building.

When I entered the building, there were two weird splotches on the walls. One was across a pit, and the other was on a nearby wall. They were blue and orange. As I watched, Phineas walked over to the closest splotch and touched it. His hand disappeared. I looked at the far wall. Somehow, Phineas's hand had appeared. He didn't seem hurt him, so I wasn't too worried. Phineas and Ferb build things just for fun, anyway. Not like Doofenshmirtz, who usually tries to get revenge for some petty grudge.

Conan's POV

This had to be a dream. I thought that was the only way any of this could be happening. I had teleported in dreams before. Not to mention that the things Phineas and Ferb had built were completely-


I realized that I had gotten so lost in thought that I had walked into a wall. Right next to the portal.

"Hey, watch where you're going Conan!" Genta said.

"Yeah, you need to be more careful!" Mitsuhiko agreed.

I stood up, and noticed that the platypus had wandered into the building. It was weird seeing a platypus as a pet, but I thought I'd probably be seeing weirder things today. We stepped through the Portal, and it sent us to the other side of the pit.

Ayumi's POV

I was beginning to worry about Conan. He was kind of distracted, and detectives can never be distracted or they won't get their work done. The whole portal gun thing was awesome though. I walked straight through a wall! We moved on to the next room, and it looked trickier than the last one. It was still pretty easy though. I could have solved it in my sleep.

Little Suzy was enjoying it too. She giggled every time someone shot the portal gun, and seemed really happy.

Suzy's POV

This portal gun turned out to be pretty fun, but at some point I needed to get out. The girl they called Ai knew something. I could tell, and I had a feeling it was about me. I needed to get out. And Conan. I could tell something was weird with him too.

I should try to get them alone and question them… preferably with the portal gun.

Ai's POV

I had to wonder why Buford admitted to being scared of Little Suzy, or why he was scared of her at all. Almost everyone seemed to see her, and me for that matter, as a harmless little kid. But she had the smell that I only found on agents, but she did genuinely act like a four year old girl. It didn't really make sense.

Then there was also Phineas and Ferb. They seemed like genuine kids, but I had a hard time believing they could build all this.

Perry's POV

I had been keeping an eye on Phineas and Ferb and the new group of kids, who seemed to call themselves the Junior Detective League. Conan seemed to be a little distracted, but I couldn't really blame him. Doofenshmirtz's and the boys' inventions sometimes caught me off guard, and I was used to it. He had just encountered both within a couple hours. The other three kids seemed to think this was completely normal, or they acted like they did. They seemed to be enjoying the fact that they were here.

Ai and Buford seemed to be just sitting outside and looking at the building. Occasionally one of them would say something, but nothing really seemed to be happening down there. Maybe Major Monogram had been wrong. These five seemed to be mostly normal kids. Then again, I seemed to be a perfectly normal Platypus, so it wasn't impossible.

Conan's POV

"So," Phineas said. "What do you think of the portal gun?"

"It's awesome!" Genta said

"Yeah, it's really fun!" Mitsuhiko added.

"Can I try?" Ayumi asked.

"Sure," Phineas said almost too happily.

The other kids all seemed to have forgotten about Japan and the robber that probably got away because we disappeared. Not to mention the fact that soon Ran or Dr. Agasa and their parents would start wondering where we went. I was still no closer to figuring out how we got here in the first place, and if stuff like this building and the portal gun were common here, it could have been anything.

Suddenly, I caught sight of the platypus around a corner. He was standing on his hind legs and he seemed to have somehow gained a hat. As soon as he saw me looking he dropped to all fours and chattered. That was weird.

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