Mystery in Danville: Chapter 9

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Mitsuhiko's POV

We went further into Phineas and Ferb's obstacle course with our portal guns. Ayumi and Genta went back to the games easily enough, but I couldn't help wondering what was going on with Conan. He had always been a little different, which I'd been willing to overlook. He and Ai rarely acted their age. We usually had to drag them along with us. I'd secretly been trying to figure out why they acted the way they did, but I hadn't been able to get very far.

I was just considering going back to eavesdrop, when the building started to move. Not the inside of the building. That seemed pretty normal in here. The entire building was floating off the ground, and seemed to be rising.

"What's going on?" Ayumi asked

Phineas and Ferb looked just as confused about this development as we were. Genta didn't seem to notice and stepped in front of Ayumi protectively.

"What did you do?" he yelled.

"I don't think we did anything." Phineas said. "Ferb?"

Ferb shook his head. Neither of the boys seemed too concerned about the fact that their creation was now floating fifty feet above the ground.

"Does stuff like this normally happen here?" I asked.

"Yeah actually." Isabella said.


"Somehow, what we make always disappears before Mom can see it." Phineas added. "It drives Candace crazy."

"So, how do you get out when stuff like this happens?" I asked.

"I don't know actually…Stuff usually just works itself out"

Somehow I didn't find that comforting.

Conan's POV

I ran after the somehow floating building with Ai close behind me. I didn't know what was going on. For all I knew Phineas and Ferb had somehow designed the building to do that.

I was almost to the gate, when I noticed that the platypus had somehow gotten in front of me. He was running on his back legs, but stopped suddenly and jumped down a hole. I shrugged it off and kept going. Something did seem to be off about the family's pet, but I had bigger problems.

I didn't know what I'd do if something went wrong… or even more wrong than it already was. I didn't even know if I'd be able to do anything to help them get down. The whole situation was so far away from 'normal' that I had no idea what to do. So I ran- if only to see how this would play out.

I glanced back to see that Ai had followed me. Apparently, she had the same idea. I couldn't see where Suzy went though. Either she couldn't keep up, or she decided that it'd be best to get out of the way.

Ayumi's POV

I was having a lot of fun with our new friends. They had built this huge building just for everyone to play in, and it was really nice of them. I was starting to get worried about Conan and Ai though. They'd been outside with Suzy for a while now and Ai didn't trust her…

We were about to go further into the building when it lurched. I almost lost my balance.

"What's going on?" I asked.

I tried to see Phineas's reaction to this, but Genta stepped in front of me.

"What did you do?" He yelled.

"I don't think we did anything." Phineas replied. "Ferb?"

I couldn't really see Ferb around Genta either, but by everyone else's reaction, it seems he didn't know anything either.

"I wish Conan were here." I thought.

"We should try to get out" Mitsuhiko said. "From what you've said about your creations, this building will probably be destroyed soon. Conan and Ai probably know that from talking to Suzy, and it looks like they're trying to follow us. I don't know if they'll be able to keep up though.

Phineas blinked.

"How do you think we should do that?" He asked.

"Well, we've got portal guns. Can't we just shoot a portal at a wall near the ground?"

"Oh, yeah."

"The Portal guns treat glass as a solid surface though" A new voice said.

It took me a minute to realize that this was Ferb. I was surprised to hear that his accent was different from his brother's and his voice was lower than I expected.

"Oh, that's right," Phineas said. "We'll need to get rid of one of the windows."

"I'll do it!" Genta yelled.

He didn't seem to be taking the flying building very well. He tried hitting the window a couple times, but found that his hands weren't really hard enough to break the thick glass. Genta's never been one to give up though, so he kept trying.

"This doesn't look like it's going to work." Phineas said.

"Move over nerd,"

It was Buford. He shoved Genta out of the way and kicked the window. Hard. It didn't seem to do much either.

"I'm going to go get Baljeet" I said. It looked like this wasn't going anywhere fast.

"I'll come too!" Isabella

As we ran into the next room, I heard Genta yelling about being called a nerd.

I found Baljeet standing on a platform high above a pit. It didn't look like there was a good way to reach him.

"Baljeet?" I called

"Oh, Ayumi, Where is everyone? I thought they were coming?"

"Well, the building started flying … so I don't really know. It looks like they were trying to break a window to get out."

"Oh, I guess I better get down…"

He looked kinda embaressed, and was pacing around the platform. He kept looking down into the pit, then back at me.

"Are you stuck?" I asked.


I followed Isabella over to the pit and saw one of the portal guns sitting at the bottom of a steep ramp down.

"I'll have to go down and get it." she said

"Why? Couldn't you just make a portal up to him?" I asked.

"That part of the floor doesn't make a portal very well." She demonstrated by shooting at the floor. "Plus, the one Baljeet dropped might be broken."


Isabella shot a portal up over the platform where Baljeet was standing, then slid down to the bottom of the pit, landing neatly on her feet. She examined Baljeet's gun and tested it.

"It's not broken Baljeet! I'll send it up to you!"


He moved under the portal Isabella had made, while Isabella connected a portal and sent his gun through. Then she walked the far side of the pit and shot a portal past me to a high area of the wall. It wasn't long before she came through herself, rolling when she hit the ground.

Isabella's POV

"That was so cool!" Ayumi said. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

"I learned a lot of things like that with the Fireside Girls."

"Can I learn too?" She asked

"From the way your friends were talking, you do a lot of cool things already. I'm sure you'd be a great Fireside girl!"

"Cool!" she yelled.

We went back to where the boys were, with Ayumi peppering me with questions about the fireside girls. She was very excited about the idea and wanted to know if Fireside Girls ever became detectives. We got back to find a large hole in one of the windows.

"Well, we pretty much have a way out," Buford said. "I broke the window!"

"You mean I broke the window!" Genta grumbled.

"Eh, whatever." Buford responded. The point is it's broke."

Conan's POV

I stopped running when I suddenly heard a small sound… glass falling in front of me. I looked at the pieces on the sidewalk. It wasn't hard to guess that they were trying to get out of the building. I just hoped that the kids inside knew enough about momentum to get down safely. Ai caught up to me and looked at the glass too.

"I hope nobody got cut on that window." She said.

I had to agree. Suddenly portals started appearing on the sidewalk and on the buildings around us. Isabella jumped out with Ayumi close behind. Ayumi ran up to me chattering away about how she was going to be a Fireside Girl, whatever that meant. Soon everyone else followed though their own portals. I saw a surprising lack of cuts.

"That was amazing Phineas!" Isabella said.

"It was so cool!" Baljeet added

"And funny" Buford said, putting an unpaired portal under Baljeet's feet.

Baljeet moved away nervously before Buford could do anything else.

"I'm glad everyone had fun!" Phineas said. "I wonder what we're going to do tomorrow?"

I couldn't even begin to imagine it.

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